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  1. 1: Jessica Stark has been chosen to Hunt down Experiments that may have been made to be either copies of original people, or to outdo them. In this search she came across 2, one who was made to be Midori but after a while, came to her senses and is living with a new identity. The other more recent, was another exact Clone of a Guardian known as Lucy Miya but the Experiment Didn't have all Lucy's Data and Memories. 2: Experiment 24 the Midori Clone, has been living life for the past few months trying to find a new identity, knowing that she was made to become Midori. She is happily living life with a new look and trying to find a new name. 3: Jessic Stark has now fully completed The Iron Girl Project, and to be honest doesn't really need a reason to use the Lab's or work for the Company anymore, Beside's being an Experimental Hunter. But, seeing as Science is her Passion she chose to stay. 4: The Recent Experiment Found, E41 who was the Lucy Miya Look Alike, is currently being worked on, To either Improve or extend her systems 5: It's been 2 month's since Jessica Stark had her 11th Birthday in June. And not much has changed 6: The Experiment that was known as 626, left the company in early June and hasn't been seen since. We suspect she is back on her home planet, living her life until the end 7: Jessica Stark's A.I Amanda has been transfered to the Lab's as it's interface until Jessica Decide's to use Iron Girl again. So Amanda no longer Travel's with Jessica Out of suit, which was Jessica's Glasses 8: Jessica Stark has a Cousin Called Amelia, who has recently been placed into Jessica's Hands to watch over, which she annoyingly Agreed (And That's all that's been going on for the last 2 Months
  2. YES! other people are doing Backstories and RP's YEEEEEE! i'm not the only one anymore ^^
  3. Well, it happened as Jessica Stark and 626/Amy and the Guardian's Coloney company hoped: The Clone of Midori on her own without being told except once or twice, just discovered that she has been living a lie as a flash happened before her eyes. She has been living a fake live as she made to be, but with little DNA of the original person it was not completly that but enough to make the clone think it was. Enraged, she has changed her apperance and plans to join forces to become who she believes she is to be and not someone she isn't. we assume this was planted into her by another scientist to save her and it took a while to develop. So now with that information, the clone will now journey to become herself with help of course
  4. The Realisation has begun but it's very suttle. The Clone having been fighting and talking and interacting, has begun to feel a little something that can't be seen yet. But it will eventually reveal it self as the truth that the clone has been living a fake life and that she is indeed not Midori. And once she finds this out, she of course will be enraged, but will first change her apperance to suit herself and then will join forces with Jessica Stark to be who she feels she is meant to be instead of being someone she isn't. We guess that this was implanted by another scientist to save her from being a fake Midori. we will update you when we get more info
  5. The Daily Newspaper For The Guardian's Coloney. And Jessica Stark has begun to hunt the Clone of Midori down, today the clone spent all her time in the old temple on Neudaiz and has interacted and made friends with many. so the clone has been witnessed and it maybe too late to find her, capture her and take her down. Jessica will do all she can but the clone might eventually discover this fake idenity and begin to change, hopefully time will tell.
  6. Before i begin i just wanna say that permission was given for me to do this. So with me slowley drifting away from 626/Amy i wanted to come with a new RP Char and idea's start floating around and i came up with this one. So again the subject is an Experiment, like most of my RP char's seem to be...Meet Experiment 24: Who was been made from little DNA samples collected from the Fighter known as Midori Hoshi. But it was not enough DNA to make the clone completley identical. She may look like and dress like...but it's not fully Midori. for one, she doesn't use the tech nor the weapon's that the original fighter uses so it's not completley identical. The experiment has only recently been let out into the coloney, so all we have is this screenshot below. if you happen to bump into the experiment, just take head...it's not Midori, although the experiment does think it is. Eventually the Experiment will find out that it's not what it was made to be and will hopefully discover and build their own look. but that will have to wait. That's all from me and have a good day
  7. It's been a month or 2 since anyone has seen the scientist known as Jessica Stark and her invention Titled "Iron Girl" or the experiment 626 nicknamed Amy. well, they have been doing their own thing and have not crossed path's since 626 decided to leave behind the life of being a puppet and a lab experiment and join the good side and help fight. Jessica just had her 11th birthday and took a break from maintaining Iron Girl. 626 came through with her plan to break free and the chip that had been placed in her neck deactivated and with help it was safely removed. all is well and now 626 under her new name Amy which was originally her nickname, has joined forces with Jessica Stark and both plan to help anyone seeking help. This concludes both stories of these 2 people, from this day onwards: Jessica Stark will continue to grow into her Teen Year's and finally finish Iron Girl and will continue to fight the good fight. 626/Amy on the other hand, will eventually leave and retire and will slowley fade into non exsistance as time goes on. Jessica Stark will remember her as a good fighter, and one she will cherrish forever......
  8. (So i've been using Jessica's Enemy 626 Alot, and today...well, she got character development ^^ thanks to 2 players , you can read the backstory of 626 if you would like to be reminded of what she used to do and how far she has come, so here are the updates) Update: 626 was made in a lab in Parum by a guy called Dan, who wants to seek out the Scientist and her project who works at the guardians coloney Aka Jessica Stark, for her project being a joke to him. His company steals beasts from their home in Moatoob and experiments on them, and number 626 was chosen to be the one to seek out Jessica Stark and kill her and to shut down the Iron Girl Project and earn the victory that his company is better. Part 2: Today, 626 found out that she has a chip planted at the back of her neck, which bounds her to the company and keeps her in check to follow orders. well, 626 also found out, that if she disobay's any orders given to her multiple times...the chip will explode and kill her. 626's only job is to kill Jessica Stark, who at this present time is just a 10 year old girl living her dream working as a scientist and being Iron Girl. Her emotions kicked in, and she is now resisting the job. Part 3: She originally gave Jessica time to prepare, after her upcoming Birthday in June..she would begin to hunt her again. But 626 feels she no longer belongs to a horrible company, and has began her resistance. she plans to fake the death of Jessica and the project, hoping that she would still get released and sent free like Dan promised. if all things go to plan, 626 will be free. following this resistance, she has disgarded her work clothing, bought new ones and changed her hair colour to feel like new.
  9. (so seeing as i returned with Jessica Stark, and the invention Iron Girl my 2 main RP characters, i thought i may as well bring back her enemy...or at least someone from that enemy which is a company who seek's to outdo in their minds, a stupid Technology suit which they believe is useless) Name: Experiment 626 also known as Amy Race: Beast + Augmentation for strength Origin: 626 was made to be better and stronger than Jessica's Iron Girl project, as 626 was made the old fashioned way with no tech used. This company want's to prove that you don't need tech to save the world, all you need is a creature as 626 is a Beast and all the liquid in the world which was injected into 626. Lone Wolf: 626 operates alone, and doesn't need an artificial intelligence like Jessica does. All she needs is her com link to report to base, her strong keen eye sight and her strength. Although, if she likes you...she will tag along in your battles. Goal: Her goal is to eventually get rid of Jessica and her Suit Project, and become the best out of the 2. she and Jessica are both operating for their companies to be the best. While Jessica is not trying to outdo 626's company, she does eventually want to do the same and shut down 626...somehow... >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Below is 626
  10. (So if any of you are new here and see me in PSU, and you see me text out scenarios or conversations and nobody is with me and you kinda feel like i am talking to myself? well, its actually me Role Playing. i still maybe one of the only player's you will find on PSU Clem that RP's. i knew i was back on the old testing server from 2017. but now that the rewrite is out, i'm hoping i wont't be alone. So i'm here to introduce another character that i RP commuicating with as she is part of the Iron Girl Suit's interface, and part of Jessica's Glasses Tech) Name: Amanda Species: Artificial intelligence Computer Program Origin: Amanda was originally programed and made in Parum on the AMF Metro Linear for the Alliance Military Force and worked under the CEO, but he was cruel to her and used up all her power to create the Tech for their weapons. Rescue Mission: Professor Jessica Stark, who at the time was about to start her Iron Girl Project, was sent down there with a sqaud to kill the CEO, Jessica even back then could barely fight having little to no experience with Weapons so her mission was just to research for the Coloney without being detected Amanda Salvaged: But, the boss had detected her and sent some of the new machine's after her, thinking she wouldn't last "She is nothing more than a little child *laughs* why send a little girl to stop me" but before he could say anything else, he felt a huge knife going through his chest with a bomb on it, and she said "Because i'm clever, Science guides me!" and he exploded. Before Jessica left, she saw Amanda appear on screen Part 2: Amanda was worried that she would be shut down almost immediately, but Jessica spoke "You seem Valuable, i see Potential and you might just be what i need" Amanda, glad of the freedom accepted her new owner and was plugged from the system as Jessica and the team fled the facility Installed Into Iron Girl: Amanda had been transfered into a chip in a storage drive so that she could be easily carried. Being that she was a very old A.I and not very modern, at first getting her into the interface tech of the prototype Iron Girl suit wasn't very easy. But in the end, with a little upgrade she was installed and has remained the suit's interface eversince Iron Girl Upgrade: Now in 2019, since their return Amanda is very much still operational and is getting to grips with the Iron Girl Suit as it recently passed its Prototype stage and is almost an official suit. Amanda has communicated with other Guardian's as of latley and has recieved good responses and bad responses. But, she is happy to serve her Professor/Master Jessica Stark
  11. (I Didn't know where to post this, as i'm still looking around the new site, so i'll just post this in here for now. and like i've said before as i used to do these on the old site, feel free to ignore these) So where we saw Professer Jessica last was in 2018, she was working on a prototype of her Iron Girl Project. It was in its early testing stages as people did see her use it. She was allowed to start working at the Guardian's coloney on the 5th floor in the labs at the age of 7 and worked her way up to being a Chief Scientist at the age of 9 to begin her project of being Iron Girl. Flash forward to now 2019, and after not seeing her at the guardian's coloney for a few months, she has returned. and at the age of 10, but in June will be 11. she now has returned to her Iron Girl project and has successful made the suit almost official. it has passed its prototype stage, it has gotten a redesign, and new weaponery. And the old A.I Amanda has been upgraded too and operates as the suit's interface as normal. Jessica and Iron Girl are back off to save the world again! and if you ever happen to see her and join her battles you might be in for a good ride ^^
  12. Jessica Stark

    I'm BACK!

    Hello everyone from PSU! i is back! its been a few months i know. if you don't know who i am, then let me remind you. does Sophie ring a bell to you? i know there could be many Sophie's on PSU, but i was one that was well known. well, seeing as i've just caught myself up to speed on what i've missed and started fresh seeing as all my old stuff has been erased(don't worry i excepted that to happen) let me start by saying, its great to see all of you again . so i have returned as my last PSU persona which was Jessica Stark, a scientist who built her own Iron Armor. and by the way, love the new design of the site anyhow i hope we can get things underway again. see you all soon
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