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  1. Good day everyone, I really need to report that. I had 87/300 items in my storage on my partner machine and everything in it is not there anymore, nothing. Not even one thing I had. I had some weak synth. items in my storage, and some grinder A and S bases (7 A bases, 12 S bases). I lost Te / TECH PP Save, my Halarod, my fourth Gaozoran Rod, my 4 Shato's, my third Uransara Wand, my 4 Promoto Pit, all of my clothes (things like the Sarisa Replica and Karren Replica). Now I'm really sad about that, because I spend a lot of time there to get all thies things, but now everything is away. I hope you can fix that ...
  2. Hellow there community. I got a bigger problem for the last 2 days now and nothing has changed a lil bit. I can't level up my PA's (Diga and Radiga for example). I tryed everything to fix it somehow but nothing happened and I'm so sad right now that this is not working anymore. I really need to level up my PA's but I can't If someone knows the problem, just tell me how to fix it ;w;
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