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  1. I Respect your Decision **hugs** hope to see you around here once more in the future.
  2. Hey Midori, i know you have not heard from me in a while. just saw this post now.. i know i mostly only play the game to Role Play as my character.. but, i kind of agree with you on the first 2 problems.. with what i've experienced since finding Clem back in 2017.. i didn't think it was this bad, you were always excited about this version of the game, when we talked back then in DM's, i was too ^-^. i hope you don't leave Midori, i've yet to find you in game and catch up for old times sake . i hope your doing ok, and that i'll still see you around *hugs*
  3. The Week of February 2nd: Pressure got to Elaine, lost her Warrior Honour and had to regain it/started to rebuild Gen3 of the Warriors. Now titled Gen3.5. Guardian's and the Investors think of cutting off the partnership and planned to build a machine that either replaced or help Elaine. This Week: Elaine has regained her Warrior Honour, and is back to high rank in leading the new Gen3's, as Gen3.5. New clothing supports this, and the guardian situation has been decided. They have indeed built a machine to resemble a Gen3.5 Warrior, and have programmed it to help Elaine. The Partnership i
  4. Elaine has not had a great start being the face of the new Generation of the Newman Warriors.. Usually Pressure does not find it's way to Elaine, but it recently did. What's worse, The team releationship with the Guardian's might be slipping away.. they are not really keen on how Elaine has been performing, they might start to think that Neudaiz just isn't for Warrior's anymore.. behind the scenes they are planning to build a combat ready machine that will either help Elaine, or be her replacement.. some of the investor's are thinking that the partnership, might not be worth it anymore..
  5. Will Clementine PSU in the future use NPC's in Network mode? they were Awesome, and it would be good to see them fight alongside us on runs. My Favourite 2 Being Lumia Waber & Karen. I know it may take time though, but i can't wait for the day if only we could also get the older Lumia Waber from PSP2, that would be cool also. Until then though, Clementine is Awesome ^-^.
  6. Elaine Finally Has a Backstory, And It Goes Like This: Elaine is part of the New Generation Of Newman Warriors Generation 3, on her home Planet Neudaiz. The Prior 2 all fell, and it's up to the new G3's to carry on the Legacy: G1: Fought hard for their home, and some partnered with the Guardians.. they succeded in winning, but all died with Honour.. Generation 1 is burried on Neudaiz. They wore Blue Clothing. G2: Carried on G1's Legacy, but did not partner with the Guardians. A war broke out between both, Neudaiz was almost in rubble.. The Honour of the Warriors.. was almost los
  7. Nice to see you again SHOTGUN :). Don't worry, i've got a bunch of people that i play with now since my return, so ignore what i said XD. As for my stories, and any upcoming, i'm sorry to dissapoint you.. i'm not back to write anymore.. i'm back, just to play and have fun and occassionlly be in character. My writing days on here are over, i thought i made that clear back in 2019. I appriciate you enjoying them while i did them though. I will however, be finally giving Elaine a backstory, so you might like that ^-^. Other than that, it's good to be back.
  8. Thanks Old Friend ^-^. But, do people not appriciate a friendly face wanting to help them out? i've been rejected and kicked out twice.. i understand if they just want to play in their small groups, but.. come on.. anyway, i'm/Elaine is having a Blast!
  9. Hello Everyone! I'm BACK! it's been ages.. missed some of you :). in light that i just saw that PSUClem is back up/Released, i jumped back in and recreated Elaine the Warrior.. who, for those who have been following me for a while, will remember her from 2018-2019.. 2020 has been a rough year, so i'm ready to get back into PSU once again and have fun ^-^> if you happen to meet Elaine, ask her anything, she is willing to help ^-^. Because of the reset however, she'll need to regain her warrior Status, but she is eager to do so, and to help those along the way ^-^. Let's rejoin the Guardians
  10. Hello 2020! We have begun with a new decade and have said goodbye to the 2010's and have entered the roaring 20's.. how has everyone been? hope you all had a good Christmas ^^ well, as promised.. here is the ending to Jessica Stark's Story... And incase your interested: Elaine has been ok and is doing well too. Anyway, onto Jessica: From December 31st 2019 to January 12th 2020: Jessica Stark after entering the new year... has decided that she is stepping down from being a scientist, and goes back to living a normal childhood and going into Teen Hood Life as she will be 12 this year... wh
  11. So Seeing as i'm saying goodbye to my last and main character Jessica Stark and everything involved with her, meet the new me This is Elaine, a warrior from Neudaiz aged 11. I Don't plan on writing her backstory on how she left Neudaiz and is now fighting for the Coloney. This is just to inform you encase you bump into me in Game. Jessica Stark's story will end After Christmas, in the mean time and after Christmas i will be running around as Elaine ^^
  12. So i've been thinking, it's been a while since i updated you guys. November 10th was my last post, and i have not been on the game since that day. I got on today and... i hung out on the 5th floor as my main PSU/RP Character Jessica Stark... and i watched as all the other users went about doing what they love to do in the game... Missions, talking and what not... and i felt that, i think it's really only the feeling of nostalgia that brings me back to PSU every now and then. And i think that seeing as most of my RP characters are gone and only Jessica Stark remains... i'm considering clos
  13. So I'm back, i know it may seem that i took a 2 month break as i have not been seen anywhere on PSU since at least back in August...but i won't get into that. I'm here just to update you on what has happened since my absense, and what i'm about to change...they are as follows: 1: Jessica Stark has still been hunting down clones of people, she has not been using Project Iron Girl to do so, and Amanda the A.I has still been operating in the labs. Jessica Stark might consider stepping down from being a scientist, and move on to just living a normal kid life until she reaches Teen hood.
  14. 1: Jessica Stark has been chosen to Hunt down Experiments that may have been made to be either copies of original people, or to outdo them. In this search she came across 2, one who was made to be Midori but after a while, came to her senses and is living with a new identity. The other more recent, was another exact Clone of a Guardian known as Lucy Miya but the Experiment Didn't have all Lucy's Data and Memories. 2: Experiment 24 the Midori Clone, has been living life for the past few months trying to find a new identity, knowing that she was made to become Midori. She is happily living
  15. YES! other people are doing Backstories and RP's YEEEEEE! i'm not the only one anymore ^^
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