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  1. I bring small news. Changes: The Guardian HQ is now using the JP setting again. The NPC to travel between branches is enabled, however the training facility and "free mission" option from Mina has been removed. Players can now filter items by element in the player shop by appending the element to the end of the search term. For example "saber fire" will return items with the phrase "saber" in the name, and is fire element. Element key words are: fire, ice, electric, ground, light, and dark *Note: This is very experimental, of course. Fixes: The NPC at Foran Waterfall will sell Consumable items again. The SPF Bottoms and Amorosso Boots are now available at the Guardians Colony clothing shop. An issue where the client would interact with some objects wrongfully during loading has been resolved. A handful of database scuffs and updates that you won't really see front-end. New Year Spear now has the correct model. Ryo-Bimtorec now has the correct model. Matohonoh now has the correct model. Mugunrukuc now has the correct model. We didn't really have the time right now to make anything super special, but here's a small event for you: Protectors κ is available at the Guardians HQ. EXP and MP has been raised +50%. PA EXP has been raised +100%. Casino Voloyal will provide 2 Silver every day. The level cap has been raised to 85. This will likely run until March 1st, so please make the most of it. As always, thanks a lot for your patience and support.
  2. @NeoSolleks Are you in our Discord server? If you are, then please DM me there, and we can recover your account. If not, then feel free to PM me on the forum as well. You'll need to let me know the email address that you have associated with the account. If not, then we will have account recovery hopefully in the near future. I will get back to you some time tomorrow (it's zzz time, sorry), if you can let me know. Sorry for the hassle!
  3. The Drops notification will be available after next maintenance, but this whole loot reader thing is getting a bit much. People seem to be more upset over what they've said, than the loot reader itself, but I don't particularly know what people expect me to do, either... this isn't something I can remedy in 2 hours. Am I expected to ban them without proof? Threaten to ban them if they don't release it? Break in and steal it? That's really not the way, and as much as I don't care for this application, or the people behind it, as a software engineer I naturally feel the need to defend their work and choices. Unfortunately that's just the way it works, and I'm sorry if it looks like favouritism, but it isn't. If they write code or software and choose to keep it private, then they have every right to do that. Nothing you or I can do will change that fact. It's not "cheating" or "hacking", it's not modifying the client, it's not writing to any memory, and it's not displaying anything that isn't already available to the player. In essence, it is the very beginning of what is UI editing and expansion. Let them work, let them research, and let them develop a project. It will come to everyone and it will benefit everyone, one way or another. On the topic of giving people things, unfortunately I have to disagree, from my own experiences with this kind of thing. The ice cream analogy doesn't quite work, because it would imply that I'm the one giving the people the icecream, when I'm not. It would be more like coming in to class with bubble gum, and the class expecting them to share, even though they worked and paid for it. Their friends get a piece of gum, of course they do, they're friends. Human connection and trust is a thing. But it's more rude to expect it from someone, than to ask and accept a "no". Whatever the case may be, drop notifications are coming, so you have all the same advantages as everyone else. And if the loot reader itself is going to cause this much of an uproar, then we'll just make one for you. That way, everyone can be happy. Sorry if I am sour, but I'm genuinely tired of repeating myself this many times in 24 hours. Solutions are coming.
  4. Marmalade

    Level Caps

    Thanks for the feedback and suggestion, I like this idea as well, so we'll try to think of a way to make accessing new missions and content less of a drag currently the level cap goes up relative to the drops and loot that are implemented along the way, but I think we can adjust slightly to achieve this.
  5. Your account is disabled because you have been outed for attempting RMT, multiple times. It's unlikely that your account will be restored, since this isn't the first time you've violated one of our rules. You will have to start again if you wish to continue playing. Sorry, chief. You can read our guidelines here: https://psu-clementine.net/community/index.php?/topic/22593-clementine-rules-and-guidelines/
  6. hi its me the one that posts on the forum Enemies All enemies now have drops for LV100-149. SEED-Argine now has the ability to cast a bubble shield nullifying all striking damage for a certain amount of time or until a percentage of his max HP is dealt in damage to its shield by ranged or TECHNIC attacks. Delnadian will now drop Giga / Legs S at LV20-29. Komazli should now properly debuff the player when using Zoldeel. Enemies with the Shield buff will no longer resist ranged damage. Missions The following missions will be available with S difficulty: Unsafe Passage Dark Satellite Mad Creatures Train Rescue Scarred Planet Mizuraki Defense Forested Islands System Defense With the introduction of S difficulty, clearing these missions with a rank of S will reward 1x PA Fragment. While not applicable to the above missions, any S difficulty mission with a boss will reward an extra PA Fragment. Items Over 200+ pieces of clothing have been added to various places among the planets. Approximately 190 pieces of clothing are available from the clothing shops on each planet for 125,000 Meseta. An additional 24 pieces of clothing have been placed into the Offering Box at Shitenkaku. These clothing pieces either have 1 color or are CAST variants. Brave Knuckles visual effect has been corrected. Tero / All Save and Cati / Anti Down have been added. Amethad is now available from LV100+ enemies as an area drop. Types Limit Break requirements have been adjusted 5 levels downward for all classes that receive Limit Breaks. Additionally, Fortetecher now receives Line/Single TECHNIC Limit Breaks first instead of Dam-TECHNICs. All classes that receive Limit Breaks will now receive a TECHNIC Mastery boost of 10% to the TECHNIC modifier of all TECHNICs when achieving LV20 on that type. This boost is multiplicative instead of additive, meaning a 10% boost to a modifier of 140% would increase the modifier to 154%. Acrotecher bullet level cap has been increased to LV30. Photon Arts With the introduction of PA Fragments from S difficulty missions, a host of Photon Arts are now available for exchange at Skill License, Bullet License, and TECHNIC License exchange missions. At Skill License, the following Photon Arts are now available: Gravity Break Bogga Robado Ikk Hikk Dus Majarra Tornado Dance Absolute Dance Anga Jabroga Cross Hurricane Assault Crush Hishou Jinren-zan Renga Chujin-shou Rensan Senshou-ga Chuei Jitotsushin Spinning Strike Shunbu Shouren-zan Shusou Retsuzan-ga Bukuu Saien-zan Vivi Danga Rekku Chouhi-jin At Bullet License, the following Photon Arts are now available: Killer Shot Mayalee Shot Barada Zagenga Barada Maga Chousei-sou Masei-sou Boma Duranga Boma Maga Binding Prism Mayalee Prism Twin Penetration Twin Mayalee Penetrating Hit Mayalee Hit Yak Zagenga Yak Maga Kyumeisei-shiki Masei-shiki Mayalee Fury At TECHNIC License, the following Photon Arts are now available: Noszonde Nosdiga Giresta Grants Megid Nosmegid Megiverse Megistar While not available at TECHNIC License, the following TECHNIC is available for crafting at the Resident Security Department on the 3rd Floor of the GUARDIANS Colony: Foverse Balance Changes to Current Photon Arts All Striking and Bullet Photon Arts have had their experience tables adjusted to be easier to level. Striking: Bogga Zubba power modifier increased from 325% to 350% at LV40, for an overall increase of 25% across all levels. Dus Robado power modifier on the second combo increased from 200% to 270% at LV40 for an overall increase of 70% across all levels. Target chain changed from 3-4-5 to 4-4-4. Anga Dugrega accuracy modifier increased by 30% at all levels. Target chain increased from 1-1-1 to 2-2-2. Anga Redda power modifier on the third combo increased from 570% to 750% at LV40 for an overall increase of 180% across all levels. Hitbox size has been increased for the third combo. Accuracy modifier has been increased by 24% at all levels. Splendor Crush target count on the third combo increased from 3 to 4. Hitbox size has been increased for the third combo. Rising Strike power modifier on the first combo increased from 220% to 250% at LV40 for an overall increase of 30% at all levels, and the power modifier for the second combo increased from 250% to 300% at LV40 for an overall increase of 50% at all levels. Accuracy modifier increase by 25% at all levels. Gravity Strike power modifier on the first combo increase by 10% at all levels. Power modifier on the second combo increase by 20% at all levels. Accuracy modifier increase by 15% at all levels. Shousen Totsuzan-ga power modifier on the second combo increased by 50% at all levels. Chikki Kyoren-Jin power modifier on the first combo increased by 50% at all levels. Power modifier on the second combo increased by 110% across all levels. Choutou Kantsu-jin now ignores player accuracy and enemy evasion, enabling it to no longer hit 0s. Bullets: Power modifiers for all elemental bullets have been normalized and now use the higher value instead of certain bullets being 5% weaker. Handgun and Rifle elemental bullets now have a 40% override for Status Effects at LV11. At LV21+, the override increases to 50%. Rising Prism Status Effect changed from Confusion to Sleep. Power modifiers for elemental Grenade bullets have been increased by 30% at all levels. Maximum target count has been increased to 6 at LV31+. Power modifiers for elemental Twin Handgun bullets have been increased by 20% at all levels. Power modifiers for elemental Shotgun bullets have been increased by 20% at all levels. The elemental percentage has been increased by 3% at all levels. Hitbox size of shotgun bullets has been increased by approximately 30%. Power modifiers for elemental Laser Cannon bullets have been increased by 20% at all levels. TECHNIC: Ramegid Status Effect changed from Confusion to Infection. System The level cap has been increased to LV70, unlocking various S difficulty missions. Over 100+ titles have been added, many of which reward PA Fragments for completing them (Defeat all bosses upwards of 250 times excluding Dark Falz 1 and 2/Complete missions with four or more players/Complete missions solo). Limit Break bonuses should now apply immediately after leveling the type to the correct level. Photon Arts should now be properly capped upon changing Types. Enemies in S difficulty missions will move and attack faster. Notes We expect to have level 75 available for you by next Friday (15th), which will bring you even more content. If anything happens to change about this then I'll be sure to let you know thanks as always for your patience and support!
  7. Maintenance to bring an end to the Subzero event has finished. Thank you everyone that played and helped to test the functionality of the Photon Reflector, I know it was a bit tedious sometimes Right now we're currently testing out Limit Break for Technics, so we would appreciate it greatly if you could provide feedback on this. Additionally, we will be releasing S Rank, PA Fragment Exchange, and the remaining Clothing during next maintenance, so please look forward to it. Missions Items from Beach Bum Beasts A have received increases to drop rates. Items Puyo Puyo Launcher bullet now has the same color as the bullet being used. Al Tip/Al Tippies and Casino variants should now have the correct sound effect. Sori / PP Generate should no longer have a visual effect. PA Fragment can now be sold to NPCs. Seva Borga is now available from Dark Falz A. Photon Arts Ra-TECHNICs target increase from Nov 24th's Update has been reverted with the introduction of Limit Break. Shifta, Deband, Zodial, and Retier have received an increase in range. Foie and Diga have received increased hitbox size. Shotgun bullets should now flinch. System Fixed an issue with the Roulette Wheel at Casino Voloyal landing on 0 and only paying out 2x coins. Fixed an issue where switching Types would not update PA limit properly. Potentially fixed an issue where Nanoblasting while equipping a weapon let you use the weapon with Nanoblast modifiers. Limit Break has been introduced for TECHNICs based on Type. Please visit the Limit Break page for more information. Due to Limit Break, TECHNICs will no longer receive a damage increase based on the distance from Bosses. TECHNIC Mastery is no longer active, causing all TECHNIC damage to be decreased by 20%. Player shop sorting is now from high to low except for Price.
  8. I'll try to get this sorted out as soon as. Sorry about the inconvenience it's causing.
  9. Marmalade


    You can synthesize grinders using your Partner Machine, in your room. You can insert the Grinder C/B in to your synthesis list, and use the Grinder Bases to make Grinders. The resulting item is used to grind your weapon. See: https://psu-clementine.net/wiki/index.php/Grinders
  10. Hi, I'd appreciate if you could elaborate more on your playing style, because I don't personally believe this is a problem for everyone, so much as just a few bumps in the road. I don't get a lot of time to play, but in the time I've played, I've gotten to level 45. I can afford all my healing consumables and scape dolls, I find most of the others, too. I actually have them all stacked out, and I'm making way more meseta than I'm spending, so this may be a problem with a specific part or play style. Running Solo? Trying to JC?
  11. Unfortunately next to none of the Story content was logged from the online portion of the game, so recovering it remains a challenge. The intro mission is logged, but Clementine still doesn't support NPC partners properly, so it doesn't function correctly. I'm aware of an issue with new accounts not always working, I hope to have a solution for it soon. I'm really sorry for the inconvenience it's causing right now. If you haven't come across a solution yet, the issue you're having occurs on processors with 32 or more cores. This topic may help you. Alternatively you can limit a core count in msconfig.
  12. If you're using windows, this may help: Open the Run Prompt (Windows Key + R) Type in joy.cpl In the Game Controllers window, press Advanced... Make sure that your preferred device is set correctly Restart your game for it to detect the new changes. Hope this helps!
  13. I didn't know about that either, that's cool. That one is definitely lost to the void (only got one GC mission and it hardly works), but it's something worth looking into for the future. I would suspect that the enemy stat modifiers for the mission have been made low enough that all the enemies have effectively 0 for most stats except HP. It would suck to spend GC on that and then die to it.
  14. Thanks for the report, this should be fixed by the next maintenance
  15. I've found and fixed the cause of this bug, and it should be resolved after the next maintenance. Sorry for the inconvenience it's causing!
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