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  1. One of the three Beach Bum Beasts layouts does not seem to give PA frags on clear (the other 2 do)
  2. During events on NA and JP, you could easily 1-180 in 1-2 days depending on which it was. I specifically remember leveling a female cast on JP during an event because the EXP was just that insane, and that was really just normal. Wanting EXP to be *reasonable* outside of event missions that have EXP boosts on top of them is OK. EDIT: I know some people aren't familiar with GAS, but the reason people want EXP to be in the reasonable to easy range is because GAS requires like 300% more than it does to get to cap to do one (1) class. If anyone wants to play more than 1 class with full GAS customization, you have to play a LOT.
  3. I don't understand what everyone's obsession is with completely overexaggerating. With the current boosts, no one gets 1-100 in a sitting; it's not even close. People want their time spent to be worthwhile, not easy. There is a difference.
  4. i like the idea of boosts changing each day, kind of like level up quest on pso2. you can spam EXP missions 1 day of the week, do PA leveling another. rotate every 4 or 5 days or something
  5. skills like jabroga, gravity break, cyclone dance, grand crusher, sougacho, shousen, dezza, would all become far too strong if you didn't have to normal attack first for the crit.
  6. Updated OP with all bug fixes, simplified a few, and added new ones regarding: -enemy attack modifiers using too much ATA (various cases) -sleeping warriors layout spawning 1 svaltus only regardless of difficulty -regrants dealing 4% as opposed to 1% of damage dealt to player
  7. In anticipation of some bug fixes with the patch, I'll be re-purposing this post for general bug reports, adjustments, and recent bug fixes.
  8. I think there's no issue in having a 200 or 300% casting unit with 50-75 TP on it. Part of the issue though is that Hyakka was made too rare for a non-endgame unit. It has half the TP of yasakani (endgame head unit) yet is on the hardest enemy to farm efficiently in the game on top of having a horrendous drop rate.
  9. They removed shield causing ranged half damage since many enemies appear with it extraneously (humanoids, most Bal Sozas, some robots, etc.)
  10. The definition of "fine" here is hilariously skewing your interpretation of what is considered acceptable. There is an AT in our group that gets 1 or 2tapped like the rest of us, buffs don't fix the issue. I've drawn this up to give an accurate comparison both of how low/high DFP classes deal with damage, as well as how much leveling does or does not change that. I initially thought enemy TP was more of a problem than it is, but it's actually fine. Only ATP is the issue. It *does* need to be buffed compared to official to give the same sort of #s, just the 63% is obviously overkill.
  11. If you want to make a comparison of tanky vs squishy classes, wouldn't it make the most sense to use the same buffs? FM vs MF for example, both with megi?
  12. Where are you getting that buffs are being divided???? The end of the formula is (1 - buff mod), the last parenthesis closes the floor function. My entire point is not that tanky classes need to take less than official. It's that it's the only reasonable compromise without fucking over squishier types.
  13. Yes and no. I'm saying that tankier classes feel it marginally less, but that enemy attack is so obscenely high that they can't tell the difference to begin with. The comparison is also inherently flawed because stacking DFP was so meaningless to begin with that ANY change to make it better is a step up from official. No one on clem right now has 700DFP to begin with. They might after we get a batch of levels, but that would only be with AT buffs. Notice also my comparison was +20% ATP, not +64%. If the goal is to make DFP meaningful, enemy ATP can only be buffed such that the tankiest classes take less damage than official, and squishy classes take slightly more than official. Meaning like 10%.
  14. Nope. If you compare new to old, you will notice the difference. Official divided by 5 without the end fractions due to DFP/MST and buffs. Clem currently divides by 3.7, and includes both fractions. If you take into account a Megistaride, you get dividing by 4.36, still less (meaning taking more damage) than official. If you include now 300 total DFP, you're dividing by 5.03. Still very close to official. If you include 700 total DFP, you're now dividing by 5.9. A noticeable difference, let's see how much it changes damage taken though. Let's say you took 500 damage from something on official. Working backwards, that becomes about 425 damage on clem... with 700 DFP. Something no one has yet. So they took 15% reduced damage. But the squishier characters (less DFP) are still taking very much the same damage as before. Let go back to the 300DFP person. They would have taken 580 damage compared to the 700DFP person on official, but let's now buff enemy attack by 20% on clem(using rough estimate). If you have 700DFP, you now take 533 damage on clem, or more than official by 6%. However, the 300DFP person now takes 812 damage or a 62% increase in damage taken. This is why enemies feel so miserable to fight, and that's just a 20% increase. Right now we have more than a 60% increase in ATTACK, not even damage taken. We are literally taking 2-3x more damage than the equivalent enemies on S2 would deal on official. Many enemies we're fighting deal more damage than their counterparts on official servers did on S4, endgame PSU. This is why enemy attack should be at most buffed by 10%, no more (and 5% tops for TP since techs have much higher scaling on average). The tankier people like fighters don't feel a small increase much, but the squishier classes will just get run over by EVERYTHING.
  15. if your runs aren't faster in a party, then it means someone or multiple people aren't pulling their weight. there aren't that many missions, especially on s2, that aren't noticeably or significantly faster with 2 or more people, incap or otherwise. given how obscene enemy stats are, if anything, the server is currently oriented towards party play. not the other way around.
  16. Upon further inspection, it looks like any enemy tech that can be blocked is I'd guess using ATP instead of TP, and DFP instead of MST for calculation. Dulk Fakis ramegid is hitting me as a newman MF with 46% dark armor for 1300, basically the same as most of the other attacks it does. Fortunately I don't think there are too many cases of this: -Mother Brain's ra-techs/debuffs -Dulk Fakis & Dark Falz tech casts -enemy Grants (as mentioned above, Olgohmons, Ageetas, Kagajibari, etc.) I'll edit this post and OP if I can remember further cases, but I'm reasonably confident this is what's happening.
  17. Found a new bug: damage enemies that cast their version of Grants (most enemies in WB, some holy grounds enemies) seems to not use MST when calculating damage done to player. To clarify: -the attack should be treated as a physical attack in that it can be blocked (works currently) -the attack should scale with enemy TP (currently might scale off of enemy ATP instead of TP? hard to tell, but Ollakas deal more with this attack than Olgohmons which is backwards since Olgohmons have more TP) -the attack should use the player's MST to calculate damage taken (not sure if it uses DFP or nothing, but it's definitely not MST currently). Will add to OP
  18. Even when the base enemy stats are fixed, Jarbas will still do a lot of damage, and that's just normal. They are very difficult enemies to fight for any class. The other thing that makes jarbas more frustrating than normal is that their megid pushes back when it shouldn't so it's easy to get stun locked.
  19. No, you can watch someone play fF or FM and they still take a fuck ton of damage from physical attacks. They just have more HP to survive so they don't get 2 shotted. The enemy attack is the problem right now, not the formula.
  20. I'm confused what you have a problem with then... small mobs should do low to no damage if you have strong, endgame armor equipped with matching element. Polties do lowER damage because of their individual modifier (75% ATP of normal), but if you don't have lightning armor on, you'll still get bopped for a few hits for 200-300 each. I did True Darkness the other day and a Bel Pannon's tiny damdiga was hitting me as a capped MF for 300s, knocking me back every hit. The shit should be doing ZERO damage to me lol
  21. I honestly don't know how anyone can think enemies without their sword/shield feels "just right". I go fight a Lv155 Go Vahra (without sword) with 46% lightning armor on + rainbow unit and take 500 non-crit. Last room of Robo Gardens has Ubakradas and Shinowas (neither are buffed), whichever element I'm not wearing, I take 1000s per hit. These enemies run into you super fast, so it's not like anyone can sit back and "play safe"; enemy AI has been sped up so they run into you purposefully. The current state of enemy ATP/TP isn't "challenge" by any means. ATA remains enormously important the entire game, especially if the 0s change goes through. You choose LKK in a mission with Deljabens, you're going to feel the damage decrease a lot from the ATA with the higher variance. EVP is one of techer's most important stats since you want to JC hold techs. Enemy to player formula also uses a % reduction for DFP, so that stays useful through S4 in particular.
  22. DFP/MST stopped scaling because if it went on much further, player damage would get throttled hard by % reduction on enemies with the new damage formula. Enemies with 350DFP take 26% reduced damage which is already much, much more effective as a stat than even 1000DFP was before the change. Buffs/debuffs were changed to be multiplicative because before zalure was *useless*. The only way to keep it effective is for it to be multiplicative due to the damage formula (old or new). The majority of the power creep comes from several different sources: ・we have much stronger weapons at S2 than we ever did on official. MUCH stronger. i personally view this as necessary to spread out the drops more. otherwise, everyone would be weak as shit going into s3 where just EVERYTHING drops, and it makes progression feel worse. the introduction of more items into the system to help balance out the curve of available weapons will help the progression feel better (the whole GC system Marm has talked about), but it's too late and not really necessary to nerf what we already have access to. ・many PAs have been adjusted/buffed compared to official, but not all. there are plenty of PAs that never see the light of day simply because they have not been buffed enough, adjusted correctly, or don't have a large hitbox to reliably hit stuff. To be frank, even on S4 official, stuff just died fast in a party. That's how it was, that's how PSU is. By trying to make stuff overly tanky without adjusting PP usage or how much PP weapons have, the game just becomes tedious rather than more difficult. Right now, enemy HP is a fair bit higher than official, but it's not enough to make it tedious yet though I think they need to be careful not to overdo it further with S3/S4 HP or it quickly will become very boring, especially since bosses are buffed by a lot compared to official as is. Ignoring drops, by far the largest problem is the other enemy stat buffs (ATP/ATA/TP/EVP). ・enemies currently are dealing MORE than many S4 enemies dealt on official, and S4 was already difficult as it stood WITH GAS. again, without changing a lot about the game, just throwing more stats at the enemies doesn't make them "tougher", it just makes the game feel tedious. ・various enemies need adjustments/fixes due to getting the sword icons (all humanoids). the extra ATP they have from the base enemy file on top of the sword icon they shouldn't have makes them essentially impossible to fight on S2. ・as if getting hit for 1500 wasn't enough, the enemies have more ATA too meaning you're less likely to counter when you aren't getting one shot. because the default hit rate formula multiplies enemy ATA by 10 (which is normal), even the small enemy ATA buff feels impactful. ・0s by themselves were already a problem to begin with on official, so giving enemies increased EVP is just a big no-no.
  23. cleaned up OP with all the condensed research i've done on enemies with the sword/shield things including svaltus and how they should appear (did on official).
  24. Found that the Svaltus + sword buff is not unique, but rather bound to relics. Sleeping Warriors, Citadel of Sand, Holy Grounds all spawn the buffed Svaltus, but it remains that Fantastic Voyage does not, nor does Sunken Shrine. I need to verify Dual Sentinel, but I'd guess they're buffed based on this pattern. Hopefully this helps identify what the issue is because it's so annoying edit: verified Dual Sentinel Svaltus w/sword: sleeping warriors, dual sentinel, holy grounds, citadel of sand Svaltus no buffs (normal): fantastic voyage, sunken shrine
  25. I've finished filling in the list in the linked sheet. I'll summarize a tl;dr Universal Cases (mostly) ・all Humanoids should have their relevant stats nerfed by the multi they are receiving if it can't be figured out how to neutralize sword/shield. I did not find a single humanoid in any mission that did not have matching sword and/or shield. To clarify, no humanoids ever appeared on official with buffs of any kind (sword, shield, or otherwise), including Renvolt Magashi. ・Renvolt Magashi has sword/shield, but EXP seems normal. Some clarification if his file has been modified would be helpful if it needs fixing or not. ・all orange cane Bal Sozas (both fire and lightning variants) have shield which is affecting stats in all missions. No Bal Soza ever appeared on official with sword OR shield ・Bysha type-Otsu32 all spawn with shields and it affects their stats in every mission except Robotanical Gardens. No Bysha or GSM mechs ever appeared on official with shield. ・GSM-05 Seeker and GSM-05M Tirentos all spawn with shields in all missions ・enemies missing cane/boot I'm guessing is intentional due to using the boot for other purposes (Dusty Mines) ・AMF Heavy Infantry's Zonde causes blow away. On official the attack had no crowd control of any kind. Unique Cases: ・A4 Sleeping Warriors Svaltus/Polavohra with sword icon and affects stats (makes S2 really, really painful...) on all map layouts. Sleeping Warriors should contain zero enemy modifiers besides crowned Badira (meaning no swords on any enemy) Adjustment Requests: ・SEED-Vance/Vitace tentacle ATP modifier should go down more ・Kog Nadd trample ATP modifier should go down ・GSM-05 Bomalta spinning ATP modifier should go down ・Rappy Gugg/Igg have 200% MST. Due to the damage formula, this makes them excessively tanky considering they cannot be statused and take half damage. Please consider making this 130-140% MST. Misc: Aquatic Mama has various enemy stat bugs, but if humanoids are fixed, they aren't really an issue I've arranged these in order of play impact, meaning I'd prefer if at least Humanoids can be given priority. Their ATP/TP stats in particular are simply ridiculous.
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