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  1. Hoi Back to the self-explaining topics, shall we? :3 I've got a goofy, and wonderful question!Accroding i decide not to type too much about it, i'll going to state two fact, and then ask the big question :3 We all know that Penetrating hit has infinite target for shortened range, It's may or may not that good on paper, but let's call it good. Now for the tougher thing, Heaven avenger has a set point of where the bullet "spawn". However! We can shoot in melee range and can still hit with it! Now that we know this two fact, how's the PA would be affect the handgun (or twin postol)? Would it...: Applies normally, with animation and all? Applies normally, but only one animation in the end? Applies around the circle, and act like if it's Mayalee hit without HP steal? Have no effect? Have no effect, but reduce the range? Something else? If it's the first, for the fun i would unlock it
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  3. I'm not sure but I think I saw it penetrating many foes (not targets)
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  4. I believe with twin heaven avenger, it's supposed to add a small area of effect to the shot, that can hit 2 additional targets. I may be misremembering, but i seem to remember it being that or something along those lines
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