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  1. Theme for Lia - Outside of Battle (Critical Blow - Story Mode 1) Theme for Lia - In Action (Critical Blow- Character Select)
  2. Because I got spurred as I'm a fan of other JRPG series, I've decided to make up names for other elemental technics! Water - Hydras Wood - Gen (lifted from PSII) Metal - Forgez Moon (related with physics based forces, got it from Mana/Seiken Densetsu) - Tsugka Things that happened with Lia previously: *Lia broke protocol once and has gained the current ire of Laia Martinez. They have a tenuous action movie style police chief - wild cop relationship. Lia was also assigned to "much worse duties" in the underground of Clyez City. Emilia was right ): It wasn't as bad as say, being a human computer, but Lia is made to wear a maid's outfit and do cake related things. *Lia was training on assignment on Neudaiz near the SEED-ICE Afflicted Zone on her Ranger License. Before she even got started, a Tengohg snatched her off and took her far, far away. She thankfully killed it mid flight before it brought her to its brood, but she was lost in the wilderness because her gear was damaged. It took three weeks for her to get back to civilization; it could had taken two but she was so delirious from eating psychedelic mushrooms that she scared off anyone she met. *Lia finally graduated college in Clyez City but she lost her apprenticeship on Ohtoku ): The Communion encourages Lia to continue her GUARDIANS career however. *Because Lia has trained with Photon Weaponry enough, she now has her Wartecher License. This means she is able to properly showcase her martial arts skills with the use of the Godhands! *Lia has taken assignments from Neudaiz outside of GUARDIANS Planetary SEED Afflicted Zone Containment & Purification missions (ie Wicked Invasion) generally because Clyez feels more like an extension of a major metropolis than its own world, and to familiarize herself with her home world. She is now exploring Moatoob.
  3. Hello! Thank you for making this mod! I was curious and hope to spur the idea of a future update that will allow a dual language option in the ingame System menu.... If there's anyone who'd like to try, you're free to do so!
  4. A thread for any who like to imagine going on adventures of their own in this game we play and love called Phantasy Star Universe. As said by one user, Clementine is a beast of its own! Lia Jouahan Gender: Female Ethnicity: Shaoudaiz, 1/3 Human, 1/3 Numan, 1/3 Beast Age: 21 Homeworld: Neudaiz Fighting Style: All Swords, Daggers and Claw Hunter, TSCM and Handgun Force, Cards, Slicers and Handgun Ranger Background story: Lia is a young woman who comes from a far off and secluded part of Neudaiz, being an ethnic minority of Humans, Numans, and Beasts known as the Shaoudaiz who have hid away from the Gurhal System's politics in the heights of the mountains. Though they participated in the Guardians Movements to help unify the Gurhal System during the war because of their multi-racial background, the Shaoudaiz have long been persecuted by the central Neudaiz governments centuries before. Now able to live in peaceful times, the Shaoudaiz tend to themselves, with some leaving home to see and learn of the world outside. Lia was not active for many of the events of the Gurhal System, having instead pursued a university education in linguistics and religion, hoping to become a shrine maiden for deities of war and struggle in the Communion of Gurhal. The daughter of a family of many siblings and parents who excelled in bean and legume farming, Lia has always had an interest in the martial arts and competition, but was always taught to curb her enthusiasm for her future. Lia was forced to come home from Ohtoku City and put her education on hiatus because of the SEED Infestation that threatened to freeze over Neudaiz. While her family's farm continued to thrive despite the drops in temperatures around Neudaiz, Lia felt helpless at how the rest of the Gurhal System was being devastated and with countless lives lost in the events. Against her parent's wishes, Lia left her home to join the Guardians, hoping to fulfill her spiritual and virtuous attainment to become a warrior herself and save this world she lives in.
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