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    Fixed an issue with Buffed enemies not having their correct EXP modifier. Fixed an issue with Nagrants where it could no longer be used after 30 casts. Fixed an issue with Grants having a bigger hit box than intended. Fixed an issue with HP Affect Pwr LV 1 not working correctly. Fixed an issue with SE Rate modifiers on weapons. Fixed an issue with SMG not correctly using PP on the server side. The formula is likely incorrect, so let me know of any weird issues. Fixed an issue where Boss AI was using base stat and calculated stat interchangably when testing for HP. This should fix the invincible boss bug, I hope? Fixed an issue where Boss AI could become stuck if a player joined, left, or died in the party. Fixed an issue where the player could not return to the boss fight after having died. Now, the battle should reset and allow the player to try again. Fixed an issue where the Casino wasn't correctly checking for the last coin received day. Fixed an issue with the Blacklist not working after having logged out or changed universe. Tweaked Enemy Resta behaviour to stop enemies healing more than 3 times. This is to help combat the AFK levelling issue thing. Tweaked Mother Brain to not use her shield so much. Instead, she apparently doesn't use it at all anymore, so enjoy that. Added Nagrants to the Technic Disc shop. Yay! The EXP table for Grenade Launcher PA's has been tweaked and reduced. The EXP table for Boma Maga has been reduced a little further than the others. The Gold W. Badge and Silver W. Badge items have been changed into Gold Bar. Users with Gold W. Badges have had them converted into 10x Gold Bars per 1x Badge. Users with Silver W. badges have had them converted into 1x Gold Bars per 1x Badge. You can buy the Gold Bar from the Variety Shop. Sorry that this maintenance is small. We did plan on player trading to be included in this update, but some things went wrong... maybe next time. I'm still doing research into GAS and other important features, so please bear with me. There will be another post shortly with details on GAS, its problems, and how we can move forward with it. Probably forgot something again.
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    Many of the Expert Types' PA damage is locked in later PA levels that aren't currently obtainable (usually the 41 - 50 range). If we increase their PA level caps, like how it was done with GAS, it will help close the gap between them and Master Types. Keeping in mind, that on JP, Expert Types were on par in many cases with Master Types. Expert Types: Fighgunner, Guntecher, Wartecher, Fortefighter, Fortegunner, Fortetecher, Protranser, Acrofighter, and Acrotecher. PA level caps with GAS: Fighgunner: 50 Skills, 40 Bullets. Guntecher: 20 Skills, 50 Bullets, 40 Attack TECHNICS, 30 Support TECHNICS. Wartecher: 50 Skills, 30 Bullets, 40 Attack TECHNICS, 30 Support TECHNICS. Fortefighter: 50 Skills, 30 Bullets. Fortegunner: 30 Skills, 50 Bullets. Fortetecher: 20 Skills, 40 Bullets, 50 Attack TECHNICS, 40 Support TECHNICS. Protranser: 40 Skills, 50 Bullets. Acrofighter: 50 Skills, 40 Bullets. Acrotecher: 30 Skills, 30 Bullets, 40 Attack TECHNICS, 50 Support TECHNICS. I'm only bringing this up because Fighmaster got Ultimate Chain and Cursed Dark Flow, which puts them pretty far ahead. Acrofighter is able to keep up as well with Gleaming Trickster and Furinkazan, even outshining them in some cases, but the other Expert Types were left in the dust. With HP Affects PWR also getting nerfed, Guntecher, Fortegunner, and Fighgunner got hurt a decent bit as well with Crossbows. Gunmaster / Fortegunner was hurt in the meta as well, Acrofighter and Fighmaster basically does their job for the most part (not counting the vertical ranged ability of gunners on bosses), by keeping up with their damage on Half Damage enemies if they have their weapons. Edit: Since a lot of people keep pointing out that GAS had you pick specific weapons to level up, and not just a flat 10 PA levels for everything, let me point out that last time I heard, Marm does not have the packets to recreate GAS. It would probably be unlikely that they can in some way have you choose what PAs we want increased. If we were to force specific weapons, then that wouldn't really be fair for people who want to use something else.
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    Right, having it drop the max but not the current grind might be a nice middle ground. You still need to use another grinder and repair it, but at least it's not another 6 or 7, or whatever you got up to. Could keep the prices/drops how they are. Could work.
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    Your weapon breaking does reset the grind though as we went back to the old system no? Honestly, a method to restore the max grind on weapons is a good idea but I feel like the old system was bearable only because it was easy to craft grinders and you could stockpile tons of them. The current drop rate on grinders just doesn't feel generous enough to warrant going back to a system that can be so punishing. I said it on discord but I think a good compromise might be to make it to where failing a grind doesn't reset the grind level but does lower the max grind available to the weapon. So if someone gets to 6/10 but fails going to 7 they'll just be at 6/9 instead of 0/9. It'd still keep the new items worth using and having lower drop rate on grinders wouldn't feel so bad if you aren't risking everything with each grind.
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    I still don’t think that’s going to be enticing enough for the average player to want to grind, the S+10’s need to be around 1.5mil. Id like to showcase what grinders at 1.5mil would mean, so people don’t shout easy mode at me I understand sometimes you cans get lucky and your weapon will go straight to 10, but on average it takes double then some..So around 23-24. (This is before things could break) so this means : Straight to 10 x 1.5 = 15mil On average 23 x 1.5 = 34.5mil That above would have been decent, not great! BUT only if things couldn’t break! But things break now = So let’s say for SCIENCE all grinders were now completely FREE of charge HURRAY, you have a 4%? chance currently of getting an S rank 10/10, it costs 10mil per repair. So that’s 1/25 chance to get 10/10, on average that’s 20 attempts - that’s an average cost of 200mil per weapon without factoring in the cost of the grinders which you would need 120 of. I don’t know if many people know this, but the reason why repairing worked on JP was because after repairing the item, you could just go and guardians cash it to 8/10 for about 3 bucks, then chance the last two grinds yourself, here that model doesn’t work because it resets it to 0/10. Going forward I think a few things should be added, this needs balanced. repairing an item shouldn’t reset it to 0/10, it should repair it 7/9 = 7/10 S+10 needs to reach about 1.5mil, repairing should be around 3mil, this with things getting repaired and not reset should bring a more well rounded grinding experience. Try it please and have an end to the grinder stress
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    Would it be possible to have the chances of a rare missions appearing, be linked to a characters level, instead of a flat percentage per run? On the 24/08 Marm posted fixed rates for the rare missions appearing in the discord announcement channel. Fixed an issue with rare missions being haha. Rates are now a fixed percent across difficulties. -C: 0.75% - B: 1.0% - A: 2.0% - S: 3.0% - S2: 4.0% - S3: 4.5% - S4: 5.0% But wouldn't this adversely affect the lower rank items from the rare missions? As people would get the lower missions more rarely, and people won't want to do an A run, when they're the level for an S. Instead, I'm suggesting that the rates be tied to a characters level, so players who're levelling on new or alt characters, have the same chance to get one, as people spamming the S4's. It might work something like this (all of this can change, but just to give a general overview) Level 1 -19: -C: 5% Level 20 - 45: -C: 3% - B: 5% Level 46 -75: -C: 1.5% - B: 3% - A: 5% Level 76 - 100: -C: 0.75% - B: 1.5% - A: 3% - S: 5% Level 101 - 120: -C: 0.5% - B: 0.75% - A: 1.5% - S: 3% - S2: 5% Level 121 - 140: -C: 0.25% - B: 0.5% - A: 0.75% - S: 1.5% - S2: 3% - S3: 5% Level 140+: -C: 0% - B: 0.25% - A: 0.5% - S: 0.75% - S2: 1.5% - S3: 3% - S4: 5% Or it could even build up to those rates that Marm posted at 140+ -C: 0.75% - B: 1% - A: 2% - S: 3% - S2: 4% - S3: 4.5% - S4: 5% Having a system like this would stop people from spamming the lower level missions to try and get rares, while at the same time allowing people to play them as they progress through the game. This also wouldn't adversely affect the market for some of the items from the lower missions, like a flat low percentage would. Obviously all the rates can change and such, if an idea like this is even possible.
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    Acrotecher Getting an additional 10 levels to its skills will not make them "Attila the Hun and Ultimate Warrior". Acrotecher's main Skills they use for damage is Infinite Storm and Vivi Dezza. Using the formula here: http://psupedia.info/Formulae.html you can calculate how much damage they deal. maximum damage = floor(crit x (total atp x pa x (1 + ele) x buff - enemy's dfp) / 5) calculated atp = 1758 divine kamui att = 848 cutie crown att = 371 kamui ele = .34 cutie ele = .29 divine kamui pa boost = 1.1 cutie crown pa boost = 1.2 20 infinite storm pa = 2.75 30 infinite storm pa = 2.86 20 vivi dezza pa = 3.6 30 vivi dezza pa = 3.72 enemy dfp = 656 20 infinite damage = 3461 30 infinite damage = 3608 20 vivi dezza damage = 3570 30 vivi dezza damage = 3695 calculated with crit / JA because you should always JA. As for what you said earlier "Give Acrotecher LV31 attack techs and lock it at 31 because LV31 vs LV40 Diga is mega powerful." maximum damage = floor(crit x (rod x tp x pa x (1 + ele) x buff - enemy's mst) / 5) calcualted tp = 2302 kakwane madog tp = 611 ele 30 tech = .31 ele 40 tech = .38 diga 30 pa = 2.8 diga 40 pa = 2.9 enemy mst = 656 diga 30 damage = 2582 diga 40 damage = 2829 calculated without crit / JC because it isn't guaranteed every time. Note: these numbers aren't what you would see in game because clem's formula is a little different. However, the damage difference is basically the same at 20 and 30. if you are dealing roughly 100 more at 20 on clem, you will be doing roughly 100 more at 30. That's currently how it is for every damage type, at all levels. We are doing more damage on clem then we are supposed to be, but again, its more at all levels, and roughly the same number increase at all levels.
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    An old video of certain try hard doods run, in memory of zagenga. So many mistakes in this one tho XD Rueka / Human / WT / lvl135 - Lazyguy / Beast / FG / lvl135 - TIME = (9:47)
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    Quite the defensive creature aren’t you. Acrofighter is better than FM** right now, yes. I’ve already said this but I’ll entertain it by answering it again, when ultimate knight / blood spear comes out, the tables turn and FM will be back on top. Which brings us to when I spoke about skadd = I’m not in any devs ear Atall, the mods have mentioned this on multiple occasions that when they start balancing PAs that skadd will most likely get a nerf. It’s not much of a debate if you can’t understand the 40-50 modifiers. Correct. 25 people would like to see the other classes have more playtime, which Im completely FOR , and have said “I like it” don’t exaggerate. The same reason when testing rare missions they shouldn’t go from 4% - 11%. Raising numbers until it fits is just a better method. IVE COLOUR COORDINATED TO HELP YOU NAVIGATE THIS COMPLEX RESPONSE YOU SHOULD BE ABLE TO SEE IVE ANSWERED YOUR *POINTS* Let me know if this doesn't help ill use bullet point and everything.
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    The nerf should not impact that mission too much : mobs are small levels, so at 140 we should not see too much difference. That said, sad to not have left the SE for the xbows and Yak Zagenga. Because it was too much op with Dus Skadd, not with that (and it was risky so there was a counterpart) Anyway, 24/08 : - HP affects Pwr SE has been lowered (to its normal state, apparently) Since I did some tests, I share : As CAST/140/FG20/Cronos unit : Yak Zagenga 40 with 1hp (and Skull Ankh 8/8) 1900 per critical on pannons Yak Yoga 40 around 1500... If its correct, Zagenga not really worth it anymore (on higher missions at least)
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    First one is interesting. But I have to decline the 'new currency' you spoke about. Change it to GC Reason, this game is merely duplicating what JP OG had. Adding new currency could pose a trouble unless Clem's team really knows ins and outs of the program. Furthermore. GC is currently unused. It should be easier to be tinkered. If this one is truly implemented, let RnG stay as well, but make the chance like that in previous 22nd August patch. That way, this game would not just be rewarding for hardcores. Second part is rather obsolete. Make it like 'increase rare map chance' and it should be fine
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    Yea I have to say the idea for acquiring the rare mission is awesome, and if the Clem staff could implement something like this it would be amazing. Also I feel like it could advert things like what happened since this last maint. But the map rotations idk if I can get on board with that.
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    Ran into this bug while running the Protector's Zeta event mission solo. If you die during the De Rol Le boss fight and get revived via a Scape Doll, De Rol Le will stop doing anything. If it was mid attack it'll still finish the attack but it'll then just proceed to sit in its last position and do nothing until you either kill it or abandon the mission (if it happens to be out of range of your attacks). This can be a bit of a nuisance for melee types that lack access to longer ranged weapons/techs if you're running solo.
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    C will cost 100K meseta. Weapon Repair B will cost 300K meseta. Weapon Repair A will cost 7.5M meseta. Weapon Repair S will cost 10M meseta. Cool idea But i think some things may need addressed
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    Oh it was 10 but people like to change things and whine about things that aren't an issue. Nobody complained about 10 when the game was live, then all of a sudden people thought it was too many on Clem.
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    If you're meaning Story Missions, those may or may not get added depending on how far the team gets. I'm not sure how difficult it would be to add the Episode 2 story missions (Ep2 is in offline mode, but I'm not sure if that would make it any easier), but Episode 3 will be a completely different beast since it has quite a few differences from Episode 2 (not to mention that, iirc, they haven't been able to properly restore Innocent Girl yet, and it might not even be possible (and thus one of the endings would be impossible to access)). As for grinders, yes. Those have been removed entirely from the stores, though they SHOULD be able to drop from enemies now.
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    We seem to get a lot of people asking how to play the game in window mode and borderless fullscreen, so I'm going to create a simple guide for those that need help. First off, download the custom resolution files from the download page of the forum https://psu-clementine.net/community/index.php?/client_download/ and extract the one you will use into your Phantasy Star Universe Clementine folder. Use Winrar or 7-Zip to extract the file. Next, go into your game options and make sure 32bit is selected and the resolution is set to 1280x720. Also make sure you have window mode checked. Next, download a Zip file called psuseed here https://drive.google.com/file/d/1oXNV4P65lgPSlxb1aNhzJdJeJ4pr2EhM/view Open the psuseed.zip file and extract the contents (using winrar, 7-Zip, etc) into your Phantasy Star Universe Clementine folder. Now that they are extracted, open the psuseed TOML file with notepad. Look for the line that says borderless and change it from FALSE to TRUE. Save the file and close notepad. That should do it. Now just launch the Custom Resolution and play Phantasy Star Universe Clementine in Fullscreen Borderless Windowed mode.
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    Here are codes that allow to play, on the PSP emulator "PPSSPP", to Phantasy Star Portable 2 (North American version ; ULUS-10529) and to Phantasy Star Portable 2 Infinity (Japanese version ; NPJH-50332) at 60FPS. Nothing really new, though maybe not everyone knows these codes exist. But these codes really improve the games and I thought it'd be a good idea to have them here. So, here they are : Phantasy Star Portable (ULUS-10529) _S ULUS-10529 _G Phantasy Star Portable 2 _C1 60fps _L 0x00630B6C 0x00000001 _L 0x20662FF4 0x42700000 _L 0x20662FF8 0x0000003C _L 0x20662FFC 0x3F800000 _L 0x20663000 0x00000001 _L 0x20663004 0x3F000000 _L 0x20663008 0x3C888889 _C0 30fps _L 0x00630B6C 0x00000002 _L 0x20662FF4 0x41F00000 _L 0x20662FF8 0x0000001E _L 0x20662FFC 0x40000000 _L 0x20663000 0x00000002 _L 0x20663004 0x3F800000 _L 0x20663008 0x3D088889 Source Phantasy Star Portable 2 Infinity NPJH-50332 _S NPJH-50332 _G Phantasy Star Portable 2 Infinity [JPN] _C0 60fps _L 0x202937B4 0x46010043 _L 0x0069D46C 0x00000001 _L 0x206DA554 0x42700000 _L 0x206DA558 0x0000003C _L 0x206DA55C 0x3F800000 _L 0x206DA560 0x00000001 _L 0x206DA564 0x3F000000 _L 0x206DA568 0x3C888889 _C0 30fps _L 0x202937B4 0x46000843 _L 0x0069D46C 0x00000002 _L 0x206DA554 0x41F00000 _L 0x206DA558 0x0000001E _L 0x206DA55C 0x40000000 _L 0x206DA560 0x00000002 _L 0x206DA564 0x3F800000 _L 0x206DA568 0x3D088889 Source
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    Thanks for reporting this. It'll be fixed for the next maintenance.
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    Thanks, but it was actually Micheal Stanich who did the original 2 version cheat and then I think it was Finchy who ported it for Infinity and Kagerou who added the Foverse fix after that.
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    Any chance of the Casino getting up and running again properly? Can claim the daily silver but can't really use it to gamble to get more. Slots softlock when used and Roulette gives back 1x rewards regardless of winning. EDIT: I was messing around and noticed that one of the slot machines had winnings listed within 24 hours, I tried it and it seemed to work, just... really terrible odds XD. I used to make my fortune playing Roulette, so I'll just be saving my money per day. I want some of the goodies from the rewards but until it's fixed I'll have to save up the silver per day.
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    I can confirm this by three people. The photon charge will work if you add it to your palette and then use it.
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    I don't use AT but what makes it game changing? They will be very powerful once they have access to all GAS features. Atm 10 lvl PA increase won't matter that much. Even with lvl 40 digas, it doesn't have that high damage. The only thing that matters on AT right now is whips and sabers (in some occasions also twin daggers), but if you think that can compete against FM in terms of TA, they still lost even with sabarta since they can't optimize their attack power through GAS feature
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    Let's keep the thread on a civil track please. Don't wanna see more of like page 2 or all that messy quoting/raging, just sayin
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    Fortegunner seems absolutely perfect to me and never had any issues. The chart does show the PP consumption for FG at 41+ and uses much less PP than a GM. I have not used Grenades ever, but if FG gets LV50 Bullets w/ S rank Grenades, what's the point of GM existing ? lol, -- in the sense lot of people say Twin handguns are worthless. I like using Twin Handguns on certain maps, but LV50 for the twins is still stuck at SE2. A nice benefit for GM would make it SE3 41+ Bullets also opens the doors for lots of extra bonuses. SE5, more Accuracy. FG gets LV31+ Knockdown, and seems to be working again but not sure what needs to be tweaked.
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    Care to explain why FG doesn't need it? since in terms of DPS FG is quite in middle ground. Even if taking GM as comparison, faster shooting still make them better even with lvl 50 bullet FGs. I know FG is more tanky and has more utility. It's just as dps class, FG needs something to cover its fire rate.
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    Quite the defensive creature aren’t you. Acrofighter is better than skadd right now, yes. I’ve already said this but I’ll entertain it by answering it again, when ultimate knight / blood spear comes out, the tables turn and FM will be back on top. Which brings us to when I spoke about skadd = I’m not in any devs ear Atall, the mods have mentioned this on multiple occasions that when they start balancing PAs that skadd will most likely get a nerf. It’s not much of a debate if you can’t understand the 40-50 modifiers. Correct. 25 people would like to see the other classes have more playtime, which Im completely FOR , and have said “I like it” don’t exaggerate. The same reason when testing rare missions they shouldn’t go from 4% - 11%. Raising numbers until it fits is just a better method.
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    Introduction Let me start with a little about myself. I grew up on this game. I played it for years and had several characters maxed with thousands and thousands of hours in the game. After the decline of the game, suddenly I had a large appointment of free time () and so I earned a degree in Psychology. Specifically, I studied the field of psychology known as industrial/organizational psychology in which psychologists interact with and counsel organizations in order to address issues which may arise from the human condition within these institutions both in a commercial and non-commercial manner. I've since switched gears a bit and am studying therapy, but that's boring and irrelevant to the topic at hand. I bring this up, because I'm going to try and keep opinions to a minimum. If you're new to the world of research papers, it should be known that to say this read is going to be dry is an understatement I try to use as much prose as possible and to specifically avoid writing in an overly wordy fashion, however when dealing with topics that are fairly in depth, additional reading is required to follow. Hopefully the citations provided will allow some insight into the field and where I am coming from. There may be some points you disagree within them, but I'm providing the strongest evidence the scientific community has to offer: Peer reviewed and published works of research. I've been educated on the topic, as well, and hopefully this article will explain why I take the stances I take. What I'm going to say isn't fun. It's not ideal. It's the real world and sometimes that just kinda sucks for all parties involved. The Clementine staff has thus far done a fairly decent job at balancing both the worlds of the purists and experimentalists here, but they are programmers and not trained in administration (I assume). I've been deeply involved with several *cough* websites which I won’t discuss here as an administrator, and it's extremely painful to watch them wither and die due to a lack of knowledge on the topic. I advised against changes and promoted others specifically to prevent known issues from arising only to be completely ignored by the site owners. I'm going to ask for a little faith on this, and if it really becomes that much of an issue where you guys think I'm just BSing you, I'll privately confirm with one of the admins of the site or forum moderators. It's just not the type of thing I can discuss publicly, especially since I use identifying information on this website. That being said, it was NOT a video game and the issues I dealt with there were more issues of power struggles and the organization of users (for instance, failing to incorporate a design that protects against the Peter Principle). I still believe my experience on the subject is relevant and will allow all readers to understand the impact that dramatic shifts in gameplay can have. Also, know that what I’m saying here comes from a place of love for the game and its community. It comes from a place of willingness to compromise and not from a firm stance or ultimatums. With that out of the way, let's get started. User retention and growth. Whether you like it or not, this game needs other players. We saw in the past how much the development of the server can drain the administration. Patreon was implemented and many of us began showing support, but without financial motivation we all know this project would never be finished, and currently that incentive comes from players donating. Additionally, just because the server may be one day be complete and we can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel doesn't mean that we'll be playing this game for years to come. As it stands right now this is the only shot at success we have, which means a slow and cautious approach is ideal. I honestly believe the administration already understands this, as every change the community suggest that is implemented. That being said, this server is not open source, and it is not an easy task to develop a working one. It’s taken this long to get this far. If we fail now, we will all lose this game for good. Every single change implemented to this server will upset people and at a statistically significant rate drive them away. As Don Anderson says in The Dark Side of MMOGs: Why People Quit Playing This would imply that a focus should be on retention rather than exciting new changes, especially considering the traditionalist atmosphere often accompanied by older games. Within this same paper, Anderson also cites a lack of clearly defined goals as a primary reason players leave. By constantly adapting the game, shifting the meta, and discouraging the use of playstyles that were just encouraged prior to a patch, users will be driven away as they feel punished for investing time in now outdated methods of play. Moreover, as pure speculation, I firmly believe that everybody who was previously involved in Phantasy Star Universe official wants some degree of accuracy. We already have a playable highly updated entry in the Phantasy Star Online series. As an extreme case for an example (a fallacy I know!) If this game becomes nothing more than a fanboy’s wet dream with crazy ideas everywhere and their every last desire implemented, it would turn off every other player in the game with the exception of its appeal as a mod to players enjoy whack modified content. The forum is not an ideal place to get ideas, and the forum users are not an ideal source of them. This is not to say some ideas aren't good, but on the whole, users simply aren’t going to put the time or energy actually fleshing out these ideas. Even if they do, how many competent game developers have you seen completely botch their design after months of effort? The creator of MegaMan, Keiji Inafune, released Might No. 9 to mixed reception. This is coming from a developer who is inarguably competent with game design, having created a series which now has over 130 titles. Despite this, even he was not immune. PSU is a tried and true game with which many players, I’m guessing all of us, have fallen in love to some degree. That’s not to say opinions shouldn’t be voiced, but taking them too seriously into developis a pratfall that should be avoided. If this server were a company, would you listen to the many demands of your customers, or would you listen to the educated opinion of your financial advisors? Customers would want everything cheaper, in higher quality, and in larger quantities that can effectively be achieved while maintaining a profit. It’s harsh to say, but in every scenario end goals, in this case longevity, should be counseled for by those with the most experience to achieve them and whose values are most aligned with them. In light of this, in case you haven’t noticed, Clementine has already changed. Assuming users leave during periods of change (which will be established later), this means that their opinions are unfortunately no longer heard here on Clementine. Assuming a system in which a game is developed based on the majority consensus, this would mean that the forums are already biased against players who preferred the game in a prior state. Moreover, this forum is a downright sounding board. People downvote everything they don't like, and in a sense that's what the button is there for, but it's psychologically discouraging contrary opinions and prevents movements from gaining traction. Combined with the previous topic of users leaving, this could create a dangerous feedback cycle. I’m positive some of you have noticed certain games when you join as a new player, people are very discouraging. This objectively lowers user retention and silences discussion. In this case, silence is deadly. In Destructive Role of Employee Silence in Organizational Success, Beheshtifar, Borhani, and Moghadam of the University of Iran discuss 8 key factors in the silencing of employees and outline the destructive force this silence can have within an organization. Due to fear, embarrassment, narrow conceptions of ethical behavior, loyalty to unethical friends, a lack of voice, and poor organizational skills can all lead to fatal flaws within a corporate structure. PSU may be a hobby for us, but it’s one many of us spend as much time on as a profession, if not more. Heed the warnings of the authors and avoid reinforcing negative structures which are non-conducive to success. In order to avoid this, as much of a voice should be given to the silent as possible. RuneScape which recently launched a throw-back version called 2007Scape or Old School RuneScape. Within their structure for success, and in order to preserve the community, Old School RuneScape performs surveys not on the forums, but directly in game at postings available at all commonly frequented areas. Any barrier added to this, be it posting on forums or only listening to active users will only serve to bias the outcome in the direction the game is currently moving. An argument may be made that there’s a vocal minority of RuneScape players who would like more change, but I contest that there are new versions of the game with much change (an analog of PSO2) and a much better system in place for listening to user voice than currently implemented in Clementine. The irony here is, even though the players who are accepting with the game in its current or state, those seeking to alter it are likely to be habitually pessimistic in this regard. According to Yu in Habitual Domains: By giving into mentality that aspects of the game are not in an enjoyable state, you are directly reinforcing those who will be less likely to be satisfied anyways, meanwhile the silent, positive players slowly come across unwanted changes and fade away. The game already existed in a format people played. Even given SEGA’s awful handling of updates, the game lasted for years on end. Chasing an unattainable ideal of beauty only leaves one without realistic ideals or tangible beauty. Yu also states that solutions to problems influenced only by a narrow view, in this case only accepting change for what you don’t like, are poor solutions, as they fail to consider the viability of opposing options. In order to defeat this issue, any suggestion posts would have to offer alternatives to the problem, including accepting it, rather than simply stating the problem and demanding change. A final bias present on the forums is that there is rarely data posted on this forum in any fashion. People just get gut feelings and post them. It’s human nature, and we simply don’t all have the time to invest into the research needed, or in some cases even, the ability to gain the knowledge to interpret research in the first place. Humans are absolutely terrible at perceiving the world around them, however, and gut feelings and opinions should be avoided in lieu of concrete evidence. For many of the users here, however this will be their first interaction with a scientifically written paper. How should a user without such a background even begin to voice a well founded opinion that would be beneficial for a server? It can be done, but for much more energy than most are willing to apply. Without the proper research to support ideas, this methodology is nothing more than theorycrafting and should be treated as such. No offense to staff, but SEGA also tried to polish this game. In a syllogistic argument, working on video games is experience, and they worked on video games, therefore they are experienced in video game design. You may feel whatever you may think about the outcome, but it’s downright ignorant to pretend they didn’t try. Regardless, we know that didn't turn out well, or I wouldn’t be here defending a halt to needless changes. I can also guarantee they were, contrary to popular belief, experienced in what they were doing. Regardless it seems to be the opinion of the community here that balance was never achieved and for good reason. MMOs bear so much resemblance to real life in its complexity that they’ve even been used to study the outbreak of diseases. The systems they create are as complex as the users who input into them. The economy, game balance, and similar facets of the game are as fragile as they are complex, and, as seen in the past, easily damaged. Continued tinkering can result in such damage to the balance as power creep and inflation. Referring back to the points on pessimism, I believe it’s ok to accept the game in an imbalanced state, especially if it means protecting against further imbalance, inflation, and power creep. Power creep as a mechanism is deadly for video games. It reduces the skill required to achieve success, but it does not increase balance. A quick glance at time of writing on the suggestions forum show the first 10 posts contain 7 posts whose ideas involve increasing the strength of the player character in one way or another and 3 posts which are either quality of life or system improvements. If this is any indication to what players want, (and I can say within a certainty of 95% that this is true), players would lead to extreme power creep as they prefer buffs to nerfs. Nerfs are as necessary to balance as buffing, and yet this change is even more discouraging than power creep as it punishes certain users who are simply playing how they enjoy. If following the advice of forum users, then the game would rapidly become even easier than it already is, falling outside of our our zones of proximal development - halting growth and losing interest. Making people happy is a bad metric for game design. We’ve all played games that had mechanics we didn’t like. That’s a normal part of gaming. That shouldn’t stop you from falling into a pessimistic cycle, and just because a game isn’t perfect doesn’t mean it’s not the best it can be. Breath of the Wild had weapons, arguably the only valuable loot in the game, break fairly easily and it was considered a commercial success. The mechanic may not be loved, but it contributed to loot being interesting, which contributed to exploration, which contributed to the overall game design. Without it chests would quickly become not worth opening and seeking them out would have become pointless. Could a better system have been implemented? You bet, but in the real world redesign takes a lot of time, effort, and money. Just because mechanics are hated does not mean that their removal contributes to a positive atmosphere for the game. Think about all the GT hipsters who would quit playing their class if it were meta! Poor Hipster GT liked the class before it was cool . Compounded by people never being happy and the cycle of pessimism - At some point you're going to have to accept that there will be a meta way to play which is widely agreed upon to be. This doesn’t mean balance shouldn’t be a goal, however. It’s simply an extremely finicky topic and everybody here is going to have to be ok with the degree of finesse required. Discussion I'm biased. My research is biased. I may have an eye for scientific accuracy, but I've played this since I was 17, and I'm a human being with emotions. This also isn't my server, either. If the team wants to develop 19 stars and add a class to the game that uses all weapons at S rank, who are we to say no? There's nothing unethical about running this however they want. It may not be what's best for us, but it's theirs and that's respectable. If the game were fully developed first, it would provide a more accurate metric by which to gauge balance and other gameplay changes on. I know there are some issues here that are glaringly obvious, but as mentioned earlier - a cautious approach will have less risk, be lower impact on development, and allow more time for accurate understanding of the game to be developed. Also, I believe in the long run some change is necessary. This game had highly questionable mechanics that everybody knew even on official. Jabroga was the most powerful PA AND it didn't ever miss. Official also patched many things as the game was moving along. I'm just asking for restraint rather than changing literally every single mechanic in the game to suit what some players want. That being said, rapid change will absolutely kill this server. It’s not a matter of if, it’s a matter of when. Change, as established earlier, is correlated with user dropout at least to a degree, so a steady pace with plenty of time to adjust between changes is ideal so as to not shock the user base. Solutions Ideally there would be two servers: One vanilla, and one new. The vanilla would still need quality of life improvements and implementation of official content like Guardian's Cash rewards that are ideally faithful to the original as possible. This has obvious logistical drawbacks. It would take time and money. It would split the community. It would, however, also provide immunity from unwanted change and a safe place for those who only wish to experience what they did in the past. It would also allow for a more experimental server without retention concerns, as any user who changed their mind could simply switch to vanilla if they get fed up. More, as this option satisfies the most varying viewpoints, it would also likely mean the most overall income for the server. That being said,whether or not this would be worth the time or money would require analysis. In the meantime I would heavily encourage minimum changes and then once the server is running, a Patreon/crowdsourcing option specifically for an experimental or classic server would give the insight needed to make a truly accurate decision. A second option would be fairly true to vanilla server with minor balance tweaks. This would be a no-nonsense method of securing as large of a player base as possible with minimum effort and investment. In a way this is unavoidable anyways, as many of the options official had were either tied to story mode, real money trading, or even simply the mechanic of charging monthly for a service. A continually evolving server which *starts out* vanilla and gradually changed could also be implemented. It should be obvious by now I’m not a fan of this, however, I cannot deny Ephinea has found some degree of success with it. I personally left the server due to changes that occurred in a manner I could not keep up with, but I would gladly sacrifice having my way for the betterment of the server. I still do not believe this is the most effective method of running the server, however, and I would strongly discourage making changes prior to launch. A parting word: You guys are not toxic, or at least I haven't run into too much of that, but that doesn't mean the effects of toxicity can't be felt. Every time any change in either direction - towards official or towards new horizons - is implemented everybody complains. That's their right, but it doesn't exactly leave us who want to avoid drama with anywhere to voice ourselves.. I believe we can compromise and reach an ideal middle ground, but not with the current organization implemented. It’s biased heavily towards negativity and generally being not ok with the way the game is played. I appreciate that you've taken the time to read this in its entirety. I hope the effort I put into the paper shows, and I hope, if nothing else, you learn something new from it.
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    I feel that a lot of Types are falling short due to HP scaling currently. Do you feel that HP Scaling is in a good spot right now, or do you think that it should be changed or removed?
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    I can see those Acrofighter changes being fine, but you also have to realize that Acrofighter's damage right now is their end game. It isn't going to get much better than this (aside from the little bit of damage from the remaining levels). Once Fighmaster gets Bloodspear Vlad Bram, they will be out damaging Acrofighter by a fair margin, since they will have their 3 weapons to suite most situations. Acrotecher's damage isn't high by any means, using high 40% Divine Kamuis, I'm hitting around 3.7k on the last part of Infinite Storm and around 4.2k with Vivi Dezza with a 40% Cutie Crown. I think that increasing it to the full 30 / 30 / 40 / 50 would be fine. As for Fortetecher, I don't think that would end Master Force by any means. Master Force gets 5% more base TP and faster casting speed. Sure, bullets gives them more utility for flying enemies, but MF still gets Noszonde and Nosmegid (which I do understand that bullets can in some situations out perform). Support TECHNICS will put Fortetecher ahead in TP, but the cast speed of Master Force should still out dps them, or at best, make them even (which is the point of the PA cap increase).
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    The game is fine, it was fine then and it's really fine now. Hybrid clases have more vesatility of gameplay, which means they more easily fit different situations. That's good. I used to solo all the time and Guntecher felt infinitely better for that than Gunmaster in my opinion. This server has really low latency compared to official and weapon swaps are nearly seemless. Abuse that. Freeze an enemy then switch to a cross bow or use megid to take out some robots then double pistol what's left. Just because a class isn't meta doesn't mean they're not fun and it doesn't mean they're not viable. If you keep buffing everything to the top, you still end up with imbalance only then throw in power creep for good measure. Just... play the game for fun... it's an easy game already. That or just let's give every class jabroga and revert it back to before it missed. Or ignore me and theory craft away, I just want my stance to be known and don't have any problem with all the suggestions that are constantly here.
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    It is, it works as far as I can tell but I haven't quite bought anything yet. I gambled some though! Fly from the robo fly lady.
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    Seems to need more testing. It could the variance of that xbow like other weapons, is just not right so if you are getting damage increases , would probably be difficult to see. Maybe it is "right" even if it's still overall wrong. Whats needed is a weapon with low variance to begin with, tested before and after grinding. That might just answer whether or not grinding for specific particular weapon is working / not working though and not answer if its bugged all around. (Btw weapon variances suck. Thanks SEGAC >.< )
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    The second idea needs to be reworked. It is surely possible to avoid the RNG there too, for the rare map. The goal was also to have more diversity by having sort of rotating weekly (mini)event, but that another topic. Yes, everytime its possible (when a good idea comes up) I think we should always think to reduce the rng as much as possible (intelligently, always keeping in mind that we have to farm and invest to see the desired power) Also, I add an idea about grind (weapons affinities)
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    Mizuraki Defense S2 Jenny Death/Beast/FG/117/Time-7:36 On my quest to conquer all the easy first missions on all the planets, not sure if layouts make much of a difference for this mission.
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    Mad Creatures S2 Jenny Death/Beast/FG/115/Time-3:57 Just got off work, this mad lad cannot be stopped. I love doing this, it lets me have fun with missions most people never put much time into.
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    This is my boy Mac. He snores while he's awake and always makes sure to sneeze directly at your face. 10/10 good boy.
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    Stop right there, criminal scum.
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    This is my cat, Buddy the Cat. You have to say the whole thing, even if he doesn't recognize it as his name. He isn't very smart, but at least he has eyebrows and is cute.
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    After repeated weeks of the investigation in Rozenom, Noob grows impatient of the AMF. Noob with a few soldiers board an AMF PPT Shuttle back to AMF HQ. He reaches the Command Meeting Room and locks the door behind him. He thinks about when higher command told every soldier that all GUARDIANS are not the enemy, but allies. Noob hates that fact. He then goes to the armory in which he opens the door to a hidden room. What contains in there is his blacked out armor. He feels it and all the evil from the Endrum programming comes back to memory. His old Deathly Shadow days. When he was Knave Golem. He blames the Alliance Military for his original "death" and now blames them for the falling of the colony. He puts on his black suit and recruits a few of his AMF soldiers who believe in the same faith as Noob. The Deathly Shadows were reborn nut under a new name. They were still considered AMF but rogue. They follow the footsteps of the Endrum Collective and seek revenge on the colony. Where they reside is unknown but rumors report that they have an underground base somewhere.
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    // Report \\ From: Commander Saibot. To: AMF Central Command. Subject: Rozenom City and AMF Changes. We've been investigating the Rozenom City explosion for months now and have finally made contact with the fallen GUARDIANS' Colony. The site was not pretty. Personally, this is one of many reasons why I don't like the GUARDIANS. I was part of the squadron that was stationed in Rozenom until we had to evacuate all the civilians, once the Colony was in orbit.. Why do the GUARDIANS always think they're doing what's right, when in reality, all they're doing IS GETTING IN THE WAY. Yeah, they stopped the SEED but that wasn't without us.. Now command has a few of the soldiers stationed on the new GUARDIANS' Colony?? I'm not for it. All it is, is a place ran by incompetent Humans and their abominations. The worst of it all is, I gotta be the one who commands these troops which means, NOW I GOTTA LEAVE MY PLANET!!! I'm no Cast Supremacist anymore but doesn't mean I respect the other races just yet. Especially those Copy Casts that the GUARDIANS manufacture. Wow, I hate them.. In other news, I hear there's some weird cloning going on with some fighter from Neudaiz. That's it for now I guess. Saibot, out.
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    In the past, I've been looking for these. When the server is down for extended maintenance or I get bored, I'll definitely try these out. Thank you!
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    I can absolute assure you that if the 90% of the population were people with Master Classes, it was because how efficient were the master classes regardless of the Expert Types with GAS. And again. Basically I see you're justifying anything which cannot be defended. Greetings.
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    Imagine pretending to be stupid to seem smart.
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    Classes that seem to need the most adjustment are Guntecher, Wartecher and Master Force It does not make sense giving Guntecher LV10 Skills and Wartecher LV20 bullets and everything else is same level. Master Force LV10 support techs is ludicrous, even LV20. If there is a way to lock some techs at LV31, I don't see an issue. or even restrict some techs. There seems to be a lot more Support Techs now, than when the game first came out. I don't see any major damage in the game giving Fortetecher LV41 normal buffs and Giresta. But I dont think FT should have access to all those like De-buffs and the new super buffs Dizas and Rentis. If there a way to break down support techs and just give Guntecher & Wartecher LV21 Debuffs / Dizas / Rentis Guntecher/Wartecher/Master Force all get LV31 Normal Buffs and Giresta only - Reverser up to debate Guntecher/Warcher - LV21 Debuffs / Dizas / Rentis Fortetecher just gets LV41 Buffs / Giresta only - No other , but where does that lead Reverser and up for debate and not much needed Give Acrotecher LV31 attack techs and lock it at 31 because LV31 vs LV40 Diga is mega powerful. - All other LV21 Guns & Skills and get to keep full arsenal of LV41+ support techs.
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    I think we should all agree Sega did not know what the hell they were doing and left a giant mess for us to figure out. They made soo many changes along the way and nothing was set in stone. That GAS update page is a cluster f- of Game Shark Codes and lot of it really UN-necessary. Here is a word count for that GAS Page Pages - 22 Words - 6,344 Characters (no spaces) 21,521 Characters (with spaces) 25,790 Paragraphs - 1,160 Lines - 2,249
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    I think it's a joke giving Fortegunner LV20 skills. I don't think I ever seen anyone use striking weapons with that class. It seems the class already leans heavy on guns and bullets and requesting more tweaks seems overkill. Is there a way to Boost each class in certain ways and preventing that class from using certain PA's ? Depending on the class it would be determined within 3 types of boost +1 Level, +10 Level and +11 Level
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    Because your continual community behavior carries over. You're not exempt from in game punishment for continual shitty behavior in our other services. Sorry buddy but you'll have to actually serve out this punishment. Hopefully you shape up because I really dont dislike you.
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    Same issue except I don't have all those files you do. Just the barebones, not sure where you got them. Regardless, launcher opens up but actually launching the game causes it to close after a few seconds. Edit: Got it working!
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