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  1. Maybe make it to where you have to sacrifice the same kind of weapon you’re grinding to unbreak it? I get both sides tbh I like the new system of grinding but I also understand how it ruins the market.p
  2. Since we have rare enemies and had ( boss triggers on pso2 I know it’s a different game) but I think it could be cool to be able to get a rare boss for a slightly better chance to either get the secret rare or something along those lines.
  3. Since the bots go up to level 400 now I think it would be really cool to add a very VERY small chance to be able to pull a prototype of what you’re making ONLY if your bot had all 400 levels into one category.
  4. also i 100% think 50 mil is fair for vij resist. beats paying 120 for it or a quick stack ;_:
  5. so when we do finally get boards it would be awesome to see an event hit at the same time if its possible.. like absolute zero
  6. honestly even if it was just halved id be fine with it.. the thought of spending 50 mil minimum to attempt to plus 10 is scary and as you said making me very very cautious on what i grind or price them to what they were on the 360 around 1 mil.
  7. So i love they added grinding but my question is is there a plan to fix it back to normal when the game is finalized? im not a huge fan of stuff not breaking because it takes away from the economy me personally would rather it break as much as it hurts to break a 50% i feel its kinda needed also i plan to update this with more things that would be cool to be added like photon charge cosmos ;_; i appreciate you guys bringing this game back to us.
  8. yoooooooooooooooo wassup dude its been awhile, yea i went and checked it out earlier and seen for myself thats crazy lol hit me up ingame so i can add you
  9. from what i seen clothing prices are perfectly fine, then again i didnt think there was anyone left who cared about how they looked lol
  10. has there been any talk about when we will be able to start making stuff out of our bots?/ also i didnt actually get to see it for myself but i heard s10s aree 5 mil a piece, i hope thats not true thats an insane price for them they were about a mil if i remember correctly
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