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  1. It's great to be back isn't it? I imagine a lot of us returned with groups of friends we played with on the original game or test server. Whilst it's nice to run with people we know, I think there's always room to meet new people. Me and some friends from the test server days have made a group - to level, chat (text or voice) and help each other out. We figured we'd offer an invite out to other UK based players, to see who might be interested in joining us. There's only 2 rules - it's for people from UK, and this isn't a group for those enjoy trolling, or causing drama. Feel free to reply if this might be of interest to you and I can PM you details of our group. Good hunting Ed
  2. Tes


    It works on some armors. But some are broken - they show they have arm or leg slots but when you go to equip them, it doesn't work. Wind up spending more on armor than you need to in order to find working armor that accepts the units you wish to equip
  3. Can grinder bases be used to make grinders yet?
  4. I found the combat a lot more fluid, but removing the need to level up PA's felt like a bit of a backwards step. As did only having 1 lobby, which removed the feeling of exploration that you get in PSU. It's certainly a much nicer looking game, but in 12 player parties, the amount of visual effects going on with PA's and magic etc makes the screen an epileptics nightmare. I could only manage a few hours at best, otherwise I'd end up with terrible headaches.
  5. When it's released it'll be just shy of 8 years since the original game was released. Not only that, but it'll be 1 year before the next Xbox is due to be released. Rather bizarre timing.
  6. Absolutely amazing work everyone. Thank you so much.
  7. Tes


    Nothing meant personally. We all have our preferences. As for people leaving parties, I think it's more the cascade of players leaving that's more unsettling than people not saying they're leaving.
  8. Tes


    Anyone else find a lot of MMO players can be a little intense? Roleplaying within a roleplaying game, elitists, highly over opinionated types, unnecessarily confrontational or rather melodramatic and over the top. Not to say there isn't a wide variety of different people and personalities online. Maybe as I've gotten older I prefer calmer/quieter gamers to play regularly with. On another note, why is it when 1 or 2 people leave a party, a whole 6 player team can vanish in an instant, and nobody has the courtesy to say "bye".
  9. Grime https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YsytoihYOw0
  10. Tes

    Clementine Area Drops

    Good to know, thank you.
  11. Tes

    Clementine Area Drops

    Is there a scheduled date for the update to implement this drop system? Is the server down for very long when a new patch is added?
  12. Tried game with another customer resolution and it fixed it for some reason.
  13. ×I was playing Unsafe Passage A with a group, got this error during the quest. Exit game, rejoin game. Get the same error after 1 minute in mission. Exit game, rejoin game. Get error message as soon as I lobby spawn. Exit game, rejoin game on another character with no items in inventory - get the same message as soon as I spawn in lobby.
  14. Overpriced eh? I'm using player shops mainly. I'll keep saving my meseta until an update cheapens NPC stuff.
  15. Tes


    Thoughts? Feelings? Hopes & dreams? I'll admit the spec is impressive and it's nice that they're finally integrating solid state hard drive technology. It's nice the PS3 and 4 had compatibility for SSD's, but to make it as standard always made sense. It does seem a little soon though. I mean the PS4 and then the Pro - I thought to myself we'd be a long way off a next gen. Why the rush? It's similar with phones, 1 new phone a year by a lot of manufacturers? It's a little scary, living on a planet with finite resources, ever growing pollution and population and yet we're burning through resources for entertainment purposes. Eeek
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