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  1. You make a good point! can be a bit anal when it comes to mixing / matching, but think you're right. ideal setup would be a mix depending on situation!
  2. What are your preferences between wands & tech mags vs rods? Do rods have higher damage even though they're slower to cast? I would think that the higher speed of wands/tech mags offsets the lower power, but I'm not sure. Anyone know for sure? Just want to get other techer's opinions. After so many years playing this game, I'm still on the fence about this. >.< My thoughts on rods are that they're really only ideal for Dam spells (damfoie, dambarta, etc) or Regrants where you're holding the spell for sustained damage and don't have to recast frequently. PROS for wands/tech mags: faster casting speed - means easier PA leveling, easier dodging & maneuverability higher PP regen - if you're holding both, they'll each independently regen PP you can share the equipment with other techer classes (more cost effective) can have a melee / range weapon equipped alongside either wand/tech mag for versatility PROS for rods: look cooler IMO, than wands/tech mags take up much less palette space more damage...?
  3. It sounds like your antivirus removed the online.exe. I would try whitelisting the PSU install folder from your antivirus and then re-install PSU Clementine again (making sure you install in the folder that is whitelisted). If you have Windows built-in antivirus enabled, you can do that by following these steps below: Click Start button, type virus, open then Virus & threat protection settings Click Manage settings under Virus and Threat protection settings Scroll down to Exclusions and click Add or remove exclusions Add a folder exclusion. Locate your Phantasy Star Universe Clementine game folder and select it. Now, your Windows Antivirus will no longer scan it for threats or remove files from the Phantasy Star Universe Clementine game folder.
  4. I think many people feel the same way in that they want to play other missions, but the tricky part to getting players to join in on random missions is the fact that there are so many lobbies in this game. I'm a big advocate of the #lookingforparty channel in the Clementine discord for this reason. Fairly easy way to find other parties to join in random missions or recruit other players to join your runs. Def check it out if you haven't already tried. Probably the best tool we have right now to assemble parties for random runs.
  5. I may be wrong but I'm pretty sure the boosted XP/MP apply to all missions and not just the event one? I'm currently lv85 , so I can't say for sure since all the EXP pts says "EXP FULL" now. Personally I'm thankful to have these events, especially the PA EXP boost, as it's a huge time saver. I can kinda see your point about some people only playing during events, but IMO that's going to always happen regardless of the exp boosts. People will always be excited and play more when we get more/new content whether it be missions, equips, lvl cap increases and kind of wane off until the next new/big content. (and there sure are a LOT of drops in this Protectors event, so hunting everything will take many a runs ). This is especially true for the folks who have played this game many times already.
  6. Aaahhh! it's working now! Thanks a lot Gnome! you rock
  7. Hey Slade, it's not allowed, see rules excerpt below and here are all the rules I'd be happy to join you in a resta/reverser party though. I recommend checking out the discord #lookingforparty channel for organizing one or seeing if others would want to join in too. Clementine Discord - check out the #lookingforparty chat. It's fairly active.
  8. Can't wait to try it when the server comes back from maintenance! Mucho thanks!
  9. I think this would be super helpful as well. Maybe even a mission counter that can even access all parties regardless of lobby/planet. that would be a godsend The next closest thing is the Clementine discord's #looking-for-group channel where people post what mission they're running and how many are in the party. I've been using it w/ good success. A fair number of people post in it.
  10. This is awesome, it's working perfectly. It's bringing back a lot of nostalgia. Mucho thanks
  11. Thanks for your updates and support Gnome! I updated to the latest version 1.13, but now the overlay isn't loading at all (even w/o controller connected). Still made sure I'm running your ClemLauncherGnome.exe as admin. When I reverted back to 1.12, Gnome Glasses works again but only when controller is not connected.
  12. Oh wow, that's what is happening in my case. After seeing your post, I tried some things: tried launching with no controllers connected and it worked right off the bat! tried launching with my PS4 controller connected (via bluetooth adapter) and it didn't work tried launching with my Wii u pro controller connected (via Mayflash wireless PC adapter) and it didn't work tried launching with my Xbox one controller connected (via Microsoft wireless PC adapter) and it didn't work tried launching with my Xbox one controller connected (via usb cable) and it didn't work PSU won't accept the controller's input if the controller is connected after the game is launched, so maybe it wasn't meant to be. Much confusion Hope this helps Not sure if it helps, but thought I'd provide as much info as I could:
  13. I was hoping to use this tool but unfortunately it's not launching on my end either. Like other users, the game launches as normal, but the floor reader menu/hud doesn't display when pressing insert key ( am using standard US qwerty keyboard). I have disabled Windows defender and Windows Firewall & no other anti-virus / anti-malware programs are running Pluvio's floor reader does work for me, so I'll continue using that. I hope to use this one, as it looks awesome too!
  14. Loving it thanks so much. Can't wait for the bosses!
  15. LOVE THIS! Works just like how I remember playing on PC. Thanks a lot! Never heard of that app. It worked like a charm to get the triggers to work! Thanks! ALSO FYI, your button setup is labeled as "Default 2" in the button config menu.
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