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    Maintenance to bring an end to the Subzero event has finished. Thank you everyone that played and helped to test the functionality of the Photon Reflector, I know it was a bit tedious sometimes Right now we're currently testing out Limit Break for Technics, so we would appreciate it greatly if you could provide feedback on this. Additionally, we will be releasing S Rank, PA Fragment Exchange, and the remaining Clothing during next maintenance, so please look forward to it. Missions Items from Beach Bum Beasts A have received increases to drop rates. Items Puyo Puyo Launcher bullet now has the same color as the bullet being used. Al Tip/Al Tippies and Casino variants should now have the correct sound effect. Sori / PP Generate should no longer have a visual effect. PA Fragment can now be sold to NPCs. Seva Borga is now available from Dark Falz A. Photon Arts Ra-TECHNICs target increase from Nov 24th's Update has been reverted with the introduction of Limit Break. Shifta, Deband, Zodial, and Retier have received an increase in range. Foie and Diga have received increased hitbox size. Shotgun bullets should now flinch. System Fixed an issue with the Roulette Wheel at Casino Voloyal landing on 0 and only paying out 2x coins. Fixed an issue where switching Types would not update PA limit properly. Potentially fixed an issue where Nanoblasting while equipping a weapon let you use the weapon with Nanoblast modifiers. Limit Break has been introduced for TECHNICs based on Type. Please visit the Limit Break page for more information. Due to Limit Break, TECHNICs will no longer receive a damage increase based on the distance from Bosses. TECHNIC Mastery is no longer active, causing all TECHNIC damage to be decreased by 20%. Player shop sorting is now from high to low except for Price.
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    I just wanted to express my thoughts on some of the experiences I've had with players and dev team recently. People seem to be in a bad mood. To players: dev team is just the same as you, passionate about PSU, and when they started this project, it was in pursuit of a dream, to make PSU great again. In October(?), we had our official release, and the direction of the dev team started to change; but what you should realize is that the team hasn't changed. It's still the same team that's trying to make PSU great. What did change is that they went from building the system to actually making the game. It feels like, with some players, when release happened, a switch was flipped, and they entered consumer mode, where everything just has to be instantly satisifying. But dev team is not SEGA, it isn't a gaming company, and it isn't even indi dev that is selling a product. It's the same team that's been working on this project so everyone can enjoy PSU again, and they're still working towards this goal, and the project is still in progress. And I've heard a lot about how PSU should just mirror JP before it was shut down. I'm sure that with the abuse dev team's been getting, they'd be happy to do just that IF THEY COULD, but they didn't just take over the game and change it, they're actually building it, and there are just some limitations that have to be worked around. But, there's also the fact that they're trying to make the game BETTER. And this isn't an experienced team that knows exactly how to do this. It takes some trial and error, and experimentation. You just have to remember that dev team does want the game to be great, and they're trying hard. And suggestions: If you've been paying attention, you know that they do take them into consideration, and some suggestions, good or bad, have been put in. So suggesting DOES work, but it doesn't work well when everyone is toxic about it. Adjusting and finding the best place takes time. Please try to have some patience and continue to provide feedback and discussion without so much negativity. I'm sure that things will eventually change for the better. To dev team: I know that you get a lot of negativity and stress from players and probably among yourselves, and I have to say that it comes with the territory(of being game dev). People are not going to like some things and some of these people will lash out, because they're stressed too. I know that people have expressed their love for you, and you may not feel that at times. Just know that, even if some people don't show it, they really do appreciate all the effort that has been put into this project. Try not to get too down about the negativity. After all, everyone IS after the same thing: a great PSU experience.
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    hi its me the one that posts on the forum Enemies All enemies now have drops for LV100-149. SEED-Argine now has the ability to cast a bubble shield nullifying all striking damage for a certain amount of time or until a percentage of his max HP is dealt in damage to its shield by ranged or TECHNIC attacks. Delnadian will now drop Giga / Legs S at LV20-29. Komazli should now properly debuff the player when using Zoldeel. Enemies with the Shield buff will no longer resist ranged damage. Missions The following missions will be available with S difficulty: Unsafe Passage Dark Satellite Mad Creatures Train Rescue Scarred Planet Mizuraki Defense Forested Islands System Defense With the introduction of S difficulty, clearing these missions with a rank of S will reward 1x PA Fragment. While not applicable to the above missions, any S difficulty mission with a boss will reward an extra PA Fragment. Items Over 200+ pieces of clothing have been added to various places among the planets. Approximately 190 pieces of clothing are available from the clothing shops on each planet for 125,000 Meseta. An additional 24 pieces of clothing have been placed into the Offering Box at Shitenkaku. These clothing pieces either have 1 color or are CAST variants. Brave Knuckles visual effect has been corrected. Tero / All Save and Cati / Anti Down have been added. Amethad is now available from LV100+ enemies as an area drop. Types Limit Break requirements have been adjusted 5 levels downward for all classes that receive Limit Breaks. Additionally, Fortetecher now receives Line/Single TECHNIC Limit Breaks first instead of Dam-TECHNICs. All classes that receive Limit Breaks will now receive a TECHNIC Mastery boost of 10% to the TECHNIC modifier of all TECHNICs when achieving LV20 on that type. This boost is multiplicative instead of additive, meaning a 10% boost to a modifier of 140% would increase the modifier to 154%. Acrotecher bullet level cap has been increased to LV30. Photon Arts With the introduction of PA Fragments from S difficulty missions, a host of Photon Arts are now available for exchange at Skill License, Bullet License, and TECHNIC License exchange missions. At Skill License, the following Photon Arts are now available: Gravity Break Bogga Robado Ikk Hikk Dus Majarra Tornado Dance Absolute Dance Anga Jabroga Cross Hurricane Assault Crush Hishou Jinren-zan Renga Chujin-shou Rensan Senshou-ga Chuei Jitotsushin Spinning Strike Shunbu Shouren-zan Shusou Retsuzan-ga Bukuu Saien-zan Vivi Danga Rekku Chouhi-jin At Bullet License, the following Photon Arts are now available: Killer Shot Mayalee Shot Barada Zagenga Barada Maga Chousei-sou Masei-sou Boma Duranga Boma Maga Binding Prism Mayalee Prism Twin Penetration Twin Mayalee Penetrating Hit Mayalee Hit Yak Zagenga Yak Maga Kyumeisei-shiki Masei-shiki Mayalee Fury At TECHNIC License, the following Photon Arts are now available: Noszonde Nosdiga Giresta Grants Megid Nosmegid Megiverse Megistar While not available at TECHNIC License, the following TECHNIC is available for crafting at the Resident Security Department on the 3rd Floor of the GUARDIANS Colony: Foverse Balance Changes to Current Photon Arts All Striking and Bullet Photon Arts have had their experience tables adjusted to be easier to level. Striking: Bogga Zubba power modifier increased from 325% to 350% at LV40, for an overall increase of 25% across all levels. Dus Robado power modifier on the second combo increased from 200% to 270% at LV40 for an overall increase of 70% across all levels. Target chain changed from 3-4-5 to 4-4-4. Anga Dugrega accuracy modifier increased by 30% at all levels. Target chain increased from 1-1-1 to 2-2-2. Anga Redda power modifier on the third combo increased from 570% to 750% at LV40 for an overall increase of 180% across all levels. Hitbox size has been increased for the third combo. Accuracy modifier has been increased by 24% at all levels. Splendor Crush target count on the third combo increased from 3 to 4. Hitbox size has been increased for the third combo. Rising Strike power modifier on the first combo increased from 220% to 250% at LV40 for an overall increase of 30% at all levels, and the power modifier for the second combo increased from 250% to 300% at LV40 for an overall increase of 50% at all levels. Accuracy modifier increase by 25% at all levels. Gravity Strike power modifier on the first combo increase by 10% at all levels. Power modifier on the second combo increase by 20% at all levels. Accuracy modifier increase by 15% at all levels. Shousen Totsuzan-ga power modifier on the second combo increased by 50% at all levels. Chikki Kyoren-Jin power modifier on the first combo increased by 50% at all levels. Power modifier on the second combo increased by 110% across all levels. Choutou Kantsu-jin now ignores player accuracy and enemy evasion, enabling it to no longer hit 0s. Bullets: Power modifiers for all elemental bullets have been normalized and now use the higher value instead of certain bullets being 5% weaker. Handgun and Rifle elemental bullets now have a 40% override for Status Effects at LV11. At LV21+, the override increases to 50%. Rising Prism Status Effect changed from Confusion to Sleep. Power modifiers for elemental Grenade bullets have been increased by 30% at all levels. Maximum target count has been increased to 6 at LV31+. Power modifiers for elemental Twin Handgun bullets have been increased by 20% at all levels. Power modifiers for elemental Shotgun bullets have been increased by 20% at all levels. The elemental percentage has been increased by 3% at all levels. Hitbox size of shotgun bullets has been increased by approximately 30%. Power modifiers for elemental Laser Cannon bullets have been increased by 20% at all levels. TECHNIC: Ramegid Status Effect changed from Confusion to Infection. System The level cap has been increased to LV70, unlocking various S difficulty missions. Over 100+ titles have been added, many of which reward PA Fragments for completing them (Defeat all bosses upwards of 250 times excluding Dark Falz 1 and 2/Complete missions with four or more players/Complete missions solo). Limit Break bonuses should now apply immediately after leveling the type to the correct level. Photon Arts should now be properly capped upon changing Types. Enemies in S difficulty missions will move and attack faster. Notes We expect to have level 75 available for you by next Friday (15th), which will bring you even more content. If anything happens to change about this then I'll be sure to let you know thanks as always for your patience and support!
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    yea yea yea here it is Bando's HD Enemy Texture Pack v1 shout out to Agrajag and Shadowth for creating the tools needed for this to come to fruition. This is the first pack I'm releasing of my personal PSU upscale project that I've been working on in my spare time. There will be an updated v2 that will have the bosses and enemy effects up-scaled as well. As always make sure to make a back up of your data folder before doing any editing. The AI I used was ESRGAN with a 4x upscale model, plus all alpha layers and mipmapping have been kept intact. Install Instructions: Unzip archive, then drag and drop all the files into the Data folder in your PSU Clementine install folder, and replace. - Enemy Fixes - 12/15/20 Kakwane 12/17/20 Rappy Gugg All enemies are finished and included. Check enemy fixes for updates! v2 will be coming within the next few days! Download Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1AWYFVpD9vjK8CwCFV4_FNYKgUn2M8SEM/view?usp=sharing Enemy Fixes: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1_L8oAC5H-FJDPM14Jtn4FjQ8Mmg15Ap7?usp=sharing
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    Name: 3rd F Beauty Bot Attack: Damfoie, Sabarta (from blowdryer), scissor arm attack Meseta Drop: Cost to style hair on third floor Native to linear line Before hair and dress remodeled, and texture added: I modeled it over top of this: My texture:
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    We can probably do this now that there's not 700 people trying to log in all at once. Will see what Marm thinks.
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    I agree with that. We as players of Your server are thankful to devs for Your effort to make us all play PSU together again. Thank You devs for this opportunity for us to experience this game online again! We love You never forget that and please don't let negativity from some angry individuals get to You. Thank You again for Your hard work !!
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    Right now if you get the items you want, you'll never use the offering box again. That would be a waste of content, so please add new items. Preferably less important one like clothes or room goods. If there are issues with having too many items, maybe you could alternate the available items like how the casino exchange worked on the official server.
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    My submission: Edit: And another one...
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    It'll be something we look at doing, once we transfer webhost I'll slap it on the roadmap I suppose
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    Personally, I think there needs to be a better meseta sink in place. PA fragments were made buyable for 100k but realistically nobody in the right mind is going to pay that. I think 50k is a more reasonable price. I don't think in the end game people will probably still choose to play rather than pay the 100k. The test server had a perfect sink in place, Grind repair kits. I am not suggesting this come back this early in the game. However I will suggest that there be a sink revolving around grinders. If grinder boards were to stay the same price through out the game then 10/10 weapons will not be as rare as they should be in my opinion. Towards the later game meseta will be flowing through the hands of everyone and so will cheap S+10. If S rank grinder boards were to be changed to be worth 50-70k or even more as the game progressed I feel like the novelty feeling of having 10/10 items will be preserved. People have 20m+ here and there. I make nearly a mil or 2 a day. Eventually people will have 99 mil and growing. Meseta needs to retain its value through out the game and the only way to stop inflation is through grinders in my opinion. I think even A rank grinders boards should receive a boost in price as well. As the game moves forward I would personally like to see Grind repair kits make a comeback. For a price of like 10mil+ or even 20mil+ for S rank though. Inflation needs to be combated before it goes out of control later on in the game.
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    yeah w holidays and all i got more busy than i wanted and didn't have as much free time as i thought i would, i have v2 mostly finished and all bosses done for the most part, i'll have it updated soon
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    Only having one event mission is fine, especially since it was only for 2 weeks. But I agree with items being only available for a limited time a bad idea in general. I think all items should always be available, and events should only make it easier to get certain items.
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    Inspiration for this enemy was me looking up what the Linear Line actually is. Apparently It's a high speed transportation system with a train. Thus the following enemy: Name: Rail Maint. Bot (Galdeen style enemy) Attack: Nosdiga, standard forward attacks Element: Ground Native to linear line
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    Has since been Addressed Get rid of Iyokan and Yuzu and make sure players spawn in the most populated server so everyone can be around each other easier and find lobbies more often.
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    On the official server of the game, you could add neutral, fire, ice, etc to the item name you were searching for, and it would filter the results for that element only. So for example, I could enter Sonichi ice, and it would show me all of the Sonichis that are ice element. This was a really handy feature, and we should do it on Clem too.
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    Web based (on here) would be nice, it would also populate a bit more the website/forum.
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    I was the one that wrote that bot and the commands, respectively. It wasn't some super advanced thing, was just pulling data from the database for the most basic of leaderboards, I'm down to see leaderboards return in some format. The question I'd like to pose is, would you rather it was a web-based leaderboard, or another bot command on Discord? I'd assume the majority vote would be web-based, but figure it's good to get some opinions.
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    What in Gods name have you done
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    Thank you, so much! That did the trick for me.
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    Hello Everyone! I'm BACK! it's been ages.. missed some of you :). in light that i just saw that PSUClem is back up/Released, i jumped back in and recreated Elaine the Warrior.. who, for those who have been following me for a while, will remember her from 2018-2019.. 2020 has been a rough year, so i'm ready to get back into PSU once again and have fun ^-^> if you happen to meet Elaine, ask her anything, she is willing to help ^-^. Because of the reset however, she'll need to regain her warrior Status, but she is eager to do so, and to help those along the way ^-^. Let's rejoin the Guardians everyone, and have some fun
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    I've said similar things before. At some point, we will need real meseta sinks, and ideally they are based on weapon grinding and / or element %s. Making the NPC consumable item buy prices expensive is not a good meseta sink. It just discourages players from using those items. If Marm wants to do things like weapon repairs and adding element % the same way it was done on the official server, he can set it up so players spend meseta on it, instead of real money.
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    If custom enemies ever become a thing, this will be the first one.
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    Also, it's looking at you. YOU must have done something.
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    Hello fellow Guardians, o/ First, I want to say thank you to Agrajag and Shadowth117 for creating the tools needed for this to come to fruition. PSU Tenora Works Mod Tool Set Second, I want to say thank you to Parallaxed for this post: (It inspired me to try to do the same for the awesome PlayStation folks!) So, I had assumed how Parallaxed had achieved this was by pulling the assets from the Xbox 360 .iso I thought, hey, I could do the same with the PS2 .iso *SPOILER* it wasn't that easy. I shouldn't have assumed that the parser could read the PS2 textures because it never claims that on the github Either way, after spending some time tinkering I have came up with something I'm proud to share with you all. Download with Attack Ring, Alternative Download without Attack Ring, Alternative Installation mini-guide: 1) Choose which version you would like and click the corresponding link 2) Download the corresponding folder and save it to a safe place 3) Navigate to your Phantasy Star Universe Clementine install directory 4) Find and open the DATA folder inside the Phantasy Star Universe Clementine install directory 5) Copy and Paste the files from inside PSUC Playstation 2 Controller Interface to the DATA folder inside the Phantasy Star Universe Clementine install directory 6) Done!
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    Only the actual throne is the missing piece of the cake from here
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    Hai So i had an idea i've been thinking for some time, i got carried away a little bit I want to make a throne in my room, a special one I hope you guys like it If there's a suggestion or comment, feel free to shoot it Disclaimer: I know the container may not suit well enough, but i needed something tall, and well as need an actual throne chair from the casino ^^
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    It's a dream come true to finally have limit break techs on Clementine. Thank you to Marm and everyone else who worked on it.
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    Yes, the Fortetecher Limit Breaks only applies when you're currently using Fortetecher Lv15~20
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    If you want to donate to help us with server costs, you can visit our Patreon https://psu-clementine.net/community/index.php?/patreon/, but it isn't required or anything.
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    The "all in one weapon" is the one that was originally ice element on the official server. It's the second one in my screenshot. We lose out on the other shot types, SEs, fire rates, and knockdown effects of the others, since they weren't added. I thought we were going to have all of the items from official on Clem. Why choose not to include 4 of the RCSMs? Is it just because they share the same weapon model and name? That's why we should improve on it and do something to make it easier to tell them apart, like the Ver naming scheme. There is also a B rank RCSM named Sonichi, and one called MAGMAG Sonichi, which is A rank. I hope those are included as well, since they are different in how they work.
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    I Believe this slot is so you can do emotes while in a party area. the Alt+Function Keys work in party, but only while you're unarmed.
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    Just want to say thank you so much for bringing this awesome game back, I'm relatively new to PC gaming, I used to play this non-stop on ps2. When I saw a post about the game coming back on YouTube I lost it lol. In any case the process was simple to get on. been playing for 2 nights so far, pure nostalgia appreciate you guys doing this, keep it coming happy holidays
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    i didn't, but sounds like that are incredibly ez to do lol my grinding success sound is borat saying "GREAT SUCCESS" lmfao
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    Nice shots! Poor Ruby Eclipse, felt so bad for the guy and the stuff he had to go through. Those were some good times~
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    I know, I know, I'm an esteemed Artist. This is @Ethateral, enjoy.
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    Ironwoman or Ironman mode. A completely self-sufficient account. Ever find yourself running solo and enjoying it? Personally, I enjoy playing missions solo sometimes. There is something very satisfying about being solo and getting that weapon, armor or board you've been searching for to drop. What if there was a mode based around playing the game completely solo? I would like to introduce ironwoman/ironman mode. This mode is a pretty easy concept: Missions have to be played solo (Exception being with PM eventually) No trading with other players No visiting other players rooms or purchasing anything off player shops All items must be found as drops, purchased from NPC or synthesized. I don't claim to know how hard it would be to implement these restrictions on an account but I imagine it would have to take place during account creation. When I made my main account, I seem to remember there being a drop down menu for "account type." If these restrictions could be put in place, we would need a way to distinguish an "iron" account from a regular one. I personally would like to see a different color name. I have pictures from the last test server and our names were yellow. I'm not saying yellow should be the color for an "iron" account but I feel there has to be something in place to differentiate one account from another. Otherwise, "iron" accounts would most likely be bothered to party up or trade with other players when they cannot. Aside from a different color name, I'd be interested to hear what else the rest of the community could come up with for ways to make an "iron" account different from a traditional one. I stole the idea straight from the popular game, Runescape. On October 13, 2014, Runescape released the "iron mode" and it was a huge success for them as a company. Since that date, more than one million "iron" accounts have been created across 2 games and 3 different "iron" game modes. It breathed a new life into the game that quite frankly, needed it. It allowed people to enjoy a new take on a familiar game. Content creation for the game took off both in videos and streaming and that is part of the reason RS3 and Old School Runescape are part of the top game categories on streaming services. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying this would happen to Clementine but being able to look at PSU a different way or with a fresh take on our beloved game would be so much fun. I'm interested to hear what the community would like to see out this challenge mode.
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    No worries! Take all the time you need, you're awesome!
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    Welcome back. I hope you have fun playing the game.
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    Why do we need 2 universes right now? Just Clem it up, and don't give a fuck. passwords exist...
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    used to be you could type the element in the search bar an it'd do that for you back on official, doesn't seem to work on clem currently though but may be something they can figure out. for example "dragon slayer fire" would search for the dragon slayer and filter it to only fire.
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    it's all good lol, nice seeing other people modding finally!
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    Makes sense, thank you for the answer
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    I was just sitting here thinking about the time, effort and possible cost that this game applies to you who are running it. I’ve never seen a link for donations or any monthly cost (which is amazing), but I would be more than willing to donate toward the cause to have this game stick around for a bit. If you aren’t looking for help, then disregard, but I do believe I wouldn’t be the only one who would be ok with doing this. thanks for what you do to give us a nostalgic wonderland to play in.
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    It does include them. The issue is that the PAs for those weapon types take a good 5x to 10x longer to level than other bullets. Hopefully they fix it, because it's really poor balance.
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    Cool I'm in the background of that first shot. LOL no I'm not a troll there was another demon that was a troll/hacker. Wow this takes me back. I remember parting with Enigma and those players few times. Yeah I miss Ruby he was always fun to play with even back in the PSOBB days.
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    We should eventually have GAS, and will likely be able to increase many of our PA caps from 40 all the way up to 50 with it.
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    Show me croissants first and we talk about scetches if they're soft enough.
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    If you move your room to a different planet, then the default spawn location is very close to accessing the other planets. It's even faster than if you spawned in your room.
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