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  1. Make MP great again- Mayor Gatman
  2. Gatman/Af/lv126/ 3:50
  3. G@tman/lv125/af/cast/time=7:42
  4. forgot to mention this. status effects get stronger at 11. 21, 31, 41. so why it make sense gaining a few stamina makes u immune. on real game u needed 21 stamina to be immune to lv 2
  5. so my freeze range mag is not working on enemies bigger badira. but my confuse one works on golmoro and my fire one. it's a shag landeel. heard it might only be lv 1 idk. i tried out a lv 3 grm one. got nothing on enemies like the size of seed ardites.. please look in proc rates, status effect lv and how much stamina each enemy has. but dont just do it for range mags but all status weps. it will save u alot of time in future hoshi sent me an immune stamina list and its very wrong. you dont be become immune adding 4 sta. immune jumps up at the 21,31, 41. in the thing he showed me said 28 sta immune to megid. i can assure you that is wrong because i got megid by lv 5 with decolte line on in the past.
  6. I am against it. It makes zero sense for a gumnmaster or a masterforce to use a dagger. They are master of those weapons they can use and nothing else. This whole run in a full party mentality is the bigger issue here. Despite an attempt to help make enemies stronger in a full party, it is a complete failure. They are still dying way too fast to the point where topics like this are made. It's a mindless slaughter festival. We need way tougher enemies but at the same time be worth it to run in a party. Otherwise, why run in a party at all when they have the same drop rate and die way faster? I am not against a protranser getting s rank daggers. It makes sense since they already use a single saber. Make enemies tougher and add better drop rates when in parties. Imo that would close the whole travel pa thing.
  7. G@tman

    Bogga Ranpa

    Its suppose to hit 3 spots on the 1st part. go check the jp wiki under the april 5th 2012 update
  8. I only see negative things coming from this. I mean we already have people rage quiting parties when u type out what u got.
  9. ya i was wat work reading forum on my phone could double check before i posted
  10. I see. I was confused. I thought it was an acc arm unit.
  11. G@tman


    we had a weekend only event mission alittle while ago. was really nice. also made us have alot more players
  12. this video proves lasers are not situational. all good gunners knew to use lasers when you can hit 3 or more enemies, which is all the time. With the recent changes idk if that rule still applies. shotguns got a huge buff. Hitting them like shown in the video is aoe. Playing as Luigi is no excuse to say something is bad. You must analyze on the fly to determine how you are doing the most dmg. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qw9r9Da0AYA&t=22s I went with this video because the range isn't that wide compared to other lasers but we go get wider range ones. Lasers at least were mvp of gunners.
  13. 1. GT has aoe. Its called a laser cannon. 2. Fighgunner uses a rank grenade launcher 3. Clem does do want it wants. That's why they killed fortegunner when they gave grenade launcher to gunmaster. Giving guntecher grenade launcher actually wouldn't be horrible. not having gas hurts the guntecher boss fights. lv 40 nades seems a good option.
  14. longbows on gm will make zero sense. They have a rifle. does the same thing but has a way better effect of knockdown on all the element bullets. It changes nothing at all. longbow on gm kills any reason to use one on a gt or pt.
  15. they don't have bonus armor stats working. doubt they got that bonus working
  16. im going to disagree. once you start playing higher lv missions you will see the 0's, plus some bow classes only have lv 20 bullets so it would help them alot.
  17. I think it's fine considering that weps with freeze status effects don't proc as often as they should
  18. since i was censored earlier when i was posting while at work, af doesn't need a hidden buff. it has one. its called 20 percent speed buff to single handed weps and 10 percent speed for two handed weps, please stop asking for buffs to things you have no clue on.
  19. Why not just add all the melee photon arts to the list? All of the range on them is wrong.
  20. besides giving pa level cap increase, they could give proper buffs to pa's. who really used pa's like Bogga Robado after it received a buff.
  21. Have you noticed how bad they are? we should make them a viable choice. all they are now is npc food
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