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  1. I'm curious as to whether or not anyone has gotten PSU to work within Linux w/ wine. I can get the game to launch and log into the server and try to get to the lobby, but it hangs after the "acquiring game information" until it eventually disconnects. idk if i'm not doing something correctly, or if gameguard is preventing it from working. thanks in advance for any help/info. this is the error I see when trying to run the launcher through a terminal... desktop:~/.wine/drive_c/Program Files (x86)/Phantasy Star Universe Clementine$ wine online.exe Unhandled Exception: System.NotImplementedException: The method or operation is not implemented. at <Module>.Main (System.String[] ) [0x0003b] in <534b2fbeb85d41c597d6a62c15b7d7bb>:0 [ERROR] FATAL UNHANDLED EXCEPTION: System.NotImplementedException: The method or operation is not implemented. at <Module>.Main (System.String[] ) [0x0003b] in <534b2fbeb85d41c597d6a62c15b7d7bb>:0 0009:err:mscoree:RuntimeHost_GetMethod Cannot load assembly mscorlib 0009:err:mscoree:RuntimeHost_ExitProcess Process should have exited
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  2. I have noticed there are some /u weapons that dont exist, and could easily exist. I will provide some examples below in hopes that Bob or someone sees it and decides it's a good idea to add. A rank sword: Use Forging Hearts for core. Options: Forging Hearts/u +5% PA Damage, Zantetsu/u +8% AR (Already has a notorious 129% Range, so it could be an amazing filler for range on A rank swords, could use same attack/accuracy stats as Forging Hearts. Zantetsu is one of the coolest sword models in the game and could use some love! A rank double Saber: This one would be tricky as there are currently no A Rank PA Boosted double sabers that drop naturally, but it would be cool to add a new A Rank saber that is weaker than shippudotoh and has a PA boost. Could use one of the old models that players like like Pretty Baton, or Nyoibo. Would be nice to have an alternative for A ranks to shippudotoh. A rank Bow: Perhaps give Metal Arc Bow an inherent 10% PA Boost, since it already has decent stats, and make a /u version with 5% PA Boost A rank Twin Pistols: Twin Heaven Avenger would be an amazing candidate here, to complement classes that cant uses Twin Heaven Strikers. A rank Card: Another addition that would be nice A rank TCSM: This one is a HUGE one for me. Currently our only option is sunriser, which is an ATP boost. We already have Nidra with a built in PA Boost of 10%. Could potentially bump it to 20% as this would still make it MASSIVELY weaker than sunriser (970 TP vs 566 TP), and then have a Nidra/u with 5% PA Boost or 200% SE Boost. I hope this gets some love, because not everyone has billions of gold to throw around on custom weapons, and it would be nice to have some /u alternatives to custom weapons in these categories. I know hardcore players would probably appreciate this alot too.
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