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  1. INTRODUCTION Welcome to the first unofficial User interface mod! This User interface is trying to catch image of how Phantasy Star Universe will look like in the modernize days Each version # will be a iteration of user interface keep as a preference for peoples can choose. I hope you enjoy using my mod! Please send me feedback in discord to improve the UI, it'll be more welcome to help me! Thank you again Declaimer: IT IS NOT A RESOULTION MOD! This is only to change the texture of the User Interface. Thank you for reading this! VERSION 1 DOWNLOAD: https://www.mediafire.com/file/s18qevn6b1az27g/PSU_Modernize_UI_Xbox_one.zip/file XBOX ONE BUTTON ICON V1.01 DOWNLOAD: https://www.mediafire.com/file/aif8b0swq8oifb7/PSU_Modernize_UI_PS2.zip/file PS2 BUTTON ICON V1.01 DOWNLOAD: https://www.mediafire.com/file/xayg5akbecfmob9/PSU_Modernize_UI_PSP_Icon.zip/file PSP/Black and white PS Button ICON V1.01 DOWNLOAD: https://www.mediafire.com/file/6i9et62igh7z38y/PSU_Modernize_UI_Xbox_360.zip/file XBOX 360 Button Icon V1.01 DOWNLOAD: https://www.mediafire.com/file/31qj6066lan1kjo/PSU_Modernize_UI_Nintendo_Switch_Pro_controller.zip/file Nintendo Switch Pro controller button icon V1.01d ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- VERSION 2 DOWNLOAD: https://www.mediafire.com/file/efv5tvl5kr13x9s/PSU+Modernize+UI+V2.06.zip/file XBOX ONE BUTTON ICON [LATEST VERSION] V2.06 DOWNLOAD: https://www.mediafire.com/file/egorxxamouny22a/PSU+Modernize+UI+RAINBOW+fixed.zip/file XBOX ONE BUTTON ICON V2.04 DOWNLOAD: https://www.mediafire.com/file/i8z20m17wk9kfo7/PSU+Modernize+Switch+V2.01.zip/file NINTENDO SWITCH PRO CONTROLLER BUTTON ICON V2.01 DOWNLOAD: https://www.mediafire.com/file/dh3ro1igshdi4wi/PSU+Modernize+UI+PS2+V2.05.zip/file PS2 BUTTON ICON [LATEST VERSION] V2.05 CREDITS: Agrajag/Shadowth117 - PSU Parser Tool Parallaxed - Xbox 360 HUD template.Xbox 360 button icon Lt. Plebberoni - PS2 HUD template EvilMag - Button suggestion. TESTERS: Bando,Seority,HzE,TaKai,Little Bean Upscaled team: Valen Bug report/Crashes: Timeless ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- UPDATE NOTES Version 1.01 Added file 1b77ca32487ddd3944ec6ec3a7f05775 Version 2.01 - Adjustment changes - - Status Effect icon - Weapon Icon color adjustment - Item Icon color adjustment - Locked Party icon change - Photon Fortune - Notification Icon color change - Action/Lobby Icon color change - LV font change (Return back to white instead of yellow) - Photon Art Icon change - Adjusted on X,Y Button icon on Page 3 Photon art placement - Enemy buff icon changeCrown,Sword,Shield,Staff,Boot) - Elemental Icon change - SUV Bar Change - Notfication LT Button Change - Ranks Icon color adjustment - Cannot use X mark icon change Version 2.02 - Upscaled font numbers - Color adjustment on the HP/LV character UI - Color adjustment on Striking weapon type icon - Changes EXP Font - Changes PA Disk icon - Color adjustment on lineshield/unit Icon - Changes on the X,Y Attack UI - Color adjustment on party Icon - Color Adjustment on Item Ranks (C,B,A,S) - Changes on Star rarity. Version 2.03 - Upscaled Weapon palette - Upscaled Icon (Might not make a difference) - Change Key card icon - Adjustment for Party Icon - Changes Notification Icon Version 2.04 - Upscaled Menu Icon and New icon - Changes for SUV blast gauge Effect and Button prompt - Changes for Photon fortune star color (RAINBOW?) - Color adjustment to the Button Icon UI - Changes for Lobby action font - Changes for LT and RT font - Changes for Elemental icon - Changes for LEVEL UP font - Changes for Player online status under partner card List Version 2.05 - Changes to LB,RB,RT,LT Left and right arrow icon - Changes D Pad icon - Highlight texture effect was adjusted - A adjustment changes to the Player color gem to look alot better - Added new Color icon for clothes - Changes to the weapon palette texture - Changes to the weapon palette selection effect color - Changes to LT notfication button icon - Added new icon for Locked,Auto Follow,Auto Run,Party - Changes on Partner card Priority icon - Changes color on the grinding bar - Changes on the unavailable icon ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Current Issues: SUV Animation bar have a slight graphical glitch. Will fix it another time WARNING: PLEASE HAVE A BACK UP FOR A FILE CALLED "866846b780cb87bcd54430c245e1f5e2" IF YOU WANT TO RETURN USING THE ORIGINAL UI. How to use it. 1. Drag the 866846b780cb87bcd54430c245e1f5e2 and 1b77ca32487ddd3944ec6ec3a7f05775 file to your PSU clementine DATA FOLDER 2. Click Replace the file in the destination 3. Click Clementine launcher and start playing it! PREVIEW: Party/Character HP,LV, Buff HUD Xbox one button icon PS2 Button icon. PSP/Black and white PS button icon Xbox 360 Button Icon Nintendo Switch Pro controller button icon Damage number font. (Currently use KINGDOM HEARTS III In game font) Ranks icon,Element icon, Weapon type icon Item Icon. Color matching the item shop Lineshield/Unit icon. Color matching the armor shop Clothes icon, Color icon,Rarity icon Synthesis icon. Coloring matching the Synth shop Keycard ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- VERSION 2 UI PREVIEW
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  2. This may not be an update post you were expecting, but it was to come eventually. After 8 long years of pouring his time and effort into this project, Marmalade has left the Clementine Team. This wasn't an easy decision for him and had been talking about it for a few months due to family and medical concerns. It goes without saying that Clementine only exists because of the insane amount of work Marm put in over the years, and I'll be rather blunt in this post, the fantastic vocal community of Phantasy Star chewed him up and spat him out in the middle of some serious health problems. I've been along side Marm for the majority of the journey to where we are today, and I've watched his slow decline in both physical and mental health because of what this project and this community has done over the years, through the drama and backstabbing and it's sickening. I'm impressed he soldiered on as much as he did and for as long as he did to be honest. Everyone else that was good for this team left years ago because of the same. Needless to say I'll forever be grateful for what he achieved with Phantasy Star Universe and did to bring this old game back to life for us to enjoy. Sadly you will never know the full extent of the effects this project and community had on his health but it was dark and absolutely not OK. I know people have their opinions on where Clementine has ended up as of right now, but it doesn't excuse what happened behind the scenes over the past few months, and the unneccessary burden and attacks. A lot was usually pinned on Marmalade when 9 times out of 10 it wasn't his fault, but because others can't accept responsibility. Obviously, I have strong opinions on what has happened because I've been a long time close friend of Marm and because of that I think it's only appropriate that I say what I'm about to say. The straw that broke the camel's back for us was a recent event where some of our old files were sold/leaked by a former moderator that you may all know, Parallaxed. The people involved in this transaction and are in no way sympathethic for what has happened or the effects that it had, and will presumably continue their endeavour to replicate what Clementine is through the use of stolen files are Flawless / WilsonPSOBB, and Soly (From the Ultima PSOBB development team). Myself, Marm or Tony never signed off on this, never agreed to it and there was never an attempt to make some sort of agreement between us. If you're not aware, it will be 9 years in February when work began on Clementine. That's a very large portion of our lives to dedicate to something, just for it be taken for malicious intent and personal gain. Going forward I'd like to firstly thank every one of you that have supported us over the years and for the appreciation that you do show, believe me, we hear you and for the people that are not happy with the current state of Clementine, we hear you too. As of the middle of December I was transferred everything from Marmalade, and tonight finalised the transfer which will allow me to continue Clementine. While I'm not certain on Clementine's future in terms of updates as I have a life outside of this, I can promise that we will remain online for as long as I can keep it up, as I don't wish to see Phantasy Star Universe die a second death. I will be discussing with the existing team on what actions to take for Clementine to go in a better direction. However, going forward, I will not accept toxicity within our community as it has gone on for far too long and driven far too many people away. Thanks, - Gnome
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