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  1. Also, this make me think that some custom ennemies/bosses (if that happen) could have an AoE pattern that remove all buffs (more a bosses stuff, with not a new pattern for S5 custom falz or w/e) Edited 1 hour ago by Aelphasy I thought about that too, like maybe letting a Polty, Rappy, or some otherwise superweak enemy to have an increased chance to remove your buffs. I'd like a sound effect too on buff removal. Like glass breaking or something.
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  2. I would have it apply to Megistaride, but maybe raise the level of boost all stats to balance it if necessary (or drop the item's store price, or both). Plus, it would remove buffs individually at random. Maybe if one of four Megistaride buffs was removed, your HP could drop by 75% the value it normally drops each tick, for example. Also, I wrote the chances as "low" and "high" rather than percentages to prevent assuming what reasonable chances would be.
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  3. I really hope this wouldn't apply to buffs gained from Megistarides (or other buff items). It's enough of a kick in the balls already for non-tech characters to have to pay 750 meseta per 3 minutes of buffs.
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