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  1. Deathbullet? Not familiar with it. Perhaps you meant killershot—a specialized PA effective only on robots and notably on droids, like Bal Soza. Claiming it's the only thing people do doesn't hold, especially with alternatives like Zagenga outperforming KS on packed droids at AMF. Many even leveled KS to 21+ pre-kappa, sufficient for maxed SE. Complaining about a non-existent issue here; diversity in approaches seems prevalent.
  2. It's baffling to consider altering a game based on complaints from novice players. Introducing speed-boosted weapons to a top-tier class seems unjustified. These players lack endgame gear, wielding subpar weapons and low-level photon arts in large parties. How can they expect to swiftly defeat level 120 monsters at level 75? The integrity of the game should prioritize balancing for seasoned players, ensuring a fair experience for all.
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