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  1. If you can, record what you see when you're trying to edit the copy you have on Google Drive. I tested making a copy of the spreadsheet myself and I found no problems with changing the input fields. Sidenote: I also don't know what device you're trying to open it on, should have asked that too. If you're trying to open the spreadsheet on mobile I know it tends to be finicky and won't let you edit the sheet unless you're doing so through the Google Sheets app itself, as the editors were split into separate mobile apps iirc
  2. The spreadsheet has also been updated to include GC Grinding and Repairs, to assist with determining GC costs for those sections. In the future I'll be adding a section for element/attribute increases with GC as well as a way to gauge the amount of quests needed to pay for anything GC related. Good catch, I checked around the grinding page and saw it listed as a 5% chance for C and B rank weapons and 4% chance for A and S rank weapons. It's been added under the notes section. Also I don't know how the inputs aren't working for you as I can't seem to gleam any errors from my formulae. If you can show me where you're opening the spreadsheet at, and what inputs you're using, I should be able to help you further.
  3. I got bored one day while grinding weapons and decided it'd be worth making a spreadsheet for determining grind success rates, which you can take a look at & use for yourself in the link below. All grind values are based on the base success ratess and formulae given in the Wiki's Grinding page, as well as a few observations made by some people in the discord regarding prototype weapons and initial grind; just plug in your grinder quality and weapon's grind limit in the top right. Keep in mind that this spreadsheet may become outdated if Clementine's grinding system is changed or overhauled, and all values are subject to change. Let me know if there are any errors in the spreadsheet, and I'll update them ASAP. Update 2/23/22 - A section has been added to assist with using GC for grinding and repairing weapons. Another section for upgrading a weapon's element with GC is also in the works. Update 2/25/22 - An attribute upgrade section has been added to the GC Upgrading part of the spreadsheet. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/17M3QpNQc1quf4MCEY2kVglS7zRwdXf7eIol7yUQcpac/edit?usp=sharing
  4. Phantasy Star Universe_ Ambition of the Illuminus 2021-05-24 21-33-13.mp4 Small issue I found in the Item Scanner: the last column's information disappears when it's resized to a certain point. Currently have a workaround by making the window far wider than needed, but it'd be nice if this were fixed.
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