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  4. Hello everyone, I am so torn on what to do to maximize the damage I can get out of crossbows. It's really unfortunate the only class that can use S rank is guntecher but that's what I have to work with. What is the best race to use to get the highest DPS? I realize that the overall DPS of this build will not be ideal as guntecher is pretty meh but I just love the crossbows so much. Thanks in advance!
  5. craig

    Can't Log in

    hi i get that also
  6. I'm having the stretching issue. What was the solution?
  7. The way the game works is based off of your fps. Animations will play like normal if you are running at 60 fps. So you should try to get your fps as close to that number as possible. If you are on an older system this could potentially be difficult, but try lowering your graphics settings. If your system is relatively modern and you are sure you should be getting 60 fps, make sure your "Frame Skip" is set to 0 in the launcher settings and make sure your monitor's refresh rate is set to at least 60.
  8. For this forum, I mean. I looked through the account section several times now, but can't find anything. I'm so lost right now. :3
  9. about 8 months ago i asked in the discord why the tornado dance was not functioning as intended. i was told a few things to try trouble shoot. all this time later, i have finally exhausted that list, so now i will ask here on behalf of my sister and I: My tornado dance skill is level 43, it hits 4 times as expected, but does not cover the additional distance i have seen it move when others use it for mobility through stages. is there a reason why my tornado dance does not travel the additional distance? as currently it is faster for me to walk through the level than it is to spend the pp on the tornado dance.
  10. oh well we will see next update.
  11. Also I had no idea why Roar of Flamed you’re prohibited from Nanoblast and SUV Weapon usuage.
  12. So yeah it’s almost PSU’s 16th anniversary I think Clementine should do an update on that. Ohtori Encampment should be in difficulties. Easy:10+ Normal:40+ Hard:85+ Very Hard:125+ Super Hard:150+ Insane:175+ The Level requirements are the same In Roar of Flames (GAM) you now could use Nanoblast and SUV Weapon and deaths are aloud. And difficulties as well. New Missions: The Big Push (GAM) Charged Puzzle Freezing Woodlands Frozen Wastelands Tower of Eternal The last 3 are custom Mission and a Free Mission and new items! ————————— Freezing Woodlands Planet:Neudaiz (Kugo Hot Springs) Description:A Frigid disease is spreading over Mizuraki C.D, purify and defeat the altered Native Creatures Location:Mizuraki C.D (Ice Version) (Blocks 1-3) Enemies:Gohmon/Olgohmon (Ice),Ollaka (Ice),Goshin (Ice),Tengohg (Ice),Ubakrada (Ice),Kamatoze (Ice),Kubetob (Ice). Rare Enemy:Jigo Booma Boss:None —————————— Frozen Wastelands Planet:Moatoob (W.Kugu:Ajils Kugu) Description:The Native Creatures in the West Kugu Desert have been infected by the Ice contamination. Annihilate all creatures in the Desert before they reach the Ajils Kugu Oasis Location:West Kugu Desert (Ice Version) (Block 1-4) Enemies:Vanda/Vanda Merha (Ice),Drua Gohra (Ice),Bul Buna (Ice),Naval (Ice),Jishagara (Ice). Rare Enemy:Jaggo Boss:De Rol Le. —————————— Tower of Eternal Planet:Guardians Colony Description:A VR Simulation taking place on a Tower, test your skills to make it to the top. Location:Ohtori Castle (Eternal Tower labeled in description) (Floor 1-???) Enemies:All Enemies with every element they have. Rare Enemy:All Boss:None.
  13. Hello i have struggle to log in after the server select i wait for response from the server it says 052 disconectet from server. my internet works fine in all other things. pls help
  14. Hello i have struggle to log in after the server select i wait for response from the server it says 052 disconectet from server. my internet works fine in all other things. pls help
  15. Hey White Mist I made a poll
  16. Scorched Valley because I think doing the Fire Purification Missions where fun.
  17. Really confused... WAS playing on a PS4 controller until I got my new xbox series x controller and for whatever reason my back triggers aren't working on any presets so im unable to open or navigate messages/partner cards/mission rewards. All buttons are being recognized on configuration except the back two triggers- triggers work on everything thing else its just clementine that's not recognizing. Anyone into mapping able to tell me which key it would should be set as to rectify.
  18. Yeah here the Missions we don’t have yet: Rising Malice Mechanical Ghosts Evacuation Route The Egg Thieves Ruins in the Mist Lode Runners Charged Puzzle Roar of Flames (Permanent version) Plains Overload/R Demons Above/R Desert Terror/R The Holy Ground/R Unsafe Passage/R Sacred Stream/R World of Illusion/R Bladed Legacy/R The Black Nest/R Lightning Beasts/R Protectors ε (Permanent) Legacy of Light Entrusted Defense RELICS Preservation The Eternal Cycle MAG (Permanent Version) Program DF (Permanent Version) Heaven,Earth,Man Fork in the Road Security Breach New Challengers Her Secret Mission The Comeback Temple of Traps Bruce’s Dungeon All Story and Side Story Missions Scorched Valley (Guardians Chronicles Version Protectors λ Explosive Area Star Camp Prize Hunt SEED-Form Purge Here’s all the missing Missions currently not in Clementine
  19. Note:This is a prediction New Features Prediction: -Rare Enemies now spawn during Clementine Chronicles -Kagajibari now reacts to your element same with Delp Slami New Missions: -Ruins in the Mist -Lode Runners -The Egg Thieves Level Cap:200 This is Just my ideas so what new features do you want to come in August?
  20. Nice ideas maybe you could add in ideas for Something like Rico’s Messages from PSO in Missions and have data capsules in Missions that tell you about Areas Tips on how to fight enemies etc.
  21. Yeah same problem with my main Belkayth, can't move to room.
  22. Hey, know this is a super old post but I was curious if you happened to know is there are any other cheat fixes for the bad slowdown in larger areas? Even at 1x on a Snapdragon 845 it slows down when the 60fps patch is active,but otherwise runs buttery smooth enhanced at 4x res & textures, etc etc. Maybe some way to disable the effect that's causing it? I've searched up and down for answers and can't find any, so completely taking a shot in the dark here. Thanks!
  23. Msg me on discord colt251
  24. Same thing just happened to me, i'm confused and just want to play.
  25. So after decompiling all of PSU and inspecting Skill, TECHNIC and Bullet PA Parameters. The following classes area very much possible to create. Most the Stats for these Classes I thought of are based on pre-existing class stats already and for the SPECIAL type PA Functions would. I will continue to think up Class Types in this thread. [[ DualMaster ]] - S-Rank Twin Sabers,S-Rank Twin Daggers ,S-Rank Twin Claws,S-Rank Twin Handguns || Class HP Steal on Hit , PP Regen +15 Per hit Base Atk, PA DFP +15% ---------- [[ Assasasin ]] - S-Rank Bow, S-Rank Dagger, S-Rank RCSMs, S-Rank Spear, C-Rank Handgun || Class Lv4 Incapcitate On Hit, 30% Attack Speed ---------- [[ Elegantist ]] - S-Rank Double Saber, S-Rank Whip, S-Rank Cards, C-Rank Handgun || Class PA Modifier+ 15% , Lv5 Confusion on Hit at Class Lv20 , Lv5 Charm on Hit at Class Lv20 ---------- [[ PhotonFlorist ]]- S-Rank Wands , S-Rank Slicer, S-Rank SPECIAL RCSMs , C-Rank Handgun || Class Cannot Use TECHNICs, Class Wand can use SPECIALs Specific PAs, Class Mod ATP=Tech, Wand Uses Swords Basic Attack Animation and SPECIALs PA Animation , Slicer PA+ and Basic Attack Hit all Hitboxes on targets. Purchased at PA Counter for a Large amount of Meseta or Trade-in : Wand-> Copy Saber PA Rising Strike --> Rename --> "SPECIAL Phontonic Rise" Second Part of Photon Art will Area Cast a SPECIAL TECHNIC Version of Shifta+ Lv3 and Deband+ Lv3 Add Stamina+10 to the Party in Medium Range--Effect Timer: Lv0 15s, Lv11 30s, Lv21 45s, Lv31 60s, Lv41 120, Lv50 Shift/Deband+ Lv4 Purchased at PA Counter for a Large amount of Meseta or Trade-in : Wand-> Copy Dagger PA Buten Shuren-Zan --> Rename --> "SPECIAL Photonic Bloom" Second Part of Photon Art will Area Cast a SPECIAL TECHNIC Version Zodial+ Lv3 and Retier+ Lv3 Giresta+ "NO HEAL" Only Auto Recovery Lv1 to the Party in Medium Range --Effect Timer :Lv0 15s, Lv11 30s, Lv21 45s, Lv31 60s, Lv41 120s, Lv50 Zodial/Retier+ Lv4 Purchased at PA Counter for a Large amount of Meseta or Trade-in : Copy Dagger PA Shunbu Shouren-zan --> Rename --> "SPECIAL Photonic Cutter" Both First and Second attack send Photon Slicers out in the facing direction of the Main Character All Hit Boxes can be Hit on an enemy. Purchased at NPC for a Large amount of Meseta or Trade-in : Can only be equipped by [[ PhotonFlorist ]] SPECIAL RCSM 1dmg On Hit chance to inflict Jellen, Zulure ,Zoldeel upon success will cast on Target short range AOE.
  26. For me I usually have to start the game twice. Idky, and idk if there's a more perma fix for this but here's what I do: Make sure your desired resolution is set in OPTIONS on the launcher first. Open the launcher Click the wrench&screwdriver icon on the top right. Ensure the checkbox is orange/active for Custom Resolution. Have the resolution set to the desired resolution. Click Ok Hit play. Repeat once more (or until it works; usually only two tries for me). Hope this helps.
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