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  1. The first one wouldn't make sense, as the the way the photon art ends mean knockback makes the most sense. Just knocking them down doesn't seem right.
  2. I realize we're probably still a long ways away from receiving partner cards, but I'll still go ahead and post this here, now that the new forum is open. This is how I believe partner characters and machines should be set up to make them incredibly useful, save some exceptions, like Maira Klein who's just a citizen you're protecting. Most were generally okay with SEGA, but they could have done a lot better. A few notes to make: All partner characters and machines will use Resta/Giresta when they, the player, or another ally is at least at 35% or less health remaining All partner characters and machines who have Giresta equipped will use it when the player or another ally is knocked out All partner characters and machines will not use Reverser if the player has applied Megistar or Megistaride All non-gunner partner characters and machines are equipped with a firearm weapon of some sort that they will use on enemies in the air I've created three spreadsheets for this: Obtainable Partner Characters Unobtainable Partner Characters Partner Machines I'm allowing comments on there, so if anyone has any further suggestions on anything in particular, you're welcome to make them there. Or you can also post them here. Either way's fine. Just be specific on what and who the suggestion is for.
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