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  1. Also as for the half-guard thing I say keep it. It encourages grouping up with people and having a balanced party. Also makes fusion classes like Guntecher more helpful. This is also one of the downsides to master classes, if you bump into a foe that's resistant to your type sure you got crazy damage, but there's no counter for the halfguard. I like having a balanced group, half-guard encourages it.
  2. And this comes into play... how exactly? I also play Human Fortegunner and Newman Fortetecher, doesn't change how I view the damage comparisons between classes when watching other people. Keep rips on me in Discord please.
  3. I feel like fighters are the most powerful right now honestly. And gunners can still miss too you know. In case you forgot while they have higher base ATA from their class, melee weapons have higher ATA stats. Fighters do higher damage but have lower ATA, that's their thing. Again though if it was just math at play I'd get it. But there's other gameplay/combat mechanics to consider that may become imbalanced if this is implimented. All I'm saying is there's a lot more to consider when attempting to make these changes.
  4. Maybe I should be fair and give this some detail. Adding in variance for every attack, I get it. The damage is about the same, the loss of damage from 0's just gets divided across all attacks. However there are other factors to consider. Miss Chance/Variance: It's pretty difficult, if not impossible to actually get 100% accuracy against something your level. So you'll always have some level of variance, even with super high ATA. Always having that variance could cause issues when it's combined with things like weapon variance and enemy half-guards. It could end up causing damage dealt to be much lower than intended depending on where the "miss variance" is in the equation. There's other factors to consider in this than just ATA and miss chance. ATA vs. EVP: As someone else suggested, just raise enemy EVP to keep ATA's value as a stat. If that was done the entire formular for attack accuracy would have to change then because or damage variance would be even higher. Even worse, you would have to change literally every single thing in the game that has an ATA stat or modifier. Units, weapons, PAs, everything would have to change in order to fit this new accuracy formula/curve. Enemy Stagger: You hit an enemy and it likely staggers given you use the right weapon/PA. If you always hit, the enemy always staggers. Yah it's annoying to be using a PA and get knocked out of it, but it's part of the game and a counter to high damage melee users which this change would benefit the most. It wouldn't really be fun to just stun lock an enemy regardless of your ATA. So if you do this there needs to be something in place to determine if the enemy gets staggered or not because 100% stagger from a low ATA weapon like a shotgun just kind of makes things like that overpowered. I may be getting some of what I said wrong. The short version of all this is that ATA and accuracy is a core combat mechanic. Changing it will not be simple and those changed will go beyond what they were originally intended to change. It's a chain reaction, the devs need to be very careful and consider every aspect of physical combat when considering this. One wrong step and suddenly everything is imbalanced. I just want to avoid that.
  5. Of course I'm the only one who doesn't like the ATA suggestion. Ugh, might as well enjoy it while I can...
  6. Please, for the love of god, if there is one singluar thing in this post that should not be implimented, it's the changes to accuracy. Too many games are ironing out hit/miss on accuracy. It might not totally invalidate ATA, but it will devalue the stat since you'll always do damage. Please, PLEASE, leave ATA the way it is. It's the only major gripe I have with this post.
  7. More missions using the Fantastic Voyage area, maybe normal missions with a PSO area and an appropriate boss at the end.
  8. I like the prototype system if the boosts are small like you said. Too much of a boost and it becomes a bit unfair/OP. Please implement this very carefully. The Guardian Quest System I like, but again do be careful about its implementation. Might I suggest making some of them have you clear quests at a certain rank that maybe, people would never do. Like that one mission that requires 5 people to S-Rank. It would encourage people to play missions they otherwise never would. As for the boost items, nothing against them. Maybe they can take the place of a forced EXP increase previously mentioned in the development post? Loot change I like, more people grouped, more fun. YES, PLEASE, THANK YOU.
  9. Yah your suggestions weigh more favorably towards melee. Striking weapons have high damage, that's their thing. Also it makes whips, which do this already, lose what makes them unique. Also some high rarity weapons do have SEs on them.
  10. This is gonna sound odd but, can we get an option to turn off the EXP boost for lower levels when it launches? Something like a server command. I don't wanna rush to the higher levels, makes the rest of them seem pointless.
  11. This, I like this. Exactly my thoughts on PSO vs PSO2. (I don't want the PAs removed, instead nerf their travel distance and as compensation, increase Attack Power and/or Accuracy.)
  12. Ok, did B Rank and got teleported back to colony as normal. Did it get fixed or is the bug just on C Rank?
  13. It's faster is my point, PSU is much slower gameplay-wise by comparison.
  14. I don't know, that's why I said "find exploits". It's what people do. We don't need speed increases, this game isn't PSO2. It's got a slower combat style and honestly that's fine. Is there downtime/backtracking? Yah, but it's not a big deal.
  15. Honestly, don't want any of this. Could really lead to some people breaking the game and finding exploits. I think we shouldn't touch run speed at all.
  16. Problem 1: I kind of agree, but I think the only reason the drop rate reduction is in the game is due to the individual drops. I mean imagine if 4 people get a Relic Edge but only one guy needs them. Be kind of ridiculous. Problem 2: Yes we do need class balance, not arguing that at all. But saying the only/major issue is travel PAs is kinda silly. The fact you don't even mention stuff like stats or PA caps is just borderline missing this point. This ain't PSO2. Problem 3: Honestly I think the game is fairly challenging. It sounds like you're min-maxing and that's fine, but I sure as hell will get my ass beaten if I go into a mission as a level 50 and there's level 85 enemies. Maybe down the line once we hit the Level 200 cap, they'll introduce some sort of SX Difficulty on some missions for max level people. That'd be interesting. Until then though I think difficulty is fine, stats of enemies at lv 100+ are already higher than Sega when comparing the Wiki lists.
  17. IMO, rods are the go-to when you're not sure, but the increased speed of wands and T-Mags make Gi/Dam techs better as you need to get them off faster before an enemy hits or staggers you. So if you're using something close range, wands and T-mags are worth considering.
  18. I want the game to last too, but the grinding system could use some tweaks.
  19. Wow... someone said what I was thinking but, a bit more brutally. I mean I still think the grind system should be tweaked slightly, but yah once you get max level and all your best stuff, that's it. Game over. There is no max level content or raids like WoW, ESO, etc. Also it kinda bugs me how people say the weapon "breaks". It doesn't that's what they USED to do, as in they used to just get straight up deleted.
  20. Thanks, it just made me worried because weapons DID use to break pre-AotI as in if a grind failed, that weapon would just be GONE.
  21. I... can't even read this. You need to work on your formatting man.
  22. Alternatively, if the devs could make this a thing, make a grinder that resets the current grind to 0, but restores the max grind to 10. Something like a "Reset Grinder".
  23. I don't like how people say the weapon "breaks", they don't do that anymore. Their current grind is reset to 0 and their max grind goes down.
  24. My suggestion, do what PSO2 does with Unit Grinding. Give it a chance to fail at later grinds and have failure lower the current grind level, but don't have it reduce the max grind of the item. This way there's still a penalty for failing, but nothing that will effectively nerf the max power of your weapon.
  25. I knew Ruby back on PSOBB when he was the Team Master of Gem. Met back up with him as a GM in PSU and got to "cut in line" at certain events. Hell he still remembers me to this day.
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