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  1. Any info on the 14* Feri-Senba armor now dropping ?
  2. This is great and have lobbies too.
  3. FUFME


    I'm at the point now where I strongly feel more than ever to reassert my feelings that society is doomed. Too many childish kids in this game and this is the worst generation of kids. This is why they are labeled The Lost Generation
  4. sure, why not. I'd be more in favor to adding more items on pallet. 6 is max, but not sure if can be boosted to 7-8
  5. The Moatoob Bul Buna worm, I noticed if it's somewhat close to character and spits fire, the animation for fire is not present, but character does take damage. It's hard to describe and random. It's present when close to character but seems there is some types of closer distance that does not trigger the effect.
  6. Funny thing, one time I shot off a random number like 350k and the person dropped the money in the map and someone picked it up...lololol. Who knows, maybe I picked it up. Felt bad and just gave them the item
  7. I've learned to keep my mouth shut on some items when finding in runs. Too much drama and hassle. I don't know the price on things that I spontaneously pick up.
  8. On the main Forum Index page here, the Discord link is off to the Right
  9. Maybe the server clock got screwed up a few hours. I spent a week feeding mine and was about 24hr
  10. Just an FYI there are 2 issues with this map - The Key and Oka-Senba Armor is not letting anyone equip.
  11. The other day Nikki said S2 was fixed and was not aware of S3 broken. Just tested S3 now and the pattern mentioned above and my link - Still broken
  12. I saw mention that S2 was fixed, but could have sworn S3 still having issues last week. Gonna try it out and see
  13. Seems like it's broken. I'm a force and should use. Foretecher.
  14. On the chart - Thirteen armor saying 11* Armor but it's 13* Armor
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