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  1. Couldn't agree more, we know that certain people are discovering drops and intentionally not uploading them because it's lucrative not to share the info. The info stays within small groups who ultimately profit without others knowing. Don't @ me please.
  2. This is a whole load of waffling and jargon, who even are you?
  3. Clem balance is not what official was like, so it is totally irrelevant. Try and play your GT in any semi efficient group and I guarantee you won't do anything but add time. Just because you're fine with it doesn't mean other players are.
  4. Bruh aren't you like level 10, shouldn't you get to clem end game before discussing balance that effects the game? Your opinion is objectively wrong and thats something amplified by this weekend of S4 Zeta runs. There are just certain class types that indefinitely add additional time to runs, this shouldn't be such an issue. I have spoken to GT and and FT that do not want to join high level runs due to fear of adding time to the runs which is true in 95% of the case. This isn't a player gameplay issue but just being limited by type, why would you not want to help types that are clearly struggl
  5. This feels like a no brainer, seems like a really simple change with significant improvements for a lot of classes. It'd definitely allow for some more diversity all round and let people enjoy what they play more without having to feel like dead weight. For dedicated AT mains it'd help a lot for when they need to solo. I see no reason not to increase PA levels for these types.
  6. I think something to note with current grinder costs is that we are currently in an event so the amount of players online/getting grinders is much higher than it would be normally. Grinder A+10s are averaging around at 500k atm, when event time passes grinder costs will inevitably increase to be higher than they originally were in Dallgun. Grinders S+10 are averaging around 4mil (there isn't much of them on the market) and will also increase when the event passes possibly higher than previous Dallgun prices also
  7. Think its a good idea to tone back the HP scaling but not remove it completely for sure. The current HP scaling makes it so certain weapon types and PAs become obsolete as soon as the enemies HP is increased too high, JP slicer PA with a large party becomes less worth using and just resorting to higher single target DPS just works out better. Its the same with certain FM PAs, Tornado Break and Jabroga start to be less useful and instead resorting to Skadd is a better option. It sucks because it limits playstyle and makes the game seem less fun. I think toning back the HP scaling woul
  8. Kyo/CAST/AF/lvl135/Time = 2:57
  9. who really gonna cheat TA on a community with less than 10 active TA players. its not that deep
  10. I think its a great idea to give a means of travel to all classes, I see way too often classes have to walk slowly to a group of enemies for them to be only dead or near dead already. I can't imagine how sucky this makes the game experience to constantly having to chase down other players just to get a hit in. Its especially important for PT with their main role being to get ahead of enemies and place traps to prep for spawns, with GMs main go to DPS being a shotgun its awful to have to walk point blank to enemies each and every time with the pack going ahead. Adding this here after
  11. Similar things are happening with other items (Shidenji-hiken). It's likely due to the new randomizer not dropping certain items even with the same drop rate. Can say from my own experience with now over 25,000 kills, you'd think I'd have dropped a Shidenji by now but none despite dropping multiple items of the same drop rate. (same experience for other players) I'd say its worth waiting for a fix before killing yourself to farm the whip.
  12. Honestly don't know how its justified to keep the rates as they are with an average cost of 690mil. Literally no one in the game will have grinded weapons.
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