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    Hi, hello, and how are you? You’re looking nice today. I want to make this post and talk to you about some weird things going on with Clementine right now, and I apologise in advance that it’s a lengthy one. I hope you’ll take the time to read it. First thing’s first. This test server? I hate it, it’s frustrating. It's a waste of time. That might be a bit harsh, but there are a lot of annoying and frustrating things that I don’t like about this test, or what it’s become. Clementine as it is now has strayed so far from the path and goal that I initially had, and trying to get it back on track is incredibly frustrating for many reasons. The server as it is, it wasn’t opened for the idea of playing or having “fun”. It was nice to be able to show off how far implementations had come, but it was opened so that I could iron out stability issues and all that naughty shit. Then something happened, and I know exactly the point that it happened, and because of it, a lot of us unfortunately fell into the trap of trying to make it “fun” and blasting out random content just to keep people having “fun”. Incap? What the fuck. Balancing shit? Ah. Aaah. Get off me. Not to mention half of the patchy and hacky code just to do shit for systems that I just don’t have any packets for. There are a few poor changes that I absolutely want to undo and correct. I just don’t like it. None of us do. It isn’t what we want it to be, and it isn’t in any way representing of what we want it to be. We have no intention of taking PSU and giving it back to you completely malformed and horrid, and there are some important things to bring to light. So that’s why we’re going to fix it over the next handful of months, and I’ll get to that shortly. Don’t get me wrong, at first it was useful and I’ve learned a lot of important things from it, but I personally think that A) It was too soon, and B) It lasted way too long. So what’s going to happen? The first thing that’s got to happen is that this test server has to go to sleep for a little while. Why? Well, besides half of that shit up there, there are a few bonuses that I’d like to think benefit us all. We can work way faster without having to worry about updating, and late late nights to fix bugs for the “play now” idea. There are a lot of SQL design issues I need to resolve, and I can’t do that so easily when it’s in use. This is important for things like Shop Search, Item Integrity, Titles, and all that other junk you want that I can’t do right now. Why am I still paying a massive bill every month when it could go toward the better future? So, I won’t be paying the next server bill, and the server will turn off for a few months. That will be on the 17th of January. But what about The Wipe™? I still hope and intend for this to be the final wipe that you will have to endure with Clementine. Next? Here’s what is happening, and what we will be done over the next few months. Synthesis: Synthesis is, for the most part, done. You can insert boards, craft stuff, wait 5 years for your product, and then be disappointed. It was one of the last atrocious systems in player rooms that I had to deal with, and I’m glad. Enemies, Boxes, Area drops and the 2nd Floor Synth Shop, will all include things for synthesising. Trading: Player Trading is troubled, but we will do our best to work with it and get a functional implementation. It’s function isn’t game breaking, but it would be nice to have out of the gate, for sure. Partner NPCs: Partner NPCs is a mix of things. It would be nice to get going, but it’s going to be a pain. Due to how they work and proxy through the party, it’s going to require me to change a fairly big part of the code for attacks, movement, chatting, and all that junk just to get them working properly. With the lack of story missions and shop missions, we don't really have an official way to add them in to your card list either. It would be nice, but I don’t know if they’ll be in at first. Drops: Okay, listen. There are some important things here that I explained before, but I want to say it again. We had a plan for drops, a plan that was in motion since before this test even started, and for all intents and purposes it was on track and all good and sweet and MMM. Drops were added into the test for a few reasons, and it was shortly before things went confusing. They were added under the assumption that correct drops would quickly come in and replace them before people got too far ahead. However, the drops that were added, were not only hasty and wrong, but also highly, and I mean highly experimental. Of course there were problems and power creeps, and that was remedied… questionably, I’ll admit, and it spawned this horrendous spiral down. Unfortunately our plan got pushed further back and back, and we found ourselves buying time, and that’s never a good thing. Kyu and Jakoo both started to properly study boxes and area drops along with me, and the combination with these gimmicky event missions has unsurprisingly left drops in a weird position. But we learned a lot of important things from this mess, one of them being that offline drops, which is literally all I have to work with, has pretty much no resemblance to the online workings. I’m not talking about the loot and items, obviously that’s different, but online boxes used a completely different mechanic, and that became apparent when we tried to smash to two together more and more. Of course we used offline as a base to learn things, it’s all we have! and while it did teach us, albeit wrong, it did eventually highlight most if not all of the key differences. Drops are now going to be redone, completely, to make for a balanced experience. This includes Enemy, Enemy Special, Area, and Box drops. Drops are going to be done for release, and not for this testing phase. I know that there is a lot of worry over the rates, but we’re determined to see this one right. Yes some rates are and were painfully low, we’re fully aware, and we’ll go stupid to rectify that issue. No more pissing about now. Moderation: I know a lot of people have been annoyed about this one in particular for a while, too. For the most part, when I do know that there have been issues with moderation, I do talk to them and try to correct it. And fair do’s, they take it well, and they work to correct it for future encounters. Unfortunately, I think what happened is that with them constantly being told “Hey don’t do that, hey don’t do this”, they don’t really know what the line is now, and I apologise to both you and moderation for not being better about this. I’ve already spoken to moderation about how to better approach situations, and to try and address a few shoot first, ask later moments, as well as what is and isn’t okay. In the near future, I will also be revising the rules so that everyone knows what’s going on anymore, so I hope this will help everyone to feel more comfortable. Now, here’s some things that I desperately need to address, personally. Phantasy Star Universe, the game that you loved and want back in its entirety, is hurt, and damaged, and it’s missing pieces. That’s just the sad truth of it, and I can’t do anything for that right now. It’s important for me to bring light to this, because it’s been one of the most infuriating parts of this project for me, especially in recent months. The bar is too high, and that’s just the way it is. I spend so much time poking and picking and ripping apart the shit mechanics and poorly designed systems of this game, and I can see and tell you exactly why Sega put it down. The amount of shit in the protocol that’s purely for Vanilla compatibility, even after they dropped it, is an entire level of hell all in its own right, and there are just things that I do not have. When I started, I was using the US client (2.0009.2 to be exact), and that client I have packets for! enough to get it going, anyway. But it lacked so much content, and the client was so volatile, it was just so lame to work with. Eventually I moved over to 14.30, and while it was and has been a major pain to get some protocol mismatches resolved, it did work for the most part, and it was lovely. It doesn’t crash when I give it malformed data, and it doesn’t spit in my face for trivial things. But I’m sure you can imagine the issue here. I don’t have many packets for 14.30, and I certainly don’t have any packets for the content that comes with it. Hell, we almost lost player shops entirely, were it not for ScriptKiddie strong-arming the client as well as he did. We wouldn’t have any of the few JP missions and lobbies that we do, were it not for Agrajag. But GAS, and Limit Break, and a shit ton of counters with no data whatsoever… I don’t have anything for it. I can smash my brain against GAS all I want, and I can try to pick it apart over a long period of time, but it just isn’t in the realm of sane moves right now. Nothing else would get done. I don’t want to hack and patch code together to make the server mimic these systems, and poorly at that. I don’t want to. If things like GAS are going to be implemented, then I want to do it correctly, the way the client expects it to happen. If it can’t happen that way, then I don’t want to weasel my way around it for a quick and dirty solution. Because of this, we’re aiming Clementine a little further into PSU’s past. A time that is obtainable, manageable, and workable, while keeping as much of the JP content available for you as possible. Our target is somewhere between US and JP Aoti. The game is going to be balanced around fun and what works, and a lot of the Vanilla and JP missions will be properly balanced in accordance to Aoti. There’s still a lot more that needs to be discussed before we share, but we feel like this is the best solution, given the circumstances. This year has been both good and bad for us and Clementine, but ultimately we have come a long way and are determined to see the game come out right. We would like to wholeheartedly thank you for sticking with us through all of this, regardless of the incredible pain. It’s made the whole project and time spent completely worth it. But in case you missed it, the server will be closing temporarily on Friday 17th of January, while we work to finish the server and correct a lot of issues. I hope that 2020 will be good for us all, because 18 and 19 sure as shit weren't all that great. Love you
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    Good day! Welcome to the first of many Development Posts. In these forum posts, we’ll update you with what’s been worked on behind the scenes. Synthesis : "I don’t know, I did this" - Marmy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wepiNZ4dtc0 Drops and Boxes : Drops are coming along smoothly, boards and materials included. Boxes have been researched, documented, and planned out, and as of now C rank is complete. Enemy Drops have also been completed for C rank, along with Enemy Special Drops. Area Drops have not been refactored yet. Drops are being re-tiered along with mission ranks to accompany the mission rebalance we are working on. Missions : As mentioned in drops, the missions are going to be rebalanced, meaning Vanilla missions are no longer going to be useless compared to AOTI missions. There will always be at least one mission that unlocks every 5 levels so that the game remains rewarding all the way through, and retains a feeling of progression. We won’t be sharing too much on this right now as we’re still planning and testing. Here’s something we’ve been working on for the past week! : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ke7DxlBFZNA We've been researching how to make missions from scratch, and the first stop was Red Hot Jungle. It may look a bit empty right now and that’s because we haven’t worked on adding the fancy grass models just yet. They will be added after we're done with the core of the mission. Hopefully all of the JP exclusive missions will be brought back. Next one should be a bit more fantastic… Special and HUGE thanks to @Agrajag for making any of this possible! We hope to have a lot more to share very, very soon. Thanks for reading!
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    For people that are new here, or just unaware, Clementine is currently offline and will remain down for another few months. If you haven't kept up with things, here is a brief overview of what's happening. Over the next few months, we'll be working to correct some issues and further polish the server so it's ready to be played properly. Right now, our main focus is finishing these mechanics: Synthesis Drops Trading NPC Partners Mission functionality & polish We'll be posting updates to keep everyone caught up just as soon as we have something ready to publish. Sorry for any inconvenience.
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    Shoulda killed the server way back whenever the hell you realised this first hand. Development is a priority for us and if it isn't then some people have other issues to contend with. Take it offline as planned, push funds into development and take back some of your mental stability. You and the team. There's a billion other games we can play as opposed to spamming Protectors K for hours. We'll be gucci. At the end of the day, if it's for the best in regards to the health of this project and not making the dev team burn out and quit, then go for it. Do your thing kiddo.
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    I thought a few months after the test released when I stopped partaking in the *Test* that you could do far more work if you werent constantly hotfixing random things and I believe that for the first few months it was productive but it very quickly became people just playing for the love of the game instead of testing and myself included was apart of that problem. I have every faith and fully trust that you guys/gals can remake to the highest degree of accuracy the game that we all loved and miss. Hopefully when its done we can get JP/GER/FR/ servers along side English ones after a while to enable those communities to have a home they also lost. Much love to all the team and I cant wait to see how the game grows in the coming years.
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    This is amazing! Outstanding job clementine team. I am looking forward for more development post in the future. Thank you for this!
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    https://youtu.be/pGktafNiHVY Hello Clementine~ i notice there was animation missing while playing on Clementine so i made a video showing what is missing i guess... but when you play on AMF the mission that has like 5 blocks with the casts, Well the blue cast that's using twin machine gun's can actually pull you towards them if they shoot you in the back/behind which is bad, the wrong Animation gets used when you get hit from behind and uses the front Animation, i don't know about the other enemies/bosses how bad it can be. but yeah that's all folks. Keep up the good work everyone and have a good day~ One more thing, the animation does show as well for all weapons, i played on xbox 360/PSU JP and the animation was on there as well when getting hit from behind.
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    All accounts were deleted around April 2019. The game was wiped and we started over on a new server. So you will have to make a new account and start over. It's the same process as before where you add _n to your username the first time, then remove it after that.
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    What if when I went to grind a C-rank weapon, like "Powertore", with a B+10 grinder, it became 0/10 B-rank Powertore+? And then grinded with an A+10 grinder became A-rank Powertore++, and then with an S+10 grinder became S-rank Powertore#. (Like the naming convention for the C# programming language that follows C++). I think this would be better than having reduntant drops like Crea Doubles and Crea Doubles+, or Crea Dagger and Crea Dagger+, etc. when we already have so many drops. Smart idea? Dumb idea?
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    It's exciting to see lost missions being revived and the progress you all are making! I look forward to seeing the end result of what you guys are able to do with this downtime and hope the final release is far less stressful than the test ended up being.
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    I hope you guys enjoy your break and can get things running soon. I had recently dusted my 360 off after moving into a new house and played through the Story Mode. Hungry for more, I came here, but unfortunately just in time for you guys to be shutting down. Oh well. Hopefully you guys come back soon. I was planning on supporting you guys on patreon in lieu of the original monthly Hunter's License. Come back soooooon! I'm gonna grind the Extra mode out of boredom while I wait!
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    42% Fire Brandline Server been killed for less than a week and already good progress made. We truly were the problem. Solution. Finish the project and let no one play it. Perfect.
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    Nice good work. Will be nice to see other missions come back.
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    You know what, i disagree entirely. Sure, the broken parts suck, but making the game "fun" was a priority that I am glad you guys had. This server was waaay more fun than the old US/EU AOTI. WAAAAY more fun. More cool stuff, etc. PSU is a very out dated MMO, both in looks and in design. I dont think most people want to start all over again. I dont mean from a wipe. I mean for veterans who played it back in the day. Honestly, it will be a detrimental mistake to not make the game "fun" as possible. Vanilla PSU, whether full JP version or something in between the western version and the JP version, still needs to be tweaked and worked on and yes, changed over time. The biggest mistake MMO devs make is sticking to some grand unattainable vision that ends up getting altered but not for the better. Whatyou guys did with Clementine was for the BETTER. Ill be honest: I dont have a lot of faith we will ever see the private server again, and most dont want to play the western version or some "almost" version of the JP offering. What clementine had was already leaps and bounds above the original western version. Im not interested in grinding, pointlessly, against Segac's terrible RNG. Most of us are in our late 20s and in our 30s and older. We were kids or in our low to mid 20s during the OG version. PSU private server isnt going to bring in a crap load of a new generation. You need to understand who your audience is. Oh well. It's your game. I dont want to sound disrespectful or entitled. Im just saying that Id bet this is the end. Im sure commenters will disagree with me. There are some die hards out there. But a lot of it is rose colored glasses when it comes to OG. Especially the western version which was like an alpha build of the JP version. It's a shame pso2 is so boring and the classes are so bad. It really is. I want to love it and ive spent over 2k hours in PSO2. It just doesnt have the magic of PSU. I dont blame you for not wanting to pay the enormous server bill. Not one bit. But id bet money this will be it for the private server, for good. So godspeed every one. It's been amazing. Thank you to the devs for providing me with some awesome nostalgia!
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    ope, looks like you need some hugs. <hugs> ^_^ Thank you all for giving me a place to play (and somewhere I can avoid, uh... bans on other games?)
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    Hello 2020! We have begun with a new decade and have said goodbye to the 2010's and have entered the roaring 20's.. how has everyone been? hope you all had a good Christmas ^^ well, as promised.. here is the ending to Jessica Stark's Story... And incase your interested: Elaine has been ok and is doing well too. Anyway, onto Jessica: From December 31st 2019 to January 12th 2020: Jessica Stark after entering the new year... has decided that she is stepping down from being a scientist, and goes back to living a normal childhood and going into Teen Hood Life as she will be 12 this year... which is also know as Tween/Pre-Teen... She feel's she has acomplished her little dream she had only just a few year's ago when she was 5, which was to fight for justice as another Iron Man/Girl... having stepped down and resigned, Project Iron Girl has been left in the hands of the staff she worked beside, and the Artificial Intelligance program Amanda has been handed over to Elaine for continuous use... Jessica Stark Will no longer be seen anywhere on any battle fields now, because she is now only a Civilian... But she does not regret resigning and loosing her privilages to go to battle fields and fight, but she has not lost her privilages to travel to the other planets/worlds... Civilians are allowed... so you might see her here and there... And That is Jessica Stark's Conclusion... Some of you may have figured this is how i would end it, seeing as i'm no longer using her... or i could have just had her continue in the background... either way, i'm satisfied and i will miss her slightly... but i have Elaine to use ^^ Now to address the readers: Thank you to those who have for the support over the last 3 years... when i discovered Clementine back in 2017, i was so pleased that people were bringing the game back i just had to join the bandwagon... i won't deny however that it was a rough start trying to fit in with this community however... seeing as RP is viewed with mixed Opinion's here... but i won't go into that... It has been fun though and i'm sorry if you will miss this. I will still be Role Playing however with my Elaine Character cause that's my passion and how i like to play PSU, but as far as posting on this forum with many Stories... that's what is coming to a close... Goodbye and again Thank you and have a good 2020 x
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    It's separated Step by step Step 1: Launch the game Step 2: Then pick "Network mode" Step 3: Now you see the log in screen, to make an account for example.... type this in the PSU ID: Example_n then the password of your own, something you can rememr, let's say.... Coconut Now then we have this.... PSU ID: Example_N Password: Coconut if the name isn't taken, the account is yours, Congrats! Step 4: Now that we have the account, remove the _n So your screen should be like this PSU ID: Example Password: Coconut Needless to say, you will see stars as each letter of your password Hope i could help
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    To create an account, you need to first log in with your desired username and password adding _n at the end of the user name. If it doesnt fit you might have to make your username a bit shorter. Once you've entered, il'll tell you that the account has been created and to go back to remove the _n. Once it's removed, you'll be able to log in. Hope it helps :).
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    I managed to get gasetools built and am currently tearing apart .xnj files as we speak. .xna/.xnm and others soon to follow. From a mathematical standpoint, those included matrices don't look right; The almost look like transposed or inverted matices to begin with. It's often a shortcut by 3d packages to be able to easily convert from local transformation to world transformation, or something like that.
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    I had fun on this server, and I was happy to see old friends and new players. Too bad, however, that it was more of a pain for you, but I can understand it. Thank you for everything, and see you next opening. So, more than ever : good luck !
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    Thanks for doing what you think is best for the game, Marm. I'm looking forward to when you finish everything you have planned, and we can start over (for the last time) with the game fully ready to go. If you think I can help with anything dev work related, please let me know.
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    Make sure you're running the game as administrator.
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    I went back to start printing values to try and figure out where the skeleton was going wrong, and I think I discovered the issue. It ended up not being able multiplication, or multiplication order, it was that I was assuming the id definitions would be in order. So when I went back to double-check the position, rotation and scale values I was completely caught off-guard that the hierarchy values don't make any sense at all. The order for the values is bone_id, parent_id, child_id and sibling_id. So we look at bone 8, which has bone 10 listed as its child, and then we have bone 10, which has bone 4 listed as its parent. So which one is supposed to take priority? There's also a lot of other problems like a bone id being listed as -1, but then we also have bones 20 listed as a child and bone 21 listed as a sibling, even though these bone id's are never actually declared. It would be nice if these -1 bones weren't needed in the hierarchy, but then the second bone in the list has bone 2 listed as it's child. And then bones 2, 3, 4, 7, 8, 9, 11, 12, 13, 15, 16 and 18 all have themselves listed as their own parent values. We need a way not only to interpret these values, and then to manage the references for the bone_ids as they're not in order.
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    None of these are show stoppers, more like data errors, 1) Displayed model for Twin Varista / C is incorrect. Single Varista displays properly, but the twin version displays as Twin Supressed Guns. Stats are correct, though. This may apply to the normal Twin Varista that one gets in the rare PSO Caves C-S* mission as well. 2) Some units have incorrect ratings / rarity; I've noted Mega/Power (should be a "B" unit, listed as "C") and Tero/Hit (Rarity is 7*, should be 6*). 3) I think the drop rates for Rappies are, well, borked. I've run into more Rappies on Clementine than I did on PSU XBox 360, so that's good. What's bad is I've gotten nothing better than 3* synthesis items out of any of them and that includes some L55 Rappies (Unsafe Passage S, aka Megid Hell). No Rappy Feathers, no units over the course of 50 encounters across 4 characters. Nothing is more Frustrating than dealing 16K in damage to kill one, and you get... a monomate. Twice.
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    Hi Guys, starting the PSU.exe as Administrator works for me. If the d3dx9_33.dll is missing you can download it from here -> https://de.dll-files.com/d3dx9_33.dll.html If you are using an 64Bit Operating System use the 64Bit download if not choose the 32Bit. Copy the file to the same directory as the PSU.exe file is (should be ur install directory) and then run the PSU.exe as Administrator that should solve the d3dx9_33.dll missing Problem and the game should work.
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    It seems that EX traps are doing 0 damage each tick with no status being applied. Tested on a few missions of different ranks, same results
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    I brought up the exact same thing about basic classes today haha... thats pretty weird o.o But yeah I dont see much purpose in them personally, I said to combine all of them and make a trainee class, The group wants to keep them though like killroy said, but perhaps in the future we will be able to add more? who knows. Its cool to see other class ideas mentioned regardless.
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    I couldn't find an upfront picture but in the video, she's moving around a lot cuz she's using vivi dezza and other PA's, but its easy to realize if u pause a lot ( 1:30 - 2:12 is the hair )
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    The launcher is down. Run the game directly from the psuc.exe file in the main PSU directory. If that doesn't work, try running it as admin.
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    Thank you for reporting this! I'll look into correcting this.
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    Right now, it equips like any other weps SFX and its missing casting visual effect is the one similar to Divine Amataresu, i hope it can get fixed soon. ( sfx/visual at the beginning when the mission starts )
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    I have a small, minor bug: mega/power units are mistakenly listed as "C" class units, when in fact they are "B" class units. It's happened every time I've gotten a mega/power, and then tried to equip it in a "C" Line shield, and it didn't work.
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    Wont play if there is a cash shop, I would pay a monthly subscription but anything more then that, no thanks. Plus they took way to long to release, not even excited lol.
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    YES! other people are doing Backstories and RP's YEEEEEE! i'm not the only one anymore ^^
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    Uh, no thanks. If that was to happen, every SEGA game would be Nintendo exclusive. I would rather have my SEGA games on PC.
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