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  1. We understand that takes a long time for you to hunt and Farm an item that you're looking for sometimes it gets slow and it takes even weeks and months but if you come and join us and pair up with your friends and group up with a party each individual member can help you to find what you're looking for hunting for items and also looking for weapons and armor can be very difficult we're assure you that will try our very best to get what you need just remember that most items are count bound and there's nothing we can do to help you or trade because it's only Pacific for that account only 1. Please Create a post of a topic on what you're looking for 2. Please Go to PSU Clementine Wiki and Link us the item, weapon or armor and give us a good details of what you're looking for. https://psu-clementine.net/wiki/index.php/Main_Page 3. Please make a schedule of when you like to start pairing up with other members or party up with other Kitty Kat members to start finding your items, armor or weapons
  2. We know is take long time to go threw a long mission to explore mission just to locate or find lobby for every each planet, some of you will do it for the first time but the second time is a hassle. We understand that take a lot of your time. but don't worry that why Kitty Kat Transfer Transport Services are here to help. 1. Make a Topic and make a request ask if you need a ride 2. please give us a Location of your where about so we can find you. 3. Private Message me or the member on the Kitty Kat Club so we can keep track of your location. 4. Be sure to have patient and we will come get you and lead you to your location. 5. Our Members be glad to assist you if I am not around or if Im offline.
  3. white glitch is far right corner
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