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  1. Would have liked if the update/Roadmap mentioned improving server stability which is a big issue right now. I have some friends that are tempting to stop playing even through they love the game, since they been kicked out by the server in the middle of a mission constantly. Especially missions like GAM where you can't come back once the game crash or server kick you out. I know how much this sucks since this was the reason why I quit playing PSO2 in Japanese servers. As well to add to the wound Constant server crashes where entire party gets kicked out. I even lost a rare mission this way. Now we have the "locked out of room" bug which is still a problem. I know is not easy to fix but would be nice to heard, we are working on fixing issues as well other than new content. I was told some players express their concern on this issue and were ignored on discord. Even if it a bit improvement on stability would be great. Stability matters multiple times more than new features since the game is already plenty of fun with the current content and I think is very well balanced.
  2. You are not got going to find cheap 14/14 is not going to happen. Since they will be the equivalent of an armor with a 48-49% elemental defense. So they would cost multiple times more than what a 10/10 sells for now. Instead you probably going to find a cheap 11/11 or 12/12 but the price going to cost around the same of what a unbroken weapon or a 10/10 weapon cost now. But even those casual players like you going to buy them (casuals make the majority of playerbase in my opinion) As well a 14/14 is the equivalent of a 9/9 now except it would cost more than buying a 10/10 now.
  3. "shiny" color variant will also be affected making them lose their value/worth. I feel bad for people that invested in "shiny" color variant /U* sets.
  4. Celestial weapons are literary custom weapons, except you can't put skin on them. https://psu-clementine.net/wiki/index.php/Celestella_Luna https://psu-clementine.net/wiki/index.php/Sunriser https://psu-clementine.net/wiki/index.php/Daisy_Chain https://psu-clementine.net/wiki/index.php/Celestella_Spada Same exact stats with different skins. PSU is based on an old game, I don't think needs new stuff that the JP severs didn't have. Farming new gear to replace the gear that took you hard effort is not what I call "fun". It just more work especially for people with multiple alts or would like to have some more alts in the future. Especially people that invested in full set 50% element armor I wish updates would focus on other areas, adding new npc, missions and story missions. Since just farming gets very boring and repetitive. Custom weapons in my opinion are /U with superior PP regen, highest att and extra bonuses that some /U do not have. Not all of them are outdated and high PP is very good for certain classes such as Acrotecher. Cursed Barbados is a very good weapon. Cursed Mistilteinn is the best handgun in the game. Mirage Crusade is very good as well if you link it with a wand.
  5. I do not have celestella or customize weapons, just feel bad for my friends who do. I hope those Line Shields with set bonuses with Customize Weapons and Special Weapons come from blueprints that cost 30-40m each. Which means 30-40m x 6 = 180m/240m Are celestella weapons considered customized weapons right? since they share same stats.
  6. This is just as terrible making Celestella, customize and special weapons outdated. I know many people who farmed very hard to farm multiple customize weapons with their skin. One of my friend who is a triple digit ID old player who has multiple customize weapons told me he would consider quitting the game if this get implemented.
  7. As a new player I strongly oppose the 15/15 weapons upgrade, its a terrible idea that will negatively affect everyone in the server as someone who watches the player market on a daily basic. Here is a list of various negative cons this change will make not only affect players but will also negatively affect the current fragile market due to very low server population: Celestella Token Weapons that are rewarded only once "PER ACCOUNT" when reaching level 200, you get then once and you will never get another one till you make a new account, once weapon is broken is permanent you can't sell your broken weapons to anyone or get a new one. Customized weapons are account bound you can not sell your broken "junk" I mean broken weapons you going to have to get a new one and you will need to rebuy materials that other new/casual players will need to make theirs if you have big pocket this is no problem but you will screw over newer players/casual gamers over since players with big pocket going to buy the materials to make those weapons and raising prices and making the scarcity problem even worse. Rare /U not dropped in events that are very rare, very high scarcity on the market and expensive. Players who already own these weapons will start buying them over making the scarcity even worse and raising the prices and players like me will have to settle with buying "broken weapons" while paying premium and probably more than before. Again new players and Casual players will get screwed over. I experienced this when the last event ended where players will "Big pockets" started buying all stock in the market to resell for 4x times the price. I have had players including players that have played this game for a long time refuse to buy weapons from me since the weapons were not 10/10. Since they rather pay 5-10 million more to avoid the upgrade gamble to +10 since upgrading is the most tedious and annoying part of this game and this upgrade will make it even worse while screwing the player market at the same time. Some classes use multiple weapons my acromaster uses 5 types of weapons(slicers, twin daggers, twin sabers, saber, dagger and wands) and in this game you need 6 elements per weapons that means 30 weapons I will have to go through the trouble to +15 making the game more tedious than it is and just increasing my desire to just stop playing the game. This is even worse for players that have multiple alts and like to keep the variety by switching to other Types, for them they will have to go through the tedious task of upgrading and breaking 1000 of weapons to get 100+ of weapons to +15. One of the reason why I have not level up an alt or try other type is because I am still gearing up my main type class and for now not ready to +10, 10-20+ weapons again for another type and this +15 will push me even farther away to try this and will just force me to limit myself to a few weapons and types as possible. SPECIAL WEAPONS and other very rare weapons that are very hard to get, imagine getting a DB SABER☆ with element 60% and the weapons breaks and you end up with a 12/15 broken weapons, in my case I would say screw it and quit the game. So this is going to screw hardcore players as well. You must be some sort of masochist if you going to try to get other DB SABER☆ with 60% element to make it 15/15. If you want to still implement 15/15 to please a very small minority of hardcore players without screwing the market for new players and casual gamers then just make event only weapon type that can go to 15+ just as those past weapon in last year event. Such as: https://psu-clementine.net/wiki/index.php/Yohmei_Wand that could go +5. But don't screw the market of the rest of /U weapons for us Casual and newer players. We rather have good weapons like everyone else instead of having to pay premium for broken weapons and we would also have a smoother experience if we would like to try another type or alts as well by making the most tedious part of the game grinding even worse than it is, with a low population that has a market with high scarcity.
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