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  1. I believe it comes back to weapon depth and the lack thereof. Depth has slowly been stripped away from weapons in Clementine due to what I would say is a major misunderstanding of the problems at hand. Similar to what Gaz mentioned in their stream, there is simply 0/10 and 10/10. There's no longer an in-between and the item will only ever be its best or its worst. I touched on this in my original post, and why it's important to have weapon depth, and why it really needs to be reinstated. People are afraid of it because they think it will be terrible and awful and it will take them 5 months to find one item and 500 grinders to 10/10 it, but that simply isn't the case. If every weapon dropped at 50%, which is for some reason very slowly creeping up, and every weapon can 10/10 with ease, then you can expect the drop rates to become more difficult and the market price to rocket even more. This has already happened, and it's pretty much the reason we're in the position we are with drops. The elemental floor was raised, and the chance of 45-50%'s was massively increased, so now items have less depth and they drop in pristine condition more often. As a result, drop rates go down, Meseta income goes down, the item becomes even more unpleasant to hunt, and the market price goes into unaffordable territory. Having 5/5's on the market is good and so is 1/1, especially with the inclusion of The Upgrade Device, because it gives people another option besides 500+ runs. As I've said in a previous post, it's the same as buying junk online, restoring it, and then flipping it for a profit or keeping it. Say you want an old Playstation 1 game, and your choices are Disc Only $10 / With cracked case and no manual $15 / Light scratches, case, manual $50 / Unopened factory sealed $1,000. You could easily piece together a respectable copy for less than $50 or $1,000, if you wanted to put the time in. Now remove those options except the unopened factory copy, and all you've got is work hard for money or hope you come across one somehow. That's Clem. So, right now if I want something, I can either run the mission as many times as it takes, or I can just not. Alternatively, I could hunt until I find a "bad" one, or I could get a "bad" one off the market, then I could repair it, and hurray. I did it in less time and effort than if I had to hunt for a good one and got nothing while I did it. There are, or were, multiple roles to play here, and it's different for everyone. Some people like hunting difficult items, some people like grinding weapons all day, some people like synthesizing goods, and some people just like making Meseta. The idea is that people fill their part and have options to obtain what they want through their own means, but right now those options are also removed, and everyone is expected to do the same thing. There is more to PSU than running the same missions 1000 times, but there is also more than just grinding a weapon to 10/10. I don't agree that 10/10'ing a weapon is considered the overall end game, but it is an end point for something and some people. The inclusion of GAS will be another end game goal for players that want to take part. People will argue that repairing it is pointless and that they might as well not break, but because of what I've explained above, it should be somewhat obvious why there's more to it than just adding an extra step to grinding, and why broken weapons hold value to people. You will (or should) sell your junk 40% 0/3 on the market because someone will buy it and repair it. They make money off your junk, and they can feed that money back to you. Do this enough and you will have enough Meseta to buy a 10/10. Item depth is important to the game and the community, even if people don't think it to be. Now, this is where I get incredibly confused, and I can only assume people have somewhat misunderstood me in the past. I'm afraid people think I'm trying to make things even more difficult when I'm not. I'm trying to make things better. A lot of people voted that they liked the idea of filling the gap between good and bad items (I.E 10/10 and 0/10), but have then voted against bringing item depth back in some form or another. They are mutually necessary. The more "bad" items that can drop, the higher the drop rate can be, the more Meseta people can gain, and the more option there is on the player market. Options are important, and so is stimulation! Both of which is something that has seemingly been removed from Clementine through a barrage of complaints and a misunderstanding of those complaints. If weapons aren't going to break through grind failure, then weapons should have the potential to drop with less than 10 max grind potential, because the drop rate will be higher, and you can repair it or sell it for Meseta for... essentially free. I could argue that this is better than getting nothing at all. If grind fails break weapons again, then they can continue to drop at 0/10 no problem, but pushing all of the item depth into elemental percent alone isn't fair, especially for striking. No, not particularly. Someone will always hate something about it, and not just grinding in particular, but people hate things for different reasons. I see why people like weapons breaking and all that, and I can see why people would rather just be handed a 10/10 after 2 runs. Really, it all comes down to options and stimulation, which are being removed rather than added. I'm not against the idea of weapon repairs, because I know that it can be made in a way that isn't a tedious and time-wasting mechanic, but I'm afraid people think it will be what it is now, but with the added bonus of a 2 minute run to the 5th floor between grinds. Just... no. Getting your weapon to 10/10 will be less time consuming than it is now, and will cost you less resources, with the added bonus of there being more options to obtain that weapon, for everyone else. Well the drop rates would increase! Which is something everyone likes to hear, I'm sure. Grinding to 2/10 isn't entirely the same as 2/2, because the potential has value as well, even with the ability to repair it. Either in the form of it CAN go to 10/10 or it may cost less to repair in order to 10/10. The value of an irreparable 2/2 is beyond me though, but humans also have a fascinating relationship with numbers.
  2. Just wanted to make a quick post to let players know that there will be a small booster event running until the 20th of September. We hope to be able to deliver the JP Photon Arts some time next weekend, but until then this is for you. 1.5x EXP 1.5x MP 1.5x Meseta 2.0x PA 2.0x Rare Enemy Rate 1.5x Rare Mission Rate 10% Additive Grinder Success Rate 5 Silver Voloyal Coins Daily Additionally, clear boxes on S and S2 difficulty will drop 2 items instead of 1. This is experimental though, so if it doesn't work then please let me know. Thanks!
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  3. If we go back to the old system of weapons breaking, can we at least keep the 'grinders below +10 are actually usable' bit of the current one? A big part of the reason I never touched grinding S rank weapons before the change was the fact that only +10s were worth using, which is a huge problem when you're playing a striking class and need to grind like 6x (7x if including neutral) as many weapons as tech or ranged focused characters do.
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  4. Currently due to the design of how classes/races were designed before JP introduced SUV's for Human/Newman classes, the ATP of specific classes weren't taken into consideration. Now if you have an SUV, but also play MF, your ATP is laughably low. Current MF ATP modifier is set to 50% because saga didn't have intend on letting MF have access to any sort of melee/range/SUVs. Human/Newman SUVs were added to lessen the burden on base PSU after they added mirage blasts to pspo2 to keep up with beasts and casts (and eventually dewmans.) and now there's an issue. You can use an SUV, but SUVs scale of ATP. And Masterforce's ATP is nonexistant. Two solutions can be added to help remedy this issue. -Allow SUV's to scale off TP (THIS IS A MISTAKE. DON'T DO IT! ....Unless you want to see the world burn, then by all means go ahead.) -Increase MF's ATP scaling so they can use SUV's more effectively. Either by equalizing the ATP to FT (maybe even boosting both ATP to 136%/146% to match AT instead of just 120%, as this would also help FT use S RANK bows WITH LV 30 BULLETS even more effectively since they lack nos LB for flying enemies. )
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