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  1. Seems like it's broken. I'm a force and should use. Foretecher.
  2. On the chart - Thirteen armor saying 11* Armor but it's 13* Armor
  3. I found that same Block 2 and it broken. It seems anything regarding that specific block and could show up as either Block 1 or Block 2
  4. FUFME


    I remember soo much hype with the PS4 being a Multi-Media - Multi-Purpose TV device and nothing ever happened. Not sure what the exact future of gaming is with this new Google Stadia on the horizon
  5. Someone posted this link the other day http://www.psupedia.info/Areas.html >
  6. Led Zeppelin w/ Donovan singing
  7. This some insane shit right here
  8. 2-3 sounds good. I don't think many people under LV90 will buy max all the time at 3
  9. Bullets are supposed to burn and Nosdiga definitely stuns them, I clearly remember this at HIVE #3 or Dark Satellite
  10. Had a feeling something wrong when SE4 Stun Bow not work, The flying Bat stuns pretty easy
  11. Yea, that's the thing, did not realize the multi-tab is not friendly to saving to other formats. I kinda looked at this as a Template that could be added to or modified down the road. They are currently working on more Area Drops and Mother Brain, so this could be useful down the road. Lower level items could seem worthless to add, but at same time there lot of new people looking for new stuff and could be useful for higher level people to farm as well to sell in shop --- Drop Items could also change too in the future, so having like a Base Template to work off could be useful I have 2 monitors, but stuff like this and amount of work 3 monitors would be nice. Everything seems to copy & paste good, but don't know much about Excel stuff. The Master Drop List will most definitely change in the future, but for each Level Cap you have just 1 Page only and use the info to find difference of current Max Map -- Like for LV 125 Cap -- Maps like Sleeping Warriors S3 does not exist and have the Max Info for Sleeping Warriors S2
  12. This was a huge project, and labor of love. I had modified CrimsonOdyssey spreadsheed ... Hope you are ok with it. I completely re-arranged all the maps in order and also added Element icons for all maps ranging C-S5 The only problem is everything needs to be added to it - Also added an area for Mission Points if anyone could help on this. Someone suggested what Lobbies everything belongs to. -- Maybe add the lobby on top of Maps ? Some things need to be tweaked, like Go Vara on S+ maps vs Vara on C-A maps ** I might have to re-save this file again to xlsx - as this was created with Microsoft Excel 2003 sp2 https://www.7dust.net/PSU/MAP-DropChart-V1.xls >
  13. Im in the process of modifying the Complete C-S5 Map Drop sheet and will post in the other LV100 Drop thread shortly. I spent all day adding all the Element Icons for everything and re-arranging the maps in order. --- Lobby could be added in the future
  14. If the Block 2 of the issue you had looks like this and starts off as Block 2 - then that pattern must be broken too
  15. There is only 1 map pattern broken, here is a screen shot of the one to avoid
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