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  1. Grinded the HELL out of the demo. When A ranks where rare to find & people went nuts over finding one lol. Then finally bought the full game & played all summer!
  2. Saw there was a B/S/T Section here so here i am! Selling Forum sigs! Avi's (Profile pictures) Too if needed. I'm doing sigs for $6 & Avi's for $3! You can use the one i currently use, that i also made as an example. That or the image above i made, just for this thread! You can choose the color, character etc. I don't do anything that's animal related, Humans (Unless it's actors/actresses) & or Vehicles. It doesn't have to be Phantasy star related either!
  3. Very nice update info! Still hoping that meseta gets a bit of a TINY boost? Maybe it's just me lol. Thanks for all the hard work!
  4. Really liking how things are coming along! Can't wait to see the infinity weapons implemented & such! I feel like it's just me but the meseta drops. Feel like the demo version where you don't get much. Unless that's how you guys made it now for the starters, until you reach higher level missions. Same with the EXP too i feel. Like they monsters giving only 2EXP a piece seems.. Not correct?
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