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  1. We are now in the endgame. This is the last major update to this testing phase for a while. We are going to focus on the final features that require a bit more time to iron out. We would like to thank everyone who helped to test and improve Clementine for the past 6 months. This testing phase will remain until the next release. Grinders and Units now display on the Item Drop notice. Grinder success rates were revised to ease the curve, to hopefully bring lesser Grinder qualities into usefulness. High-rarity Striking weapons are now less likely to roll lower element percentages. HP for level 190+ enemies has been corrected to official’s values. Incapacitate changes were reverted, and it now works as it originally did. The timer for frozen targets will now be reduced with each hit, including players. Party Multiplier for HP is now 25% per member. Party Multiplier for EXP is now 4% per member. Castle of Monsters has been re-added, but does not have any S4 difficulty. Phantom Ruins S2 has been re-added. Mother Brain had her attack cool down increased to help combat her desire to murder you as fast as she possibly can. Her shield is now enabled again. Photon Art Changes: Cross Hurricane has received a larger hitbox on all combos. Renga Chujin-shou has received a larger hitbox on all combos. Hishou Jinren-zan has received a larger hitbox on all combos. Cards level 21+ receive +1 bullet, meaning 21-40 will have 4 bullets, and 41+ has 5. You will not see 5 bullets when using the bullet at 41+, but it will hit 5 times. We currently don’t know why this happens! Sorry! Weapon Fixes: Fixed Max PP for Dual Mistilteinn at grind 8. Fixed Grind Stats for Gleaming Punishment. Fixed PA boost for Sunriser TECH+. Fixed Rank and SE modifier for Final Fender. The following weapons have had their SE boost reduced: Gi Gue Laser -> 1.5x Combat Cannon -> 1.5x Anti Android Rifle -> 1.75x Mirage Crusade -> 1.3x Komazli Rod -> 1.3x Happy Rappy Parasol -> 1.3x Rutsularod -> 0.8x Mirage Storm -> 1.5x Chaos Sorcerer Rod -> 1.6x Evil Curst -> 1.2x Solferino -> 1.3x Diopside -> 1.5x Alchemist Shadow -> 1.4x Pseudo GAS: Technic Mastery is now passively enabled, which adds +20% damage for all Attack Technics. Level cap for Striking photon arts has been increased by 10 for all Expert classes. Level cap for Bullets has been increased by 2 for all Expert classes. Level cap for attack Technics has been increased by 2 for all Expert classes. Level cap for support Technics has been increased by 10 for Masterforce. Experimental Changes: Level cap for Types has been increased to 200 for all Expert and Master classes. Expert and Master Types will gain additional stats from 21-100, with an exponentially increasing MP requirement curve. These stat gains are incredibly marginal, and not intended to give massive increases to stats upon reaching level 100. Additionally, all Types only gain increases to specific stats. This new Type feature is not intended to replace GAS or be involved with GAS, but is simply to make MP have a purpose at later levels in the game. We are aware of players that want to play multiple types and will provide some way of getting other types up to where your max type is. We need to make sure this system works first. We already have a plan to help players who play multiple classes, but it cannot be implemented yet. Fighgunner will receive stat increases to HP, ATP, ATA, DFP. Guntecher will receive stat increases to HP, ATP, ATA, TP. Wartecher will receive stat increases to ATA, TP, MST. Fortefighter will receive stat increases to HP, ATP. Fortegunner will receive stat increases to ATP, EVP. Fortetecher will receive stat increases to HP, TP, EVP. Protranser will receive stat increases to all stats. Acrofighter will receive stat increases to ATP, TP, EVP. Acrotecher will receive stat increases to HP, ATP, TP, DFP. Fighmaster will receive stat increases to ATP, DFP. Gunmaster will receive stat increases to ATP, ATA. Masterforce will receive stat increases to TP, EVP. Further Event Information Scorched Valley is now available on the 5th Floor : Guardians HQ Level cap has been increased to 200 Experience Multiplier is currently 2x PA Experience Multiplier is currently 2x In Scorched Valley, the SEED Zoma can be discovered with goggles, and destroyed with normal attacks. Each destroyed SEED Zoma increases the MP acquired at the end of the mission. Clear boxes for Scorched Valley have been added. The sheet with Kappa’s drops has also been updated. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1LBw5JooIWUVYFtFKiTB4HfxjFgTWbIwWOrC3TeaTHNY/edit?usp=sharing Protectors Kappa and Scorched Valley will remain until the server’s end. Thanks.
  2. Have you been able to try another browser, or perhaps a well-rated download manager for your browser? Not sure what else to suggest right now. In the near-ish future there will likely be mirrors.
  3. Skadd Is Nerfed Fixed an issue with Boma Maga not having a 100% Freeze Rate Fixed an issue with Reflect Damage not working for Regrant. Fixed an issue with many, many weapons having 0 Times Status Effect infliction rate. Fixed an issue with Rods, Wands, TCSM's, and RCSM's not gaining element damage bonus. Fixed Line Shield hidden stat calculation for ATP, ATA, and TP. Fixed an issue where the player could spawn in a broken mission map, seemingly at random. Fixed an issue where players would not appear in the lobby if they had not moved for 5 or more minutes. Fixed an issue where PA boosts on weapons were being doubled. Fixed an issue where Boss AI would crash the server if a player died and left the arena. A notification will now display, as well as a sound, when a rare weapon or line shield is dropped. Mission boxes now have the correct items corresponding to mission rank. Changes to a world initialise packet. Let me know if any new weird behaviour occurs! Changes to the rare mission calculation rate (again): Base chance of obtaining a rare mission was increased slightly. We'll see how it is over the next week. Changes to Grinding: Failing a grind will no longer reduce the current grind to 0. Instead, the current grind and maximum grind will be reduced by 1. If the current grind is 5 or over then the current grind will be reduced by 2, but the maximum grind will only be reduced by 1. Unfortunately you will still be able to grind up to the maximum grind of the weapon, and repair items will be unusable in that state, so be careful. Changes to Striking Photon Arts: Dus Skadd last combo modifier has been decreased by 20%, and its max target has been decreased to 3. Changes to Bullet Photon Arts: Shotgun max damage modifiers have been reverted back to the original JP values, meaning a decrease of 70%. Rifle max damage modifier has been increased by 20%. Laser Cannon max damage modifier has been increased by 70%. Twin Handgun max damage modifier has been increased by 50%. Currently we're testing a mechanic for Limit Break, so the following changes will be in effect for a while: Diga can now hit multiple points across a single enemy, if they have more than one. Diga's modifiers have been reverted back to the correct numbers. Foie can now hit multiple points across a single enemy, if they have more than one. Foie's modifiers have been reverted back to the correct numbers. Event Information This event will run until the 25th of October. Photon Art Experience has been boosted by 2x Protectors K is currently available to play on the Guardians Colony 5th Floor. C ~ S2 difficulties have an EXP boost of 1.5x Unique clear box items can be obtained by clearing the mission and collecting all of the chips. You can find information on those drops Here Important note for Kappa: I'm aware of an unfortunate issue with Kappa which may cause the server to lag, but unfortunately I was unable to pinpoint it. If this issue still occurs, I'll try my best to fix it asap. If you run into this issue and have any information on what might cause it, please let me know. Thanks! I've put GAS research on the back burner for the time being, with the exception of Limit Break experiments. I don't think right now is the best time, so I would like to focus more on finishing synthesis and the sort. We're also still currently looking into and researching boxes, so please bear with us. Kappa clear boxes are an experiment, so there may be some issues to smooth out still. Thanks to everyone that provided input
  4. Sorry for the confusion around that rule. The case that it's covering is simply that you're not allowed to use multiple accounts and connections for your own benefit. I.E, you can't run 4 separate machines that are all manned by you alone. If other people are playing on those accounts, then that's fair. You won't get into trouble if you have friends or family playing with you, even on your own connection. However the server currently disallows more than 2 concurrent connections from the same location, but is likely to change once friendlier alternatives are implemented. If your family is genuinely playing along with you then you're fine!
  5. It seems like you're using the wrong version, so I'm not sure where you obtained it. Clementine only supports 14.30. You can download everything you need to play from the download section at the top of the forum!
  6. Yes of course, I hope to have another event mission very soon which is also geared toward helping lower levels catch up!
  7. Make sure you run your client as Administrator. The client will also throw a 045 when it doesn't have privileges to access its files. Hope it helps.
  8. No one went at you at all. Aelphasy is essentially saying that they'd like the time spent and the reward to be tolerable. That is, not so hard that it takes months, and not so easy that you obtain them all in 3 hours. That's their opinion. I appreciate everyone's feedback. I'm currently looking into the possibility of having GAS upgrades be customisation via a shop or counter, I'll let you all know how that goes when I figure a few more things out. One of the things that I can pretty much guarantee is that shop for upgrades will unfortunately have to temporarily take inventory space. The way this will have to work (if you want customisation) is that the upgrades will have to be a consumable item, that the server automatically uses once you leave the shop. Inventory space will be required for the temporary item, but I don't think that's a major issue in the grand scheme of things. We're also toying with ways to obtain AEXP by just playing instead of by MP, to get things closer to the way official had it. The main wall I face is the customisation, and I understand everyone's concerns with the balance and the grind, but please bear with me. Once I figure out whether the shop is a viable solution to customisation then I will post about it and update the main post. Thanks
  9. Make sure you haven't installed any 3rd party controller drivers that might confuse the game. If you're using a Dual Shock 4 controller, try using BetterDS4. Check your controller priority: Open the Run command window (Windows Key + R) Type: joy.cpl and hit enter In the Game Controllers window, click "Advanced..." In the "Preferred device" list, make sure that your controller is selected. Check your game input settings: Open the Clementine Launcher and click Options Under "Key Configuration", click "Game pad settings" Make sure your "Camera left/right" and "Camera up/down" are correctly bound Good luck!
  10. I was a little vague about the upgrades in my post, and whether everything was possible or not. It's difficult without listing virtually everything, so I'll just say for now that most of the upgrades listed on the psupedia GAS page are viable ( http://psupedia.info/GAS.html ). The same restrictions would also likely apply. Basic Abilities - Yes Special Abilities - Yes Weapon Skills - Some, but back burner for now most likely Attributes/Resistances - Yes Weapon Styles - Hhhhh maybe Shield Styles - Likely Extra Styles - Yes, except "Provoke" I'm also still not 100% sure how these upgrades will be applied, but I think the way I've described it has been through my own confusion. Initially I thought that the upgrades may apply directly to the item or object (It might be easier, I still don't know for sure), so I said they would be character bound. It's more likely that these upgrades would be bound directly to your Type(s), so they would have to be character bound rather than account bound. However, having it all be Type-bound raises concerns about having multiple Types and farming MP, and the grind generally becoming a huge drag. We also have similar concerns, and we're currently trying to work out some alternative solutions that hopefully don't force players into non-stop MP farming, especially for Types that are boring for them. Generally we want it to be so that players can play however they feel comfortable, while still having a healthy and fun solution to gaining their upgrades. We'll find a healthy balance, but we'll need your help in doing so. As for S4's and the like... by the time that this all actually gets implemented properly, I will hopefully have some tool for us to create and edit mission difficulties properly. Most all of the Vanilla missions will likely be brought in line with AOTI, and difficulties will be fixed where they lack. I know that this isn't really the solution that some people might want, but I don't really have many options to recover this feature any other way. I'm sorry. Thanks for all of your feedback so far
  11. Hi, lately I've been doing research into the Guardians Advanced Style system to see how viable and workable it is for the future, because I wanted to get a solid answer on it before we started changing things in weird ways. I've made some decent progress on the GAS counter, but I think I can safely say that it will take me a fairly long time to get it working correctly. I lack all back-end details about the system and its network protocol, so it's been difficult and time consuming. While I can enter and display some details with the GAS menu, ultimately the client will not play, and it's impossible to buy upgrades right now, as well as all of the menu text is missing. I'd also gotten the Stamp shop working (with bugs), because I was hoping to be able to hijack it as some form of GAS menu, but unfortunately that's unlikely to happen either. So we're left with little choice right now. TL;DR: Can't do the old GAS system, and the Stamp shop stinks. We've thought about a couple of ideas that might be viable, but I would like to run this one by everyone for feedback and any other ideas you may have to contribute to this. Achieving GAS by extended Type Level: One of the ideas that we think we can work with is to base GAS around class Types. Expert and Master classes would have their level cap raised above 20, to potentially 50, with a massively increased MP requirement for levels past 20. Your Type levels will not be able go above level 20 until a specific character level has been reached. As you continue to level your Types past 20, you would be able to unlock upgrades via a shop or trade-in counter, or passively. Currently we haven't decided how yet, since I'm still trying to discover what is and isn't possible on the "Obtaining upgrades" side of things. Most of these upgrades should include what is listed here: http://psupedia.info/GAS.html (This list is subject to change in the future, and may not include everything that is eventually possible) Currently I don't know what currency is viable for these upgrades. Having the user gain AEXP and AP isn't a problem, however displaying it in places where it's needed is potentially an issue right now. Upgrades may need to be purchased with Meseta, or the shop/counter may display "Meseta", but the currency would be AP. It would be confusing. If you think that this is a viable option, or if there's something you think might be changed, please feel free to give us some constructive feedback. I'd also appreciate if you could keep it civil, and please don't hesitate to ask if you have a question. Thanks.
  12. Fixed an issue with Buffed enemies not having their correct EXP modifier. Fixed an issue with Nagrants where it could no longer be used after 30 casts. Fixed an issue with Grants having a bigger hit box than intended. Fixed an issue with HP Affect Pwr LV 1 not working correctly. Fixed an issue with SE Rate modifiers on weapons. Fixed an issue with SMG not correctly using PP on the server side. The formula is likely incorrect, so let me know of any weird issues. Fixed an issue where Boss AI was using base stat and calculated stat interchangably when testing for HP. This should fix the invincible boss bug, I hope? Fixed an issue where Boss AI could become stuck if a player joined, left, or died in the party. Fixed an issue where the player could not return to the boss fight after having died. Now, the battle should reset and allow the player to try again. Fixed an issue where the Casino wasn't correctly checking for the last coin received day. Fixed an issue with the Blacklist not working after having logged out or changed universe. Tweaked Enemy Resta behaviour to stop enemies healing more than 3 times. This is to help combat the AFK levelling issue thing. Tweaked Mother Brain to not use her shield so much. Instead, she apparently doesn't use it at all anymore, so enjoy that. Added Nagrants to the Technic Disc shop. Yay! The EXP table for Grenade Launcher PA's has been tweaked and reduced. The EXP table for Boma Maga has been reduced a little further than the others. The Gold W. Badge and Silver W. Badge items have been changed into Gold Bar. Users with Gold W. Badges have had them converted into 10x Gold Bars per 1x Badge. Users with Silver W. badges have had them converted into 1x Gold Bars per 1x Badge. You can buy the Gold Bar from the Variety Shop. Sorry that this maintenance is small. We did plan on player trading to be included in this update, but some things went wrong... maybe next time. I'm still doing research into GAS and other important features, so please bear with me. There will be another post shortly with details on GAS, its problems, and how we can move forward with it. Probably forgot something again.
  13. Sorry for the trouble. This should be fixed (or at least improved) next update!
  14. Sorry, it's part of a thing, but not the entire thing. Fixed an issue with Status Effect Modifier not working on weapons. Fixed an issue where Reflect Damage wasn't functioning correctly. Fixed an issue with Trap damage not being modified by the party modifier. Fixed an issue with Boss AI where the Boss would become stuck when a party member joined or left the party (Might still be buggy, let me know). Bosses now gain an additional 35% maximum HP per party member (Instead of the 40% that it was). Bosses now have their correct stat modifiers. The Enemy HP modifier for the Party Modifier was lowered from +40% per member to +30%. The modifier for both 5 members and 6 members is now the same. The drop rate for Grinders at level 100+ were doubled. S3 has Grinder S+9 S4 has Grinder A+10 and S+10 New Mission Difficulties were added: Beach Bum Beast : S4 Dark God : S2, S3, S4 Military Subway : S2, S3, S4 Item Fixes thanks to Parallaxed: Fixed an issue causing Rods with "PA Boost" to deal more damage than intended. Alchemist Shadow now has it's Status Effect boost rate, and visual effect. Diopside now has it's Status Effect boost rate. Anti-Android Rifle now has it's Status Effect boost rate. Gekkavijin now has it's correct Status Effect attribute. Bil De Horn Axe now has the correct model. Sarsalai now has the correct rarity. Hard / Night now has the correct rank. Mega / Knight now has the correct rank. New Enemy Drops Added: YG01U BUGGES 190-199 = Emp. Axeon Cross (15 Star Crossbow) Orcdillan 190-199 = Dilla Blade (14 Star Dagger) Protectors Zeta has been removed from Falz Memoria. Thanks to everyone that helped test. The level cap was raised to 150, I guess. Still doing research into GAS functionality, so I'll worry more about balance things once I determine whether GAS is doable. Thanks for your support and patience I probably missed something.
  15. If you go to the front page of the forum, on the right side will be a Discord module with a Connect button. You can use that to connect to our Discord server
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