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  1. I don't want to have to play for a few days just to wear clothes. I want to look how I want to look from the start and play that way. I don't see why this has to be a "money sink" or that time must be allocated to this. This isn't fun or a achievement or anything it's a inconvenience. I'd have a much more fun time looking how I want to look from the beginning and grinding out the actual content and farming rare drops and leveling up. It helps when you are constantly losing your save file from server wipes not having to repeat this process from the start. Looking how I wish to look actually gives me incentive to play the game not looking like a hobo or something. Just saying.
  2. 40k is a very steep price new players on a server of this size. Though even if it were larger with a bigger economy, charging these prices just makes fashion less accessible. The grind should be going after 10/10 weapons and rare drops not fashion. So my suggestion is to lower the price of clothing to free or something low like 1000 meseta. Thank you.
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