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  3. Actually playing PSUC tonight on stream the Cure the Nostalgia with a healthy dose of fun. twitch.tv/pasticheofskin youtube.com/pasticheofskin mixer.com/pasticheofskin Have a discord you cna fidn its link in the Descriptiopn of either of those. I also stream everywhere else but i mean those are the top 2/3 popular
  4. Thanks for the report! I'll get this corrected ASAP. ♥
  5. i dunno if its just my end or its glow is missing for everyone,
  6. A USB game pad makes the game a whole lot less cumbersome to play. I never got it to work with Joy2Key, but the other alternative buried in the forum someplace did work, and it's just like playing on Xbox, except with a better keyboard. Some things simply don't work (no synthesis, no AI players, drops could use some work, but I suspect that will be a continuous WIP), or don't work right (Search for Shop by condition doesn't work right, especially specifying rarity, as an example). You're also stuck with the 1280 x 720 window, since none of the custom resolution modded exe's appear to work. You'll get the title screen, and then an error when you try to start the game.
  7. Skip to 6:04 in the video to see the visual effect for Sunriser.
  8. Spent some time refactoring my Nbl extractor, and while I can say that I'm now more comfortable with the format, I can't say for sure that I've covered all of the use cases. In terms of approach it seems easier to almost treat NMLL and TMLL as their own separate files. Each one has its own header, file list and body. And then assuming that texture names are unique, and that TMLL is only ever compressed and not encrypted, then it seems to be safe to treat them separately assuming the focus is only to unpack without the need to repack. For NMLL read the header, get the compression format, blowfish key. Read the filelist, read the pointer list. Read the body, decrypt the body, decompress the body. Read the files. Fix the pointer orientation in the files. For NMLL, one issue that I'm running into the is the decrypt method decrypts 8 bytes at a time. I'm not sure if that means that I need to decrypt up to the last full eight bytes, add padding to the nearest eight bytes, or I should simply stop decryption when I run out of bytes at the end of the file. Right now I'm adding padding to the nearest eight bytes, and that seems to work (maybe?). So that seems like it could be something that needs trial and error. And then for TMLL as far as I've seen, this segment seems to only use compression, and then doesn't need for the pointers to be adjusted. But the header list can be encrypted, so I guess it needs the key listed in the NMLL header, which would mean that these two segments do need to be paired together to be able to extract the contents. So i guess that mainly means that I need to do some more testing with the NMLL body to find out what the best approach is for decryption and decompression is. And then look at the resulting files to make sure they look correct. On a side note, I still have my ugly non-refactored code that seemed like it worked for the use-cases I threw at it. So I might go back to my ugly code on the condition that it works and that I've at least found an approach to make it more readable. I'll try more tests on the for NMLL body, and then try the original code for contrast. From there I'll have to start looking into how the files are organized.
  9. You can't navigate menus with the mouse in PSU.
  10. Hi all! just downloaded PSU clementine after recently downloading PSO2 with English patch. I'm in the Game of PSU now hoping to carry on using mouse and keyboard but... my mouse doesn’t work at all? I can point click to move but no menu selection available... am I missing something? Sorry for being a noob but I need help!
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  12. Crashing on Character Creation screen. No Firewall on Running PSUC as admin or Launch start both have same issue tried to past event log, Flagged as spam Attaching Eventlog as txt Log Name: Application Source: Windows Error Reporting Date: 18/11/2019 20:31:10 Event ID: 1001 Task Category: None Level: Information Keywords: Classic User: N/A Computer: DESKTOP-A5A670F Description: Fault bucket 1194477427121667862, type 1 Event Name: APPCRASH Response: Not available Cab Id: 0 Problem signature: P1: PSUC.exe P2: P3: 4fdef33a P4: PSUC.exe P5: P6: 4fdef33a P7: c0000005 P8: 0014988b P9: P10: PSUC Crashlog.txt
  13. I've tried multiple methods to try and get this working, I can get it fullscreen, but the second I do, the game just freezes, at loading and I have to restart my computer. Currently using a 2070 RTX, so it should handle the graphics fine. Any other windows 10 users have a fix for this?
  14. Last week
  15. well i didnt need to install a program ds4 or any thing but game and setting it up i didnt have to click defult any thing i just click action button ok click on controller but now i left game on went to bed woke up controller stop workering for game but still works for any other game that i play with tryed fixing bluetooth connection even removing device and installing again but nothing work still works for all other games of my but not this one now its anoyying lol and i dont wont to have download ds4 any ideas
  16. You and I are in the same "lobby", LOL. I have had a computer tech look at my computer to try and figure this out and he simply was like "Dude, I've got nothing!" Granted it is probably something simple that these guys know exactly what to do but I'm just like this is redonkulous. It should not be this hard to install a game that has a tutorial. FRUSTRATING!!!
  17. My MB time (cast gm36 200) lml It would be nice if other GM / MF post their time, as well as FM / AF (or any other class ofc, but we did not have fighters yet) since the goal is also to figure the differences of time that there may be to then have a more solid and concrete basis for discussing balancing (not saying its the main purpose, but it can help)
  18. Kappa LML Mother Brain Solo 7:49 200 Newman 30 Masterforce - Could definitely do faster if I had 2 more epd's and killed mb a little cleaner but for now ill just post this one
  19. I'll be back in 5 years and check up how things are. Wish you all luck to the Dev Team and screw the majority of players here
  20. Kappa (lml) Falz. 10:29 Cast/200/GM33 Kappa (lml) Altera. 12:43 Cast/200/GM33 ... Possibly the worst RNG (he flew after less than 100k of damage, and as high as possible ...) Sub 11 should be easy to get.
  21. Continuing on with NBL archives. I've been trying to think of ways to simplify the code and get around the lack of offsets declared in the header. But I guess if they're actually needed or not is a little debatable, since after once segment has been read, the next section is found by scanning instead of seeking. I think it's really the combination of having to scan paired with not knowing the exact format of what's contained in the archive. Maybe writing out an approach will help me simplify th code that I have. So to start out, it seems like a good idea to read 0x00 as a quick sanity check to check for the NMLL magic and return if it's not found. Then we're probably going to want to read 0x04 for the compression format and then 0x1c to get the seed for blowfish. And that way we'll have those parameters for working with the rest of the archive. Next we're going to need 0x08 to get the byte length of the NMLL header and then 0x0c for the number of files in the NMLL section. With that we can decrypt the NMLL header to get the filenames, offsets and length of all of the files contained. Then we can start from the end of the NMLL header and seek until the first non-zero byte. This will be the NMLL body, and if we can't find this section, then we return. If there is a body then we decompress and decrypt if needed. Then we continue to seek to the first non-zero byte after the body. This will be the pointer table. So once we have the pointer table and the raw NMLL body, then we can go ahead and unpack those files and add them to the files to be returned. Once we've hit the end of the end of the pointer table then we seek until we find the TMLL header and return if it doesn't exist. If it does exist then we read 0x20 to get the header size and then 0x2c to get the number of textures in the section. We then decrypt the header and get the filenames and offsets. Then we seek to the next non-zero byte after the header, get the body, decompress. And then unpack and add the textures to the files to be returned. And then we return the unpacked files from the archive.
  22. The topic has been updated, and an event section for Kappa and SV has been added. Regarding Kappa: there is a subcategory for boss. For the road, it is up to everyone to choose the one that seems to him the fastest to complete the mission. However, if you post a time on that mission, specify the boss but also the road, just to have an idea. Also, add your class level please, even if the stats gained each level are minimal.
  23. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yqMQJjxTKBc Scorched Valley S4 Masterforce Solo Run 22:50 You can look at the vod and the pictures, I believe the time is 22:50 but could be a extra second or two. I killed the last mob right at that time.
  24. Right now I don't have too much to write about in terms of the FPB tarball since I'm simply using the "look for magic numbers and slice" method. It seems like there should be a cleaner approach that involves reading the file header and then finding the offsets in the file. I've been taking a second look at NBL and I think I can write some notes about that. The figure above shows the outline of the structure of an NBL archive. For NBL I'm guessing the extension stands for "New BML" as it has a similar function and approach to PSO's BML archive format, but in implementation a lot has been changed. In terms of function it acts the same grouping a list of models, and files associated with the models such as animations, and then has the textures for those models all included in a single grouped compressed file. In terms of structure the way it does this is somewhat different. NBL groups information with two main sections. First is the NMLL section which contains any kind of information that isn't textures. So the content is anything from models to animations, texture lists, and animation. The second section is the TMLL section which contains the textures. Each section has it's own respective header and body. Which are essentially the same format. The NMLL header has 0x30 bytes of meta data at the top of the header followed by the file list, while the TMLL section has 0x20 bytes followed by the follow list. And the body is the same for both sections, can be compressed, and can be encrypted, and in that order. So if the body is uncompressed then decompress (with PRS for type 0) and then decrypt is encrypted (with blowfish). Once decompressed and encrypted the files are stacked end to end and the respective offsets and lengths are provided in the respective headers. The main difference between the two sections is that texture data is likely copied directly into the framebuffer. So the archive only needs to unpack the files and then copy the information directly into the framebuffer. The NMLL section of the archive gets copied as a block directly into memory, and the archive is implemented so that all pointers in the NMLL files are zero relative to the start of the body. And then following the body is a list of pointer offsets inside the body, with the reasoning being that it allows for all of the pointers to be easily adjusted to the location copied into memory. In terms of approach for extracting the files from an NBL the approach is a little messy. First read the meta data in the header to try and find the number of files in each respective section, the length of each header in bytes, the compressed size of each body and then the decompressed size of each body. And then get the key and initialize blowfish on the condition the files are encrypted. Then it seems like the next step is to try and seek through the file to try and find where each segment is and slice it into it's own section of information. The reason for using slicing is kind of two-fold. The main reason is that it's unclear if there is a pattern for the amount of padding between each group of information. So after the NMLL header there is zero padding before the body, and then the start of the body is the first non-zero bytes following. And that seems to hold true for all of the segments, after the NMLL body is an unknown amount of zero padding followed by the pointer list. And then the TMLL section is optional and doesn't exist in a lot of cases. And then when it does exist it's position needs to be found by looking for the TMLL magic number. And which is then followed by more padding and then the TMLL body. So the most difficultly for handling this function generally comes from handling the different conditions and seeking through to find the different segments. Once each segment has been isolated, you decrypt and read the header. Then decompress and decrypt the body, and then in the case of NMLL adjust the pointers, and then pull out the files. Seems like something that could be addressed by adding a few offset pointers in the headers, but at best I can only speculate at the potential reasons behind this. The best reason that I can think of is that the archive is intended to be more of a streaming format, where the archive is intended to start at the beginning and seek through the file copying information into memory as it goes along. Though having a few more offsets declared in the header would make this format much easier to work with.
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  26. Press backspace on your keyboard a few times, it's probably stuck when the game booted.
  27. Jenna

    Can't install

    Heya peeps! I tried installing this game earlier this morning, but can't seem to get it to work. I've downloaded the installer from the downloads page here on the site and that went fine, but after I tried to run the installer exe file, it'll get an error maybe 10-15% through the download saying that some source files are corrputed (screen shot of one of them below). I've tried ignoring the errorquite a few times in hopes that after the install, patching would fix any missing files. It comes up so often (I stopped after like 10 errors) that it just doesn't seem like that's supposed to happen. I tried whitelisting on my anti-virus, turning off windows firewall, and running as administrator with no luck. Any other suggestions? Thanks in advance! EDIT: I've also tried running it with a cmd command, shutting down and booting up again, compatibility modes, shutting down my anti virus....still haven't gotten it to install.
  28. Thank you soooooo much for your hard work, this project brought back my childhood, thank you!!!
  29. When i login to type my user and pw. As i hit enter its back spacing the entire time and i cant even get to type one letter before to backspaces me out of the typeing keyboardpop up itself.
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