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    Hello GUARDIANs! Downloading this pack will replace the default user-interface icons with those from the Xbox 360 version of Phantasy Star Universe. Download Link Alternate Download Link Unfortunately, I am unable to change the attack ring colour, so it was been temporarily removed from this pack until I can figure it out. This pack should work for both Fullscreen and Windowed versions of the client. Any issues, please let me know!
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    Shenmue 1 and 2 are my all time favourites. No game apart from PSU touches these two. Below those games are Sonic Adventure 1 and 2. Sonic Heroes. The Simpsons Hit and Run. Streets of Rage 1,2,3,4 and Remake. South Park: The Stick of Truth. Rayman Legends. The Sims 1,2,3 (console and pc versions) and The Sims Bustin Out (this is still my favourite Sims game) Dragon Quest VIII (still my favourite RPG after PSU) Shenmue 3 (not as good as 1 and 2, but I still enjoyed it)
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    Hi guys! This is another selfexplaining one, and i don't even know why didn't someone shoot here this question :3 Since this page (the hobbies page) is exist since 2019 ^^ Do you guys have any good hobbies you like to do, aside of gaming of course? :3 Personally i'd pick tenis, even if i'm not good at, but i love it. However since the pandemic, i can't enjoy this activity. But i still have my garden, well as my cats What about you guys? :3 Note: The next post i will try to arrange it at friday, but it could be delay, if my internet wont work properly (yesterday i had issues). It will be a poll, just to bring something new
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    Well gaming of course is the obvious one, but since you're asking aside it, playing the guitar, singing, drawing, writing and reading are all things I do a lot, really enjoy them all and whenever I'm not gaming I'm most likely doing one of these.
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    God tiers : PSO/Skies of Arcadia/FFIX/FFX/OoT/PokemonRBY/DarkSouls/Diablo2/Symphonia and many others. PSU is in my top tiers. To focus on recent games, the games that impressed me the most this generation are : Nier Automata, Persona 5, Bloodborne, Horizon, Yakuza 0, Undertale, Hollow Knight, The Messenger (truly underrated), RE7/2R, MHW and XCX. Also glad to see games like Timesplitters or Power Stone, means that these games are not totally forgotten.
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    Humm humm, favorite games aside PSU huh? Well I'll definitely have to put The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time in there, just a nice classic with many fond memories from my childhood. Final Fantasy 7, 10 & 14, always been a fan of the FF franchise, these are my favorites out of there. :3 This one might be a bit odd to some but I do really enjoy playing League of Legends, and have been for over 9 years now. Pokémon Emerald, though I've played many of the franchise, this one I always keep coming back to play through again on, do challenges and have fun with. Samurai Warriors 2 I've sank plenty an hour on as well when I was younger, definitely has a soft spot in my heart. The Last of Us, while I still haven't completed the 2nd game, I loved the first one and the sequel has been a heck of a ride too. I'll throw in an honorary mention of Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice, a fairly short game but I really enjoyed its aesthetics and ideas. I can't quite make a comprehensive list as I've got WAY too many games I've really enjoyed throughout the years, but the one's mentioned above are some of my definitive favorites that immediately come to mind, and I still play each one to this day. As for what I think of your list? I haven't played Kenshi or PSO:BB so I can't say much about them, Septerra Core I've only dabbled a little on a very, very long time ago so I can't remember much of it, but I do remember enjoying it at the time, as little as I did get to play it. The Sims franchise I've definitely spent a good bit on in as well. XD I wouldn't say that it's among my favorite games, but it does have it's time to shine when I've needed something casual and simple to waste some time away on.
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    My favorite game is PSU, but since I can't pick that one, I might go with Power Stone for arcade / Dreamcast. It's an extremely fun fighting game that deserves way more attention. Power Stone 2 is terrible, by the way.
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    So. When Clementine is up and running, fingers crossed within this month if all goes well with the bug fixing, how are ya'll going to be heading into the game? 1. Charging in armed with the knowledge of wiki's, pedia's, community guides and your own personal expertise from playing the game to expertly rush towards getting your favorite content, gear and classes unlocked and leveled like a well oiled machine? 2. Or just casually strolling along having fun, maybe wasting time away in the lobbies and people's rooms leveling up as you go on missions here and there and experience all that the game has out to offer anew or perhaps for the first time? Or perhaps you have some other style of approach in-between those spectrums?
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    Very hard to say...but i say all time favorite is still PSO1 in whatever form. For Zelda games i say.. Ocarina of Time, Twilight Princess, Four Swords Adventures, Zelda 2 and Breath of the Wild..really fun and memorable. Also, Hyrule Warriors is great..big reason i jumped into the musou genre for the first time. I got all 3 versions, but the Switch version is easily the best. For Final Fantasy i go with 8,7,10 and 4 in order for main serie. Big fan of the Crystal Chronicles serie and i liked the extra content on the Remastered version. I like the Elder Scrolls serie, but only really given Oblivion and Skyrim a chance. I´ve seen some interesting things with Daggerfall and Morrowind, but it´s gonna take a while before i care to try them seeing how different all are. I tried Blades for a while on Switch, but man...it´s limited and annoying. Megaman X serie...i feel they nailed it with X3 and X5. But i still prefer Megaman Legends 1-2 (especially 2) more...love the Bonnes and just delving into ruins. I secretely wished the sequel had randomised ruins to explore with their own ruleset and a way to equip weapons and tools inside the dungeon like Roll standing inside at the start for example. Other titles..hmm. Champions of Norrath: Return to Arms..a very good blend of hack and slash. Never really get tired of that one seeing how much i liked Baldurs Gate: Dark Alliance 1 and 2 (shame no sequel on that cliffhanger). Timesplitters Future Perfect...really is the Goldeneye/Perfect Dark upgrade i wanted for ages..tons of modes, bots and different characters to use and that you can create your own maps were just icing. Metroid Prime serie..were never really into Metroid until the first part came out on Gamecube and what a amasing experience that was at the time...still lots of fun on trilogy collection on Wii and also the only game i really like using motion controll on. Ahhhhh...the favorite list feels almost endless. Xo
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    Casual. That is one of the things that made PSU so great, I never felt the need to rush anything and I could just play the game at my own pace. I will just slowly work towards getting the best gear, character, class and PA levels maxed out, and messing about in the lobbies. I will be in no rush with this game.
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    As much as I have absolutely no intention of going hardcore on an ancient game I have so much time on my hands i'll end up playing 5-10 hours a day anyway but it'll be as casual as I can be
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    - Unlock AT - Get Me / Quick and then Har / Quick - Max all of my PAs and get MF, AT, GT, FT to 20 With that out of the way, I can play whichever of my classes is best for the current mission. And I will purposely not always try to get the latest and greatest gear ASAP like I did before, so I can be in a better position later on.
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    For fun..Forested Islands, something special about that place i can´t really put a finger on. I remember liking in early days of PSU to use Twin Handguns on and it feel peaceful somehow. Electronic Brain for Mother Brain mostly, really nice looking area regardless. MAG for the PSO1 areas, particulary Forest and Ruins....love them. Otherwise, Military Subway, White Beast and Lightning Beast usually gets me going with grinding for different reasons.
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    I think a more tactful question would be: "Can we have an update?" I'm excited as anyone to play, but let's not get pushy lol
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    @SHOTGUN NSFW stands for "Not Safe For Work", and yeah mostlly but not strictly adult things In the forum someone were mention, that there were some nsfw stuff happend, and were suspected it as a reason that they had to close PSU. If i recall correctly, you can read it at dev post 5. @Midori Hoshi Now that's something, while i were expected in general gameplay moments, but this is still good memory to remember! Someone with much knowledge and passion like you, i'm sure you're doing a good help around here. Marm's trust is at good hands ^^ @SHOTGUN Wow you weren't shy sharing it all Gotta love you for that Yeah i love to help newbies too, mainly because when i've seen a "pro" in any game, they're way too egoist. And i find myself often around with a few, but good friend in the end. ^^ Well Materials weren't that big deal to farm, i also gave away materials too, all kind, expect power But mags weren't on my give away ever ^^ too much pain to make one, so i just gave away cells, if i ever got some. Well in pso1 fame weren't that good, at least if you were a nobody, people ignore you, if you start become popular, anyone will nag you to play with them. (that's something i could talk about ages, but that would take two page worth for one comment :D) hmmm, that's somehow hit what i've first answered to :3 i mean, making fun of noobs at pvp and enjoying helping them. But as you've mention it were ages ago. So it's okay ^^ Glad we know you as who you are now, than before Well, was it fun, could be, but i wouldn't be on the other side, especially when they wanted to get their gear back. And that is why i were focused have a few but good friends. :3 Bur either way i wouldn't nesseserily call feminism a mental issue... But there's a limit there too :*D Awwww that kind of friend is the best tho! they're fun to hang out with :*D Be with them, and then tell them good stories :3 and they're just drink every of your word, like it's a refreshing tea in a cold winter's day ^^ When i first seen Killroy, he weren't like it, but i know how stressful he could be as the helper of the clem. I don't think i've met the Viyra yet. Ahh McDonalds, i've seen him a few times, even play with him ^^ Cowboy in underpanties? ^^* Now i'm glad i didn't seen such :*D Such stupidity i usually don't play along with, i mean, yeah it's funny to see how people going to pretend they can be. And it's fun, but if someone use their imagiation for bad, i draw the line. If they think they can get me, i'll turn on the video, and will see who will win Luckily i have not had to use such evidence yet, but i wouldn't let such "king" to rule around ^^ Espeically if he wont be like haha! it were all just for funzies, and then all over. Phew! That was a big one!
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    My favorite moment would actually be related to dev work, not playing the game. Marm recognizing and trusting me enough to let me help with many dev jobs, both big and small, over the years, means so much to me. From when I was first allowed to help with closed testing, and thanks to being very active with it and reporting tons of bugs, Marm trusted me enough to do stuff like edit techs, then later do enemy drops, translations, etc. To be able to help out so much with bringing back my favorite game, plus making it better than the original, is a dream come true.
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    Uhhh no pretty much fine. Im well healthy and doing fine thank you very much. Yall really misunderstood my post so bad. That was just me saying about my personal opinion. Im not attacking anyone or calling names.
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    I'm not voting. The poll question itself doesn't really work. The official servers were far from perfect, so it's not like we should always strive to be like them. The "original game experience" wasn't actually that great. Generally speaking, Clementine has done a good job about recognizing the flaws of official, and doing something better. For the many things official did well, we can do it the same on Clem. But official was pay for advantage, solo only, had poor balance in places, and the poor design / rules pushed players to play the game in annoying and dumb ways like canceling missions constantly to hunt for rare enemies. I'm glad Clem has identical stats for male and female, isn't pay for advantage, has a personal drop system, is rebalancing missions, mission points, and photon arts, won't have that horrible photon luck system, and maybe is doing something about rare enemies so we don't cancel missions so much.
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    @RJSArtemis Why can't we both agreed that you're cute? But ohh well, i guess we need to agreed with that. But i would like to know, why don't you accept me calling you cute :3 and by the way, you're also welcome to check the video too. That's why i posted it publicly :3 And speaking about the video Well as once the game is up, and once i'll make a few video. I'll give high chanse i'll post them here, if the quality is okay. (in a different tab) Not sure if i'll make a "how to start", but i'll surely make an early game video Before the game went out, i've turned the recorder on for the sole reason, and that was to see if i can make a video with somewhat good quality :3 Well all i must say, it will need some tuning :3 but i hope i can make good vids
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    @Fruzsina Though I guess if you wanted there to be some meaning, my fiancée at the time of when I started making these enjoyed drawing as well and the way I drew those leaves is off of how she used to draw them.
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    @RJSArtemis Awww i were really hope it had some meaning. But they're still beautiful! I bet you need to have lots of patience, and concentration to make them. @SHOTGUN I've check a few of my vids, and i've only one about pso1, but the quality is questionable, because i had a mod on. That literally clogged the vision. And i had an other one. But it were a WoW one. it's better quality. I'll send you one of it, both video has decent length, so you don't need to pick one over the other for length :3 Let me know which one you would like to see, and i'll post here the link. Personally i'd show the WoW one, since the mod really really clogs the vision. No joke :*D Hmmmm, at first i've only seen a pixie in it, but yeah! It could be a mag, well as a good tatoo indeed! The heart too! Even if it's not a mag.
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    Hi guys! I love to see you guys answering to these questions. But this question is not about psu. But quite a question to shoot :3 Yet again, it's a self explaining one, but.... i wouldn't like to see like all of you say psu... :3 it would be borring to say, Yeah i should have expected. :3 Special Rule: You can't pick PSU Well as if you have more game you like, you can mention them too! My favorites are: Septerra Core PSO:BB Sims 1, 2 and 3 (i have not play 4) Kenshi What do you guys love to play? :3 What do you think of my list? :3
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    @Fruzsina These days mainly just some random doodles and shapedraws. I used to draw people and places but I don't have the fine motor function for that kinda stuff anymore. Here's Navi and another random doodle I made.
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    @SHOTGUN That feels the same in a way, i used to had ambition on making videos of gameplay. I've share it with a few friend of mine in private, and then deleted them, well most of them. I still have a few that i just couldn't delete, i wouldn't share them because of it's poor quality. If one day i will make a video, and i feel it's good enough to share, i will toss a link to it here. I were about asking Midori about a (list of(if have more)) favorite anime, buuut i always worry to shoot that question. ^-^* Only mention because you told yours
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    @SHOTGUN Yeah the loading time can be awful, especially in sims 3... What really anoys me in the sims 3, is the memory system ..... It's awful. A sim can remember 300 thing, and like. "Yes! I cooked something good!" is a memory slot. Now imagine a whole town, doing certain things. Especially when my witch finds out there's a party, and i didn't get invitation. >< So i 'may' there uninvited, and be a problem @RJSArtemis Sims 2 is really nice, and it have most elements what i love from Sims 3. But the whole open world style is really really made me feel good. Well as, when i create a world, it will not get conflicted with an other sim i have, unless i modify both worlds But overall i would say sims 2 is better than 3, even if i prefer the 3rd game.
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    Yeah mi played whulla dem, third did most interesting 4 mi maybe cuz of open world but fos loading awful. Most annoying ting all games inna dis series neva did optimized an had endless loadings. An you right dem lack of ideas an from game 2 game selling same tings inna different packaging Persona 5 story just
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    I think I need to check what's Septerra Core and Kenshi, because it's first time I see those titles, PSO:BB a lot of good memories, but it's hard for me because most friends for BB disappeared, some of those I don't know where to find now, other don't want to speak. My favorites are: Final fantasy series, my favorites are 6 and 8 Elder Scrolls Oblivion, also played skyrim and morrowind, but 4th is still in my heart When I was kid I loved Skies of Arcadia and Grandia 2, I prefer SoA more and my mom prefers Grandia 2, after years my kids played Grandia 2 and 3 a lot, but now sticking in Fortnite Sims 4 sometimezzzz, I like to build houses but there's no gameplay and it's boring. Breath of Fire series, my favorite is first and third Got a lot of laugh playing Threads of Fate in girls storyline. Dark Stone and first Soul River was my first gothic RPGs I enjoyed to play PSO2, but still PSU is my choice xD GTA 5 RP servers but i have not so many time for RP reality GTA SAMP DM servers, thats fun to rush in sometimes I like qte movies like heavy rain, beyond two souls and detroit become human Old games: Bucky'o'Hare, Adventure on Islands and such old good games And of course sprite based games Undertale, Deltarune (waiting for full version release) an Yuppie Psycho From fightings I'll choose street fighter games and first soul calibur, it's a legend
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    I´m pretty casual, mostly playing whatever mission i feel like doing once i get my favorite Fighgunner and Fortegunner classes up and going.
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    Since most people have already expressed their opinions on this question, maybe it's time to create a new topic for discussion? Do you have any fresh ideas? Maybe some with polls?
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    You're not cute, you're beautiful like a wonderful night sky
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    @SHOTGUN Ah yes, I was like that in FFXIV, sometimes I would spent hours upon hours leveling classes, other times I'd waste hours upon hours just sitting and dicking around with friends getting nothing of note done. XD The mood for which to do really does change a lot from day to day. @Midori Hoshi Well you certainly seem know what exactly you're aiming for. :3 I really don't know much yet past getting Fightmaster unlocked & maxed, not even entirely sure which exact weapon types and PA's I wanna get to use. I would probably like to figure out what set-up I want for weapon types first then upgrade them all at once every so often as I level up and get newer weapons unlocked so my kit will always remain the same throughout, not sure how much I'll bother with Weapon Grinding until I start getting into the higher tier of weapons, or Weapon Regrading if we end up getting that.
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    What a wonderful question, i honestly haven't think about posting this one! I'm more of a casual player myself. I'll probably spend a lot of time with grinding certain areas, and i don't dream to aquire these op gears, but will give a few chanse occasionally. My goal is: Party up, have fun, find goodies, and enjoy the game, chill out, and repeat. Later if i become really powerful, I'll set myself challanges for example one could be..... "cannot wear S rank gear challange" or "no armour or unit challange" Just to spice my game up Every class is unique, but like all of them in the future could face challange, if i wont or will do something goofy, that must be avoided (by serious gamers) But of course, these challanges will be there for me later in the future, once i know more about bosses, mobs, weapons, techs.... basically about the game. The room may or may not be locked, depends on the challange. And either case the room name will be "Challange" Later, i will set up a new account for challange only, and will record it. ^^ What about you?
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    @Fruzsina Oh ya in the case of ppl who were already out of country when corona hit and those who have to work out of country I don't entirely blame them, but I know for a fact a lot of them just decided to go on a vacation trip that they did not need to take at a time like this, those people I am calling idiots as they're making things worse for everyone else.
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    @SHOTGUN Well yes, you need to use your hands before you put it on. And so we need to wash our hands before we do so! If mask need some adjustments, or your face itching. Hand sanitizer is your friend. I always carry a small tube of, if i need to go outside. Keeping distance is a good thing, but not everyone knows and/or understand/want it/, or simply not possible. A fabric mask can provide protection too, if it's cover your mouth and nose. And speaking of real protection... Full hazmat suit :*D But incase you guys don't have, i guess a simple mask, (medical) rubber gloves, hand sanitizer, keeping distance. These should be good enough. We still have enough weapons to deal with, not to mention stay at home. @Midori Hoshi
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    I feel eased a little bit, because the tests took only about a few minutes really, and luckily it were negative! And i guess i will have to keep distance with my neighbour a little bit, and all just be fine. Thank you guys for the good wishes @SHOTGUN A pandemic like this shouldn't be ignored, so keep masks, and distance if you need to be outdoors :3 @RJSArtemis The secound wave blooming from about... September 2-3 or so. To be honest, i don't think they're all of them idiots. Or at least they don't go out for some Corona trip. Some of them (and i know several) might just work outside of the border. And as the first wave got over, or at least situations were calming down. They went home, it's an other thing that they could carry home the corona too, not only the love for the family. But either way, it's not a smart decision to go away from where we are right now. Well it's sad to hear that this cursed virus is really everywhere, but i hope things go better once the vaccination will be available. And we can hope that 2021 will be better.
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    The 2nd wave hit mid- to late last month here, been dying out now already though with I believe it was 6-10 new cases in the last week, only a bit over 8000 in the whole country since corona started, mostly thanks to idiots who decided it'll be a good time to do some travelling with a global pandemic going on. In my area there's 0 cases so I'm sitting pretty comfortably in here. :3 Hope your test goes well and you'll stay healthy.
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    Idk, it's panic here of course as well as world wide, but I don't care about corona, if it must happen then it will happen. Good luck and hope you're ok.
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    Hi guys! hmmm, Captain Obvious post arrived But here's a twist this time!!! Name your favorite weapons you like for it's Power, and another because it looks good, but not powerful. (if you have any) I think the most powerful weapon i had is the psycho wand in the end. so i'll pick that for power. I know it's not an end game thing, but for me it were one :3 And for it's looks, the goofiest thing.... The poke stick known as Hand spear But that thing could go over the top if the Real hand guns say... "pew pew" lol I would die from laughter if they do so :*D
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    1. Daylight Scar, very cool claw design (particulary strong with extend codes in PSP2/ Infinity)..also got me into liking Wired lances in PSO2 at looong time ago in its early days..haha...i miss spinning Xo. 2. Spread Needle, pretty purple and yellow rain of destruction. 3. Degahna Cannon, always liked the big laser cannon effect. 4. Guld & Milla, pretty cool? 5. Muktengek & Gekitsnata, fun poking sticks.
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    Cast then and probably Cast now. It´s kinda like me thinking about Argonians in Elder Scrolls games., always have a special place for robots and reptiles.
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    Heh, yeah, that particular shade of green on the blade is one of my favorite colours.
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    I have a suggestion, just to let it be known I'm a Admin over on the REmodding forums, not going to post a link but a simple google search of "Resident Evil Modding" will pop up. The modding site was originally on Invision back in 2007 and even though we tried updating and adjusting the best we could through the years we always had similar problems to your own in addition to spam attacks, finally in 2012 we moved to Proboards which is free and actually very user friendly. The updates and features its provides in comparison to Invision is so apparent and while its not perfect it is a lot better than what we had with invision, I think that the fact its still standing mostly problem free 8 years after the move from Invsion is a testament to Proboards reliability in my opinion. Just a suggestion on my part from someone who was a part of a longstanding forum having to move due to issues, As a longtime fan of PSU and a huge supporter of the work you guys do to bring back a piece of my youth with this great game I felt compelled to throw out a suggestion even if you guys do not take it, good luck and here's hoping it all works out!
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    Oh yeah been doing that since the day I started using the Forum. XD Usually it loads well but the off chances it doesn't just clicking the link again gets it done in a second or two every time so not having any issues with that.
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    I figured this out recently, but if the forum is taking a long time to load the page, just click the link again, and there is a good chance it works quickly. Of course, that's still far from ideal, but at least we aren't stuck waiting minutes for the page to load anymore.
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    I've updated the post about release date and progress with the latest announcement from Marmalade on the Clementine discord. We hope to release very soon and we're sorry for not being able to release in the time window we planned. Thank you for your patience.
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    Get over there and help them figure out the problems so they can release it, since you think its so easy.
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    Desert Goliath has some neutral element enemies, which are usually pretty dangerous to a class like MF since we have the worst overall defense and can't use elemental armor to reduce the damage. The last room has a bunch of Grinna Bete C, who can quickly kill you with their machineguns, and it has one of the hardest bosses in the game too, Magas Maggahna. I hope it has some good clear box drops to both reward players for clearing it, but also so I can justify running it a lot. http://prntscr.com/u999ct
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    @SHOTGUN Hmmm.... that sounds about right , however i only could see De Rol Le. Because my aim with spells weren't good to take the worm down :*D He is a lot rougher here that in pso1 for sure haha I only seen two rare mission. One that were like ... copy of a PSO1 forest and the other one is caves. Beach? ^-^* I'm rather timid to visit the beach, whenever i picked a harder mission there, i just simply couldn't kill a thing. I think i know that, i can't do wonder with my posts, but keep up the hype :3 it works for me @RJSArtemis Are these quests story mode ones? Because i simply have no clue about them ^-^* I think we're on the same boat in that case, i've sink in ridicolus amount of time in like 2 quest in pso1 Partially that's why i were so excited when i've seen the protectors zeta. Hmmm, but i guess you were also loved these offline quests. so the cookie now become a cake And if we once can play, we can explore the game, and find more quest to love White beast is easy, especially if you have a dark weapon and/or a dark tech at hand. it will quickly annihilate the map. Good exp, may as well good loot too So true, so true! Finding a good buddy to play with, makes the game more enjoyable. Glad you like my posts I'll make sure to feed your eyes and interest with 'em ^^ @Midori Hoshi Ohhh yes! Sleeping warriors is also awesome !!! Yeah it was a big jump from the pso1 haha both graphically, and gameplay vise :*D That Goliath quest i can't recall doing it. I'd like to ask why is it challanging, but i want to experience it on my own skin Holy grounds!!!!! Love you! @Kanako This two quest isn't familiar to me at all ^^ @MimiruReaver PSO quests are nostalgy Ohhhh? Now that's interesting! Hopefully anyone got an answer
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