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  2. @dohieu1970 Well the event is not live anymore, if your question is this about. If you face other nature of issue, then first please be more specific, and secound, ask it in an other topic. The game should be available, unless there's was or is a maintanence.
  3. did the game still online server now
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  6. Bumped. Added Xbox 360, Fixed PS2 button icon, Nintendo switch pro controller, PSP/Black and white PS icon
  7. Hi I have a question... Tonight i've did a few run for a chanse for Genesis (Machinegun), After a copule of runs later, i've found an item a Genesis (The ranger mag) Accroding to the wiki The Machinegun version is obtainable only from this mission. The RCSM is only obtainable from IC on S. (So the possibility of jumping from low tier is out) There's no question mark left about the drop pool about this mission. (Which in my view means, everything should be known) The genesis i've found this way, i give away to the person i was running with, because he didn't had in that % So the question is, Can i be so unlucky, that somehow instead of the gun , i've found a RCSM, or was it a glitch? Prehaps found new way to earn it? Because i doubt it would be a global reward for S2.... It wouldn't feel right ^_^* But at the end of the hunting day i've found a magashi head, so that's something to cheer about, i think ^_^*
  8. still playing with this...... below are some comparisons. All images are in 1440p. I was going to do it in 4K where the differences would have been greater, but. The window keep making itself smaller than the taskbar so it was just smaller than the dx9 image, enough to make it look really weird when trying to do a direct comparison. You will see the best enhancement when I was able to add FXAA+MSAA to smooth it all out. This is the effect I was wanting the most from the start. Going to keep messing around with it to see what else I can accomplish. Comparisons DX9 Vs Vulkan Vulkan vs Vulkan+Reshade DX9 Vs Vulkan+Reshade Originals DirectX 9 Vulkan Vulkan + Reshade (HDR, FXAA+SMAA)
  9. Bumped. Added PS2 button icon link for download. Enjoy! I will add a PSP/PS3/PS4 color variance for the button later.
  10. Marmy is keeping the 5 silver up, Gotta hit that Casino with the girls XD
  11. The issue seems to be fixed now. They operate at a slightly slower speed which feels better.
  12. This is a suggestion that I thought about while running the new missions and getting BT frags from the clear boxes at the end. Would it be technologically possible to award JP mission PA frags via a clear box at the end of the mission, the same way that BT frags and x-spheres are awarded? I'm still very much in the PA frag grind -> PA leveling grind loop and would absolutely love it if there were some way around that downer of a bug.
  13. Why do you believe PA boosts are different to EXP/drop boosts?
  14. Onma and Dimma are easier than you think, and with MELEE, not in the air. If you stand behind them, they claw swing a LOT(instead of taking off). It always alternates between right and left, and if you're in the correct position, you won't get hit. Occasionally they'll turn to do something else, at which point, the cycle resets. There's also another position where both claw attacks don't hit, but only certain weapons like grenade or shotgun can get maximum hit boxes in those spots. Even in the air, you can get into a good safe spot to their side where you can shoot at their wings, and their projectiles won't reach you. If they fly off away from you to grab things to throw at you, just don't run towards them and stay on the other side.
  15. S3 is currently unavailable so i can't talk about how brutal it can be, but i can imagine. Yet i can boldly say i clean up S2 missions solo, even as an AT. Which can give good amount of experience, and loot pool. Also The stronger the target, the more PA exp you can get out of it, That being said, S or S2 is a good way to level your PA that were ignored. Metter of fact i have several, whom dosen't mind me doing my own thing, long as i can keep up ^_^ So far i haven't let them down. This isn't nessecerily an issue, i mean.... I only play and i go deeper.... Heard about this game, when clementine's last update were on the edge. So with zero knowledge i had to try out every class, in such short time, not to mention the PA's. (Which for the majority here, is something they already knew) And while the "first test period" for me were cut short, because of the little time i had. I could at least gain the information which class i would need for my needs, which were about two weeks. Now playing this game for longer period, i still feel like i can't decide from two class/character. Mainly because the needs of the party. For instance: My beast currently play as FM, but i longing to play PT from time to time, because it have more advantage when we fight bosses such as De rol Le, or any dragon. because the lack of ranged ability. This is an easy decision, since i can use (almost) all of my FM PA as PT My human, currently play as AF, but i miss WT life, however, it's much harder to swap, because the weapon and PA pool is incompatible. Which makes me give the urge to flood the bank with unused PA or transfer them on classes i can use at the current need. This issue cou ld be curable, if we would had twice as much PA slots.... but i wonder if this would ever happen. So th e best advise i can give for those whom haven't picked what class they want to use Check the clem wiki for the said class, to check it's stats, bonuses limit break ect... Check what weapons they can use, and what PA available for them. *For melee* Check a video, on how certain PA looks like Decide if it's for you *If yes* Gather the gear for your needs *If not* Then check a different class The same i can say if someone want to check out a PA, but with the only exception, that the class is all right already I don't nessecerily believe that if you're playing on S or S2 (if you're confident enough) give it less efficient, sure we all want to play on S3 at one point, but if you were take aid from higher level player, or s imply one decide to join to help.... You'll going to gain more experience than PA experience. But this you can use it for your advantage, by skipping a few loop, for taking other loops :P Beforehand you buy a PA, check what you buy ^_^ I remember playing PSO1 for years, and while i had lv 200 toon, i still had techs that weren't lv 30 (aka max) So progression wise, this system is better than pso1. Not sure about other PSO2 to hold this part of it, so i cannot say anything about this. With all mentioned things that were listed. I can only see it two ways, that could work. A), In a mission, you can get Boost fragments instead of PA frags on S, S2, S3 Pros: It's still reasonable "hard" to obtain, and makes others play together for it. Cons: People whom cannot join in the event/dosen't have toon for S or higher, will miss out entirely. Therefore players whom have less time to play, would be the ones to suffer from it, instead of we help them. B), Frags + spheres -> Boosters Pros: You can get them when you like, so if one don't have the time to play daily, can still get them. Less irritative if you lose one, out of your control. And a solution on S3 joining faster. Cons: You can get them easy :P Therefore some people might be like, try out the PA's they wanted, and then leave, untill next event. (Which unfortunatly i thing we already experience) Of course, both suggestion cames with the fact, that we need to have them as consumable buffs.
  16. A lot to cover here. For the collector, it's literally one, two, or probably three slots, at max. A x2 PA experience boost ticket, a x4, and room for if you get a stack, which is probably unlikely. If you can't make that, I'm not sure what to tell ya. I'm genuinely trying to consider this, but it just comes down to "make space 4Head" because it's only three slots at max. If you come into S3+ with unleveled PAs, you're throwing. Period. Not everyone has friends like that, sadly. Also, the second bit literally contradicts the game. You need to stop progressing, by playing lower difficulties, not because of your power level, but because of just wanting to try a different class, PA, etc. It actively discourages trying anything else unless your current options are absolutely terrible and/or not working as effectively. Not to mention, you need to take a leap of faith, pray that the PA you buy and grind up is actually worth a damn, then pray the time spent pays off. There is a reason why this system was removed in the later games. It's cool on paper, but has a lot of issues wrapped up on it. Also, considering PA leveling is one of the most contentious issue in the game, next to grinding of course, this should be a given. Sadly, this isn't a fool-proof suggestion. That being said, this is a problem with the fact that boosters don't pause.
  17. Somewhat. Giving consumable PA EXP boost tickets to use at any given time, instead of server-wide, timed PA EXP boost periods, was the entire point of the suggestion. The other boosts can remain server-wide or whatever they want to do with them. Regarding the player count, in the case of event milestones, players don't need to log in to reap the rewards anyway, as of right now. They just exist on the server, then come log in and level PAs once all the more dedicated players have played the event ad nauseum. With the randomly distributed boost periods, it's the same scenario. Logging on to play during the event should be a choice. This is not a live-service subscription game where our objective as a server is to bring in as much revenue as possible through FOMO and other tactics. Besides, a PA EXP boost during an event, which literally happened during IC, means people are going to be leveling PAs in bufu egypt somewhere (I spent a lot of the event just leveling techs to LV41+ in FV during this time). Provide incentives that are good, but can be passed up on without feeling immense regret, so that it can remain a choice to the player if they want to come play. These are things like EXP, MP, meseta, rare drop, and rare enemy boosts. Also, just having a fun event mission in general will get people to log on. The bottom line here is that feeling forced to play, otherwise known as FOMO, is not fun. It makes the game a job, chore, or whatever word you want to use. There are better ways, although requiring somewhat more effort to achieve, to get players to actually come play your game. Listing the ways to do that, and the different roadblocks that would come with pursuing that, would take me ages to explain and is an exercise in catastrophizing over hypotheticals.
  18. Watched the vid, but I'll respond to your post first. With each update the game does change, so I would suggest logging in from time to time to see if those changes fix some of the issues you have with the game. If you aren't capped, then the exp boost we've had for the past month along with the new missions have helped many new players/characters find groups and level up quickly. As far as "get(ting) jack shit," I'm unsure what you mean, but if you're also not capped, the stuff you're looking for probably wasn't obtainable anyway. Most jank stuff can be bought on the player shops for extremely cheap, and if you're low on meseta, then that's a problem I can totally understand. Feel free to reach out on the Discord if you need a hand. You may find that some people are happy to help you. One may argue that almost all mmos are structured around large player bases and yes PSU is no different. It's the challenge that every private server takes on. I'm curious as to what "forced meta" you are implying. Care to indulge about that? ---------------------------------~~---------------------------------- As for the video, the speaker made many interesting points. The balancing of 'reasons to play the game' vs 'rewards for playing them game' was nice to hear about. They couldn't go only off raid drops since that means people may never get what they want. The opposite was also bad because the game became more a job where if you clock in enough hours, then you'll get what's desired. Having a mix of raid drops but also guaranteed trade in items to get gear seems to be the perfect scenario. I enjoy that they started to give certain items purpose rather than just treating everything like a board to stick stats to. "An item that gives a buff when picking up gold," sounds fun! Noting when he specified that items that change the way a player plays were the most interesting. Making every item useful, or at the very least interesting is something PSU definitely needs. The closing statements to the final two points are eye-opening. "It's better for players to feel awesome than for everything to be balanced." "It's better to solve the problem of players having everything they want than of them not having what they want." Those sentences pretty much sum up the whole point of this colossal thread. Glad to see that most of us are open for change, we just need to be patient now and wait for changes to come.
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  20. I prefer the gypsy version of the PM so I got that one. However, there may be devices we can feed them later that'll change them into other things.
  21. So going off later posts, you mean instead of timed events with certain boosts, just give everyone consumable boosts to use as they please at certain times? If this is the case, it's a good idea as you say, since people can then choose when they get their boosts and which ones they want. However, that would mean that instead of getting a bunch of players logging on and playing during that certain time, some would log-in, get the consumables then log off. They'd continue to play when they want which may mean weeks or months later. The real question is, are events more about giving players boosts or boosting player count? In your opinion, which of these is more important for a private server like ours?
  22. That would be horrible! Most of the time, my banks are full because i'm a collector. Giving us consumable bonus this way, would be awful with people like me. What if you can get special tokens after finish event missions in S, S2 or later S3, instead of PA frags... So you can get uhhh... Boost Fragment? (Just an idea, don't bite me for clogging your inventory :P) That of course would require a special exchange mission for them to work. That way you can spend your well deserved boosts.... However.... People whom can't afford to take part in the event would be then feel miss out.... So No... This is yet anouther bad idea.... However.... The exchange mission idea for buffs is something i wouldn't drop. Like.... If this time i understand @ScarletMel ^_^ we could combine our ideas, with like pay x amount of PA frags, in order to get a booster of your choise. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Now to the off topic section Well "power leveling" a PA, is something what some people can decide to do, or not to do. As of me, i only did that with my support spells. Leveling the rest, just gives me entertainment. This wouldn't be an issue if we could carry at least twice as much PA! Since you can only focus on one class's PA tree at a time, class might make you require to change your gear entirely, and along with your PA's too (Even if you only play two class, for exmple Acrofighter <-> Wartecher) Yup Nope, because you can always decide to play with friends whom dosen't mind you. or doing this on your own (but that case, pick a difficulty/mission that is reasonable for your needs). Personally, yesterday i've unlocked Infinity strike, and i wont going to bother "power leveling" it, i take it with me on S2. At lv 20 i'll toss on m Acrofighter, because of AT cap. If anyone have problem with it, it's their fault <3 I'm having fun with seeing the PA getting cooler, after every 10 level ^_^ And lastly.... just to make you think about what you said.... Even if you're wise, you can get Disconnected (by loss wifi for a sec for example.) Having issues with the power Get an important phone call Maitenance/Crash/Anything similiar Or really anything, that makes you sit up for reasonable time The timer keep going, and then you would feel bad because your precious event only event booster is wasted :( without any or minimal use use.
  23. @NameWillChangeWhenInGame Figured so, but luckily @strawdonkey answered this one. Here's a cookie for your time
  24. This is a known issue and is on the list of things to be fixed during the next maintenance.
  25. The Partner Machine "Talk" option and Vision Phone "Help" options are not translated, and are unlkely to be any time soon due to the sheer amount of work involved for little gain. However, for the Vision Phone entry you can view full translations on re-PSUPedia: http://re-psupedia.info/Your_room (look for Glossary (script) and Play Guide (script) The Partner Machine option is meant to take you into cutscenes but these do not function correctly, and again are not high on the priority list to resolve.
  26. redownload and reinstall https://psu-clementine.net/community/index.php?/client_download/
  27. Firstly, what I mean by "I couldn't care less about it being made it easier" is that idc if it is made easier. In other words, I wouldn't mind. Secondly, if you get extremely pedantic about my suggestion, then yes, it is technically making it easier. I'd rather use the word convenient, or favorable if that tickles your fancy more, for people with a tighter time schedule. Thirdly, the tickets will ONLY be obtainable like how a server-wide PA boost is obtained now. Either from event milestones (if they do that again) or just when the devs feel like giving those tickets out. That can be a special occasion or whatever like the most recent boost we got. This differs from yours, which would make things easier by every sense of the word because it allows for you to get a PA exp boost as many times as you want because PA frags are always obtainable. That's the difference. This change simply allows you to choose when you want to sit down and crank out PA leveling, so that the player doesn't need to lose sleep in order to do a mandatory part of the game. If you don't use those tickets wisely, which can definitely be a thing, you will still be stuck with the regular rates. To reply to the more off-topic bit, PA leveling, power leveling to be specific, is disconnected from the core gameplay loop because at a point, god forbid you're not only playing one class type and don’t know exactly which weps you want to use when you start, you will have to go into a solo mission with a preferable spawn layout and power level your PAs so that they can keep up with the content with you are doing. Anyone that doesn't do this is behind 9 times out of 10. This makes it no different than leveling buffs and debuffs. The usual gameplay loop is doing whatever mission you want for X drop, exp, MP, whatever, and at the highest rank available to you. PA leveling is counter to all of that. I thought I wouldn't have to say this considering it's obvious to anyone with experience, but I guess not.
  28. ... Except the post is about making it easier in the end, so you do care. That's what your idea of an earnable consumable does. Also what I suggested isn't any more or less an option than what you're suggesting. On top of that what're you even talking about that PA leveling is "arguably completely disconnected from the core gameplay loop?" It's at the very core of it because you're using PAs pretty much all the time. Anything that isn't a support tech gets leveled by natural use. If anything it's support tech leveling that's completely disconnected since you need to sit around and buff/heal people or debuff mobs to level stuff. That's the exception, not the rule.
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