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  1. Prices are like this to incentivize people buy from player shops rather than NPC shops.
  2. I speak for every PT when I say this. I love you.
  3. Agreed, even if it's a small amount compared to normal attacks, it would actually help. As of now, I literally can't get my SUV playing protranser.
  4. as long as you log out or switch universe after the message on your screen pops up, it should be fine.
  5. Yes. protranser is Desync simulator. It's a known issue that traps cause consistent desync. I just don't think the devs know how to fix it yet.
  6. Run unsafe passage until you can do b rank, run b rank for drops. you'll probably make enough money even without drops just from the mission clear rewards.
  7. Matt

    Anga Grudda

    a lot of the JP PA's are broken. did you try using it on a different class?
  8. It's a bug. For some reason they're labeled as a 2 star C rank weapon, so it's vendoring for 80 meseta. Hope they fix this soon because I have like 10 rucars that need to be sold lol
  9. I think it's a fair price considering you can use it an infinite amount of times. It's also tradable.
  10. Nope. I said last week so nope. I solo'd so nope. Nope, all my money came from vendoring B rank and A rank items.
  11. I'm doing the same thing lol.
  12. I made a new character last week and was able to afford a full set of clothing in less than 2 hours.
  13. It emulates vanilla, but a vocal minority seems to believe it's slower than vanilla.
  14. If you're still a basic class, the PA levels are capped out at level 10. You'll have to upgrade to an advanced class at the type counter on the 5th floor.
  15. Are you new to the MMO genre?
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