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  1. The slowness you're experiencing is usually caused by poor performance, more with the game than hardware in a lot of cases. Despite being an old game, PSU still requires a fairly fast running CPU to maintain smooth 60FPS without slow down. There are a few things you can try though: If you have a multicore CPU then you can set CPU Affinity. After connecting (that is, selecting your character and entering the lobby), you can set your core affinity via the task manager (Ctrl + Shift + Esc to avoid game crashing). Go to Details Find PSUC.exe Right-click and select Set Affinity. You ca
  2. wow is that a real guardfian? cool ANyway We’re expecting to do the next update on May the 7th. If anything changes, we’ll be sure to let you know. Below is more information about what you can expect and what has been worked on. As always your feedback is very appreciated. If you haven't already then please go and read through our previous development post, since that one and this one go hand in hand. Grinding System Before anything, we want to elaborate more on the Grinding System changes. In the previous post we said that the overall chance to obtain a 10/
  3. Hm, everything looks to be good, so this is an obscure one for sure. Assuming your game resolution is within limits, it's not being overridden by the launchers custom resolution setting, right? (Hit the wrench and screwdriver icon) You've tried running the game with your monitor at 60Hz just to be sure, as well? I don't know if Antivirus blocking causes the client to throw this error, but some people have had success in determining this by running the offline client, which usually passes AV without issues. Clementine doesn't come with the offline client, but you can find
  4. Could you show a screenshot of your "options" menu, when you run the launcher? Also, is your monitor under 60Hz, or are you using a TV? Anything like this? You could also try changing the sound buffer settings in "Sound > Custom" in the options, although I don't know if this would throw a hal-hard error.
  5. Welcome o/ right now (as I'm posting this) the hot spot seems to be Raffon Field Base, and a few in Neudaiz and Moatoob. Peak hours usually pick up in around 4 hours. Soon we'll be working on ways to alleviate the harshness of new users needing to play catch up, so sorry if it's a bit rough right now.
  6. H-H-Heeeey, sleepy man here, making a mild attempt to bring these back so that you know what we're thinking. Sorry about the lack of content right now. As most of you might know, we're a bit tied right now and it's going to be slow until May. However, we have some things to share with you that should hopefully give you some insight in to where things currently stand, and what to expect. Here are some of the plans and ideas we have, which we hope to deliver to you in one of the larger updates, coming in May. I'd like to preface this post by saying that, it's fairly obvious that Clemen
  7. Yeah PSUMods is going through odd waters right now. It got locked because of spam bots. I don't think Agrajag has gotten around to updating all of his links yet, but he is aware of it. You can get the files here: "--NOTE: All data file edits require this file in order to prevent the "Game files have been modified" error." CRC Check Disable "(Makes it require Par Ork instead of the normally-unavailable Arti Diga)." Tiga De Ragan Board Fix "They don't drop, but this will enable pretty much all of the standard AotI weapons" Weapon Addon "Same as above, but
  8. I bring small news. Changes: The Guardian HQ is now using the JP setting again. The NPC to travel between branches is enabled, however the training facility and "free mission" option from Mina has been removed. Players can now filter items by element in the player shop by appending the element to the end of the search term. For example "saber fire" will return items with the phrase "saber" in the name, and is fire element. Element key words are: fire, ice, electric, ground, light, and dark *Note: This is very experimental, of course. Fixes: The
  9. @NeoSolleks Are you in our Discord server? If you are, then please DM me there, and we can recover your account. If not, then feel free to PM me on the forum as well. You'll need to let me know the email address that you have associated with the account. If not, then we will have account recovery hopefully in the near future. I will get back to you some time tomorrow (it's zzz time, sorry), if you can let me know. Sorry for the hassle!
  10. The Drops notification will be available after next maintenance, but this whole loot reader thing is getting a bit much. People seem to be more upset over what they've said, than the loot reader itself, but I don't particularly know what people expect me to do, either... this isn't something I can remedy in 2 hours. Am I expected to ban them without proof? Threaten to ban them if they don't release it? Break in and steal it? That's really not the way, and as much as I don't care for this application, or the people behind it, as a software engineer I naturally feel the need to defend their work
  11. Thanks for the feedback and suggestion, I like this idea as well, so we'll try to think of a way to make accessing new missions and content less of a drag currently the level cap goes up relative to the drops and loot that are implemented along the way, but I think we can adjust slightly to achieve this.
  12. Your account is disabled because you have been outed for attempting RMT, multiple times. It's unlikely that your account will be restored, since this isn't the first time you've violated one of our rules. You will have to start again if you wish to continue playing. Sorry, chief. You can read our guidelines here: https://psu-clementine.net/community/index.php?/topic/22593-clementine-rules-and-guidelines/
  13. hi its me the one that posts on the forum Enemies All enemies now have drops for LV100-149. SEED-Argine now has the ability to cast a bubble shield nullifying all striking damage for a certain amount of time or until a percentage of his max HP is dealt in damage to its shield by ranged or TECHNIC attacks. Delnadian will now drop Giga / Legs S at LV20-29. Komazli should now properly debuff the player when using Zoldeel. Enemies with the Shield buff will no longer resist ranged damage. Missions The following missions w
  14. Maintenance to bring an end to the Subzero event has finished. Thank you everyone that played and helped to test the functionality of the Photon Reflector, I know it was a bit tedious sometimes Right now we're currently testing out Limit Break for Technics, so we would appreciate it greatly if you could provide feedback on this. Additionally, we will be releasing S Rank, PA Fragment Exchange, and the remaining Clothing during next maintenance, so please look forward to it. Missions Items from Beach Bum Beasts A have received increases to drop rates. Items
  15. I'll try to get this sorted out as soon as. Sorry about the inconvenience it's causing.
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