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    @Midori Hoshi I don't usually singing, nor remember when was the last time i've sing something really. Expect really just one song ^^ That is is from... "The Orion Nebula" Song name "Rounds". It's on the youtube, if you guys interested I've been singing it for years, and some part i still can't translate ^^* @SHOTGUN This one took me a minute to understand, but i think i understand it correctly. When i made my videos, i weren't took much care about. I mean, they're enjoyable, but all the clips are unedited, also from time to time frame skips may happen. That might happen as well if i will record footage in psu, but like i said. If i find them good, i will share them Might as well if i make an impossible challange, i will make a video of it. But it wont happen any time soon i worry ^^ About the skills, well yeah... i get that, and it wouldn't be bad to get better at making them obviously. But i'm not the brightest one, especially when it comes to IT question May i ask what kind of music do you make? :3
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    Yuh kno, duh wah yuh heart tells yuh, ignoring di fears dat did instilled inna yuh by di standards of a apathetic an cynical society. Even eff yuh videos of poa quality, yuh wi grow step by step both inna skills an technical, an perhaps sum'ady seeing yuh progress visually wi also be inspired 4 sup'm important
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    My favorite anime is One Piece. It's the greatest story ever told. I sing the theme songs every time I watch it.
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