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  1. Yeah, this sounds... Really awful. It just adds busy work, and will make my buffing characters get -even less- EXP as I chase my teammates around, trying to rebuff them, as they go about killing everything I haven't tagged yet.
  2. Nerfing the mobility of travel PAs would be the smart thing to do. Tornado Dance was already nerfed in mobility once, Sega explicitly saying it was because the "Travel" usage of it was unintended. It'd be pretty dumb to see everyone just spin dashing everywhere.
  3. I hope not. I've yet to see a good proposed idea for Acromaster. They're kinda master classes on their own.
  4. I uh... I don't think you quite got the right message from my post. Overall I'm agreeing that the changes are negative, but I'll expand a little bit! You are 100% right that regular players offer great insight. After all, they're playing the game! Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying "ignore the players"; they're playing the game, often religiously, so they're your best indicator something is wrong. I'm just saying that gamers as a whole don't typically understand why something is the way it is, and that their ideas for fixing it are typically just... Wrong. Time attacks do
  5. I want to comment on this as it's a question I've been meaning to ask; A while ago I remember hearing that the intent was to speed up leveling from 1-20, then slow it down after that. The overall total would be the same but the "bad" early levels would be faster. If that's still the case then maybe that's why it feels slow? At the same time, PA EXP was adjusted throughout the game, from my understanding having two "big" times. Are we operating under both of these? Or something entirely different? While I agree this is a highlight of a core issue, I don't agree that the core issue bein
  6. I'd rather have a system where I can use coins to buy a specific rare than a rare mission, myself. You know, to find that one bastard item that is just eluding you like a jerk but all of your friends seem to find no problem. Besides there are so many rares in this, trading for the odd rare probably wouldn't hurt, especially if you make them expensive... Or you could just make them Photon Drops and cause everyone to die a little inside when they get one!
  7. Your current luck actually makes a pretty big impact on your success rate. It also depends heavily on the rank of the weapon. With C-rank weapons, level 3 luck ensures at least two guaranteed upgrades on a weapon, but on S-rank weapons, with Lv3 luck, you need to use an S-grinder +9 or 10 to guarantee success. I'm not sure if it's the same odds now but you can take a peek at the old info at various places. PSUPedia has it here http://psupedia.info/Weapon_grinding.html ... I think the JP wiki has ACTUAL values but, I can't remember the site at the moment!
  8. High level rifle bullets are where GMs get their crowd control, due to the knockdown they have. It's been a while since I played -- Is this currently bugged too?
  9. You know that classes can be viable for reasons other than DPS, right? One might opt to play a Fortegunner over a Gunmaster because of higher survivability or better utility. By giving GM grenades, you damage some of fGs utility. Part of what made PSU fun to play (and PSO2 NOT fun) was that it wasn't entirely about DPS. Utility can actually make a notable difference.
  10. Saying laser PAs "only" having 10% more ATP mod than shotguns is misleading. Don't forget to include the weapons ATP itself when looking at this information; Lasers typically have like ~500 more ATP than shotguns.
  11. The fact there are "travel skills" at all is pretty baffling. I distinctly remember them nerfing that one Double Saber PA (tornado dance I think?) on official BECAUSE people were using it as a movement option. If it starts getting used as a combat maneuver to evade attacks during combat then that definitely becomes a potential balance issue, as well. It's tough though because I certainly wouldn't hate being able to move faster between groups though... I think the best suggestion I could make, although I don't know if it'd be possible, would simply be "when not in combat, you move x% faste
  12. I do believe this sort of information was available at some point. It was on PSP2 I know. I mean, that's why we have the title rewards on our vision phone now! I'm not sure if the game is already keeping track of this stuff or not, but if it isn't, it seems pretty low priority which means... Probably won't happen for a while.
  13. Lasers are situational in the situation of "is there more than 1 enemy? Yes? Then lasers are powerful", which is most of the time, but they certainly aren't useful in the situation of "do I need to hit more than one box". But that could just be one of the weaknesses of the class. They can already deal with bullet resilient enemies by switching to techs. Maybe a lack of multi-hitbox damage should be their weakness? I definitely think grenades should be removed from GM though, and I AM one.
  14. Ehh, I don't really agree with that. Rifles and Twin Handguns serve two different functions -- Rifles are for status effect and crowd control, while Twin Handguns, while on the low side, are used for damage and safety. It's a lot easier to back away pelting things with twin handguns than it is trying to manage you distance and shooting with a rifle, especially soloing or in a small group. That being said, I'll admit I'm basing this purely off of my experience playing back on official. With all the changes on Clementine, this could be an entirely different story now. I'm not high enough le
  15. But they hit one extra target on normal attacks! Think of all that extra PP recovery! ... :v
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