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  1. this seems to be a widespread bug with many quests that are supposed to do this, like sleeping warriors in b4 with svaltus, and citadel of sand in b4 with ryugutass
  2. Deband is currently increasing enemy physical attacks to player, retier is increasing enemy techs to player. This includes defbaride/retaride.
  3. RCSM is correctly using TP now, but weapon element/% seem to not work
  4. Some map variants are still exceptionally rare to get while others show nearly 50% of the time. Duel in the Ruins A-1 for example almost never appears, but it's not even a possible rare variant http://psupedia.info/Duel_in_the_Ruins.html
  5. updated mother brain, onma, de rol, dark falz 1
  6. Related to the mini-patch from last night/this morning, Onma displays fire, but still seems to take the same damage from both fire and ice damage as well as deal the same damage with fire and ice armor. EDIT: Mother brain on the other hand displays lightning and takes/deals correct damage! It seems only some bosses are incorrect. I will update my boss bug post once I've had a chance to test various ones (or if other people post there too).
  7. those are default area drops, they are included because sega included them.
  8. Did you play JP at all? fG shotgun pull did do more damage than a GM, that's how it was with GAS. GM's attack speed more than makes up for it though, that's the + of playing GM. You played fG if you wanted access to melee weps or nade launcher, or GM if you just wanted faster bullets shotgun/laser.
  9. idk how to delete post, i quoted myself by accident lol
  10. There are parts of this I agree with and disagree with. I agree that ideally increasing PA cap should come with other niche changes for master classes to give them power in a different way than Lv50 (or 45) PAs. However, GAS was a very involved system, and there's a big -if- here on whether it's even possible for clem. Because of that, you have to consider alternate ways to implement pieces of it that made a big difference, but aren't terribly complicated, this being one of them. I also agree GM should never have gotten nades; that to me was just a poor decision, nothing more to say in that regard. I disagree that balance would be fudged harder than it already is currently. FM currently has JP post-buff dus skadd, and when it gets its correct larger hitbox, will be even more broken. MF relies on limit break to be relevant for bossing/mini-bosses, so that's a different issue completely. GM with shotgun buff is doing great, it was struggling a bit to be relevant in JP for the final several years. Other classes relied heavily on PA cap increase post-supplemental update to stay relevant (save for like 1 change made to GT or WT a while ago? I can't remember) along with unique weapons (e.g. twin dil edge). I also disagree that using the default allowed GAS customization classes had access to lets classes step on any others' toes. fF could get 50 slicers, but no s-ranks, fF could get 50 skadd, but no speed boost, fT could get 50 attack techs, but no speed boost (MF only limit break foie/diga is more complicated, and doesn't work anyway for now). I'd say the biggest thing to avoid would be letting fT not have 50 buffs, but I don't think you could do that anyway to begin with. GAS was damage techs only as far as I can recall (and a quick look at sakura also says attack techs). I would argue that classes gained more identity with the increased PA caps rather than blending together. Choosing +10 to the weapons you want is of course ideal, but we'll probably need to make some compromises if we want anything GAS related down the road. That's the point of this discussion (or at least what I intended for).
  11. Since GAS allowed for raising a lot of PA caps on non-master classes, I was thinking about a good way to maybe do this in a "balanced" sort of way without just raising +10 on everything. Since most classes could do +10 on 4-5 different weapons comfortably at the time (depending a little on race), I personally think it would be cool to maybe raise PAs/bullets/techs by 5 across the board. For specific cases, it may be a good idea to raise by the full 10 due to limited point usage (e.g. AT whips). So for example: AF - PA 40->45, bullet 30->35 AT - PA 20->30, bullet 20->25, attack tech 30->35 fT - bullet 30->35, attack tech 40->45 (hard to gauge this one) FI - PA 40->45, bullet 30->35 fF - PA 40->45, bullet 20->25(30? only handgun) fG - PA 20->25, bullet 40->45 WT - PA 40->45, bullet 20->25, attack tech 30->35 GT - PA 10->15, bullet 40->45, attack tech 30->35 PT - PA 30->35, bullet 40->45 Since so many people are masterclass focused, I think it would give other classes a nice little boost and incentive to play more with GAS-esque PA limits, particularly for bullets with the increased element %. What do you think?
  12. added mother brain (takes/deals neutral damage, lightning icon doesn't mean anything).
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