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  1. I got bored one day while grinding weapons and decided it'd be worth making a spreadsheet for determining grind success rates, which you can take a look at & use for yourself in the link below. All grind values are based on the base success ratess and formulae given in the Wiki's Grinding page, as well as a few observations made by some people in the discord regarding prototype weapons and initial grind; just plug in your grinder quality and weapon's grind limit in the top right. Keep in mind that this spreadsheet may become outdated if Clementine's grinding system is changed or overhauled, and all values are subject to change. Let me know if there are any errors in the spreadsheet, and I'll update them ASAP. Update 2/23/22 - A section has been added to assist with using GC for grinding and repairing weapons. Another section for upgrading a weapon's element with GC is also in the works. Update 2/25/22 - An attribute upgrade section has been added to the GC Upgrading part of the spreadsheet. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/17M3QpNQc1quf4MCEY2kVglS7zRwdXf7eIol7yUQcpac/edit?usp=sharing
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  2. Great work, however can't get input fields working even after download. This table should fix all the confuse about current grinding, also now we have a chance of double grind, of course I don't know what chance is it (and probably didn't search enough).
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  3. PSP2i area style maps (Fantastic Voyage, Red Hot Jungle and the snow cap map) and the classic pso worlds (Rare mission zones). Something to slap SEED-Argine in since he only shows up in CoM, the end of Military Subway and rare parum mission. The christmas mission you did where it moved from 1 map style to another was cool visually, same with the beach one with the time passing farther you go in. I personally like missions with lots of smaller enemies that you just kinda barrel through a bunch vs a few large enemies that toss you around. No more mizuras ever again please and thank you <3
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