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  1. No idea why or how this happened. It doesn't seem to be a desync related issue. Restarting the game/relogging hasn't changed it. I can't remove it from my inventory because it's equipped. Upon joining a mission, it seems to have fixed itself.
  2. Emp. Axeon Cross (Crossbow variant of Emperor Axeon) Edel/Ely weapon trio. (Ely sion 35% light, edel arrow, edel fucil)
  3. Noticing the same thing. Whether I have 10% HP or full, I'm always taking 9 bolts total to kill a level 30 distova, despite seeing nearly double damage when at low HP.
  4. Noodles

    Anga Grudda

    It can hit multiple targets, the issue is that the hitbox for all the combos are a very short and narrow cone at the moment.
  5. If not through counter, then some means of aggregating what everyone is running, be it a discord bot or webpage pulling data from the server. The main idea is eliminating or drastically reducing the time it takes to find a party.
  6. The biggest positive I've noticed with the protectors K event is the overall availability of low-level parties. It's no secret that the majority of the player base will be moving further up the ladder as time goes on, leaving new and lower-leveled players behind and making it difficult to find groups. This both slows leveling and results in a rather lonely experience. With having everyone running one mission at a counter, despite it getting boring fast, you didn't have to jump around planets/mission counters or use discord LFG to find parties your level; you could just walk up to the counter and join a party, because even with the population being what it is, there were still enough people on the server at any given level running this mission. The effect of having everything split up "geographically" is a feeling of overall inactivity across the community. There are so many different things to do, the need for each differing across individual players' leveling and other progression needs. This is spreading the community thin. Despite this, I still think it's a great idea to have everything made viable again with balanced MP and meseta rewards across missions; it allows us more leeway to experience the entirety of the game. The issue is that this requires enough population so we don't have a large number of isolated individuals. My suggestion to remedy this is to have a single or fewer counters which display the listings of all parties running missions (i.e. 5th floor for all parties or each branch having a listing for everything being run on their respective planets). If possible, it would be best to have the missions restricted to being started from their actual field-base counters, so players do have to move around at least somewhat. The biggest benefit to this will be player retention for those outside the most active level-ranges. People won't feel the community is dead. Instead they'll be able to easily find players running missions their level so they don't have to waste time and get frustrated just trying to find people to level with. I'm aware we have the free mission counter already available. If it's technically feasible, what I'm suggesting is that it be consolidated further such that selecting "join party" would return a list of every party in a given region or server. Call it "Quick-join counter" or something.
  7. 40k very quickly becomes inconsequential once you start seeing A-rank weapons drop. They sell from 18-50k a piece. Mission clear meseta rewards are also quite good as you transition out of C ranks.
  8. Same thing happened to my party in Phantom Ruins A. Someone in the discord mentioned this happening in the Moatoob rare as well. Probably best if we all hold on to our rares.
  9. I've heard that steam has a PS4 controller driver built in for some games, which might be why you're not seeing it work on Clementine. What most people use for PS4 controllers nowadays is DS4Windows, which can be downloaded here: https://github.com/Ryochan7/DS4Windows/releases To prevent Windows from picking it up and constantly rotating your camera, check the "Hide DS4 Controller" box in DS4Windows' settings. Also, the controller must be plugged in prior to starting the game. PSU won't pick it up if you plug it in while it's running.
  10. I can't speak for everyone, but there are definitely quite a few of us here who are making it a point of helping out newbies. The in-game clan "Black Rose" is working on amassing a bank of low-level equips to distribute to new players. A friend and I are working on a forum club here called "Pay it Forward". Helping out lower levels is actually a pretty productive way to gain PA levels/try new classes out. Even in the short-term it's a win-win.
  11. Here are a few suggestions I can think of: Temporarily disable any antivirus software and add an exception to your chosen install directory. Some of them have built in sandboxes that will kick in automatically with uncommon software. Some just eat files silently because they're self-conscious like me. Check that you have enough disk space, ~10GB+ Make sure the installer is running as admin. No clue if a UAC prompt pops up automatically asking for it. Moot point if it does. Your program files and program files (x86) folders require elevated privileges to write to. Change your install directory to something else. (i.e.: "C:/Clementine")
  12. (Sorry for awkward formatting, this forum doesn't play well with transferring text from any sort of word processor) Hey guys, I just managed to get PSU running on my Ubuntu laptop and thought I’d briefly share with you how to do it as well. As with all non natively-supported games, your mileage will vary. I currently use the playonlinux client to manage my Linux games, virtual drives, wine versions, etc. and will be using it in this guide. It can be a bit clunky, but it’s useful nonetheless. The first order of business is to install Wine, a compatibility layer between Windows applications and Linux. This is straightforward, thougth there is a minor setback with newer wine versions that is yet to be rectified: Ubuntu/Debian derivative users only: Versions of Wine 4.5+ require a package called "libfaudio0" as a dependency, which does not come with your distro or its repositories at the moment. Grab both the 32 and 64 bit versions from the following repo matching your OS version: · Debian Testing: https://download.opensuse.org/repositories/Emulators:/Wine:/Debian/Debian_Testing_standard/ · 19.04: https://download.opensuse.org/repositories/Emulators:/Wine:/Debian/xUbuntu_19.04/ · 18.10: https://download.opensuse.org/repositories/Emulators:/Wine:/Debian/Ubuntu_18.10_standard/ · 18.04 and Mint 19.x: https://download.opensuse.org/repositories/Emulators:/Wine:/Debian/xUbuntu_18.04/ Source: https://forum.winehq.org/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=32192 The two files you want to install from those repositories are: · i386/libfaudio0 ... i386.deb · amd64/libfaudio0 ... amd64.deb Downloading Wine/PoL/Clementine: Install the latest stable branch of winehq for your distro (4.7 at the time of this post). The instructions are on these pages: · https://wiki.winehq.org/Ubuntu · https://wiki.winehq.org/Debian · https://wiki.winehq.org/Fedora · If you’re running Manjaro, grab it directly from your package manager. · Ubuntu 19.04 doesn’t have a stable branch at the moment for some reason, so use staging. A default experimental feature in 4.7-staging will break the game, so I’ll show you how to fix it later. Install playonlinux through your package manager (Ubuntu), or alternatively grab the package from their website: · https://www.playonlinux.com/en/download.html Download the 5GB clementine installer from the download page and unzip it: · https://psu-clementine.net/community/index.php?/client_download/ Installing Clementine in PoL: Open up playonlinux and press the install button. On the bottom left of the window that pops up, click “Install a non-listed program”. Keep clicking next until you get to a box with the option “Install a program in a new virtual drive”. Select this option, hit next and type in a name for your virtual drive. Keep hitting next until you get to a window where you choose between 64-bit and 32-bit. Select 64-bit if you have it available, otherwise 32-bit. It doesn’t really matter iirc. If you don’t have wine gecko or mono (web frame and .NET compatibility layers) versions installed for your current system wine version, it will ask you if you want to install them. Select yes for all of them. At the next screen, browse to your extracted clementine folder and select the exe. A windows installer will pop up. Proceed through it like normal, but don't launch at the end. When it finishes, you’ll get the option to choose which exe’s to create shortcuts for. Make one for the launcher. Ubuntu 19.04/derivative users only: If you had to install a staging winehq version earlier like I did, your game will likely freeze upon logging in. You can do two things: · Disable the feature causing this: o Right click any of your exe’s in the main window > configure wine o Under the tab “staging”, make sure everything is unchecked. The CSMT setting specifically is your culprit. · Use a non-staging wine version. 4.7 works for me, so I’ll recommend that version. o From the main window, select tools > manage wine versions. For both the x86 and amd64 tabs, install the non-staging 4.7 version. o Click once on any of your clementine exe’s and then hit the configure button at the top. o In the window that pops up, change your wine version to 4.7 Setting up custom resolution clients This part is relatively straightforward. Right click on any of your clementine exe’s > open the application’s directory. Unzip your custom exe’s in here like normal. Hit the big configure button at the top with your clementine launcher exe selected > Make a new shortcut from this virtual drive. Now just open up your clementine launcher and set the resolution to 1280x720 in settings to use them. Reshade You guys might be able to get Reshade to work using this guide: https://www.reddit.com/r/linux_gaming/comments/b2hi3g/reshade_working_in_wine_43/ (The game executables are 32-bit, so grab the 32-bit DLLs. I haven't been able to get this working.)
  13. It's not currently dropping. It's sold by an NPC in the Dallgun Viewing Plaza field base for 2mil.
  14. I agree, at least on the NPC shop weapons. There's not a whole lot of reason to use the NPC shop at this point, given the prices. New players can get better stuff cheaper (A / B ranks primarily) on the player shop now that it's populated. Making the early steps in progression both gratifying and easily accessible is necessary to set a good, strong first impression. If you give them a reason early on to believe their time spent will be worthwhile, confirmation bias and the natural formation of long-term goals will keep them engaged. Lowering the NPC shop prices for early weapons will assist greatly with this. Maybe just make the purchase prices of items 1.5x to 2x their sale prices rather than the 20x or so it's currently at. Though, prices need to be based on real income, income measured in terms of goods and services that can be accessed rather than a simple number. On clementine, I'm pretty sure a brand new player can earn more meseta than one could on live with the buffed mission clear rewards. 2000 on live and 8000 on here doesn't equate to 4x the amount of time/effort.
  15. In the trio of masterclasses, gunmaster is the only one locked strictly into single-target/single-part damage. It excels at this, sure, but so does fighmaster's gravity break, on top of being able to melt multi-part large enemies with any of its other weapons. Masterforce is extremely good for single target with diga/foie, and multi-target with 'Ra' and 'Gi' spells, though I'm not sure if these spells hit multiple parts on large enemies. What I do know is you can unlock "Limit Break Diga" through GAS that allows it to hit two parts on a single enemy rather than one. It requires 50 diga, but it's still there. Laser cannons do too little damage to use against a single target instead of a shotgun. Their only current value lies in lining up and hitting multiple enemies. The issue is that this can be too inconsistent/situational to rely on. It's like having megid as your only form of multi-target damage. Honestly, multi-part hitting on laser cannons seems super reasonable to help with bossing. For multi-target/AOE though, as Seed said above, we're not going to really be able to differentiate between GM and fortegunner if we give GM grenade launchers. GM will just end up being a superior version of fortegunner in all aspects, which it almost is already. If GM were to get grenade launchers, which would round it out quite nicely in comparison to other masterclasses, it would only make sense to buff fortegunner in some way. Of the 5 S rank weapon types fortegunner can equip, one is the grenade launcher, 3 of the others are shared with GM already, and the last is useless, being that it's a single pistol. Adding an attack speed boost is just GM 2.0, so that's not really an option. So hear me out with this one: Make laser cannons hit multiple parts so gunmasters can actually boss decently. Give gunmasters grenade launchers so they have some form of AOE for trash mobbing. Ideally, laser cannons would be tweaked such that they're better than grenade launchers for bosses with lots of hitboxes (i.e.: De Ragan), while allowing for grenades to be superior for mobbing. Give Fortegunner S-rank longbows and boost the class' ATP ratio from 140% to 160%. This would not drown out the viability of other bow-wielding classes. They would still have good positives over fortegunner that would make them desirable over it for the bow in certain situations, while still differentiating FG from gunmaster enough in both equipment and raw damage to make it a viable choice: Guntecher has access to support techs, albeit at the cost of ATA and slight ATP. Although it's single target potential is lessened with shotguns being reduced to A rank, it has s-rank crossbows and machineguns to compensate. Protranser has a wider array of weapon types than fortegunner as well as being able to provide CC through traps, but its stats around the board are on the low side. Who the fuck levels fortetecher past 10? In relation to gunmaster, GM attacks faster, with less damage per shot, but still probably higher overall DPS, owing to the extra 10 levels of bullet PA. Fortegunner on the other hand has access to defense-ignoring, hyper-accurate bows. Being a forteclass, FG also consumes 20% less PP with its native PAs. On another note, twin pistols have to be a bit weaker than everything else to make up for their mobility. You can move and shoot them simultaneously when locking on. That being said, the mobility really isn't enough to justify their lack of DPS at this point. Buff them, but not by a lot. Shotguns still need to have decently higher overall DPS. Being that rifles have far more range and mostly are for killer shot anyway, there's some leeway with having twin pistols do the same, if not more DPS than them.
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