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  1. Matt

    Is Shop Glitchy??

  2. Matt


    in my case, I just don't care enough to sit up from my chair, put my controller down just to type bye. seems pointless imo.
  3. Just don't die
  4. that's some high expectations you've got there lmao
  5. There's a Support section in the clem discord, you'd probably find faster response there to be honest.
  6. Matt

    Clementine Area Drops

  7. it's just silly to always blame "toxic people" as an excuse for not wanting to group up with people. if you play literally any online video game ever, you will always encounter toxic people. just grow up and black list them if it bothers you that much.
  8. Welcome to the internet.
  9. Imagine playing an MMO only to play solo.
  10. As long as we still keep the feature of dying not counting towards your S rank depletion.
  11. Personally, I like the current system. Not only does it incentivize you to play more carefully, it also helps out party play. So with the old system, you could carry 10 scapes but if you died without a scape, your whole party would lose the S rank. So new players or people who just couldn't afford to buy scapdolls early on would be kicked from parties because the party leader was salty about losing the S rank. 10 scapedolls is 50k, a lot of people are already complaining about not even having enough money early on to buy the clothing they want, if that's the case, why would new players spend 50k on scapedolls? The current system is nice because as long as someone in your party has a moon, they can revive you and keep the S rank.
  12. Actually, the PA rates were increased slightly after that poll was made. Not sure if it had anything to do with the poll though, but he definitely looks at em.
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