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  3. I have no doubt you're ABLE to surprise me :D
  4. I'm doing something like that for tes oblivion time by time and it's just a bunch of mods. Making a mods for existing rpg is kinda way easier for single person development because less coding of basic things. Idk if I want to remake psu on open source engine or not, because first of all it's veeeeeeery long process, even if we got a small team. Second problem is copyright things, most likely at the end of our process sega will step our throats. Work few years for free to be sued for million dollar isn't look that funny xD but making something new, but psu inspired may be not so bad idea.
  5. I’m probably gonna be making a story mode to Clementine (fanmade)
  6. Yesterday
  7. So people told me that there’s a Moatoob counterpart of De Ragan. It’s called Bil De Golus. It’s the Moatoob version of De Ragan. It only appeared in Phantasy Star Portable and it was in the Free Mission Flaming Horns as well as the Download Mission Forbidden Zone:Level X. They also had weapons. And clothes and parts from there. Same with Acromaster. I really hope they import Bil De Golus to Clementine. I didn’t know Moatoob had a De Ragan reskin.
  8. I'm a 3d Modeler and Animator ... I'm curious how many Developers do we have in this community that we can't recreate PSU on the Unity Engine or a more open sourced engine? Wouldn't this be way more efficient than the way Clementine is being developed? Even though they pretty much have a great percentage of things figured out I'm sure with what they have now they can reuse some coding or at least have an Idea of code to work off of when recreating functions. Can we get a list of Developers willing to remake PSU on an Open sourced Engine?
  9. Rising Malice:A Satelite that’s been infected by the SEED has gone out of control, and it’s about to head for the Transfer Terminal, attacks from the outside are not effective. So going inside and preventing the crisis will be effective! Mechanical Ghosts:Machines have been reactivated in an Obstruct Area of the Linear Line, Destroy them and find out the cause! Fantastic Voyage:Dark Falz’s Memory unlocked a new deformation that takes place in an unknown Spaceship that was made when Rykros was discovered, investgate it,And evacuate! Evacuation Route:The AMF is Securing a Route to evacuate, as the Central Command has Crisis status. Defeat the creatures so everyone can evacuate easily. Beach Bum Beast:Paracabana Coast is being attacked by various Native Creatures and are damaging resorts. There is also a Fire Contaminated creature according to many researchers. Sunken Shrine:The Stateria has awoken in a new RELICS Site located in the ocean floor. Defeat the Stateria so researchers can enter in safely. Aquatic Mama:Mother Brain is causing the AMF Troops to go out of control in a new AMF Base constructed near a Seabed Plant! Defeat it to end the chaos! Two Headed Ruins:The newly discovered RELICS Site in Foran Waterfall has a connection to the Denes Site, find out the connection and Defeat De Ragnus! Robotanical Gardens:Out of control Machines have gone haywire in the Saguraki C.D, and the criminals who are likely disguised as Armed Servants are responsible for the haywire Machines heading to Pavillion Of Air. Sinners Banquet:A Castle known as Ohtori Castle is being studied by the COG Members and there is a SEED Factor going on. Break through the Castle! Castle of Monsters:A Larger Number of SEED Forms have been appearing on Ohtori Castle due to the COG Member’s Research. Purify the SEED-Forms. So the Castle does not spread out SEED. Hooligan Hideout:The West Kugu Desert RELICS, has become a hideout for the Rogues. Defeat the Rogues to prevent the hideout! Lode Runners:Tons of Native Creatures are attacking Labyrnith Mines! Navigate the creatures by defeating them. And defend the mines! Snowcap Streamer:Defeat the De Rol Le who has awoken near an AMF Construction at Mt Elbars! Red Hot Jungle:The Croodog Region is a protected region, but many of the native creatures including Dimmagolus are damaging a safe path. Clear a safe path through the Jungle!
  10. Last week
  11. although given how poorly they are controlled in corners idk xD
  12. Imagine if we could use vehicles with empty pallete slot, no more mess with traveling pa's, frame skip 0, etc xD
  13. He also made a pack that featured the vehicles from Episode 1 Story Mode (Floader,Lunga, and Striker) into Episode 2 Story Mode I hope they get added to Clementine too.
  14. Maybe one year, if they wants to share their work to clementine.
  15. I also heard of Ice Element Vahras. (Also he putted more stuff to Episode 2)
  16. Wow. Then this could mean Infinity Mobs are gonna be in Clementine.
  17. areas was in client, quest coding, idk, maybe logged from infinity as it should be similar, but the model formats are not, that's why no mobs, but I heard someone succeed importing infinity mobs to psu, I guess it was Agrajag, who else.
  18. gosh, how many oaths will i have to break to explain THIS in rp way
  19. But how do they make these custom missions??? They never told us how they made The Lost Ruins Village Defense etc.
  20. It really is just PSU as is XD, cause after getting tons of the in game currency, we just use it to get new Gear/Clothing or new weapons. Well, this is probably a refresher for you Shotgun, since you've been with my Elaine story's since i started ^-^. What i really meant with the whole new look, & new Hair style, was that Elaine somewhat stepped away from her oath, took off the Warrior clothing she was given IE the Jacket, and went with her own unique way to the Warrior's code.. She's never seen with the gear/Clothing she was given. Her old hairstyle was Pigtails, now she has her hair long :)
  21. I suddenly became interested in what those who didn't play PSU think about this phrase. Just hope it's not the same I think. Yes, the most important part of a literary RPG is not skill development, leveling up, raising stats and fighting antagonists, but a new hairstyle and dress. This is just PSU as is xD If I had an RP profile, I would have to indicate every 10 minutes of the game that I had changed hair color and costume, and attach color codes. xD
  22. Oh My Gosh! it's so Awesome to see more passionate people like myself want to use PSU to RolePlay ^-^. It's like i've been waiting to see it happen before me, and here you are :) Epic backstory for your PSU Character, maybe yours & mine can maybe meet, as i happen to have a Neudaiz character myself since 2020: Elaine The Warrior Gender: Female Ethnicity: Numan Age: 11 Homeworld: Neudaiz Backstory: Elaine is part of the New Generation Of Newman Warriors Generation 3, on her home Planet Neudaiz. The Prior 2 Generations all fell, and it's up to the new G3's to carry on the Legacy: G1: Fought hard for their home when it was under threat a few years before the SEED invasion, and some partnered with the Guardians.. they succeded in winning, but all died with Honour.. Generation 1 is burried on Neudaiz. They wore Blue Warrior Clothing. G2: Carried on G1's Legacy, but did not partner with the Guardians. A war broke out between both, Neudaiz was almost in rubble.. The Honour of the Warriors.. was almost lost.., at this time the SEED invasion began, the Guardian's focused on it, while the Warrior's continued to protect their home.. both succeeded, but G2 Warrior's had an additional war away from Neudaiz, in Subspace.. and are all burried there.. They Wore Red Warrior Clothing. G3: Elaine, being born from parents in the Second Generation, was offered to take the Oath and path of the next Generation in line.. knowing that Generation 2 was falling, Elaine understood her duty. Being only 9 years old, she accepted the Oath, put on the Jacket of the Warrior's Symbol, and began her training.. G3 went for black, instead of Red of the Previous Generation for the jackets.. Like the 2 Generations Prior, Elaine was told to never take off the jacket, otherwise her Honour would be lost.. anything below that, could be worn or taken off.. But Elain sticks to her usual Boots & Knee Socks with under the Jacket.. She must stick to the path, and when the time comes.. Die of Honour.. Current Day: Now 2 year's onward, and 11 year's old, Elaine is seen almost everywhere.. To keep the Legacy going even furthur, she has patnered with the Guardians, who she reassured that this collaboration will not be broken.. they accepted and she does missions for them every now and then.. She keeps her duty, and goes home every now and then to make sure it's safe.. Elaine aims to get this Generation of warriors to travel more often, which is why she is hardly seen on Neudaiz.. being that she is the first into G3, she hopes that when more Newman's join, as the Path of the Warrior's was created in Neudaiz, that she can show them they can help outside of Neudaiz.. (Current 2023: Being that Elaine is the face of Generation 3, Elaine has turned Generation 3, into G3.5.. with a whole new look.. new hair style, and Still 11 year's old. She doesn't really stick to the oath that much anymore, as she can be seeing wearing tons & tons more clothing than her usual Warrior gear, but that hasn't stopped Elaine from continuing on being the Warrior she knows she is, and can be seen helping fellow Guardians everywhere she goes: If you happen to see Elaine, please feel free to ask her for help.. it's what she strives for, she maybe a tiny small Newman, but trust me, she won't be a lost cause to you.. The Previous Generations showed that strength provails... Thanks for reading ^-^)
  23. why lobbies should have free missions? But I don't mind if there will be something like msb event on lobby maps, however... it will be exploitable.
  24. Although they are tons of areas in this game, some of them never got there own Free Mission! Mizuraki C.D (Ice Contaminated) Kugu Desert (Ice Contaminated) Linear Line (Uncontaminated) Holtes City Ohtoku City Dagora City Cylez City Raffon Meadow (Fire Contaminated) Agata Islands (Fire Contaminated) Seabed Plant (Fire Contaminated) Galenigare Canyon (Fire Contaminated) Vio Tonga Foran Waterfall Ajis Kugu Shitentaku Casino Voloyal Viewing Plaza Which Area should get a Free/Event Mission?
  25. As you may know, and may not know, I have some futuretelling skills. For this question my cards said that it will be something "to help anyone", maybe it means that players will help each other during a mission (like team work) or maybe it's something to help people leveling, like simply boosted rates. In any case scorched valley doesn't fit this prophecy xD
  26. 1:Scorched Valley 2:Charged Puzzle 3:Protectors η 4:MAG 2 5:Like a Dream 6:Evolutions Path (The Great Arms Race Version) 7:Sprial Labyrinth 8:Protectors ε 9:Urgent Orders 10:Heaven,Earth,Man and Fork in the Road Which Mission do you think will arrive during the Summer Event?
  27. Agreed. Also how would they import the Enemies and Bosses into it?
  28. Dude these would be amazing. If we could get any of this even if it's slowly I would love it. Every time I play PSU, especially as a melee class, I always go where's the shield at! I think for Vanguard it would be great if it could wield a collective of one-handed weapons to use with a shield. Make it a more defensive, one handed Based, Forte-class. Another cool idea would be to make it so that Shields can be used in either hand that way you can use a shield and a gun as well, that way even Gunners could enjoy with handguns, machine guns, or xbows If we were to go the multiple hand Shield route you can make it so that shields in the off hand (pistol spot) give more dfp or only dfp, and shields in the main hand give EVP or only EVP. Another idea is to add arts for them, like a shield bash combo skill or a barrier-esque skill.
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