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  1. More missions using the Fantastic Voyage area, maybe normal missions with a PSO area and an appropriate boss at the end.
  2. I like the prototype system if the boosts are small like you said. Too much of a boost and it becomes a bit unfair/OP. Please implement this very carefully. The Guardian Quest System I like, but again do be careful about its implementation. Might I suggest making some of them have you clear quests at a certain rank that maybe, people would never do. Like that one mission that requires 5 people to S-Rank. It would encourage people to play missions they otherwise never would. As for the boost items, nothing against them. Maybe they can take the place of a forced EXP increase previously mentioned in the development post? Loot change I like, more people grouped, more fun. YES, PLEASE, THANK YOU.
  3. Yah your suggestions weigh more favorably towards melee. Striking weapons have high damage, that's their thing. Also it makes whips, which do this already, lose what makes them unique. Also some high rarity weapons do have SEs on them.
  4. This is gonna sound odd but, can we get an option to turn off the EXP boost for lower levels when it launches? Something like a server command. I don't wanna rush to the higher levels, makes the rest of them seem pointless.
  5. This, I like this. Exactly my thoughts on PSO vs PSO2. (I don't want the PAs removed, instead nerf their travel distance and as compensation, increase Attack Power and/or Accuracy.)
  6. Ok, did B Rank and got teleported back to colony as normal. Did it get fixed or is the bug just on C Rank?
  7. It's faster is my point, PSU is much slower gameplay-wise by comparison.
  8. I don't know, that's why I said "find exploits". It's what people do. We don't need speed increases, this game isn't PSO2. It's got a slower combat style and honestly that's fine. Is there downtime/backtracking? Yah, but it's not a big deal.
  9. Honestly, don't want any of this. Could really lead to some people breaking the game and finding exploits. I think we shouldn't touch run speed at all.
  10. Problem 1: I kind of agree, but I think the only reason the drop rate reduction is in the game is due to the individual drops. I mean imagine if 4 people get a Relic Edge but only one guy needs them. Be kind of ridiculous. Problem 2: Yes we do need class balance, not arguing that at all. But saying the only/major issue is travel PAs is kinda silly. The fact you don't even mention stuff like stats or PA caps is just borderline missing this point. This ain't PSO2. Problem 3: Honestly I think the game is fairly challenging. It sounds like you're min-maxing and that's fine, but I sure as hell will get my ass beaten if I go into a mission as a level 50 and there's level 85 enemies. Maybe down the line once we hit the Level 200 cap, they'll introduce some sort of SX Difficulty on some missions for max level people. That'd be interesting. Until then though I think difficulty is fine, stats of enemies at lv 100+ are already higher than Sega when comparing the Wiki lists.
  11. IMO, rods are the go-to when you're not sure, but the increased speed of wands and T-Mags make Gi/Dam techs better as you need to get them off faster before an enemy hits or staggers you. So if you're using something close range, wands and T-mags are worth considering.
  12. I want the game to last too, but the grinding system could use some tweaks.
  13. Wow... someone said what I was thinking but, a bit more brutally. I mean I still think the grind system should be tweaked slightly, but yah once you get max level and all your best stuff, that's it. Game over. There is no max level content or raids like WoW, ESO, etc. Also it kinda bugs me how people say the weapon "breaks". It doesn't that's what they USED to do, as in they used to just get straight up deleted.
  14. Thanks, it just made me worried because weapons DID use to break pre-AotI as in if a grind failed, that weapon would just be GONE.
  15. I... can't even read this. You need to work on your formatting man.
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