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  1. I know its a long shot considering the area drops but man I would love to see missions that take place in PSO areas. Also more Ohtori Castle missions too! Another idea is that I feel there needs to be some sort of limited mission that gives a crapload of exp. Something like the stars camp mission from JP so this can help new and returning players get caught up. Maybe something like the Bonus Key mechanic from PSO2?
  2. I see. Fun fact the Dark Flow I got I gave to Cranberry 30 minutes before server shutdown. She fed her Partner machine it. lol
  3. I can't believe people found this comic lol. its amazing
  4. I'm not sure how possible this is but it would be like to having something like this. Maybe if someone could rip their copy on 360 and PS2 and seeing if we can rip the HUD files (Console versions should use the exact same file structures and types from the PC version)
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