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  1. Hello! I'v made this forum account just to report you my experience and thoughs with your tool! First out of all, my tip for glasses issues: the problem may be at the launcher(s)! I'd downloaded the glasses far ago, and it never worked properly... Till the day that, eventually, the launcher closed itself on launching the game! At then, the glasses seemed quite "buggy": was almost impossible to hit nor move it's interfaces - the clicking points are too far from the GUIs, as like a non-native stretched window (like some VG emulators handles screens for CRT TV consoles): as far from the screen center, as far the click might be to hit the tool windows! Okay... At this occasion, I didn't noticed that the launcher did closed itself before launching the game. Plus: I'v already noticed that the launcher closure is "pre-requisite" to running the game at launcher's custom resolutions (but even then it is not guaranteed)! Last night, suddenly, the glasses runned again! And I noticed the launcher closing! Tried to replicate the situation and... tadah! It worked! This time, even the custom resolution had been loaded - eventually, as usual, but... And, when the game loads propperly with the custom resolution - on widescreen - even the interface rendering is, now, correct, with the clicking areas at it own places and whatsoever! About this problem on the launcher not closing to launch the game, i'v already read somewhere that is related to the connection to the server news page's. In fact - probably because internet connections here at Brazil are that so unstable - 99/100 the launcher cannot load the news screen it doesnt closes after choose the 'Play' option. It even doesn't unloads even when opening the original game option's screen (causing a "The launcher is already running" when saving'n closing this option windows"). Eventually it occurs EVEN if the news has been loaded, but this scenario is far barely rare... So far, my bet is: the solution may be improving the launcher! Maybe even on a rebuild from the scratch! I'll be glad if helped! ;)
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