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    Hello 2020! We have begun with a new decade and have said goodbye to the 2010's and have entered the roaring 20's.. how has everyone been? hope you all had a good Christmas ^^ well, as promised.. here is the ending to Jessica Stark's Story... And incase your interested: Elaine has been ok and is doing well too. Anyway, onto Jessica: From December 31st 2019 to January 12th 2020: Jessica Stark after entering the new year... has decided that she is stepping down from being a scientist, and goes back to living a normal childhood and going into Teen Hood Life as she will be 12 this year... which is also know as Tween/Pre-Teen... She feel's she has acomplished her little dream she had only just a few year's ago when she was 5, which was to fight for justice as another Iron Man/Girl... having stepped down and resigned, Project Iron Girl has been left in the hands of the staff she worked beside, and the Artificial Intelligance program Amanda has been handed over to Elaine for continuous use... Jessica Stark Will no longer be seen anywhere on any battle fields now, because she is now only a Civilian... But she does not regret resigning and loosing her privilages to go to battle fields and fight, but she has not lost her privilages to travel to the other planets/worlds... Civilians are allowed... so you might see her here and there... And That is Jessica Stark's Conclusion... Some of you may have figured this is how i would end it, seeing as i'm no longer using her... or i could have just had her continue in the background... either way, i'm satisfied and i will miss her slightly... but i have Elaine to use ^^ Now to address the readers: Thank you to those who have for the support over the last 3 years... when i discovered Clementine back in 2017, i was so pleased that people were bringing the game back i just had to join the bandwagon... i won't deny however that it was a rough start trying to fit in with this community however... seeing as RP is viewed with mixed Opinion's here... but i won't go into that... It has been fun though and i'm sorry if you will miss this. I will still be Role Playing however with my Elaine Character cause that's my passion and how i like to play PSU, but as far as posting on this forum with many Stories... that's what is coming to a close... Goodbye and again Thank you and have a good 2020 x
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    Hi, I'm a new member who came from the Xbox 360 days of PSU. I recently found an old forum that linked to here and have read through all of the posts and updates. I understand in January the server started a rebuild of sorts. I was wondering if I should be hopeful and checking back here each month, and if the devs are still working on this project? Thanks.
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    All this seems to be a lot of wasted energy for not very important considerations. Especially when a lot of ideas has been spread there and here to improve the experience for more important stuff like endgame or weapon balance. Anyway, each game has it own logic and context, and here it is not recommended to be protranser with a newman or techer with a beast. Since it's the gamedesign, doesn't sound like an issue or potential issue to me.
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    We're still polishing the server for a full release. The latest news can be viewed in the News and Updates section. Sorry for the inconvenience!
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    can't wait until this private server opens up again! it's going to be loads of fun.
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    What did I do?! Great work as always everyone. It’s very refreshing to see lots being done in terms of update progress!
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    For people that are new here, or just unaware, Clementine is currently offline and will remain down for another few months. If you haven't kept up with things, here is a brief overview of what's happening. Over the next few months, we'll be working to correct some issues and further polish the server so it's ready to be played properly. Right now, our main focus is finishing these mechanics: Synthesis Drops Trading NPC Partners Mission functionality & polish We'll be posting updates to keep everyone caught up just as soon as we have something ready to publish. Sorry for any inconvenience.
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    I swear, we need to cross paths with both our RPs lol
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    It looks like it, smells like it and tastes like it! Yep, it’s a development post! Welcome back! Today we’ll be sharing with you everything that’s happened in the past 2 weeks. Functionality : NPC Partners have been added. We currently don’t have a way to unlock them so they are all unlocked by default for now. Here’s a small preview of it: https://youtu.be/9bAYvAbgnb8 A new launcher is currently being worked on! This is a work in progress and is subject to change. have a look! Enemies now have the correct body parts and buffs. The buffs don’t currently manipulate their stats as of now. The 5th floor’s counter now says the right name and not someone else’s. Items : All boards now have correct data and are ready to be added to drops. Special thanks to @Midori Hoshi for filling in a lot of the data! Mission : Last post’s most requested mission ended up being Ohtori Encampment. It has been worked on and round 1 works for the most part, but it is still incomplete due to the overwhelming amount of complicated systems. We have uploaded round 1 in its current state but we would like to remind you that it is not the finished product. Here's what it looks like as of right now: https://youtu.be/-p9VHoVpguc Mission work will slow down a bit as we get into more complicated and time consuming tasks, but will resume once more time is freed up. Again, thanks to @Agrajag for enabling us to do missions! A huge thanks from all the Clementine team for everyone's patience while we slowly but surely work things out. We hope we can keep on delivering these updates fairly quickly until the server's release. Thanks for reading!
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    Hi Guys First and foremost Hope you guys stay at home, and don't go outside, unless it's really nessecery. But the real thing, thing is. I got myself to log in more often here, i know you guys work on the server, and i'm patiently wait But whenever i log in, i see this.... the green bar, that says. the server is offline. Such a let down. . . By any chanse can you guys turn it into red, or dark blue? Well anything is better than the green for this message. Take care, and enjoy the weekend ^^
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    Ohhhh okay! Good to know it's not on my side! I'll definitely be watching for when it's up again, thank you for the reply and have a good day!
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    Unfortunately Clementine is currently offline while we continue to polish up the remaining mechanics for launch. There's still no real ETA on when things will be back online, but you can read more about it here: Sorry for the inconvenience '^' welcome to Clementine, regardless!
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    I was among the people who wanted this suppression, because it unnecessarily limits the choice. A gender should never determine stats. It's very different than the race question. Guntecher is just a step to reach Gunmaster, is doesn't means that cast deserve some balance by having more TP. Also, the point of Guntecher is being a support techers with ranged playstyle (especially bows and crossbows) so again, you don't need TP for that. In a very situationnal way, offensive techs can be useful as GT, but only for cc and stuff like that (and when you have the good things, like SE x1.5 and above) You know the purpose of it, right ? It's for support techs, so especially has GT/WT. Otherwise, the wand sux and doesn't have any particular properties. edit : http://psupedia.info/Creawand.html (tech 70... other 9* wands are around 400/450+ iirc)
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    The most important stats for MF are TP and EVP. Newman is best at both of them. There is no debate whatsoever about which race is best for MF. The other races having more HP for survival or more ATP for SUV weapon damage are nice but absolutely not worth losing TP and EVP over. At least for the melee and gun classes, there are some situations where beast can do better than cast, and vice versa.
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    All I know is that when PSU was popular for the 360, the add-on was free to download for Gold Members.
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    Ive been following this closer than I would like and here at reply, what 12? 13 now? I still need one core point clarified. Specifically the last part of this. What you seem to be asking for is a bit of gear that amps TP for the races that already suffer from lower TP base at no real cost to the players of those races. This piece of gear would then allow players for CAST and Beast toons to do exactly what humans and nuemans do out of the gate. I do not understand how this would make a "unique" experience for those players without reworking how techs handle from the ground up for all races to accommodate the accuracy mechanics that you have mentioned. The draws backs for playing a techer are predominantly the vulnerability periods while casting, using heavy amounts of pp to cast, and having lower defensive capabilities than their melee counterparts. Adding in accuracy on top of the existing systems would skew things way out of place. Not even to mention the amount of work required to put such a system in place. There were cat ear hair options in the customization shop as well as cosmetic robo clothing pieces that you can use to make the character you want to play the character you want to be as well. I am aware that these options are significantly less convenient than the character creator system but they are what is on hand if you want a techer that plays like a human but looks like a beast or cast.
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    Everyone, please keep it to presenting your points instead of attacking the other person for having a different opinion. Thanks.
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    Do you want to mostly use melee and / or guns? Play as beast or cast. Do you want to mostly use attack techs? Newman is the easy choice there. Want to do everything? That's what human is for. This is the kind of decision that everyone should make when they first start the game. If you are unsure of how the game works and don't know what class(s) or playstyles are for you, a good suggestion is to play as human until you figure it out, then start a new character of a different race if needed. I'm in favor of balance changes if we can determine they make sense and improve the game. But something like this one doesn't seem needed. Maybe a better idea to accomplish the same end-goal would be to add a way for players to change their race for a very large meseta cost and / or limit a race change to once a month or whatever.
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    Congratulations, you just got the point of the racial stat imbalances in PSU: you're not supposed to rely on technics as a CAST or Beast over bullets and skills, respectively. Let's get down to business. Beasts have the lowest accuracy and already suffer early on in the melee game. Technics not relying on ATA is already part of their entire package - and part of the reason to consider technics as a Beast at all. Until you're high enough level where the ATA just doesn't matter anymore, Beasts couldn't reliably land hits with technics. Sure, they can equip arm slots - but no arm slot is going to make "based on accuracy" jump to "never misses", like the other options. I literally suggested that Technics should be affected by accuracy before and was shot down by everyone who read my suggestion. Yes, I know for a fact from that experience that "technics using ATA" is unpopular. It's very apparent to anyone who spends any time listening to the community. As to a higher-than-100% mod...doesn't having to suggest that just prove that Beasts don't have the ATA to make it work? People thinking that CAST TP is too low is not the same as making "let's add a unique CAST Line Shield that makes using technics drastically different" a good idea. Of course not everyone would feel the same way, but the people who play CAST Techers are a minority in the community, because again, the game is centered around each race having strengths and weaknesses. Humans are the "average joe" race, Beasts are the "strong-but-inaccurate" race, CASTs are the "good-but-magically-inept" race, and Newmen are the "fragile-but-magical" race. If I don't like it, I'm fully allowed to express my opinion and point out that the game itself is designed around the opposite of what you're suggesting; I don't have to wait for it to be added and then pointedly ignore it. Hoh, you're bringing politics in to a PSU discussion? Real wise move there. Real good stuff. If you're worried about the CAST TP thing, just suggest that CASTs get a higher TP score, instead of a custom item that modifies how the techer classes play entirely...It's a lot of extra work, especially considering they're focusing on base functionality, not custom content.
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    I flat-out wouldn't. Part of the unique charm of PSU is that the races are good at different things. Making CASTs and Beasts better at teching is directly in contest with the concept of making a character of that race, which is that you should be making a Gunner or Fighter if you wanted ideal damage output, respectively. Making Technics affected by accuracy is also never going to be popular in any capacity, no matter the circumstances of it; It would also fuck over Beast Techers way more than any bonus this would give. I respect the drive to contribute, Keystone - I really do. But this suggestion is, in my opinion, something that goes directly against the general makeup of PSU's core gameplay mechanics.
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    I'm excited for it to start up again need another time sink
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    Don't rush it, I'd rather have a working good clementine than just about any upcoming "AAA" mmorpg listed for 2020 release. Keep up the awesome work guys!
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    Parallaxed is a masochist
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