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  2. So I lost to the DeRagon, with a new character, and I went back to have a rematch with the dragon. However, I got stuck on a loading screen, and had to close the game to get out of it.
  3. Why is my post ignored ? What's the update on Ruins In The Mist ? There also bunch of maps listed that do not exist on this chart I'm going to visit every map and compile a list what there for C-Sx
  4. I've seen the topic brought up for gunmaster more exclusively but I have been trying to think of a way to make Twin Handguns more viable without making them overshadow other ranged weapons. A raw damage buff would be nice but I don't think it's a very elegant solution and would introduce a lot of power creep against rifles and bows if overtuning happened. As of right now Twin Handguns with Bullets at level 31+ do decent damage but leave a bit to be desired. The two suggestions that I have are (if the coding is feasible): 1. (this is the option I think would be most fun but probably the harder of the two to code) Every 11 (11, 21, 31, 41) Level increment for Bullets increase the rate of fire on Twin Handguns. This means you would still have to put a decent amount of effort leveling your bullets but wouldn't just be a blanket buff. This would also help the weapon feel a bit more unique compared to the rifle or bow. And really, who doesn't want to shoot Twin Handguns really fast? 2. The other, simpler option (I think it would be enough to at least make them semi-viable) would be making them the only ranged weapon in the game with a Just-Attack with correct timing. Fairly simple but it would make the weapon feel more unique while making the learning curve not just mash X like other ranged weapons. Obviously this is a suggestion thread so I'd like to hear what others think of the two options.
  5. On the current server, card attacks are not working properly yet If this works just like vanilla, GT will be a better class than now
  6. Extra units: Rappy Mode Rappy Down SUV: Ascension Gift
  7. If 16Bit is selected, there are no options for Screen size. But when 32Bit is selected I get different resolutions just not 1280x720.
  8. Yesterday
  9. My purpose of posting here, is to tell anyone else who reads this that you are flat out wrong. It's not an issue of you pleasing me. You said so many untrue things that I'll disprove now just for anyone reading this stupid post. Lets start with A rank weapons are bad. You said at level 150-160 all A ranks are obsolete, and that couldn't be further from the truth. Check the video below. In this video you can see one of the best weapons ever released on psu, Twin Dil Edge. Wartecher can use them. These are A rank and are better than any S rank twin sabers. A new player like yourself just sees the atp on a weapon and assumes that is all that matters. The reality is some weapons are better for utility and aren't made for just doing pure dps. WT is far more than FF with just two buffs. What about double sabers, whips, cards, bows, and attack spells? Wartechers have a 150% stat modifier for TP at level 20 meaning if you choose to play as a human (or newman), attack spells are not bad at all. There are amazing options for every single weapon a wartecher can use, A or S. What should we focus clementine on? People teaming up and taking their time? Closing this slaughtering up, this guy is not fit to make posts talking about balance or anything for that matter. He clearly doesn't have the milage a player needs to have obtained good knowledge of how classes are designed, or how you should be playing said classes. I won't respond again to this guy, just assume anything he says is wrong.
  10. ・Pumpkinhead or Pumpkin Trick ・Mukplasma (mukudengeki) ・Gudda Plasma (gudda・dengeki) ・Hand Spear or Hand Spear + These items are seasonal or event specific and are not currently available I think that adding it is not a problem because it is not an item that destroys the game balance
  11. Aelphasy


    What conditions my purchase of a console is essentially the Japanese video game. The 360 had many advantages that ps3 did not have at its beginnings (I think of Blue Dragon, Vesperia and of course PSU) but for this generation, it is rigorously the opposite. So, if the PS5 is in the continuity of the ps4, it's certain that I take it. But you're 100% right: I think it's too early. The games are very beautiful (what was done with RDR2 is really very impressive) and I feel that it gonna start with a PS5 that only offers a "60fps" version of games like FFXV or TW3, at least at the beginning.
  12. For me this is ok that you disagree me since this is impossible to please all people in Clementine. So this is not a problem for me, and much less when one of the mistakes which I have made in the post is not mentioning that those ideas are made from a friend, not just for me, so my apologies by this confusion. However, SeedExpress, although I see you’re showing the same video which I’ve shown before making this post, as a pure melee user (I prefer FF, although I can perfectly FM or AF if the community demands one of the those two classes), I’d like to tell you the following thing. Using the WT as a FF with just two buffs… is not a good design for a class which is supposed to be a hybrid even that build is the only effective for dealing those runs. Even I’d like to tell you that GT, for mixing both, ranged weapons (In this case the crossbow) and a tech weapon (Wand), is much better in terms of using the GT as a hybrid than a WT. Another thing is the GT doesn’t use the techs since the CAST race. But outside of that case, and since I’ve seen the patch notes, if the rumor of using more the GT because the crossbow improves is true, perhaps people must give one chance to the GT before nothing, and much more since the Tech improves by Midori Hoshi. But in a WT, which class of contribute do you wait in a party more than just using Twin Claws and having high MST? Basically I see you’re focusing a lot of in TAs when TAs, although that thing can be good, it’s not the focus which should have Clementine, and much less when you forget that people soloed near all the time because the drops & certain SEGA tournaments. If you like a WT which is basically a FF with buffs, that’s fine. Just people will decline them while there are already much better options for pure melee, for non-talking that that build cross with the styles of both, FF and FM. Greetings.
  13. Tes


    Thoughts? Feelings? Hopes & dreams? I'll admit the spec is impressive and it's nice that they're finally integrating solid state hard drive technology. It's nice the PS3 and 4 had compatibility for SSD's, but to make it as standard always made sense. It does seem a little soon though. I mean the PS4 and then the Pro - I thought to myself we'd be a long way off a next gen. Why the rush? It's similar with phones, 1 new phone a year by a lot of manufacturers? It's a little scary, living on a planet with finite resources, ever growing pollution and population and yet we're burning through resources for entertainment purposes. Eeek
  14. yes Boma maga always freeze the targets, 1-11 freeze one target m 21-30 freeze 2 traget , 31- 40 it freese 3 targets and not working
  15. its taking damage but its not freezing at all, the boma maga always freeze when getting to impact, but it not working I been spamming the boma maga had I got it at 31 and still wont freeze and yes even on a 25% rate its now working
  16. You can buy them at Dallgun viewing plaza (Clyez). You can but you probably can't, until you are rich.
  17. ive looked virtually everywhere to find or buy grinders and i feel like im missing something,can anyone help?
  18. Tes


    I agree, the soloing has got to the point where it feels utterly lifeless. I'm glad I've had a change of heart. As for finding more people, just go up to people of a similar level. My weekend runs were across all 3 planets and people seemed to enjoy the regular change of scenery and quests
  19. @LadyRena Samegid not hitting correct amount of targets, Aoe range is not correct and visual effect looks like lvl 1 (range could also be why it's no hitting the correct amount of targets) LV1 LV2 LV3 LV4 LV5 LV6 LV7 LV8 LV9 LV10 Consumption PP 32 (fT: 25 / MF: 38) effect Infection LV2 HIT number 3 body × 8 HIT LV11 LV12 LV13 LV14 LV15 LV16 LV17 LV18 LV19 LV20 Consumption PP 40 (fT: 32 / MF: 48) effect Infection LV2 HIT number 5 bodies x 11 HIT LV21 LV22 LV23 LV24 LV25 LV26 LV27 LV28 LV29 LV30 Consumption PP 48 (fT: 38) effect Infection LV3 HIT number 5 x 14 HIT LV31 LV32 LV33 LV34 LV35 LV36 LV37 LV38 LV39 LV40 Consumption PP 56 (fT: 44) effect Infection LV4 HIT number 5 x 18 HIT LV41 LV42 LV43 LV44 LV45 LV46 LV47 LV48 LV49 LV50 Consumption PP 64 effect Infection LV5 HIT number 6 x 21 HIT Foverse not gaining Correct amount of hits. level Duration Endurance LV 1-10 2 minutes and 40 seconds Ten LV 11 to 20 3 minutes and 20 seconds 10 × 2 LV 21-30 4 minutes 10 × 3 LV 31 to 40 4 minutes and 40 seconds LV 41-50 5 minutes and 20 seconds
  20. If you're a Force class type it'll stick at 10. Need to change to another class type and not a basic one.
  21. What type are you? You might have reached the PA limit for that type. Force for example gets attack techniques and support techniques only to 20. Compared to a Forte Techer that can get them to 40.
  22. I'd really like to play this game with friends, however, I noticed the requirements say for Windows only, but is there a way around that so that it can play smoothly on a Mac? I'm not much of a tech guy, so any help or direction would be appreciated. Thanks
  23. Completely disregard anything this guy says. He has said so many things that are flat out wrong that I can't even start to list them. This guy is just typing things to type things. here is a video of end game wartecher kicking ass As you can see in this video, Wartecher kills 190 monsters super efficiently. Stop trying to ruin the game with stupid useless buffs please.
  24. Hellow there community. I got a bigger problem for the last 2 days now and nothing has changed a lil bit. I can't level up my PA's (Diga and Radiga for example). I tryed everything to fix it somehow but nothing happened and I'm so sad right now that this is not working anymore. I really need to level up my PA's but I can't If someone knows the problem, just tell me how to fix it ;w;
  25. When Boma Maga hits, it's supposed to freeze things. It's hitting for damage, and not freezing things. (I have no idea if that is the case of how it actually works, but that is what he is trying to say.)
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