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  1. Thank you very much for everything Agrajag! hope to see you continue the offline patch!
  2. I notice while playing for a while now, that when you get hit from any attacks from the enemies, the only animation that seems to show is getting hit from the FRONT, like your getting character is getting pushed back from their attacks from the FRONT, and when you get hit from BEHIND,LEFT and RIGHT, the same animation shows you getting hit from the FRONT,but getting hit from BEHIND the animation for that don't show, i can't remember too much about the animations for LEFT and RIGHT when getting hit, I played during the alpha test on this server quite a bit, and there was no HIT animations at all, not sure if this is a BUG but just wanted to throw that out there, I played Agrajag's Offline Patch for this game and well, all the animations from getting hit by the enemies are there and working, if you want to see how the animations look just give the offline version a try. Anyway sorry for taking up you're time and thank you for everything Clementine Team!
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