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  2. Got all the items needed to get the SPF set and only received the top and no bottoms, would love it if I could please get my other half of the set because that took some time and money to get the items for it.
  3. >They actually removed ranged resist on shield enemies Sweet baby jesus YES!
  4. Amazing Work @bando_boyッ you deserve lots of praises for that. I'm waiting at your 2nd version with impatience. Could we imagine you could do players cloths and parts in the future using this same method? Best regards
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  6. You're welcome! ^^ Glad i could help
  7. Thank you, so much! That did the trick for me.
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  9. Let's say I have Lv 3 photon fortune and I join a party where the leader has Lv 0 photon fortune. Is the game using my Lv 3 or the party leader's LV 0 photon fortune to determine my chance of winning a rare mission?
  10. Here's my submission to The FIRST ANNUAL DRAWING CONTEST Good luck fellow Guardians!
  11. Well i hope i wont break rule with sending this link https://mega.nz/file/R0IgETQA#AFYLsVJHq1DmC622XiPyJ7PcdWgvxNmJjl4SCeCW_Ys This is the insteller's first's file, if nessesery, i can send the rest of the links
  12. Thank you for the suggestion. I just tried downloading the zip file with XDM, and while the download was much faster than before, ClementineInstaller-1.bin was still correupted. It would be great to have a different source, because I have been trying for a while now and on the verge of simply downloading Phantasy Star Portable 2 to play on an emulator instead...
  13. It'll be something we look at doing, once we transfer webhost I'll slap it on the roadmap I suppose
  14. I know, I know, I'm an esteemed Artist. This is @Ethateral, enjoy.
  15. Will Clementine PSU in the future use NPC's in Network mode? they were Awesome, and it would be good to see them fight alongside us on runs. My Favourite 2 Being Lumia Waber & Karen. I know it may take time though, but i can't wait for the day if only we could also get the older Lumia Waber from PSP2, that would be cool also. Until then though, Clementine is Awesome ^-^.
  16. Well, i understand your point of view, Streaming the game would indeed show the room pass, uppon making a room, so the solo part "could" be changed. But tat could be changed with like, if there would be an option to reduce the maximum number of players to join to 1, making the solo part good without need to hide or stop the stream for the time you create a room (that part only goes for the solo mode) But uhhhh, the room visitation, and trading is something you can avoid for sure because the room password isn't something you need to re-enter uppon joining your own room (this one applies every character of yours in the same account, if i'm not mistaken) Unfortunatly i'm not familiar with runescape that well, but if i see someone would say ironman, hardcore, i can think about the perma death risk on my head :3 can't help it ^^ Something to spice up the game, that might be not for anyone, but i think a lot of you guys would love it ^^ About the rewards, i think this bonus is actually doable, since.... the rare missions have these "scaled" exp rate/drop rate on the side, i wonder if it could be applied on a hardcore account :3 well as the synth rate is doable too, because the last event had possibility on boosted rates, but i know the two thing isn't comparable. But the technology might be there for it too! Actually there's a motivation for solo tonns of missions already! Source: https://psu-clementine.net/wiki/index.php/Titles That's a lot of mission to solo However i know it's available for anyone, and there's a title reward for having a party of at least 4? Either way, it's worth to solo point taken Maybe the 5000 mission would be a..... big step for most of us, but that's 20 fraggy ^^ However i'm up to the idea of having more than normal and hardcore style accounts
  17. I personally and a few others would be making content on the game mode in the form of videos and streaming it. If the restrictions on the account are not in place, unfortunately, the validity of the account/everything we have earned could be put in question. I could run with a full party and only post the content of me playing solo. Before "iron" accounts were a thing in Runescape, a few content creators did this challenge mode and their accounts were questioned all the time. I hear what you are saying about permadeath being a restriction, though. They have that as well but call it a "hardcore iron" account. It's everything I just proposed but on a different leaderboard and permadeath (in a way.) Instead of permadeath, the account just gets reverted to a normal "iron" account on death (or in this case, death without scapes.) Though, I would like to see hardcore accounts as well in any sort of capacity. They also have another one called "ultimate iron" accounts but I'm unclear of a way that those type of challenge accounts would translate to PSUC. As far as rewards, I liked all of those ideas. Again, I don't know how hard these changes would be to implement but I imagine boosted exp/drop rate/synth rate based on 2 separate accounts would be pretty hard to do. If it can be done, I'm all for it. If not, I'm okay without it. Though, I do feel there should be someway to entice players to make this type of account aside from just the challenge alone.
  18. Hmmm, i wonder if the rules would let me post link of the missing part of the installer. Because when i tried to download the game trough mediafire, it went horrible, so i've had someone to upload them to me on Mega (party by part + executable)
  19. Maybe you have an unstable Internet which result the file to lose packets (It's a big archive after all) I suggest using a download manager for such big files, like https://github.com/subhra74/xdm . I just discovered xdm today (I was using IDM for a very, very long time) and it seems very legit.
  20. I also want to bring up that with longbows ignoring defense, defense isn't the only property of an enemy that can be ignored. For some of the stinkier 1-handed weapons... Cards could ignore increased evasion from the likes of Deljabans. Handguns could ignore both defense and increased evasion, but only when zoomed in. Imagine Fortegunners actually using their S-rank handguns for something! Machineguns could ignore enemies' resistance to ranged attacks. It would make machineguns more basic... since all the basic classes get them! Just saying.
  21. Hi, I have downloaded the ClementineInstaller from the MediaFire link, but everytime I extract it, it tells me there is an error preventing the extraction of ClementineInstaller-1.bin (the other 2 .bin files seem fine). I have tried extracting it with the built-in Windows file explorer, 7-zip and WinRAR, and it is always the same issue. I have tried installing Clementine with the corrupted file, but it fails. I have also tried redownloading, but I am always getting the same issue with the same file. Anyone else had this issue?
  22. I don't think there would need such "role" for it since what you've listed is something you can do without modify the game actually ^^ set room password, so no one can join you :3 Do not visit/trade with others ^^ Since you're lock the room, and don't trade with others, all together it makes it available too ^^ Ironman mode should be something like: Permadeath Normal accounts cannot trade with ironman Normal accounts cannot visit you Game hosted by iron man, dosen't list on normal account/cant join (vise versa) And as for a reward for doing so Boosted exp Boosted drop rate +10% synth rate
  23. I like the idea of changing the color but I think yellow boards would look too similar to meseta on the ground.
  24. Ironwoman or Ironman mode. A completely self-sufficient account. Ever find yourself running solo and enjoying it? Personally, I enjoy playing missions solo sometimes. There is something very satisfying about being solo and getting that weapon, armor or board you've been searching for to drop. What if there was a mode based around playing the game completely solo? I would like to introduce ironwoman/ironman mode. This mode is a pretty easy concept: Missions have to be played solo (Exception being with PM eventually) No trading with other players No visiting other players rooms or purchasing anything off player shops All items must be found as drops, purchased from NPC or synthesized. I don't claim to know how hard it would be to implement these restrictions on an account but I imagine it would have to take place during account creation. When I made my main account, I seem to remember there being a drop down menu for "account type." If these restrictions could be put in place, we would need a way to distinguish an "iron" account from a regular one. I personally would like to see a different color name. I have pictures from the last test server and our names were yellow. I'm not saying yellow should be the color for an "iron" account but I feel there has to be something in place to differentiate one account from another. Otherwise, "iron" accounts would most likely be bothered to party up or trade with other players when they cannot. Aside from a different color name, I'd be interested to hear what else the rest of the community could come up with for ways to make an "iron" account different from a traditional one. I stole the idea straight from the popular game, Runescape. On October 13, 2014, Runescape released the "iron mode" and it was a huge success for them as a company. Since that date, more than one million "iron" accounts have been created across 2 games and 3 different "iron" game modes. It breathed a new life into the game that quite frankly, needed it. It allowed people to enjoy a new take on a familiar game. Content creation for the game took off both in videos and streaming and that is part of the reason RS3 and Old School Runescape are part of the top game categories on streaming services. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying this would happen to Clementine but being able to look at PSU a different way or with a fresh take on our beloved game would be so much fun. I'm interested to hear what the community would like to see out this challenge mode.
  25. Elaine Finally Has a Backstory, And It Goes Like This: Elaine is part of the New Generation Of Newman Warriors Generation 3, on her home Planet Neudaiz. The Prior 2 all fell, and it's up to the new G3's to carry on the Legacy: G1: Fought hard for their home, and some partnered with the Guardians.. they succeded in winning, but all died with Honour.. Generation 1 is burried on Neudaiz. They wore Blue Clothing. G2: Carried on G1's Legacy, but did not partner with the Guardians. A war broke out between both, Neudaiz was almost in rubble.. The Honour of the Warriors.. was almost lost.., at this time the SEED invasion began, the Guardian's focused on it, while the Warrior's continued to protect their home.. both succeeded, but G2 Warrior's had an additional war away from Neudaiz, in Subspace.. and are all burried there.. They Wore Red Clothing. G3: Elaine, being born from parents in the Second Generation, was offered to take the Oath and path of the next Generation in line.. knowing that Generation 2 was falling, Elaine understood her duty. Being only 9 years old, she accepted the Oath, put on the Jacket of the Warrior's Symbol, and began her training.. G3 went for black, instead of Red of the Previous Generation for the jackets.. Like the 2 Generations Prior, Elaine was told to never take off the jacket, otherwise her Honour would be lost.. anything below that, could be worn or taken off.. But Elain sticks to her usual Boots & Knee Socks with under the Jacket.. She must stick to the path, and when the time comes.. Die of Honour.. Current Day: Now 2 year's onward, and 11 year's old, Elaine is seen almost everywhere.. To keep the Legacy going even furthur, she has patnered with the Guardians, who she reassured that this collaboration will not be broken.. they accepted and she does missions for them every now and then.. She keeps her duty, and goes home every now and then to make sure it's safe.. Elaine aims to get this Generation of warriors to travel more often, which is why she is hardly seen on Neudaiz.. being that she is the first into G3, she hopes that when more Newman's join, as the Path of the Warrior's was created in Neudaiz, that she can show them they can help outside of Neudaiz.. If you happen to see Elaine, please feel free to ask her for help.. it's what she strives for, the foundation was made to protect, fight and show no mercy.. she maybe a tiny small Newman, but trust me, she won't be a lost cause to you.. The Previous Generations showed that strength provails... Thanks for reading, and have fun everyone ^-^
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