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  1. Last patch contains a large 251mb file and some people with slow connection reported download interruptions on it. If your download fails, this is alternative solution for you, just extract it to DATA folder manually with replace and run the game. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Z695RBiQrlYKa-FzUw32wue1_3s5x5Tb/view?usp=sharing
  2. Amazing guide, def gonna put sum of this to use! thank you for including the link to my mod pack as well, much appreciated!
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  3. Today's patch https://drive.google.com/file/d/16XMn5lp6QfI5tDvWtjAsjwek0W7pgvHP/view?usp=sharing
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  4. This may not be an update post you were expecting, but it was to come eventually. After 8 long years of pouring his time and effort into this project, Marmalade has left the Clementine Team. This wasn't an easy decision for him and had been talking about it for a few months due to family and medical concerns. It goes without saying that Clementine only exists because of the insane amount of work Marm put in over the years, and I'll be rather blunt in this post, the fantastic vocal community of Phantasy Star chewed him up and spat him out in the middle of some serious health problems. I've been along side Marm for the majority of the journey to where we are today, and I've watched his slow decline in both physical and mental health because of what this project and this community has done over the years, through the drama and backstabbing and it's sickening. I'm impressed he soldiered on as much as he did and for as long as he did to be honest. Everyone else that was good for this team left years ago because of the same. Needless to say I'll forever be grateful for what he achieved with Phantasy Star Universe and did to bring this old game back to life for us to enjoy. Sadly you will never know the full extent of the effects this project and community had on his health but it was dark and absolutely not OK. I know people have their opinions on where Clementine has ended up as of right now, but it doesn't excuse what happened behind the scenes over the past few months, and the unneccessary burden and attacks. A lot was usually pinned on Marmalade when 9 times out of 10 it wasn't his fault, but because others can't accept responsibility. Obviously, I have strong opinions on what has happened because I've been a long time close friend of Marm and because of that I think it's only appropriate that I say what I'm about to say. The straw that broke the camel's back for us was a recent event where some of our old files were sold/leaked by a former moderator that you may all know, Parallaxed. The people involved in this transaction and are in no way sympathethic for what has happened or the effects that it had, and will presumably continue their endeavour to replicate what Clementine is through the use of stolen files are Flawless / WilsonPSOBB, and Soly (From the Ultima PSOBB development team). Myself, Marm or Tony never signed off on this, never agreed to it and there was never an attempt to make some sort of agreement between us. If you're not aware, it will be 9 years in February when work began on Clementine. That's a very large portion of our lives to dedicate to something, just for it be taken for malicious intent and personal gain. Going forward I'd like to firstly thank every one of you that have supported us over the years and for the appreciation that you do show, believe me, we hear you and for the people that are not happy with the current state of Clementine, we hear you too. As of the middle of December I was transferred everything from Marmalade, and tonight finalised the transfer which will allow me to continue Clementine. While I'm not certain on Clementine's future in terms of updates as I have a life outside of this, I can promise that we will remain online for as long as I can keep it up, as I don't wish to see Phantasy Star Universe die a second death. I will be discussing with the existing team on what actions to take for Clementine to go in a better direction. However, going forward, I will not accept toxicity within our community as it has gone on for far too long and driven far too many people away. Thanks, - Gnome
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  5. Just got back into this, and to be late to seeing such news is rather unfortunate. My past experience when trying to work on a personal project with pals has lead me down a similar line with how people treat developers. This isn't some big shot company that can tune these voices out. This is a team of individuals who just wanted to bring forth something nice, and to see this happen here as well as when I worked on a game project, shows how much of an issue people tend to be when they are ignorant of what they say. Marmalade made the right choice to step away, even if it's such a beloved project for him. Hopefully since these months passed, that time away is doing him well, but I've yet to really catch up with it all. All I can really hope for in the future is that things can improve as a whole for the project. Not just the game itself, but the community that surrounds it, because a project like this to get so far is a true gem, and I am deeply disappointed that the entitlement of others has been so common here. Normally I simply read most posts, but today I genuinely felt like I had to speak. I wish you the best of luck in everything you do moving forward, Gnome. - Dogenzaka.
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  6. Unbelievable. What sort of utterly repulsive scumbag would take someone else's decade old work to revive a game just to put a massive stunt and dent into its evolution or even a complete stop. And who in the world is giving you problems about the game in its current state!? Who the hell cares what the game is in! I am eternally grateful to have this game be revived AT ALL! Even if it crashed a lot or had unresponsive controls. Its STILL PSU, A game that quite actually died. This team knew what sort of fun they had to revive it, and thats why you put the effort in no matter how long it took you. Cause you knew what was in here. And people are giving you trouble when your team is the HEROES of 1000s of people!? Its quite a shame what happened. Taking someone else's work just to be a repulsive cretin. Even though its not okay, We can do something about it. Spread the word of this PSU Server. Ensure people hear and try it out. We can make that guy's hard work become even more fruitful than it already is. We as a community can help the setback that was caused here. But we as people have to do our part. The main and most helpful thing we can do at the moment is tell people about this server and hope word catches on. I remember the great atomic tons of fun I had in the demo alone. To have a full game such as this to be revived for free would have been only a fantasy all those years ago. I will do what I can to spread the word (Considerately. Not just gonna go into PSO2 and SPAM the server. Just little ads here there for reddit or other social platforms) but a single human can only do so much. I will request that people do the same. I don't wanna see something as beautiful as this wither and die because of one scumbag. The best thing we can for that guy right now in his greatest time of need is wish him the best and try to spread his hard work to others, so they may be supportive. Of course we might end up getting toxic people here and there. But again we as people need to do our part and so some sifting through. But again im only one person. I'll need help in spreading the word and you can help simply by doing what im saying we should do. That's easy enough aint it? Lets try! Even if it doesn't work we have to try!
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