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    Hello, I can't seem to join the server. Keeps loading and saying preview mode. Is there a step I am missing?
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  5. Just like other parties, and especially lower level runs, it's really difficult to get a party going. Mainly the reason is that people don't know or don't care to communicate and just expect things to happen. Some of the more successful parties are rare trains. They make use of threads and usually have some kind of facilitator. But there IS a method that COULD get people parties consistently and reliably WITHOUT someone facilitating, and that is a general Party thread(AND OBVIOUSLY, it'll be done in DISCORD, because no one visits the forums). 1.First, 3 separate threads will have to be made in #LFG: -Buff party -Rentis/Dizas party -Resta/Reverser party 2. Next, you need to designate a time. In order to make things simple and organized, the parties should follow a schedule. For example, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. But some people may run into availability issues, so there should be some flex, which comes in the form of secondary dates, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. The actual time will be set by the participating individuals. It will look like so: -Buff party: Friday, Monday -Rentis/Dizas party: Saturday, Tuesday -Resta/Reverser party: Sunday, Wednesday 3. You want to set the location for each run so that it always becomes THE SPOT when it concerns that party. Just my opinion: Evo Path is the best for buffs. You want to do Rentis or Dizas, so it's better to have both in the same run, which seems to be Snowcap b3. Resta/Reverser Hill of Spores is early in b1. -Buff party: Friday, Monday, Evolution's Path, Guardian's Colony, 5th Floor -Rentis/Dizas party: Saturday, Tuesday, Snowcap Screamer, Moatoob, Vio Tonga -Resta/Reverser party: Sunday, Wednesday, Hill of Spores, Neudaiz, Tanze Route 4. The above are only the GROUND RULES and will be put in the header of the thread. Now we'll talk about how to participate. It is pretty simple. To get started, one just joins the thread and says something simple like: Tetsuri: want buff party, prefer Friday, between 6 and 12(use system time, according the the in-game clock). then other people can also post their interest, and they can dialogue about it in the thread and set up a date and time slot. And if there is not enough interest, then you just wait until more people pop into the thread the next week, and so forth. And these are intended to be run-on threads, so after you've ran one party, the next party can continue to use the thread to set up the next run. ALTERNATIVELY, LFG could get its own section with actual channels for different parties. #Buff #Bricks #Heals #C rank # B rank, etc.....
  6. Developers added a fix to weapon effect\animation files, because of this link has been updated.
  7. Last patch contains a large 251mb file and some people with slow connection reported download interruptions on it. If your download fails, this is alternative solution for you, just extract it to DATA folder manually with replace and run the game. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Z695RBiQrlYKa-FzUw32wue1_3s5x5Tb/view?usp=sharing
  8. Just got back into this, and to be late to seeing such news is rather unfortunate. My past experience when trying to work on a personal project with pals has lead me down a similar line with how people treat developers. This isn't some big shot company that can tune these voices out. This is a team of individuals who just wanted to bring forth something nice, and to see this happen here as well as when I worked on a game project, shows how much of an issue people tend to be when they are ignorant of what they say. Marmalade made the right choice to step away, even if it's such a beloved project for him. Hopefully since these months passed, that time away is doing him well, but I've yet to really catch up with it all. All I can really hope for in the future is that things can improve as a whole for the project. Not just the game itself, but the community that surrounds it, because a project like this to get so far is a true gem, and I am deeply disappointed that the entitlement of others has been so common here. Normally I simply read most posts, but today I genuinely felt like I had to speak. I wish you the best of luck in everything you do moving forward, Gnome. - Dogenzaka.
  9. When I launch the game from the launcher, I go into a black screen that never changes. I can't even alt+tab out of it.
  10. Thats more than I get. I get a black screen with no sound or anything. Can't find help anywhere on it..
  11. I was, whitemud, and always hung out at the cafe tables with the umbrellas on them. omg im so excited this exist!
  12. Tag was CrayonKittenz or something of the sort. Forgot my demo and fullgame names. lol I went by Allie to a lot of ppl though. I knew people in S.T.A.R.S, Razorblade, and probably a few others I'm not remembering. I was 100% a 4th Floor Balcony girl. Sorry. :')
  13. Offline mode works for me up to creating a new character, after that screen goes black and it don't move from there. Any idea how to fix it?
  14. Zerath

    Solo boredom

    I’ll give it a look later. I didn’t know this! Still fairly new to the server.
  15. Zeta

    Solo boredom

    Doesn't the right panel of the status screen show the three most popular lobbies? You might have to scroll down to see it.
  16. Zerath

    Solo boredom

    Hey everyone, I haven’t played for awhile. I’m really just looking for popular missions to join in on. Not really sure what missions are most ran so I’ve just been playing solo and gets a bit boring sometimes. So if anyone knows where I’d find people to join let me know. Thanks!
  17. Unbelievable. What sort of utterly repulsive scumbag would take someone else's decade old work to revive a game just to put a massive stunt and dent into its evolution or even a complete stop. And who in the world is giving you problems about the game in its current state!? Who the hell cares what the game is in! I am eternally grateful to have this game be revived AT ALL! Even if it crashed a lot or had unresponsive controls. Its STILL PSU, A game that quite actually died. This team knew what sort of fun they had to revive it, and thats why you put the effort in no matter how long it took you. Cause you knew what was in here. And people are giving you trouble when your team is the HEROES of 1000s of people!? Its quite a shame what happened. Taking someone else's work just to be a repulsive cretin. Even though its not okay, We can do something about it. Spread the word of this PSU Server. Ensure people hear and try it out. We can make that guy's hard work become even more fruitful than it already is. We as a community can help the setback that was caused here. But we as people have to do our part. The main and most helpful thing we can do at the moment is tell people about this server and hope word catches on. I remember the great atomic tons of fun I had in the demo alone. To have a full game such as this to be revived for free would have been only a fantasy all those years ago. I will do what I can to spread the word (Considerately. Not just gonna go into PSO2 and SPAM the server. Just little ads here there for reddit or other social platforms) but a single human can only do so much. I will request that people do the same. I don't wanna see something as beautiful as this wither and die because of one scumbag. The best thing we can for that guy right now in his greatest time of need is wish him the best and try to spread his hard work to others, so they may be supportive. Of course we might end up getting toxic people here and there. But again we as people need to do our part and so some sifting through. But again im only one person. I'll need help in spreading the word and you can help simply by doing what im saying we should do. That's easy enough aint it? Lets try! Even if it doesn't work we have to try!
  18. Just downloaded and started playing today... or at least tried to. Unless I missed something, the lack of UI and text scaling makes the game unplayable at 1440p/4k and at the very least difficult to play at 1080p custom resolutions. The last thread on this topic I believe was over a year ago, so I wanted to reignite the discussion. Has there been or will there be any work on UI/text upscaling? Not to take away from the work that has been done, of course... the fact the game is alive in 2022 is a miracle. Cheers.
  19. Only problem I can see w/ GM is it having more weapons than the others. (Even though Master Force gets 3, and the rest get 4..) But then again, there's Acromaster with a million things, so.. fuckit imo.
  20. It's weird that both Guntecher (S-rank) and Fortegunner (A) have MG access, but the Type they unlock, doesn't. I agree that Gunmaster should get S-rank MG access. Right now there's no good option if you want to specialize in MG's; you either have your bullets capped at 31 but get S-rank weapons, or you get 41-cap bullets but only A-rank weapons. Gunmaster is the obvious candidate for this, but giving FG S rank would probably be good too.
  21. So, I really, really, love Machineguns but I also want to use rifles and the heavy weapon (RL, Laser, etc). Sadly, I can't do this and have an S rank MG. I know Fortegunner is there and has them all, but.. MG is only A rank, and personally, I don't care for most shotguns or grenadelaunchers. I'm curious what people think of this, or if it would be unbalanced. I'm remembering everything slowly and could be easily forgetting something.
  22. Bumped. Another update again. Version 2.05 - Changes to LB,RB,RT,LT Left and right arrow icon - Changes D Pad icon - Highlight texture effect was adjusted - A adjustment changes to the Player color gem to look alot better - Added new Color icon for clothes - Changes to the weapon palette texture - Changes to the weapon palette selection effect color - Changes to LT notfication button icon - Added new icon for Locked,Auto Follow,Auto Run,Party - Changes on Partner card Priority icon - Changes color on the grinding bar - Changes on the unavailable icon
  23. Upon starting and entering mission area, all audio is gone/muted for everything. Leaving and returning or abandoning the mission restores audio. This is really odd because we ran it last night a few times just fine. Glitch/Bug is happening for me and my party. If it's needed, it was an S-Rank both times. Edit: Getting to Block 2 restores audio. Edit 2: Audio was lost again upon reaching block 3. Edit 3: Audio restored for me in boss room (Block 4).
  24. Nah gunners not ez enuf I need them to move my character for me too (= 10/10 balance change just like the SE override.
  25. DING I mean Bumped. UPDATE TIME! Added New version of the Modernize User Interface V2.04 Version 2.04 - Upscaled Menu Icon and New icon - Changes for SUV blast gauge Effect and Button prompt - Changes for Photon fortune star color (RAINBOW?) - Color adjustment to the Button Icon UI - Changes for Lobby action font - Changes for LT and RT font - Changes for Elemental icon - Changes for LEVEL UP font - Changes for Player online status under partner card List
  26. Can someone help me with my account or to recover it. I forgot my login is there anyway to recover it.
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