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  4. That said, zalure 5 feels too high. Maybe 3 is enough, and 4 later with a pseudo-GAS system is the way to go. Or maybe it's zalure itself who's too powerful...
  5. Remember you very well, it's ok, you just play what you like and do what you enjoy, can throw back anytime.
  6. Boy got offended because jealous some other class has zalure Please don't cry, take away my mayalee, and barada as well, less things to do in a party, happier life.
  7. Hello everyone, you probably don't remember me.. that's because none of you have seen me around since i wanna say all the way back in Feburary & March.. There has been a reason why no updates to my RP stuff has been Happening.. and it's rather Simple.. i left.. i left when a friend of mine left. And i have not really had an interest in coming back. I still am grateful that this game has been brought back. But i've been doing other things, and do not see myself returning. I agreed with some of their points. But that's in the past, and we've moved on. May Clementine continue to bring life to
  8. The GM and more generally the ranger classes are at this stage precisely because there was debate last 5 or 6 years on this forum and especially the previous forum to discuss it. GM was bad on the JP server (lack of damage, AoE...) that's why I advocated multiple time for a laser width increase and some boost there and here, and many other thing. So if you think it's bad why not, but explain what should change concretely. Basically, I've never seen any of the regular players, among those who DONT play GM or any ranger classes, complaining about it. You said "Gunmaster literally has no weakness
  9. I was not exaggerating difficulty, enemies were 76 levels above us. That is factual, not exaggerated. It is the fact that GM has level 5 Zalure on Clem. Sure you're not DPSing while applying Zalure, but when that lvl 5 Zalure is on an enemy it greatly affects TTK. You should give more examples of "a lot of classes are doing as good and the GM do". Your responses feel more emotive than constructive. "Just stop with GM lmao"? So you don't want people to give feedback on something that is effecting how the game plays? Should we just stay silent on things that need attentio
  10. I knew about being able to interrupt RM's attacks. To make things a little more clear, as a fighter, if you're agroed by RM specifically the timing window to try and dodge his attacks are small, especially if you've been hit and he's still attacking you. I agree with you that a boss fight should be a boss fight. It was really the other factors (the damage gates and the traps) that made the boss fight insufferable as a fighter. I also have to agree that if Howzer and RM could be CC'd infinitely it would render these enemies as a boss fight pointless. I kind of jumped the gun out of frustr
  11. If you sure you tried everything and still not works then maybe system update broke something. In that case all you can do is wait for fix and use joy to key, this solution works in 100% cases, so if it's not, then the fate's against it.
  12. I just tried that, and it still didn't work
  13. As the title says, the mission Train Rescue C in Holtes City: West attempts to load, but sits on a black screen for about 2 minutes, until it disconnects from the server, shows the error at the map screen and returns me to title screen 5/5 times I've tried. Other people I'm sure are playing it so I don't know what's up. I have an AMD 6800 XT GPU and AMD 5800x CPU so it shouldn't be a lack of performance. Can this be looked into? Thanks for your time in advance.
  14. say i want to see what the stats would be if i had a newman level 109, with a type level of master force lvl 50.....is there a way to calculate that?, or is that hidden? :) thanks
  15. Controller should be connected before launching the game, possible reason why it doesnt work. Otherwise, press win+r, type joy.cpl, give priority to your current controller. Otherwise, run device manager, turn off drivers of all controllers you don't use in case of possible conflict.
  16. That is not the issue I am having, my controller works in other games, but psu dosen't register the controller. I have xinput, but that is no use when the game dosent see the controller.
  17. There's more than one guide about this topic in the Guides section. This is the one I used, works great.
  18. i have played on clementine about 2 years ago and i was playing with a 360 controller. When i go to set up the controller, it does not see it, and when i go in game it does not work, can anyone help?
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  20. Kyu

    Grinding Concerns

    Thanks for the feedback and effort on coming up with more ideas to improve the grinding system. Obviously, dealing with a system in a game that we don't have nearly any control over is difficult, but we'll be discussing ways and methods that are feasible for us to do server-side to improve grinding without removing the difficulty or rarity of having a 10/10. We know it doesn't feel fun or good right now, but unfortunately it's the system SEGA has left us with and we have to figure out how we can change it within the realms of possibility for us.
  21. I'm getting curious how 30 skills AT performs in comparison to AF in regards to melee damage, so I threw up the numbers into my damage spreadsheet. Test case is a Level 100 Human Acrofighter / Acrotecher (both wearing the Gratia unit for +120 ATP) attacking a generic Level 150 enemy (350 DFP) with the second hit of Shunbu Shouren-zan (the dagger frag PA). Of note is that the Acrofighter self buffs with an Agataride (or Megistaride) for +15% damage, while the Acrotecher can cast Level 50 Shifta (or Megistar) for +27% damage. Here's the spreadsheet so you can double check my results (o
  22. I believe AT should have access to atleast lvl 30 skills due to one reason: GAS Skill leveling.and being able to do 3rd combo's on daggers anyway. It was already made to happen on previous server. The attack damage would not come anywhere near as close as AF as AF also has more weapon variety and damage. And it would assist with a few beast AT's that I know of too. Also with the aid of GAS AT had access to 40 attack techs, making FT almost irrelevant. but at the same time, FT was able to reach 50 techs as well. At it's core, the problem seems to be how SEGA designed classes.
  23. yo, thanks a lot for this. The mission list is something i was looking for specifically. Lots of places to go, but i had no idea how to get there.
  24. After having spent a good chunk of time and money (150-200 s grinders, about 5 mil) only to end up back where I started, I feel compelled to make a post about it. It's not even an issue of "lolbadrng" or whatever. I mean sure, it's supposed to suck money out and control inflation, as well as make it somewhat of a challenge. Problem is that its starting to feel flat out discouraging to even try for a 10/10. At least for me it feels like more trouble than its worth. Not a good mix with a private server where we really really need to retain players. A solution I was thinking of that c
  25. Have you at least tried signing up and launching anyway? Sometimes the launcher has a bug where it displays that you don't have connection when you still do.
  26. i`m trying to sign up in clementine launcher, but it appears "the connection to the server has timed out". what i do?
  27. I think it would be better to increase the movement speed of everything instead of what the OP suggested to be honest. So that enemies can still catch up to you and hurt you (Or they could even increase the speed of enemies attacks slightly too if them not being able to hit you is still an issue). The OP's suggestion leads to the possibility the buff doesn't end before running into a new set of enemies. Either way it's an exaggeration to say a movement speed increase would completely change the game. It wouldn't make it like pso2, because there's much bigger changes over simple movem
  28. Hmmm, i see. But this wont stop me from posting them, but will make sure to remove UI/names next time
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