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  2. what about ultima. delete also?
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  4. Zeta

    Bugged EVP?

    Looks like it fixed itself the next level up.
  5. My Dad is gonna delete PSU :( Thanks for the 2 years :( (Why? Because it’s making it lose internet) Anyways I’m the one who plays as Lucky.
  6. I edited my first post and added as complementary suggestion: Remove the time limit of buffs Change Megistar and make it the main means of buffing & rebuffing players: No PA frag cost Instead of having HP loss on ticks to balance it with normal buffs (let's let monsters take our HP): Make Megistar add 2 random buffs not presently on players within range (2 uses guarantees full buffs) Megistaride could do the same for 1 player (2 uses for full buffs, max allowed in inventory could be raised)
  7. Yuffie and Miyoko, I gave losing Shifta a low chance of removal for every type, and Retier only has a high chance of removal on classes that don't use Technics/TP. Getting a single buff removed of any kind wouldn't have to happen more than getting frozen or stunned, and it would more likely be Zodial for fighters, Deband for ranged attackers, and Retier for classes not using their TP stat. The way buffs are now, I enjoy using Resta more than buffing because the enemy can take away HP I add to teammates with Resta. On only very rare occasions, can they remove a buff. (Enemies'
  8. Last week
  9. Yeah, this sounds... Really awful. It just adds busy work, and will make my buffing characters get -even less- EXP as I chase my teammates around, trying to rebuff them, as they go about killing everything I haven't tagged yet.
  10. this sounds like cancer, if this goes live i quit my at..xd do you enjoy rebuffing, example one of your comrades dies in battle and you have to rebuff? giving up on your dps.. watching all the time if there are no debuffs on your party? this would be annoying, the few quests where enemys do debuff are already annoying me enough. "patch notes 4/01/22: new on ephinea, enjoy the new feature of random debuffs and enjoy buffing your comrades more often, be not just a debuff slave, take it one step further"..xd
  11. Nerfing the mobility of travel PAs would be the smart thing to do. Tornado Dance was already nerfed in mobility once, Sega explicitly saying it was because the "Travel" usage of it was unintended. It'd be pretty dumb to see everyone just spin dashing everywhere.
  12. Also, this make me think that some custom ennemies/bosses (if that happen) could have an AoE pattern that remove all buffs (more a bosses stuff, with not a new pattern for S5 custom falz or w/e) Edited 1 hour ago by Aelphasy I thought about that too, like maybe letting a Polty, Rappy, or some otherwise superweak enemy to have an increased chance to remove your buffs. I'd like a sound effect too on buff removal. Like glass breaking or something.
  13. I would have it apply to Megistaride, but maybe raise the level of boost all stats to balance it if necessary (or drop the item's store price, or both). Plus, it would remove buffs individually at random. Maybe if one of four Megistaride buffs was removed, your HP could drop by 75% the value it normally drops each tick, for example. Also, I wrote the chances as "low" and "high" rather than percentages to prevent assuming what reasonable chances would be.
  14. I really hope this wouldn't apply to buffs gained from Megistarides (or other buff items). It's enough of a kick in the balls already for non-tech characters to have to pay 750 meseta per 3 minutes of buffs.
  15. Could be a good idea. (or not, see Zeta post below) Also, this make me think that some custom ennemies/bosses (if that happen) could have an AoE pattern that remove all buffs (more a bosses stuff, with a new pattern for S5 custom falz or w/e)
  16. Hello, all. I find buffing less fun than Resta-ing. In fact, buffing is no fun to me at all, because it adds nothing to teammates that enemies have any good chance of taking away. (Enemies can take away HP I add to teammates with Resta; slim chance they could do that to my buffs with their debuffs that usually don't even work.) So here's a suggestion: Give all enemies' damaging attacks a chance to remove buffs from players. Chance to remove buff Shifta Deband Zodial Retier Fighgunner low low low high Wart
  17. Welcome o/ right now (as I'm posting this) the hot spot seems to be Raffon Field Base, and a few in Neudaiz and Moatoob. Peak hours usually pick up in around 4 hours. Soon we'll be working on ways to alleviate the harshness of new users needing to play catch up, so sorry if it's a bit rough right now.
  18. Hi all. Joined up over the weekend and it's great to be back on PSU! Where do people bunch up the most when playing? I'm seeing traffic in the Raffon field base but other than that I don't know. Also, looking for people around LV20 to play with.
  19. I've got the vaccination! It went pretty well! The only issue i can bring up, is that all 10 person whom were on the list we had to wait to arrive. (Roughly an hour and a half x.x) Next month, i'll going to get my secound shot, and i hope that the other 9 person will show up next time <3 The vaccination weren't any worse than the others, i've got some sort of disinfection spray on my arm, then the syringe with the vaccination. and then, a some cotton wool, to cover the mark. The doc said, we have to wait 20 minute, also were told to wait near the door, incase some problem.
  20. Zeta

    Bugged EVP?

    My Newman Fortetecher leveled up to 47 and gained a whopping +216 EVP. She's now got a base evasion of 286, which is higher than the 222 the wiki says Newmans are supposed to have at level 60 (checked by looking at Protranser stats, they have a 100% modifier). Not sure what else to say, was just running Sleeping Warriors A not doing anything unusual at the time.
  21. Hi guys! I've got notification that i'll going to get vaccination tomorrow! I'm kind of nervous, but i hope i'll everything will be alright. Wish me luck
  22. That weapon modifier thing reminds me of Terraria, and that's pretty hot. :)
  23. We put together a getting started guide, aimed at covering off some of the most commonly-asked questions new players have: https://psu-clementine.net/wiki/index.php/Getting_Started_with_Clementine
  24. Some of your other points I didn't get to... 1.) A low level player will be worse than useless because enemy strength scales up with more players in party. We could just reduce how much more powerful enemies get when a low level player joins. 2.) Level requirements create a sense of progression, like fighting Delsaban and then Deljaban later, and take you to different missions as you reach new level requirements for them. I agree with you that level requirements are in the game for that purpose. But with the small player population that we have, level requirements
  25. Earlier
  26. We will try to add previous event exclusive items into the drop pool in future boxes some time after the event has ended. Some items from the Subzero Outbreak event have already been added to the most recent update in some of the higher tier S rank missions. A bot that we'll hopefully have connected to the discord or the forum will be worked on soon enough that should be able to provide this information, along with the most popular areas/missions where players are currently residing.
  27. Great changes upcoming. great decisions on that. Will you implement former event unobtainable item into obtainable drop in the future outside of the solely season thematic items? I think we should definitly need an active/automated playerlist connected to the server which indicates the population of each lobby. Its really necessary I think to find games outside of the most spammed missions.
  28. What I would do is this: if (enemyHP == 0) // When the enemy is defeated... { if (playerLevel < missionRequirement) { enemyLevel = playerLevel; // If player's LV < mission req., make enemy LV = player's LV. } killEnemy(); // Calculate loot and XP based on the reduced enemy level. } killEnemy() would just be a method that determines what EXP and loot drops when the enemy dies (based on the enemy's level). Marmalade probably has a method like it in the code. (A method is just a reusable block of code.) That's wha
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