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  1. While I'd advise some care in balancing the last grind, I like the idea of 10* being easier than 15* to grind. At 1%, it's easy to spend upwards of 100 S+10 on the last grind and it not go (36% chance of failing the 1% 100 times in a row). I realize getting that rate right is part of this discussion, this is just to provide some statistical context.
  2. I really like the idea of adding a drop chance indicator to give a rough idea of its actual rarity as a drop.
  3. That's the thing mentioned in the OP about enemy buffs. They're not supposed to affect Bal Sozas anymore, but you're right that most or all of them shouldn't be there.
  4. Updated post since the bullet/tech resistances seemed to have been hotfixed.
  5. milranduil

    PA Exp

    i think it's funny because the very person you quoted later *agreed* that the grind was far too harsh compared to official with the base type MP stuff. feedback is how the server is improved, it's really that simple
  6. The issue is there is no flat end to the curve with this new formula. The entire point of farming for higher % line shields (or being a force in general) was that enough MST or DFP meant you could take 0 from various attacks (notably enemy techs to avoid statuses like incap or freeze). This formula *cannot* hit 0 no matter how high the stats are for the player, no matter how good the gear is. That's why it's important for MST or DFP to be subtracted from the enemy's ATP or TP, so that 0 can happen. This now means a lv50 Deljaben could still incap a lv200/200 Masterforce with a 5 damage megid instead of the 0 it should be up to like lv160 or so with a 50% line shield. A lv50 Bel Pannon can still freeze any player regardless of having 0MST or 10,000MST. For reference, it was extremely common for many enemy techs to do 0 to fT or MF due to the high MST of the class, so you could avoid running resists in place of more favorable body units (like rainbow units). On the other hand, cast melee classes had enough DFP and HP to take less than 5% of their max HP from many enemy melee attacks to prevent blowaway and only be knocked back instead. Both of these get effectively removed, and only cushion the player to heavier attacks... It should be possible to achieve both linear scaling at low enemy attack values while still maintaining a more effective damage formula for heavier enemy damage. The important inclusion would need to be making sure (ATP - DFP) or (TP-MST) show up. EDIT: I should mention that I agree with turning debuffs into % multis instead of flat atp/dfp/evp reductions to make them more effective, and remain effective no matter what level of play. The issue comes from moving the rest of the formula around.
  7. milranduil

    PA Exp

    Bumping this to share my own experience with PA leveling. -Skills: some of them feel reasonable, namely rising crush, buten, and renkai. Some of the PAs, particularly ones with less hits to them, feel rather sluggish which tells me the EXP curves for them are not uniform with respect to hit count over time. Something that hits 12 times quickly on part1 (renkai) would I hope not have the same or a similar curve to something like rising strike (4 times on part1) which should then be different from say Anga Jabroga (10 hits but over a 5 second wind-up). This was a very, very big issue with spinning strike last test which required more than 30,000 hits (more than most techs!) to hit lv50 for a PA that hits 4 times total in a 1-2 combo. -Bullets: these feel like the biggest offenders for me. Particularly with shotgun and xbow's abyssmal early accuracy, leveling these on a new char feels nightmarish compounded with the # of 0s (which do not count to EXP). Many I feel could use an EXP boost across the board. -Techs: these felt reasonable # wise. RA-techs could use a slightly AoE boost lv1-10 to make hitting things a little easier, but this was my only complaint for techs so far.
  8. They reverted to original MP and EXP per level from official (with a 25% nerf to EXP to compensate a little), then reverted off of the modified MP formula. MP is much, much easier to grind now for base types, and a little easier for adv types. It's in their patch notes on the wiki which you can find in the announcement channel on the clem discord.
  9. Original values with the revert MP formula feels much better now. Was able to get Lv20 Hu7 on a fresh char in just a couple hours. I still think the base values for beginner C-rank missions could use a slight adjustment, but it's very minor now. In any sort of group setting, you can get MP easily as soon as you get out of lv1-5 enemy missions. Thank you Marm!
  10. Added status effects on large enemies having issues. Added clarification regarding sword/shields showing up where they shouldn't be. Reworded bug regarding specific enemy's attack modifiers being too high.
  11. It would have to wait until custom missions are possible of course. This was more of a long-term suggestion once that's possible (I don't know the details behind where that's at). I only played the mission on JP a couple times myself since it was pay per run, but it was really good for its purpose and very hard to die to the mobs.
  12. On JP we had a GC mission that allowed the player to play a mission specifically geared toward leveling PAs. It took place on the 5th floor and basically threw a bunch of waves Polties, Kakwanes, and Koltovas at the player (99 enemies total). Since it was a GC mission, it had a bonus towards character and PA EXP. The quest had drops, but by the standards at the time, they were basically worthless (enemy drops and a couple clear boxes with like Orpad/Leg chance or something). I would propose a similar mission without the bonus character/PA EXP, hell I don't even care if it has clear boxes. The mission was super convenient because it had consistent spawns of 5-6 mobs the whole time in a single large room, so you spent the whole time fighting. No need to run between rooms or anything like that. Would be a really nice QoL for leveling PAs for all classes since many missions have spawns of 2-3 or large enemies only at a time making leveling PAs like lasers, barta, jabroga, etc. more tedious than others. Would be cool if they had high stamina too so stuff like megid couldn't incap or other damaging statuses couldn't drain them (a constant pain while leveling). Here's a video example of the mission on JP:
  13. PA EXP I can't comment on as no official numbers were given, and accurately measuring # of hits on official was pretty difficult across the board. It has been super obvious in the past though where for example Spinning Strike wasn't a big deal to level on official, but was *atrocious* last reset. Who's to say how it will be next time. However, character and class EXP are documented on the JP wiki and PSUpedia. The exact numbers have been known and verified for over a decade. That's why I said there's no need to guess here, and huge sweeping changes like a nearly 3x increase in MP required, changing hybrids from 5/3 to 7/5 or acros to 7/7 makes no sense.
  14. 50dark delette line (+135 dfp) - 60dmg taken megaline (+63 dfp) - 103dmg taken no armor - 107dmg taken Before, 5DFP reduced damage taken by 1. Megaline should have been reducing by at the very least 12 less damage, but it's only 4 damage. The intention may have been to make DFP more meaningful, but the opposite seems to be occuring. Test used here was a Lv30 Pannon which has 325ATP. The residual here in the first test looking at only DFP is (325 - 262) = 63, and the damage taken is still 60 with 50 element. Does enemy to player damage formula really not divide by anything? I'm so confused what's happening here.
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