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  3. Most range isn't as it should be. Weapons, PAs, Beast Mode, etc.
  4. Despite v3 raising the drop rates, it still feels wrong... It’s very difficult to sell things and quite painful to make meseta. I think first of all your target market needs to be taken into consideration, The majority of people back then would of been quite young 12-22 mostly unemployed and able to spend all there free time grinding out weapons, those people are now years down the line. Most likely with full time jobs, potentially kids too and other commitments, I don’t have the statistics but that would be my guess. So from that let’s take the average PSU player in 2019, they work 9-5 ex, so they roughly have 4-5 hours of playtime if they decide to play. Let’s say in this example they play acrofightier : They need: Nightmare dusts : X6 (0.2-0.3 drop) 12-Ouncers: X6 (0.3 drop) Shidenji: X6 (0.18 drop) clad shag: X3 (only need three elements of these) (0.18) shag langdeel: (^^^^^^)(0.18) Now factor in these low drop rates, now factor in that only 40%+ of these are worth using or selling = the amount of time you’d have to invest to gear ONE class is way too long.(and this is without even touching on grinding) I think rather than the market being empty and dead, it needs to be rebalanced, with peoples playtime taken into consideration and fighters %’s , people shouldn’t be tied to playing on only one class. Double or triple all drops, bring meseta into the economy, let people get the gear they need and use it before another better weapon comes out. The timeframe is screwed. The best way to make money right now, is to level up PA’s and sell them and some of these PA’s take days to level, some even just afk them instead of playing, but it’s more efficient than running a mission, that’s not my psu
  5. posted it in wrong area whoops mb.
  6. Yesterday
  7. Something odd with beast mode : For example on motherbrain - Female beast : can hit the torso and the head Male beast : can only hit the torso I feel the male beasts range is wrong o.0, also in June 2012 beast mode received a buff to its range and number of hit boxes, not sure if going by JP or not but here’s the link -http://psupedia.info/Updates_(JP_PC)/June_2012.html P.s didn’t want to make another thread, but the A rank claws Nightmare dusts are meant to have extended range (they currently don’t), I can find videos showing this if needed but there’s quite a few on YouTube.
  8. Steps to Reproduce: 1. Equip the Sol/Star Atomizer on your item palette. 2. Go into a mission with at least one other person. 3. Have at least one user lose health or pick up a status ailment. 4. Have any user highlight the Sol/Star Atomizer in the item palette. 5. Simultaneously move the character while consuming the healing item. Results: If the character is moving while the Sol/Star Atomizer is used, the consumable will be reduced by 1 in the inventory but the healing action will not be performed. Note: The character must completely stand still for the Sol/Star Atomizer to work properly. Repro Rate: 100%
  9. I'm sure somebody can replace it with a new one, I'm not sure who actually created them though.
  10. Alacard was my main. If I played with you in the early days before AOTI release, you remember me as a M Human Force/Fortetecher. After AOTI I played almost exclusively as PT with a few small stints as a Fighgunner/Guntecher mixed in when we needed a healer/buffer. Gamertag ID: Stinkyfish97 (I want to say id was 64k or something) I joined online I probably played with some of you at some point. I was a random party hopper for most of my PSU days; I put in a lot of hours running missions on my main. This game was my therapy. I dont recall exactly but I am sure I was in the 6-8k hours on my main character. Anyways I have not checked in with Clementine Server in over 1 year; ever since everyone decided a break was needed. I am back and will be starting over fresh. See you all there. Ill be rocking Human PT if anyone ever needs one in their party.
  11. Thanks Agrajag, Awesome work for everything PS related you have done over the years
  12. The fact there are "travel skills" at all is pretty baffling. I distinctly remember them nerfing that one Double Saber PA (tornado dance I think?) on official BECAUSE people were using it as a movement option. If it starts getting used as a combat maneuver to evade attacks during combat then that definitely becomes a potential balance issue, as well. It's tough though because I certainly wouldn't hate being able to move faster between groups though... I think the best suggestion I could make, although I don't know if it'd be possible, would simply be "when not in combat, you move x% faster" so you can get to the next group faster, but I don't think PSU has any sort of check to see if you're actually in combat or not.
  13. Last week
  14. I have seen a few people say the game isn't working in that resolution, I think it's bugged.
  15. Ah, that's why it's not working for me - has there been any advancements on this?
  16. Get on Discord and ask for help there are a bunch of people that can help. Or make sure you download the custom resolution windows, they come in a pack as well. U can change the size of the game with this and it doesn't need the launcher to load the game. Run them as Admin then log into the game!
  17. You may have to download the custom resolution client from the download page, I can't remember but I believe I have that downloaded. If not then I'm not sure.
  18. A familiar ghostly shadow reappears in the old abandoned city Mellvore. The shadow once known as Commander Knave Golem of the Alliance Military, now known as Noob. Once taken down in an operation against the Endrum Collective, an operative has taken Golem to an unknown location, replaced all the fried circuits and reprogrammed him. They changed his standard AMF armor from green to black with the option of his new blacked out formalwear or blacked out custom parts with a whole new attitude. But after a while of Noob tormenting souls and burying them, more and more of the old Golem started showing out as if Golem is taking back his body. Noob was recently seen with a group of AMF soldiers on a night ops mission in Moatoob and in the Guardians Colony. Rumor has it that he has rejoined and formed a night ops squad called "The Deathly Shadows", named after his group of undead warriors that he finally laid back to rest. He is now one of the Alliance Military's top operatives and is known to get called out when there's a night special operations. The once Commander is now Lt. Saibot and where he resides is unknown.
  19. Thank you for these information! Gunner elemental bullet fix will make GM alot better.
  20. Extra Information REGARDING --TWIN GUNS-- I would finish leveling both to 50 before making a post about them...... but. MOB TYPE: DARK ELEMENTED Mission: Seed Express S2 - PA lvl 42 Light - Weapon Double Stronger Cannon - Damage: 900 Mission: Seed Express S2 - PA lvl 38 Fire - Weapon: Doble Strong Cannon - Damage 900 ---------------------------------------- So yea. Twin guns 44% elemental isnt working either
  21. Character: Light -Alt- Level: 120- Class: GunMaster lvl 18- Race: Beast - Map: Unsafe Passage S - Enemies: Pannon's - Laser PA Lvl 50 Light - NO BUFFS USED FOR DAMAGE TEST / Arm slots / base on hit - No crit Enemy: Pannon ( Dark Elemented ) NEDDLE CANNOC at 462 Att - PA Light - lowest 1350 to highest 1570 dam per hit METEOR CANNON at 586 Att - PA Light - lowest 1390 to highest 1650 dam per hit ---------- Laser Pa's have to much dam random range lol Had to kill quite alot pannons TARTAROS CANNON at 720-Att - PA Light - lowest 1500 to 1750 dam per hit ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ FIRE PA AGAINTS DARK TEST TARTAROS CANNON at 720 Att - PA FIRE lvl 50 - lowest 1200 - higher 1420 ( THATS how it should be ) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Well from my side.. Elemental % + weapon Att adds damage seem to work ^.^ If it''s adding he maximum damage - only you can check that ^.^
  22. it actually doesnt show me other options
  23. also use this thread, as the game will totally exit/log out if you alt tab, it's a weird glitch
  24. I believe so(I could be wrong though)
  25. So when i get to the login screen i just put EX: "FoodDude_n" ?
  26. Install it, lol But seriously, just install the game wherever you want and if you to add the patch files(I can't remember if this is necessary or not, try it without them first) just copy all the files from your earlier picture and past them into the new folder(it may ask to overwrite the existing files, this is normal). Then you need to run the real PSUC as admin. If you get to the login screen you will need to make a login name/password, just pick a name(not what shows up in-game) and put " _n " at the end of it the first time you create it. Also make sure to write down your password as there doesn't seem to be a way of retrieving it if you lose it! The next time you log in you just enter your user name minus the _n
  27. So i downloaded the actual installer what would be the next course of action? Plus i don't have a account for me to log in to ^^;;
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