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  1. You're not a mod. You can't say for sure what the black and white of it is, so I'm going to discuss it until a mod tells me otherwise. Honestly, he couldn't have known what gender the person was. They were never asked to refer to them as such and never vc'd with they person who mis-gendered them. Sit down. EDIT: I'm shutting tf up, it was reverted and he was banned for another (dumb) reason.
  2. hmmmmm funny how it's against the rules to discuss but someone got banned for it if discussion isn't to be had... why are people getting banned for making mistakes about it?
  3. hmm... that would be a lot easier if Matt wasn't banned (for detestably stupid reasons but I guess that's for the mods to decide ) and, oh yeah, if there was voice chat. Oh but then again, literally little to none of the mods and admins used voice chat anyway... oh yeah and people got banned for misgendering them. Wow, how understanding
  4. Wow, he's banned and you know it. Don't act dumb.
  5. Yeah, that's all i heard of the situation and I assume it's really all that happened. Do keep in mind that when I heard about it, I was in a voice chat room with nearly everyone that was there that day (and gnome). I'm sure if details were skimmed over, someone would have been called out. Please don't make assumptions
  6. hmm, yeah. I remember what happened too. One person said one thing WHILE a mod was in there and the mod decided that, instead of banning the singularly solely responsible person, report to Cyan that the voice chat needs to be shut down because they were being "grossly misused" (by one person :O)
  7. Well, honestly... I met a load of new people in voice chat... sadly that doesn't exist anymore.
  8. Ronin is right, I joined the chat like two days before it was taken away and I was not the victim of any toxicity. If you think people are being toxic, it's likely that they're joking with you and if you're offended, ask them to stop or mute them and it's gone. Poof.
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