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  1. I'll be back in 5 years and check up how things are. Wish you all luck to the Dev Team and screw the majority of players here
  2. FUFME

    Room Bugged

    I'm prettty sure I've seen Gothic Black room working. Hard to remember when visiting random people's room when shopping but pretty sure I've seen it
  3. FUFME

    Online account

    Here is info - https://psu-clementine.net/community/index.php?/topic/67-how-to-play-registration/
  4. It's random but when it happens you have to cancel. This week was in a party and we were able to knock it down and kill it before it even took off flying
  5. I guess it's a gamble, few months ago I shot the wings and then he stopped taking damage. He flew around and acted normal, but no longer took damage
  6. I was always told not to shoot his wings and will cause more problems
  7. FUFME

    set effects

    The damage is really off on Shotgun bullets. It can be off anywhere from 500-1,000+ damage per bullet. With the Set Bonus - From a short distance the damage is compared to a 9* 10/10 Spread Gale. The closer you get you see a substantial increase in damage by almost double but it's 60-70% of the time. When I'm literally standing on top of any monster and have my shotgun completely shoved into it, there is a sweet spot somewhere inside the monster. If completely facing the front or back of monster , I get full Bonus Damage. But if Im shifted Left or Right on a
  8. The Promorod shows up as 13* and supposed to be 11*
  9. FUFME

    set effects

    It's all good. When I step away it's because I don't want to deal with the drama with backstabbers and their disingenuous tactics.
  10. FUFME

    set effects

    Messing around and something wrong with Missouri S012 shotgun not getting Bonus info in status unless I switch armor on Mine Defense S3 map
  11. FUFME

    set effects

    I need to test some more, but noticed issue with Parum De Ragan not taking bonus dragon - and when I cleared map it showed no bonus under status. Kego Clearing Lightning Dragon seems to work. It seems when switching to 13* Laser- Tartaros Cannon is keeping the Bonus Damage & Stamina boost, but 13* Clad Cannon does not have Bonus and reverts back to normal stats. * Tartaros seems bugged and not supposed to get that bonus
  12. FUFME

    set effects

    I have not switched armor, but testing out on some Neudaiz maps, it seems the Shotgun & Twin Handguns work 60-70% of the time w/ bonus damage
  13. That is a mega boost all across the deck for Acrotecher 30/30/40/50 would be Attila the Hun and Ultimate Warrior. That is a total game changer. My suggestion would be long down the road when hitting LV180+ and unlock the class past LV20 and get some extra perks
  14. Classes that seem to need the most adjustment are Guntecher, Wartecher and Master Force It does not make sense giving Guntecher LV10 Skills and Wartecher LV20 bullets and everything else is same level. Master Force LV10 support techs is ludicrous, even LV20. If there is a way to lock some techs at LV31, I don't see an issue. or even restrict some techs. There seems to be a lot more Support Techs now, than when the game first came out. I don't see any major damage in the game giving Fortetecher LV41 normal buffs and Giresta. But I dont think FT should have access to all thos
  15. I don't have any solid opinion on Fortegunner. It always seemed like a support character that camps out in the background. For a gunner and close counter combat Dagger, Saber or Bayonet attached to rifle is normal. Long Spear seems too advanced as it gets higher and does more extra moves. I'm not sure if there are any current level restrictions that prevent knock down.
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