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    The Protectors Lambda mission is no longer available to play at Vio Tonga, however the 2x PA multiplier will remain active for a little longer, until the new PA exp table can be implemented. I hope you all had fun falling into traps and hunting items and stuff. Anyway... Fixed an issue where the player could receive status effects while using an SUV or Nanoblast. Fixed an issue with being unable to start a rare mission. Sorry about that! Fixed an issue with Mugunrukuc having the incorrect data, which was a clone of Weisse Lilie. Made some tweaks to Rentis and Dizas to reduce their damage nullifying capability. They were a bit too strong. Striking Photon Art fixes, thanks to Killroy: Bogga Ranpa: Changed first combo max target count from 2 to 3. Infinite Storm: Fixed LV1-10 ATP Modifier to 191%-200%. Area drop chart changes: Most weapons have had their drop rate increased Tweaked all of the S3-S4 Drops (too many to list) All Crea weapons are swapped to Crea+ Above level 80 Moved Haktora Sealed to 40-59 Moved Liese Garland from Parum Underground to Linear Line 60-79 Moved Immutable Gazer to 80-124 Moved Granahodora to HIVE 125-174 Moved Denial to Parum Underground 125-174 Moved Chainsawd to 80-99 Moved Caster Broom From HIVE to Raffon 124-174 Moved Parum Madog to 175-199 Moved Black rebellion to 80-124 Moved Verathragna From HIVE to Train 80-124 Moved Survival Slasher to 80-124 Moved Teroo G - R - B - Y to 40-59 Moved Tippo Nazra to 60-79 Moved 12-Ouncers to 124-174 Moved Accordion Whip to 80-124 Moved Nightmare Dust to 80-174 Moved Twin Tonfa From RELICS to Parum Underground 125-174 Removed Sharp Twins Removed Yasminakov 0002 Removed Ranpegi Removed Kokrosoki Removed Mira-kikami Removed Ank Kilik Removed Twin Ancient Sights Removed Chaos Sorcerer Rod Added remaining vanilla drops in linear line Added Twin Kamui in Parum Underground 40-59 Added Nova Crusher in Train 125-149 Added Poron Poron in Habirao 125-149 Added Sengetsu in Kugu Desert 125-174 Added Milla in RELICS 125-174 Added Clad Shag in RELICS 150-199 Added Falclaw to PSO Forest 125-149 Added Dual Mistilteinn to Parum Underground 175-199 Added Rutsularod to PSO Caves 150-174 Specific level ranges of each area that are known to not currently exist have been highlighted in red. If an item appears at a specific level range with a specific rate and continues to appear at high level ranges, it will keep the rate it started with. The level cap was raised to 120.
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    This one is some mild love for rooms, nothing too special. Fixed an issue with the Room Universe not properly cleaning up empty rooms, eventually causing a crash. Fixed an issue with player room music disc not saving on log out. Fixed an issue with player room location not saving on log out. Fixed an issue with partner machine storage not loading correctly, resulting in an empty storage sometimes. Searching player shop by category should now be functional. Fixed an issue where Master classes couldn't equip C rank pistols even though they were enabled on the type menu. Made changes to the flinch mechanic again, to hopefully relieve the issue of not being able to knock back enemies. Temporary. Implementing more support for shop search will require some more thinking, and likely a revision of the SQL table. I will write more information on that once I figure out a suitable solution. The EXP boost that was enabled over the weekend has been removed now, however the EXP Multiplier has been set back to 1.0x instead of the 0.8x it was before the boost. The PA EXP Multiplier is still 2.0x. Weapon Fixes, thanks to Parallaxed: Twin Real Handgun now has it's correct model and firing sound. Two-Headed Ragnuc now has it's correct rarity. Genocide Bunker now fires correctly. (Immediate Explosion) Photon Art Fixes, thanks to Killroy: Bogga Ranpa Rarity increased from 1 to 13 Dus Skadd Rarity increased from 1 to 13 Bogga zubba LV 31-40 first combo ATP modifier corrected to 326%-380% LV 41-50 first combo ATP modifier corrected to 387%-450% Bogga Danga LV 1-10 first combo ATP modifier corrected to 202%-220% LV 11-20 first combo ATP modifier corrected to 222%-240% LV 21-30 first combo ATP modifier corrected to 242%-260% LV 31-40 first combo ATP modifier corrected to 262%-280% LV 41-50 first combo ATP modifier corrected to 284%-320% Dus Daggas LV 41-50 first combo ATP modifier corrected to 204%-240% Sprial Dance LV 1-10 first combo ATP modifier corrected to 106%-160% LV 11-20 first combo ATP modifier corrected to 162%-180% Absolute Dance LV 31-40 first combo ATP modifier corrected to 404%-440% LV 41-50 first combo ATP modifier corrected to 445%-500% Gravity Dance LV 41-50 first combo ATP modifier corrected to 203%-230% Rising Crush LV 21-30 third combo ATP modifier corrected to 206%-260% Moubu Seiren-zan LV 1-10 first combo ATP modifier corrected to 173%-200% LV 11-17 first combo ATP modifier corrected to 202%-214% LV 21-23 first combo ATP modifier corrected to 226%-238% Renga Chujin-shou LV 1-10 first combo ATP modifier corrected to 182%-200% LV 11-20 first combo ATP modifier corrected to 201%-210% LV 11-20 second combo ATP modifier corrected to 304%-340% LV 21-30 first combo ATP modifier corrected to 211%-220% LV 31-40 first combo ATP modifier corrected to 303%-330% LV 41-50 first combo ATP modifier corrected to 331%-340% Renkai Buyou-zan LV 1-10 first combo ATP modifier corrected to 191%-200% LV 11-20 first combo ATP modifier corrected to 202%-220% Hishou Jinren-zan LV 1-10 first combo ATP modifier corrected to 208%-226% LV 11-20 first combo ATP modifier corrected to 228%-246% LV 11-20 second combo ATP modifier corrected to 202%-220% LV 21-30 first combo ATP modifier corrected to 251%-260% LV 21-30 second combo ATP modifier corrected to 242-260% LV 31-40 second combo ATP modifier corrected to 262%-280% LV 41-50 second combo ATP modifier corrected to 281%-290% Rensan Senshou-ga LV 11-20 second combo ATP modifier corrected to 204%-240% LV 21-30 second combo ATP modifier corrected to 242%-260% As always, thanks for your patience and support!
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    Mmm. Fixed an issue with Grenade Launcher, and generally all bullets being "too fast", "too high", or generally not working at all. Fixed an issue with Meseta not being saved correctly during major transactions. You should hopefully not lose Meseta anymore when transferring Meseta to and from storage. Fixed an issue with RCSM using ATP instead of TP for damage calculation. Fixed an issue with PA Damage modifiers not working correctly on weapons. Fixed an issue where Deband and Retier would cause you to take more damage. Defense is still wonky so they won't do much right now, we're working on that formula still. Sorry! Grants now has its correct sound effect! Both Rentis and Dizas are now available to be purchased and used. They're a little bit hacky and splodgy right now due to virtually no data, but they should be usable at least. Striking Weapons and Line Shields can now drop with Neutral element, with half the chance to show up as any other element. Additionally, the system where minimum element percentage is increased based on item rarity is now back in effect, which means that only low rarity items can roll as low as 4-12%. Scape Doll maximum quantity was increased to 3. Dying during a mission and using a Scape Doll will not affect the users or parties overall clear rank. However, dying without a Scape Doll will count towards the individual users death counter, and may affect clear rank for that user alone. Moon Atomizers and Giresta will not reverse these effects. Striking PA's can no longer be interrupted by flinch. You will take damage as usual though, so be careful! Important: Some Line Shield item ID's got moved around, and while I've done my best to update everyone's item data correctly, there's a chance I may have missed some. If you experience any issues, please do contact me. Improved hit boxes for the following Striking PA's (Subjected to change, more to come) : Infinite Storm Vivi Dezza Blade Destruction Sougacho Sekka Cyclone Dance Bogga Ranpa Soujin Ranbu-shou Fixed ATP / ATA Modifier, Combo Count, Target Count, and PP consumption for the following Striking PA's (Thanks to Killroy! Info sourced from JP Wiki ) : Shusou Retsuzan-ga Vivi Dezza Grand Crusher Bogga Ranpa Dus Skadd Cyclone Dance Anga Grudda Blade Destruction Soujin Ranbu-shou Infinite Storm Weapon Fixes, thanks to Parallaxed: Siren Glass Hammer now has its missing visual effect. Cursed Barbados now has its missing visual effect. Aoryu now has it's correct stats. Magical Piece now has it's stats bonus and visual effect. Cutie Baton now it's the correct rarity. Bladed Paradiso now has it's correct model and visual effect. Tornado Stinger now has it's correct model and visual effect. Lightning Espada now has it's correct stats. Gray Whip now has it's correct visual effect. Vish Diragac now has it's missing sounds. Pushan now has the correct rarity. Twin Dil Edge has had its range boost temporarily disabled due to a bug that caused inventory glitches! ...Sorry about that. o/ Missing Line Shields added, thanks to DualStream: Support Line Rabol Neda Rabol Rad Rabol Tien Cat Line Rabol Gaim Event Information Protectors Lambda will be available at N.Cont Vio Tonga (North Continent: Ice Plains) on Moatoob until Tuesday night. The mission has its own unique set of Area Drops, which you can view on the V2 table as usual. Additionally! The level cap has been raised to 115. PA Exp Multiplier has been raised to 2x. Watch out for those pits, keep an eye on those traps, and try not to freeze to death! More PA fixes will come. Have fun P.S. Sorry for bugs. I'm sure there are some, and I'm sure I've missed some stuff, but I will absolutely get to it as updates roll out!
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    I'm sorry, but I'm against it. Basically you're doing the same thing in PSO2 in terms of... if X class doesn't have double jump, add it. If that class doesn't a travel PA, add it. That thing makes the game very repetitive, and the last thing which I want is being forced to use Travel PAs just because ppl want frenzy games...
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    I hope this is the right place to post this information >.> But I believe this issue needs to be address, Character: Light -Alt- Level: 103 - Class: GunMaster - Race: Beast - Map: Unsafe Passage S - Enemies: Pannon's - Rifles PA Lvl 50 Light - NO BUFFS USED FOR DAMAGE TEST ***Edit: ( Sry I had Mega / power equipped 50 att+ from Arm slot )*** Okay Lets bring out the GUNS!!! Enemies are DARK ELEMENTED MIZURAKIHOH AT 439 Att - PA LIGHT - Damage = 1000-1050 per hit YAMSMINOKOV 3000 AT 739 Att - PA LIGHT - Damage 1050-1120 per hit BRINGER RIFLE AT 901 Att - PA LIGHT - Damage 600-1200 per hit ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Now the same test - BUT WITH LVL 50 FIRE PA - Againts dark MIZURAKIHOH AT 439 Att - PA FIRE - 920-980 per hit AMSMINOKOV 3000 AT 739 Att - PA FIRE - 1000-1050 BRINGER RIFLE AT 901 Att - PA FIRE - 550- 1150 48% light pa, vs dark shouldnt almost hit exactly the same as using fire againts dark..... --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sadly As I only been playing for 1 week, and I havnt had the chance to farm Shotguns ( steam burst) Or lasers from seed express..... But atm What i do know... Is that the FIre shot PA- does the same damage in De rol li mission... which is all ground enemies >.> PLEASE - Fix gunners before anything else.... I will be farming for the other gear items now... Ill be getting back regard lasers att /grenades / twins / shotguns att as soon as I find them
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    I think it would be desirable to see as much informations as possible about what we did, for example : - Number of time we ran a mission, in all rank - Number of monsters killed (total and also very detailed, like how many badira lv 15, lv35 ...) AND, for the more important loot, what I looted. Example : 107x Bafal Bragga killed in S, 5 ragnus obtained, 89 in S2, 1 Pakuda obtained. - Overall number of kill which each kind of weapons - The total of meseta obtained and spent in NPC/player shop We can add other things surely, but for the moment bestiary and missions should be a priority (at the right moment, of course). Nothing new under the sun, but it is always useful to be able to get an idea of all that has been done.
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    Since there are boss drops now, I like to hunt boss drops. Problem is we have a 1 scape limit and once they scape is gone, and you die, YOU HAVE FAILED THE MISSION. You can't reload the mission. Can we please increase the scape limit to 5? Not everyone likes to be in parties, specially when I am hunting something.
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    PSU is an online RPG It is not a racing game or a game to play TA In PSO2, in addition to time restriction in emergency missions, generalization of this makes it a premise to use PA for movement I do not want to do the same with PSU
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    First, thanks to YOmap for warning me and Midori Hoshi for testing it. The 13* wand Magical Piece has several issues : - It don't boost your MST has it should (+120, according to psupedia : http://psupedia.info/Magical_Piece.html ) - It should be a bit more powerful than motav, (since they have closer statistics) with the +10% power techs modifier, but the +10% feature is missing. - Worst : the heart visual effect don't work. :<² I'm going to keep it aside while waiting for the next updates, it would not be fair to sell it now, and I do not want to sell it when it has the potential to become one of the best wand. Good luck.
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    I am a yes man + very Toad in my way of thinking, so I would say that the prices are correct, for all the reasons you said + they are +10 (they are, right ?) BUT since for 5 years I also try to do my best, at my level, to make things happen for the better, I'd say you're right: considering the time spend to grind ONE item to 10/10, it's very expensive. It's worth only for the best weapons, maybe. My suggestion : Also add grinder S+1 and +5 at dallgun vendor. S+1 for 1,5 mil and +5 for 3 mil : it allows everyone at least to have opportunity to grind a bit their S rank to 2 or 3/10 for a reasonable price. To go to 6 or 7, the 3 millions and finally those that cost 5 millions to complete the weapon. Purpose is a more harmonious progression, considering that a S+10 for the beginning of the grind is not relevant.
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    Despite v3 raising the drop rates, it still feels wrong... It’s very difficult to sell things and quite painful to make meseta. I think first of all your target market needs to be taken into consideration, The majority of people back then would of been quite young 12-22 mostly unemployed and able to spend all there free time grinding out weapons, those people are now years down the line. Most likely with full time jobs, potentially kids too and other commitments, I don’t have the statistics but that would be my guess. So from that let’s take the average PSU player in 2019, they work 9-5 ex, so they roughly have 4-5 hours of playtime if they decide to play. Let’s say in this example they play acrofightier : They need: Nightmare dusts : X6 (0.2-0.3 drop) 12-Ouncers: X6 (0.3 drop) Shidenji: X6 (0.18 drop) clad shag: X3 (only need three elements of these) (0.18) shag langdeel: (^^^^^^)(0.18) Now factor in these low drop rates, now factor in that only 40%+ of these are worth using or selling = the amount of time you’d have to invest to gear ONE class is way too long.(and this is without even touching on grinding) I think rather than the market being empty and dead, it needs to be rebalanced, with peoples playtime taken into consideration and fighters %’s , people shouldn’t be tied to playing on only one class. Double or triple all drops, bring meseta into the economy, let people get the gear they need and use it before another better weapon comes out. The timeframe is screwed. The best way to make money right now, is to level up PA’s and sell them and some of these PA’s take days to level, some even just afk them instead of playing, but it’s more efficient than running a mission, that’s not my psu
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    Currently all but three classes have access to a travel skill. Those classes are Protranser, Gunmaster, and Masterforce. I think that's poor balance. These classes tend to lag behind others when played in parties. Plus, it would just be more fun and interesting to have a travel skill on them, because running slowly over a long distance is boring. Let's give every class access to at least C rank dagger for a couple weeks as a trial, and then come back here to do another poll and discuss if we feel it made the game better or worse, and go from there. The exact changes I'm suggesting: - Give PT, GM, MF, and FM access to C rank dagger. Set GM and MF's skill level cap to 10. - Give GM access to C rank handgun, because they are the only class without it, and it would give them something to do with their left hand when using dagger. *Regardless of the results of this poll, all of these decisions are ultimately up to Marmalade.
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    Id agree with PT being able to travel ahead and lay traps, but I think some of the other classes having travelling may cause some balance issues. Trying not to be too biased as i dont play MF/GM, but i feel out the masterclasses travelling should stay unique to fighmaster. I do however think the masterclasses should get buffs: MF needs its limit break / GM needs its first person shooting increaed by 20% If you was to take every single classes travel PA away, MF would arguably be the strongest (with LB), now give everyone a travel PA which class is the strongest p.s If it wasn't possible to get limit break ever, id agree and say yes they should have a means to travel too.
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    Hello! my name is Ryuu and I am new here and was trying to create in game account but once i finished registering my user ID it doesn't recognize that newly created account. Is the server temporarily offline for maintenance?
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    Thanks for your hard work Marm, Killroy, Parallaxed, DualStream, and everyone else that helped with the update. Ya'll rock
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    Thanks for the update! Infinite Storm hitboxes hype!!
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    Thanks, I'll have this fixed for the next update!
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    Nice find, I'll get this sorted ASAP.
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    Because your continual community behavior carries over. You're not exempt from in game punishment for continual shitty behavior in our other services. Sorry buddy but you'll have to actually serve out this punishment. Hopefully you shape up because I really dont dislike you.
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    Deband is currently increasing enemy physical attacks to player, retier is increasing enemy techs to player. This includes defbaride/retaride.
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    The fact there are "travel skills" at all is pretty baffling. I distinctly remember them nerfing that one Double Saber PA (tornado dance I think?) on official BECAUSE people were using it as a movement option. If it starts getting used as a combat maneuver to evade attacks during combat then that definitely becomes a potential balance issue, as well. It's tough though because I certainly wouldn't hate being able to move faster between groups though... I think the best suggestion I could make, although I don't know if it'd be possible, would simply be "when not in combat, you move x% faster" so you can get to the next group faster, but I don't think PSU has any sort of check to see if you're actually in combat or not.
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    A familiar ghostly shadow reappears in the old abandoned city Mellvore. The shadow once known as Commander Knave Golem of the Alliance Military, now known as Noob. Once taken down in an operation against the Endrum Collective, an operative has taken Golem to an unknown location, replaced all the fried circuits and reprogrammed him. They changed his standard AMF armor from green to black with the option of his new blacked out formalwear or blacked out custom parts with a whole new attitude. But after a while of Noob tormenting souls and burying them, more and more of the old Golem started showing out as if Golem is taking back his body. Noob was recently seen with a group of AMF soldiers on a night ops mission in Moatoob and in the Guardians Colony. Rumor has it that he has rejoined and formed a night ops squad called "The Deathly Shadows", named after his group of undead warriors that he finally laid back to rest. He is now one of the Alliance Military's top operatives and is known to get called out when there's a night special operations. The once Commander is now Lt. Saibot and where he resides is unknown.
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    Well done on the detailed explanation and testing! During the closed-testing phase, I did noticed only a slight increase when changing elements. Considering the 44%-46% on shotguns now, the switch should be more considerate when attacking enemies. In the past, the efficiency of elements were lowered on the official servers when Just-attack was introduced, but the effectiveness of elemental attributes on gun-based weaponry were still more effective than it is on this server. While the increased ATP percentage helped GunMaster, the class still seem to be lacking behind the other master classes. Perhaps it's a lack of available gear (such as shotguns that actually give more ATP) or the elemental problem. Whatever the case may be, a FighMaster with Dus Skad will put my clear times to shame with any 38% spear alone.
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    I think in reverse. First move up the speed of all classes. Instead, slow down travel skills. This will equalize the movement speed of all classes.
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    I think its a great idea to give a means of travel to all classes, I see way too often classes have to walk slowly to a group of enemies for them to be only dead or near dead already. I can't imagine how sucky this makes the game experience to constantly having to chase down other players just to get a hit in. Its especially important for PT with their main role being to get ahead of enemies and place traps to prep for spawns, with GMs main go to DPS being a shotgun its awful to have to walk point blank to enemies each and every time with the pack going ahead. Adding this here after a long "discussion" in the discord: - There is very little reason for GM, MF or PT to not have a travel PA. PT for obvious reasons as stated above. In the current state of clem GM and MF are under performing already in terms of damage. MF does not have limit break and potentially may not for year(s) if ever. GM's damage is just lackluster compared to melee options so for these classes to already be weaker and have to suffer slower travel makes no sense. If in the future limit break was added then removing travel PA should be considered. This isn't anything to do with TA or optimal speed runs but just giving people a chance to actually play their class and hit things. Its no fun getting to a spawn of mobs for them to be dead already, this isn't the case in every quest but it definitely is in a lot of content. Overall it just makes no sense for classes that are already weaker to be slower as well. If people are voting against this because they feel "no need" for a travel PA then it should make no difference to them if it is added or not.
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    Gun Arts Elemental% Honestly - This can't be working right, Lets say you lvl Rifle / laser Pa from 20 to 21 / 30-31 / 40-41 - On the 11 etc mark the guns gain a massive boost in elemental %.. But trust me... You hit the same amount of damage.. The easiest test to see Pa's % are not working right get a lvl 50 fire rifle.. Shot it at a dark element mob in cob.. You will hit 1400 per shot lets say - now switch to lvl 50 Light rifle.. you will only hit 1500..... 100 more damage for a 48% light rifle.. Its just... your better off stay using fire / ground arts pa's as the % increase doesn't really add any damage for using the right element against mobs.. ------------------------------ I kinda hope the damage % power up comes to gunners soon.. we are kinda lacking way behind other classes in terms of power ^.^
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    The guns are missing thier fingers and the sound effects psu20190707_012453_001.bmp
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    Understood! ...Somehow I'll have this fixed for the next maintenance!
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    While wearing a mantra, after a nanoblast the visual effect from the unit will either dissapear, or be raplaced by another visual, this seems to only be client side as other party members still see the mantra effect . After some more testing it seems to only occur when changing blocks while in beast form.
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    Nice find! This sounds like a backend issue that @Marmalade will have to look into! Many thanks.
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    Stats seem way off on Creasaud + compared to whats listed on Psoworld.
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    chainsawed now acquirable yes my wt thanks you
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    Thanks for the fix Also, thank you for keeping the PA growth rate double!
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    I liked seeing it, just not when it was for Synth items -- even if it is slightly in my pallete due to the widescreen hack oof. Not important but some QoL, I think it'd be nicer to see the weapon name highlighted with the weaponel element. Liiike.... this. Parallaxed Parallaxed Parallaxed Recieved: Ultimate Knight - 36% Recieved: Twin Dil Edge Recieved: Exam - 50% 15★ 9★ 3★
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    I only see negative things coming from this. I mean we already have people rage quiting parties when u type out what u got.
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    Thanks for the find! I'll fix this ASAP.
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    The Siren Glass Hammer doesn't have its 20% boost to tech's. It is also missing its aura.
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    No problem! Glad you got it sorted.
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    Hello! You're here for one thing only, so lets get to it. These files, when placed into your DATA folder of your Clementine directory, will replace the voices in game from Japanese to English. Be sure to make a copy of your originals, just in case you'd ever like to switch back. Replaced voices include the following... Player Characters Humanoid Enemy Types (40+) Bosses (The ones that speak.) Shop Attendants NPC Partners Casino Voiceover If for some reason you're not a fan of the English Player Character voices, you can download a version of the patch here, which includes everything other than the player character voices. This wouldn't have been possible without the help of Agrajag, so please -- give them some love. ♥ Alternate Download. No Character Voice Alternate Download. Enjoy!
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    You get the meseta and the mp just when you finish it.
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    Boss arena means the boxes that appear after you defeat the boss
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    There are 4 missing files, "intro" and "outro" for Dark Falz and Mother Brain : 228281463fa23868d55c25832f3ea620 - Mother Brain Intro 2ef11d684a45837236062f2c6588d2b5 - Dark Falz Intro 2f781c8eaf076d73af79c4f5e74d8890 - Dark Falz Outro 7cd5031e76d927c10c38698e9b6c9dd2 - Mother Brain Outro 2ef11d684a45837236062f2c6588d2b5 2f781c8eaf076d73af79c4f5e74d8890 7cd5031e76d927c10c38698e9b6c9dd2 228281463fa23868d55c25832f3ea620
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    I remember the good old days on the 360 server. My gamertag at the time was Godslayer Razel, I played a cast girl and don't remember what I named her, just that I was a simple grinder farmer and made my living on honest work making grinders.
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    we had a weekend only event mission alittle while ago. was really nice. also made us have alot more players
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    There are some holiday lobbies, that's all I know. Event missions possible, but I guess it's not ready and no rumors if this planned.
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    Fixed an issue with some mission variants not working. Fixed an issue with Mother Brain using shield attacks too often. Fixed an issue with Endurance bonus not being applied for shields and units. Fixed an issue with Neutral Element weapons and shields dropping twice as often. Fixed an issue with Dark Element weapons and shields not dropping. High rarity items are now less likely to roll a low element percentage. Changes to the randomizer to hopefully improve roll distribution. This time it's properly seeded! New updates to the Area Drop table, you can see it here: Weapon fixes, thanks to Parallaxed: Flowen's Greatsword is now the correct rarity. Real Hand Gun now has the correct stats and rarity. Sonichi is now the correct rarity. Gaia Crusher now has the correct visual effect. Stag Cutralli is now the correct rarity. Angelic Breath now has the correct rarity. Aldaga Cresa+ now has the correct rank. Exam now inflicts the correct Status Effect. Love Inferno now inflicts the correct Status Effect. Liese Garland Now has its correct model. Crea Doubles now has the correct rarity. Twin Dil Edge now has the correct stats. Conic now has the correct rarity Exam and Exam+ Now play their correct sounds when attacking. Haktora Sealed is now the correct rank. Psychowand is now the correct rarity. Nightmare Dust is now the correct Rank Riela's Lance now has the correct stats.
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    i feel like its more of an "oh ill see em around again anyway and maybe we will talk, since the community is so small" Ive only got 30 hours in or so and ive already started seeing some of the same people; greetings and all.
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    I'm blown away any of this is possible. There special place in heaven for you all. Thanks a ton
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