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  1. Thanks for the demo! I love the ambiance it gives. You made the BGM really match the environment spot on. Giving it a whirl now!
  2. Do you have a track listing? I'm curious about downloading but would like to know the sounds before committing to a 2gig download. Regardless, thanks for sharing!
  3. This is aweosme, thanks a lot. Installing now!
  4. Your best bet is to stream this game from your PC to your Android (for free) using a software like Steam Link, Moonlight or something similar. There are subscription (must pay for the service) cloud gaming PC options that work great too. One I've used for over a year that worked great is Shadow Cloud Computing.
  5. You could try adjusting the MTU/TCP settings of your router/network adapter after consulting with your ISP and telling them your issue. I would do that AFTER seeing if a wired connection first reduces your lag though.
  6. bandicam 2021-05-28 07-18-07-889.mp4 First and foremost, WIFI can cause all sorts of lag / connectivity issues. First try connecting on a wired (ethernet) connection directly to your router/gateway. If after connecting directly wired and you're still getting delays, there may be not much you can do. Some occasional lag spikes happen, but the hit delay in attached videos I think is as good as it gets. Is your delay similar or worse?
  7. Check out this video made by GazRawr! You'll be able to s-rank the event mission in no time. ;D Also, definitely keep an eye on the wiki for information on the events too. Heaps of info there: EVENT PAGE: https://psu-clementine.net/wiki/index.php/Event_03:_Spring_2021 MAY UPDATES PAGE: https://psu-clementine.net/wiki/index.php/Updates/May_2021 Sometimes the wiki isn't always 100% up-to-date, but for the latest latest info, also check out the #announcements channel in the Discord sever.
  8. Aaaah a lil' army of 3D printed Phantasy Star action figures sounds AMAZING. You wouldn't happen to have an Etsy store would you?
  9. Oh man, this is a great Idea! I'd love to see this. Seems like it would effectively make it act like the OG Heaven Punisher from PSO.
  10. (>‿◠)✌ my pleasure. glad you got it working. these gnome glasses are an awesome addition to game!
  11. Ya, when you press / this lil' menu pops out. I recommend trying again after disabling your Reshade filters. I see that you're using a filter that skews the picture. This may be why you can't see the menu.
  12. There's a small button here that you can click/hold to resize window. It's easy to overlook b/c of the color scheme. Have you tried that?
  13. Some other things you can try? You wouldn't happen to be using Gnome's floor reader would you? Try removing it first if you downloaded that. try running in full screen to see if the game will run at all close any programs that will manipulate the size/properties of the game window (Borderless Gaming, Windowed Borderless Gaming, etc) Instead of using custom, try using the preset for Low end. I know your GPU is more than capable, but just to rule it out as part of troubleshooting process. use default settings for the custom graphics options. (uncheck everything in the custom graphics settings Change the launcher to run as administrator.
  14. (>‿◠)✌ So looking forward to the new event / all this SE & proto weps / QCS! / status page! Pumped! Thanks Clem team!
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