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  1. Is it just me or does it feel like just about every bigger enemy always spawns with buffs? I've noticed in Lonely Laboratory runs that every Bal Soza and Bil De Vear spawns with the sword, shield, or both buffs. Don't remember if it was always like this but I don't think it was. Same with Olgohmons in Neudaiz always having a shield, same with humanoid enemies.
  2. Nice throwback, this is the UI I remember as well. Thanks for this.
  3. To Marmalade and Team Clementine: thank you oh so much! I don't know how hard or how easy that was for you, I'd imagine leaning on the harder side of things since Marmalade's post suggested that, but it's perfect. I switched to a level one base class and it was done in an hour or two of Unsafe Passage B runs. It feels like...PSU, which is just what we wanted. The floor has been opened for playing different classes and having alternate characters, and our lost universe continues to flourish and improve. Thank you guys x1000!
  4. So! It's been a couple days since that update. I finally climbed the hurdle of getting to Hunter 10 for Fortefighter. And FF seems to be leveling normally, maybe a tad slower but nothing to complain about from my end. I don't expect half of the bar filled per run, especially on B runs where I'm at now. But getting to FF 3 has felt a lot more reasonable than it was to get to Hunter 3. I'm a run or two away from FF 4. Basically, getting to 10 as an advanced type doesn't feel anywhere near as daunting as it did as a base type. And once A and beyond missions start being normal, I suspect it will go at a relatively fair pace. It's still a mystery why base type MP was increased and higher requirements to switch to an advanced type was implemented, and it makes playing other types or characters a frustrating experience, but it feels better now I think. Thank you Marmalade and the rest of Team Clementine for listening to feedback and making adjustments where its needed most. Please remember! PSU was a game for everyone at all levels of skill, not perfectly tuned for speed runners or Korean MMO tier. PSO2 fell victim to the horrific endless grind for small gains and that game is a miserable mess of gathering a million currencies and needing flowcharts on how to upgrade gear. We know a 1:1 replica of the official server is impossible, nor do most people really want that either. A mostly authentic experience with QOL tweaks here and there is what most players would like I believe. Again - we love the grind and hunt, just not when it feels insurmountable! Thank you all and keep on keepin' on.
  5. You will find the Open Shop ticket on the second floor of the Guardians Colony in the room/decoration shop for 15k. It is the first shop on the right side of the area.
  6. Those at 50 likely lucked out with rare missions or their friends got some and gave them free seats every time so it was smooth sailing. I have yet to get a PA past 20 yet, but if that's another slow burn as milranduil said, on top of classes, I may have to stop for a bit and see if it's corrected, if at all. PSU was always grindy yes, we knew this and we *like* this - there's always something to level, something to craft, something to grind, something to customize, something to hunt, something to work towards. But it was a rare case where the grind felt fair and reasonable. It took a lot of tweaking along the way, but by the end of it, Sega seemed to hit a good spot where everything wasn't just showered on you effortlessly, but it also didn't feel like a giant mountain to climb either. I've been the biggest cheerleader of this project and giving praise every time an update was announced, and it would be rather tragic for both the developers who poured their knowledge and dedication over a span of many years and the community, if someone was undermining Marmalade at the final stages in the last few weeks and doing their own adjustments in the background.
  7. So! It looks like today's patch included a boost in MP payout, with Military Subway and rare missions getting a substantial boost. Let's continue to play and see if it feels good. Thanks for listening team.
  8. Thanks for stepping in and being aware of this Marmalade! It sounds like were in too deep now to modify this fully. And I'm sure no one wants to reset and restart everything just for adjusting base classes or PA exp. The formula works insofar that yes, there is a much better balance than before. Unsafe Passage B gives 55, Scarred Planet B gives 59, and Fantastic Voyage B gives something around those two I believe. So no matter if you run a V1, AOTI, or JP mission you're getting equal mission points across the board so far. I imagine it will be similar with A, S, and S2 ranks. If it's a bug that slipped by, hopefully it can be remedied in a manageable way for both developers and players and middle ground can be achieved. Regardless of bugs or altered formulas halving counts, it's still unfortunate that base classes got a big bump up on top of higher requirements to switch. I hope when we start getting to our Fortes, hybrids, or Acros and on higher ranks, it doesn't become one class level per 10 character levels. Thank you for looking into this as well as juggling everything else. Besides these early game woes, the launch has really been great so far.
  9. This happened to me on Forested Islands, B rank.
  10. Great finds! I'll try to keep an eye out as well for oddities like this. The buffs on some enemies right away didn't feel like how they used to be. I witnessed a friend die from a Megid turret, while that never happened before. As for a unique problem I spotted and can recall, I was hit by Barta and put to sleep.
  11. I suspect it either wasn't tested or they just used dev powers and boosted themselves to certain levels and decided it looked right on paper. It's ok though. Just spend 20-30 hours doing Unsafe Passage B runs with everyone else to get a base class to 5/7/10.
  12. Don't get me wrong, the game mostly feels great. What was done to class types and mission points feel like a bizarre Frankenstein mash up of V1 and AOTI payouts, while needlessly doubling the amount needed. It's especially insulting when Fighgunner, Guntecher, Wartecher, Acrofighter, and Acrotecher got +2 levels needed to use them. With these laughably slow rates. I'm surprised Protranser wasn't given 7/7/7 as an extra middle finger. And then when master classes come out and they already need more mission points than other types to begin with? Right now, classes and mission point payout is the biggest flaw on the game in my opinion. A flat boost across the board or decrease of points needed to level is ideal.
  13. Does there need to be a fancy formula change though for this? People annoyingly go through the basic classes so they can get to their main class(es). Why ever raise the mission points needed for basic types to begin with? No one sat down and thought "I'm doing or about to get into A-rank missions and gear, and yet I'm still Hunter/Ranger/Force" while testing (if there was testing)? If it's this slow forever, all it does is discourage playing multiple characters or classes, because there is no way in hell someone wants to slog through 25+ hours as a basic type to try something else or on an alt character. Please make this a game for everyone as it was, not three complainers at the top who feel the need to change things that were fine in the official game. Tweaks and quality of life improvements are the goal here, not making things a more miserable experience. Taking an already grindy game and making it grindier is questionable.
  14. Nameless

    PA Exp

    I've leveled two rifle bullets, Frozen Shot and Burning Shot to 11 easily so far. I know this doesn't mean much but so far, the PA exp for rifles at least doesn't feel to outrageous or anything. Thought it would be nice if certain ones like Resta or Reverser got a slight increase.
  15. It's been a while since I've signed in but always lurking and awaiting new updates! Marmalade and all others who have contributed to the development of this, I'd like to speak as the everyman (as inevitably there are many lurkers and those waiting on the sidelines for the good news who won't drop a comment) for a moment and express my deepest and most sincere gratitude. Many posts and updates dealing with uncertainty, doubt, anxiety, personal issues, and developmental challenges over the years has all culminated to this. In hopefully just a few more weeks, our beloved Phantasy Star Universe will be revived, with the same flaws and quirks but also the same addictive, fun, grinding gameplay that we've all enjoyed ever since we first started playing in 2006. Or 2007, or 2008, or so on. Keep doing your best everyone and take your time! We're all waiting for the big announcement eagerly and we, a good portion of the community if I may boldly say, want the development team to be in good spirits and health rather than submitting to pressure and demands from the peanut gallery. \o/ Love you all and glad to have been along this several year journey and sifting through all the news, both good and bad, as our Universe was lying down in the ER undergoing surgery.
  16. I see what you're going for, but PSU has had this problem since the very beginning. The simple fact is that some PAs have better animations than others. More aggressive, longer reaching animations. Majarra was always beloved because it gives you a bit of mobility and draws you to the target, the second part hits a few times with a good radius, and the third part blows away and stuns any threats. Then there's the good damage. Compare that to say, that twin dagger PA that has you twirling in the air. Renga Chujin right? That one tosses you all over the place and is hard to lineup and effectively use. Twin claws also suffer this. Renzan is so good for its auto target zoom in of four hits, then a launch, then a blowaway with multiple target hitting, its hard for the other PAs to compete. Absolute Dance for double sabers will never be good, even if it's buffed to the highest of heavens. Animations can't be changed and is the core problem. So the only way to close the gap is to just increase the ATP percent bonus of the PA. But then you have a homogenized, everything is effective approach which is...debatable to some I'm sure. Still, that's better than what JP PSU did. Nerfing Fighmasters main PAs (Majarra and Jabroga), then buffing up twin sabers and slicers made Acrofighter the class that demolished everything. The JP/PSP2 PA's are also designed differently than PSUs, in that they move faster overall. This was done because of the chain system which was terribly designed and trivialized most of PSUs original PAs. I personally think we're fine as is right now. The PAs that sucked in PSU will continue to suck unless they get a fat buff, and the good ones will continue to be sought after for their animations, power, and mob effectiveness.
  17. I'd like to chime in agreement with the others on this subject. My friends and I played a good 6 hours or so yesterday. I used the saber you start with as a hunter until I was lucky enough to find a better one (Brand I think?) and Rising Strike. I got Frozen Hit for my handgun. In all those hours of gameplay, Rising Strike which I had used so much just barely made it to level 11 on our second to last mission. Frozen Hit, which I used rarely and mainly on bosses for some range, was at level 8. I don't know if its just a bug with Rising Strike, or maybe all the hunter PAs are slow while the Ranger/Force PAs level normally. It was discouraging however, to grind to level 20 using default gear and PAs and make little progress on them. The meseta gains are also a pain. You have to decide if you want consumables/to restock, or if you want PAs or armor/units. Forget customizing your character or room, that's out of the question. Drop rates on everything seems to be low; there could be a mob of a dozen or so enemies and 2-3 will drop something. If it's not a meager 30-50 meseta, then you're out of luck. I can't imagine on Force classes who need a variety of techs or Protransers who need to restock their traps after every run. The best Forces currently seem to be Acrotechers with the buffs/debuffs and a saber or whip of their choice with one PA to attack. Protransers have no place since they can't buy traps after 2-3 missions. Currently, the game feels great and the content updates are wonderfully implemented! But the PA and meseta rates feel like V1 PSU. 2006-2007 PSU. Pre-AOTI PSU. It's not ideal especially when many consider the game started getting good after AOTI released. Therefore, I would like to kindly request for the team to consider raising some numbers. We want to play and find bugs and enjoy your developments, but please understand these rates feel slavish as of now.
  18. Feels like we're accessing a computer system in the Guardians Colony. Seriously it feels futuristic! Very nice work guys.
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