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  1. I have to say, "i hope you read this Marmalade", that your commitment and effort towards this project over the years has been inspiring. You literally performed a magic before all of our eyes and necroed a dead MMO back to life. It's people like you who come along, breaking the norm, and do such incredible things like you did with this server. You will forever be a legend, and your passion and commitment has been acknowledged by this community. Regardless of what happens in the future, you are the real king of PSU, and for anyone to not acknowledge it is clearly blind. I wish you the best brother.
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  2. I'm not around here often or get to play PSU much but I'm extremely sympathetic to what Marmalade is going through. I've been in that spot before and continue to be in my own community. I apologize for what you go through. It's never easy running a community or a game server. Everything you do is under scrutiny or constant view by players grateful or not. It's rough being put into a position of blame when none should be placed on you. The data leak is troubling, especially to hear it coming from a fellow PSOBB community Development team really stings a little. I apologize for that. I know if anybody stole what me and my fellow developers were working on we'd be devastated. On behalf of Schthack PSO Development and Administration, you have our condolences and any support you need now or in the future you will always have from us, you have but to ask us. Apologies for your trouble with some members of the PSO community. Be well and happy. Rest up and live your lives. -Schthack Administrator and Developer, Varista
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  3. Hello everyone, I got tired of looking at the fuzzy, pixelated and blurry Area / Mission Select Maps so I decided to upscale and give them a bit of a clean up. DOWNLOAD MOATOOB NEUDAIZ PARUM A PARUM B All source files included on the git, throw the files into you DATA folder, backup your originals of course. https://github.com/JoycieC/psu-upscaled/tree/main/Area Maps/DATA Files Note that the Space Map is not included at present. PREVIEW (Warning big files) https://github.com/JoycieC/psu-upscaled/tree/main/Area Maps/Map Previews There are two versions of Parum because I couldn't decide which one looked better, of course the results vary between maps and I'm not 100% satisfied with the result for some parts, so I may revisit these later as there is a lot of detail loss when upscaling such low resolution source files. They are not intended to be professional replacements, but hopefully somebody will find a use for these or be inspired to make better versions. These were made using Topaz Gigapixel AI and cleaned up in an image editor after.
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