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  1. OK, got it working. 

    A pre-requisite to run this tool and PSUFR tool https://sites.google.com/view/psufr is to run DirectX updater. Run this DirectX Web Runtime Installer and it'll automatically update all your DirectX versions to the most up to date. This is needed for old games like PSU. After running the DirectX updater, both tools are now working as expected.

    This should be noted somewhere in the install notes as a pre-requisite. This could save folks a lot of time troubleshooting.

  2. I did a complete reset on my Windows 11 PC and did a fresh install of PSU and fresh install of this tool, but Gnome glasses doesn't work anymore. The window thats supposed to appear after running the tool which says something to the effect of "Loaded, probably" doesn't appear. Pressing "/" or insert doesn't activate or toggle menus in-game.

    I'm using Gnome 1.14 and made sure to extract the zip files (gnome-resource, clemlaunchergnome.exe and gnome.dll) directly into the PSU installed folder. Also I'm making sure to run  ClemLauncherGnome.exe as admin.

    Checked Windows Defender (no other antivirus installed on machine), but there has been no blocking/quarantining. I've confirmed all files are still intact in my PSU folder.

  3. On 7/28/2019 at 7:30 AM, theSEGAshop said:

    One of the only things I wish I could do on this game is have the ability to lock the item pallet so every time I open it, it is already on what ever I set it too, In my case wanting to lock it on Trimate.

    Would save the millions of frustrating times I waste a photon charge and then a scape doll immediately afterwards 🤣

    You can get around this by using your chat shortcuts (/usecons command) instead of your item pallet to use items. Doing so would make it so that every time you open up the chat shortcut menu, it starts at position 1. With some muscle memory, you won't even have to look at what your selecting. It's a little faster/easier than using the item pallete IMO, but it does take away from your 12 chat shortcuts. Also, if you're into using the F1-12 keys, you can simply press F1-12 instead as long as you have the function key setting on Chat Shortcuts like so


    You can read more about the /usecons command on the wiki (Chat Commands).

  4. On 8/7/2023 at 10:43 AM, Eric007 said:

    I actually like Yohmei Weapons more than GRM and TENORA WORKS Weapons. Why? Because they actually have higher PP stats then those 2 Manufacturers.

    I used to have that sentiment also until recently when this server made PP regeneration occur on ALL weapons equipped on your weapon pallete regardless whether it's your active weapon. That new change makes the extra PP a little less important. These days, I mostly just go for looks or side-effects/extra range now. Really like the old-school looks of the Tenora ones, but the futuristic/alien-looking Yohmei ones are fun too. 😜

  5. One thing I do like about the 360 version that it had graphics options not existing in PC/PS2 versions. In the distance, it would appear a little fuzzy (think this graphics setting is called "depth of field"). Really changed the feel/atmosphere of the game. I think some spells had a little more flair too. Another thing I miss about the Xbox version is the built-in voice chat. It's nice remembering there are actual people behind the avatars. Made some online friends on PC/PS2 servers (without mic) and on Xbox 360 servers (with mic), but found it way easier to meet people w/ mic.

    I think the demo was a great idea, but they should have moved onto a free-to-play model like how the Japanese server did. There was SO much content that folks were missing out on by only playing the demo.

  6. Hey Valen, thanks so much for the mods, love love love them! They bring some life back into the game.

    Just wanted to report on a slight issue when using them though. The game crashes when trying to load to Awoken Serpent boss (De Rol Le). It's happened every time (doesn't matter whether playing singleplayer or multiplayer either). I reinstalled game, redownloaded your updated mods and same thing. AFter reverting to default files, the issue goes away.

    Just wanted to give a heads up!

  7. 5 hours ago, Eric007 said:

    Can you make this game on Mobile Devices (Android IPhone and more)

    Your best bet is to stream this game from your PC to your Android (for free) using a software like Steam Link, Moonlight or something similar. There are subscription (must pay for the service) cloud gaming PC options that work great too. One I've used for over a year  that worked great is Shadow Cloud Computing.

  8. You could try adjusting the MTU/TCP settings of your router/network adapter after consulting with your ISP and telling them your issue. I would do that AFTER seeing if a wired connection first reduces your lag though.





    First and foremost, WIFI can cause all sorts of lag / connectivity issues. First try connecting on a wired (ethernet) connection directly to your router/gateway. If after connecting directly wired and you're still getting delays, there may be not much you can do. 

    Some occasional lag spikes happen, but the hit delay in attached videos  I think is as good as it gets.  Is your delay similar or worse?

  10. Check out this video made by GazRawr! You'll be able to s-rank the event mission in no time. ;D


    Also, definitely keep an eye on the wiki for information on the events too. Heaps of info there:








    Sometimes the wiki isn't always 100% up-to-date, but for the latest latest info,  also check out the #announcements channel in the Discord sever.



  11. 20 minutes ago, addie said:

    Good catch, that fixed it. I can now access the menu as expected. I can change my settings then use reshade after at the very worst. Thank you


    my pleasure. glad you got it working. these gnome glasses are an awesome addition to game! 

  12. image.thumb.png.233232feb77338f89b24879f0fce5fed.png

    21 minutes ago, addie said:

    I can resize the Item Scanner fine, I can't access the configuration menu. It am pressing / but only a thin line at the very top of the window appears. I tried clicking and dragging near that line to see if I could snag the resize control for it but no luck. The config menu should appear when I press / , correct? 

    Ya, when you press this lil' menu pops out. I recommend trying again after disabling your Reshade filters. I see that you're using a filter that skews the picture. This may be why you can't see the menu.

  13. 42 minutes ago, addie said:



    Hello, sorry if this was asked / covered before but I am having a issue when I try to launch the settings menu with /. It just shows a thin line at the top of my window I can't drag down or expand in anyway. The HTL/Item Scanner show up but I can't use the configuration menu. 

    There's a small button here that you can click/hold to resize window. It's easy to overlook b/c of the color scheme. Have you tried that? 


  14. Some other things you can try?

    • You wouldn't happen to be using Gnome's floor reader would you? Try removing it first if you downloaded that.
    • try running in full screen to see if the game will run at all
    • close any programs that will manipulate the size/properties of the game window (Borderless Gaming, Windowed Borderless Gaming, etc)
    • Instead of using custom, try using the preset for Low end. I know your GPU is more than capable, but just to rule it out as part of troubleshooting process.
    • use default settings for the custom graphics options. (uncheck everything in the custom graphics settings
    • image.png.a993f4b7862fd853d5de3fb61a7f64f4.png
    • Change the launcher to run as administrator.
    • image.png.fd3dac7765e2a1a62e00109e32246f91.png


  15. It's been a joy playing the game again. If I didn't know any better, I'd mistake it for an official server with the stability the Clementine staff has provided. The Kappa event brought so many feelings back about this game, and much excitement for what's to come on Clementine! With the changes made on the server, it's like a whole fresh new game again. 💗

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