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  1. I also make note of only posting things that cannot drop or are in non functional boxes.
  2. Lumirus / Kaos Knight Dark Meteor Shot Vijerina / Hit I see people suggest putting 15* weapons into the shop. This would be entertaining since I don't think we get level upgrade anytime soon as stated. Why not put all 15* weapon in shop for range/techers for 40,000,000
  3. Personally am fine with PA rates. With that said, my experiences so far are from gunner perspective: the twin bullet PAs and Rifle PAs are the only thing I would complain about. And even the complaint can be brush off. My opinion: You’re going to lose players if there’s no proper progression curve to hook them in period. I made huge test with old friends and invited some that have played retail (we all play JP, as we are JP) and more than half quit after first 2 days. Also most of us now adult and don’t have 600-800 hours to dump on game and most of them said this the reason.
  4. Aelphasy math also check out with my experience so far. A+ post. Good reminder to people preaching retail that we are not in retail nor is the game functioning as such. We cannot emulate a vanilla experience and must go based on the facts in front of us.
  5. Most people shouldn’t have to defend themselves when they state a fact: that we don’t have the same amount of time (generally speaking) as we did when we were kids. Let’s point out some of the facts: a lot of veteran players to clementine server stated to me that it’ll be easier to get gear later one. I play FG and started 3-4 days ago. I received 1 blackbull from a kind person who had no use for it outside of meseta. This person also gave me A rank guns and A rank GL. From a gunner perspective: A rank shotgun is 700k... S rank is 950k... i make without spending 2m. I must repay blackbull, so I put aside 1.5m. 1.5m come from leveling through event. 15-64. 500k from random stranger dropping meseta. I buy S rank armor today with Giga Bullet. 275k. i still am using B rank shotgun. My most used PA is 32. Shotgun PA. Everything else getting to 12-14 now. I can not afford to buy new shotgun of any kind. Armor units if I recall have always been expensive more or less in retail. A lot of the good guns, Kubara, Satellite, Degahna, etc, are not in game yet. Phantom 400k, Burst was easy to obtain thanks to event. As new player, I find the system unfriendly to start but the players more than make up for this for me. No one kick me, everyone was helpful. In retail there was steady upgrades and I recall starting fresh and not having a problem accumulating what I needed and to obtain a usable pallet. If not for players helping me I would feel different. So to tell someone it doesn’t matter in the long run how they feel about immediate enjoyment because of a lack of natural progression is a good fuck you to them. I agree with increase because a lot of the cost for lower players is heavy. Retention makes game popular. While we may have opinion of hardcore players and their place in a game like PSU, that is what PA levels are for. Gear didn’t compensate for not having leveled PAs. This system is what has been done away with in every mmo that’s survived and surviving today, because a system that doesn’t reward new players is fundamentally a failure. PSU had a satisfying balance to this. PAs. Now some classes peak is better than others but the bottom line is making meseta and gear more accessible isn’t going to affect how a player truly survives end-game (lol thinking this, it’s still a casual grind game..) unless the player has problem leveling PAs. I don’t care if it takes time to level PAs. Natural progression is there; you use a skill, it levels. We do need to address the fact it’s HARDER for some classes and balancing around this is another conversation and headache in itself. But anyone who says crap like too much meseta and too easy to get “rares” is fooling themselves. Especially when this is not retail and we don’t have a fully functioning game. I don’t mean this in a bad way but as a matter of fact. PAs is the answer to the question of balance. Give people ways to access gear and levels but if they want to have a good class then they know they must level PAs.
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