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  1. thanks for this, Ive been trying to figure out how to use cut in chat on pc for a while.
  2. I actually forgot to mention but my characters name was Beowulf and idk what my brothers was but the very last time I saw him playing it him and a bunch of friends were all playing as some weird looking CASTS
  3. I always found it weird how PC went down first before Xbox did. But then again players probably had more Xboxes than PCs back then.
  4. lol I would go to the casino and buy those finger guns that went "POW POW" when you shot them
  5. you never know, I met people I havent seen in almost a decade in random games!
  6. haha yeah. either I was chilling or grinding the neudaiz mission where you go to fight the white dragon
  7. Lol yeah it was awesome, I remember dancing with 4 other guys on the main floor during halloween.
  8. Thank you Agrajag, very wholesome and powerful!
  9. To kick start this part of the forum lets see if we can get a roll call of OG players for the Xbox 360 port! I was VagabondVoltron, A shared xbox account between my brother and I. he usually played as a CAST or Human and I usually played as a Beast or Human. I usually hung out either on planet neudaiz or on one of the floors of the Guardians Colony.
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