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  1. Your account was terminated indefinitely because it was used in, and/or supported exploitative methods within Clementine. Sorry.
  2. Okay I did it, it'll be in the next update.
  3. Tiny-small patch notes today, and yet in a way it offers so much. Hmm. Fixed an issue with Air Slicer being a 2 handed weapon, somehow. Fixed an issue with 450 Ossoria Dress not working correctly. Enemies now use a separate Technic PA table, which don't reflect the recent changes made to Technics. Sorry about that! The Level Cap is now 100, where it will stay for a long while. This should open up a lot more content and missions, so please make the most of it. Protectors K is no longer available on the 5th floor. We hope everyone was able to enjoy it! but if you couldn't then please don't worry, as I'm sure it will return again in the future. Thanks!
  4. Well, I'm glad you were able to get the EXP and loot at least. Thanks for the report, I'll have a look! Sorry about that
  5. Huh... That's the rare mission on G.Colony? Did all of the enemies spawn and give EXP still?
  6. This is for separate enemies. I believe the changes are to help Techers simulate Limit Breaks a little closer, since they can't be figured out yet.
  7. Yes and no. Enemies that use legitimate Technics for attacks will have the same changes applied, since they use the same PA's as players. However a lot of enemies have fake Technics, with the appearance of one, but not acting as such.
  8. Sorry for the long maintenance. Bosses had a problem taking damage. Fixed an issue with the server getting stuck in an infinite loop due to network errors. Fixed an issue where the server could become unstable when viewing partner card location. Fixed an issue where the Master Server couldn't accept reconnecting Universe Servers. Fixed an issue where the Room Server could become unstable when editing or removing items from player shop. Fixed an issue where Meseta may not be saved after purchasing or selling an item. Fixed an issue with Half Guard not functioning correctly. Fixed an issue with Back Attack's not being calculated correctly. Attacking, or being attack from behind will now guarantee a 100% hit rate. Fixed an issue with Freeze, Stun, and Sleep not giving a 100% hit rate. Fixed an issue where a target with Sleep may not wake up from attacks. Fixed an issue with Flinch, Knock down, and Knock back not functioning correctly. Fixed an issue with being able to use EX Traps on the incorrect class. Fixed an issue with Resta and Giresta not taking weapon TP into consideration. For real this time. Fixed an issue with Burning Shot having incorrect ATP and ATA modifers at level 1. Fixed an issue where missions would always reward Clear Rank S Meseta. Damage modifiers for SUV's were increased over all. The rate of Incapacitate Lv. 5 was lowered from 32% to 28%. The EXP table for Killer Shot was changed for a minor increase in levelling time. Critical Hit Rate (or "luk") is now active for all, and will provide critical hits by RNG. The following items were added to the Dallgun Viewing Plaza temporary item shop: Whitill Wing Dark Wing Redria Wing Purplenum Wing Pinkal Wing Oran Wing Greenill Wing Skyly Wing Mantra Changes to Guns and Gunner Types: Gunmaster can now equip and use Grenade Launchers. All range weapons, except for Shotgun and Crossbow, will gain bonus damage of up to 25% more depending on the distance from the target. The further you are from your target, the more damage you will do. Shotguns and Crossbows will gain an extra 10% to CHR when in close quarters combat. The Elemental Percentage and ATP modifiers have been raised for the following Photon Arts: Barada Banga Barada Diga Barada Megiga Barada Riga Barada Inga Barada Yoga Changes to Technics and Force Types ( Thanks to @Midori Hoshi ) : + 1 target to Rafoie, Rabarta, Razonde, Radiga, and Ramegid. + 2 targets to Foie, Diga, Grants, Noszonde, and Nosmegid. + 10% damage to Barta, Zonde, Megid, Rafoie, Rabarta, Razonde, Radiga, Ramegid. + 20% damage to Gifoie, Gibarta, Gizonde, Gidiga, Damfoie, Dambarta, Damdiga, Dammegid, Damgrants, and Megiverse. + 50% damage to Foie, Diga, Nosdiga, Noszonde, and Nosmegid. Reduced Regrant's HP reflect damage from 3% to 1%. Please note that the modifications listed above are subject to change. I'd appreciate feedback, to better improve lacking classes and game play. The level cap has been raised to 80, to allow players to play Protectors Kappa S. For this weekend only! Protectors k has been added to the 5th Floor Guardians Branch on Clyez City. You can play the mission by talking to the Guardians Branch NPC and selecting Normal Mission. As always, thanks for your support and patience
  9. The enemy sync stuff doesn't work very well with Clementine (hence the ghost enemies), which might be part of the problem, but this is a common thing with PSU and is even a thing in PSO. It's by Sega's design, unfortunately. The best the server can do is suggest where the enemies should go, or who to attack, but when you have potentially 6 different sources of competing information, it's difficult to know who to believe, and eventually enemies drift. Even if the server were to say "Attack that player", it still doesn't fix anything if the enemy is in different locations with varying distances on everyone's screen. In short, it's not your end, it's just how the game was designed, for some reason.
  10. I'd really appreciate if you stragglers could stay on topic. If you've got a problem about the voice chat (which we're working on already) or the rules, or whatever, then I'm absolutely happy to hear you out and talk about it, but it has to be calm and civil, and not hijacking someones topic. Yes absolutely, the way the VC thing was handled was poor judgement, and I honestly and humbly apologise for that, and it's being fixed. There's no point in making alts for reaction-nuking or antagonising just because someone disagrees with you or you disagree with them, either. While I don't think it's even remotely related to this topic, I'll just go ahead and say that absolutely no one has been banned for misgendering. That situation is shrouded in way too many assumptions and rumours, and it's gotten completely out of hand; I don't even know how it was so grossly misheard. The reality of it is less dramatic, it was resolved literally immediately. If you're having a genuine problem with someone and blocking said person doesn't relieve you of that stress or harassment, then talk to one of the staff about it. As for the topic. Is there an actual community? yes, the community is pretty big, and it's filled with a variety of awesome and different people, who all have something different to offer. A lot of people like to group up, clan up, whatever, and that's totally fine. As others have said, that's the case in pretty much any MMO, and it isn't likely to change. I don't particularly understand the purpose of this whole topic, I'll be honest, just please try to keep it calm and steady, and help me out here, please. I'd like to just focus on working on PSU and getting next maint out for now. Thanks very much
  11. You may be able to edit it manually, for the time being! Open your Run prompt by pressing Windows Key + R Enter the following: %localappdata%\SEGA\PsuIlluminus.ini Find the line WINDOW_MODE=0 and change it to WINDOW_MODE=1 Save and close the file. If you can't find that file, it might also be inside of your game folder.
  12. Possible causes of this are: Make sure that you run the launcher and options as Administrator. Make sure that your display drivers are up to date, and that your display adapter supports DirectX 9.0. Set the colour depth to 32bit, as mentioned above. Make sure that your primary display device is capable of 60Hz and supports progressive scan (I.E. Some TV's don't work well with PSU). If you have more than one display, make sure that they both match in refresh rate. Make sure that your primary display adapter is supported. PSU has trouble with some integrated display adapters, and some laptops have multiple display adapters. Regardless of whether there's a display list available, you can try to run the PSUC.exe client directly, as Administrator, and see if it will launch. If anyone has any other potential fixes for this, please feel free to share them!
  13. Sounds like the old desync issue that's plagued PSU for a while. Inventory and Item management is pretty rough with this game, and the client is less than helpful when it comes to dealing with bad item data. If you can find a way to reliably replicate this, then I'd really appreciate any more information on that. However a general rule of thumb is that if your inventory or items are acting strange, either log out immediately or change universe. The longer you leave it, the more real damage it can do to your character. When your items are all shifted around, and you use a Monomate for example, the server may end up deleting the wrong item permanently. Sorry for the trouble, but I hope it's okay now! Could you try to find out where your friend got the dagger from, as well? Was it a drop, shop, or player shop item? Thanks!
  14. @MellyMellisa The drop rate for Two-Headed Ragnus from Renvolt Magashi was the same for C as it was for B, A, S, and up. This wasn't supposed to be the case, so for the time being the drop rate has been reduced at lower levels. The item still drops, you just have a lesser chance on C difficulty.
  15. Cool, thanks for the heads up!
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