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  1. Let's be real, there's no point in playing anything outside of fighmaster unless all the expert classes had their intended PA level caps unlocked.
  2. "who gonna cheat in clem" Listen, I know you're milranduil's boy toy, but that was still one of the goofiest thing's i've heard.
  3. oh, if that's the case, lemme just boot up cheat engine real quick.
  4. Really hope people start taking this more seriously and actually record their runs. Screens are just...
  5. If you're going to be taking this seriously, shouldn't people be recording their runs and not just posting screenshots?
  6. Achrotechers shouldn't do good damage imo. I think they're in a good enough spot for group play. They just need to actually fix buffs considering the only buff that works is the attack buff.
  7. Spelling and grammar errors aside, I agree. MF is super weak and should at least be looked at.
  8. Matt

    Is Shop Glitchy??

  9. Matt


    in my case, I just don't care enough to sit up from my chair, put my controller down just to type bye. seems pointless imo.
  10. Just don't die
  11. that's some high expectations you've got there lmao
  12. There's a Support section in the clem discord, you'd probably find faster response there to be honest.
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