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  1. This is a suggestion that I thought about while running the new missions and getting BT frags from the clear boxes at the end. Would it be technologically possible to award JP mission PA frags via a clear box at the end of the mission, the same way that BT frags and x-spheres are awarded? I'm still very much in the PA frag grind -> PA leveling grind loop and would absolutely love it if there were some way around that downer of a bug.
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  2. If possible, a usable consumable, boost item instead of a server-wide boost would be cool. Give X amount of 30 minute boosters when we hit Y milestone for an event or whatever occasion it may be. Full-time and third shift does not really play well with timed boosts. I would like to be able to make use of PA experience boosts to their fullest considering PA leveling is one of the most boring parts of the game. Thanks. : )
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  3. The casino weapons are not powerful enough to make it extreme indeed, also their power dosen't grow with grinders, only their PP pool. And if i remember correctly, they're also untradeable. So only can be used by the person whom exchanged it, and at certain point, we wouldn't use them anyways. This change g ives the new commers whom prefer to stay out of getting power leveled, could still get items that would help them early game. I totlly endorse this one
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