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  1. Tes


    Thoughts? Feelings? Hopes & dreams? I'll admit the spec is impressive and it's nice that they're finally integrating solid state hard drive technology. It's nice the PS3 and 4 had compatibility for SSD's, but to make it as standard always made sense. It does seem a little soon though. I mean the PS4 and then the Pro - I thought to myself we'd be a long way off a next gen. Why the rush? It's similar with phones, 1 new phone a year by a lot of manufacturers? It's a little scary, living on a planet with finite resources, ever growing pollution and population and yet we're burning through resources for entertainment purposes. Eeek
  2. Tes


    I agree, the soloing has got to the point where it feels utterly lifeless. I'm glad I've had a change of heart. As for finding more people, just go up to people of a similar level. My weekend runs were across all 3 planets and people seemed to enjoy the regular change of scenery and quests
  3. If you're a Force class type it'll stick at 10. Need to change to another class type and not a basic one.
  4. I found the first 2 AOTI missions in Parum East District had great MP and enemies weren't too difficult. There's a few hidden corridors where you need to use your goggles to ensure an S rank. It felt like these 2 quests were a quick way to power level class types. The JP quest on P Coast is also very good, but the quest/map is a lot larger and the enemies are tougher. Me and my party were getting loading screen crashes on SEED Express and so I wasn't able to see the MP available from completing that quest. It's nice to explore different quests in all honesty. A lot of them are rather time consuming, but they make a nice change of scenery.
  5. Tes

    Enemy Drop Chart

    Initially the drop rates looked hideous. But then I remembered that on PSOBB 1/100+ wasn't that uncommon for a weapon, but those were for rare drops and the enemies could still drop virtually any other base weapon. In a way I like how drops are a lot less scarce on PSU. Once synthing is added I imagine drop rates will go up as enemies will start dropping more parts and also boards.
  6. Tes


    After spending the weekend on PSU and levelling 3 characters and meeting lot's of people I must say it was damn tempting to fire up the game this morning. Most of my time spent on PSU during the Sega server days was soloing quests. The same goes for when I play on PSOBB nowadays. But there's been a real turn around on Clementine. I've been approaching anyone I come across who's a similar level and building up 4-6 player parties with ease. It's made for a much nicer gaming session when spent in the company of others. Whilst I still enjoy soloing, it's losing a lot more of it's appeal recently. Anyways, no gaming until the weekend again. I'll keep busy with my art this morning before work. Once today is done the rest of the week will fall into place swiftly i'm sure. Hope everyone had a good weekend session on PSU too.
  7. Out of interest is there a project timeline? Not so much promising or finalising dates for when things are going to happen. More like a list of what's being prioritised other than the bug fixes.
  8. Running the custom res .exe as administrator fixed it for me.
  9. Tes


    It's a strange one, it's like they're part of the furniture. In some ways I find it admirable, but at the same time I wonder what's the driving force behind it? Then again, I'd take a quiet/silent player over a noisy/prattling one any day.
  10. It amazes me how easy so many people want to make the game. What with PA's exp boosts and shops selling end game weapons. Eventually will come the complaints about lack of content because people got high end items too easily. We don't want this server to wind up like some of the PSOBB servers where it takes little to no time and a few decent event drops to have end game loot.
  11. Tes

    Post Your Pets

    Animals brighten a lot of our days. What critters do you have in your home? Asides from the occasional ants invading our home we have our cat, Kes (names after the Voyager character). We found her on the road we live on in a garden. There was a sign post saying she was a stray and had been living there for a couple of weeks. We decided to adopt her and took her to the vets the next day. No microchip and no reports of her missing online and in local groups. She's a handsome one. La Presidenta
  12. Tes


    As someone who's been gaming for 27 years I noticed in the past 10 years or so the amount of time gaming was well and truly in the realms of addiction. It peaked around 2 years ago. Back then I worked a 4 on 4 off job which gave me an absurd amount of free time to game. Having clocked over 30,000 hours gaming in total, I've gamed in excess of 3.4 years solid in my life time. You can have too much of a good thing, and sure enough I started to burn out. As with weed and alcohol I've now enforced a weekend only approach to my gaming. I wasn't sure I'd ever be able to manage it with gaming in all honesty as it was only the first 5 years of my life that I'd lived before gaming. It was something I prioritised over every single aspect of my life. In school it was homework and studying which fell on the backburner. As an adult it was virtually everything else in life including friends, family, going out and what I'd spend my money on. I'm certainly glad I've reached a point where I'm feeling in control of the things I enjoy. I've always been a bit of an all or nothing person and rolling out a weekend only approach is certainly the healthier option long term. I figured weekend only gaming would mean the usual 12+ hours gaming on Saturday and Sunday. In reality it's also reduced the amount of time I want to spend on the computer as well. It's been a long time coming, but I'm finally prioritising doing my art in my free time which is a relief in all honesty and much better for my mind/body.
  13. Tes

    Enemy Drop Chart

    Wow, awesome drop chart info. Without checking back and forth - is this similar/identical to vanilla PSU? Will PSUpedia site still be useful for cross checking info.
  14. I'm personally in awe of how large the community is. I've seen more players in the past few days since rejoining the game than I ever remember on the western PSU server I used to play. Granted, I joined that server when the game was a little long in the tooth and the server was a bit of a ghost town. As for how people can be online - maybe it's just me, but I'm finding people a lot ruder nowadays than when I used to game years ago on PSO DC/GC and PSU western servers. It feels like a lot of people are quick to jump down each other's throats, or take offence etc. It's all a little odd to me. Politeness and patience seem to be somewhat endangered in the online world. Of course there's lot's of nice players as well as a fair few who are rather volatile. I'm always down for helping people who I meet. I was in a game yesterday and I intended it to be my last before doing something else, but one of the players who joined said he had no idea what he was doing and it was his first time on PSU since he played when he was a kid, so I decided to spend 4 hours with him and we ran missions across numerous planets and ended with a 6 player party and levelling up really well. By the end of our session I think he had a firm grip on the game. We should always try and make each other's gaming experience as pleasant as possible. There'll always be elitists, closed groups and such like on MMO's because there'll always be people with confidence issues who feel the need to showboat and tread on other people. If you're ever met with rudeness, reply with kindness or silence. People who troll or try and get under people's skin want a reaction - so give them a reaction they weren't expecting or nothing at all.
  15. Tes


    There's one in particular, female character always lvl 1 and sat in same place
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