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  4. I got it working correctly here |
  5. Hi, kinda late but I got the solution here |
  6. Remember when Bladed Legacy played a different music when you fought Magashi but what if other Missions with a Mini Boss at the end played Z.C Enemy? Z.C Enemy 1:Fight for Food,The Black Nest,AMF HQ Recovery,Military Subway,The Mad Beasts,Sakura Blast,Flowery Pursuit,Citadel of Sand,Valley of Carnage,Mine Defense,Lonely Laboratory. Z.C Enemy 2:Dark Satellite,Sleeping Warriors,Train Rescue,Endrum Remnants,Sunken Shrine,Sacred Stream,The Holy Ground,Dancing Birds. Violent:Scarred Planet,Lightning Beasts,
  7. I noticed the preview that showed the icons for a Switch controller, and honestly... I'm surprised there isn't one for Gamecube controller, since well... doesn't the Nintendo Switch gamecube controller adapter support PC use, or is that only the third party ones? well, regardless, I'm assuming nobody would actually PLAY this game with a gamecube controller actually, but hey, there's always the slight chance I'd try that, even if I'd lack access to certain buttons and have a worse d-pad for menu navigation. regardless, I just downloaded the version of this mod with the xbox controller icons and also i gotta say, this definitely looks better than the UI mod I was using up to this point.
  8. So remember when Cost of Research became a Free Mission. Well for some reason Clementine decided to remain it a Co Op Mission on their servers.(Same with Crimson Beast) Dark Satellite SEED Awakened are still the same. Also Mine Defense SEGA decided to change the Enemies Fire Vanda’s no longer spawn and Ground Vanda’s spawn instead and Bil De Vear and Navals are added to the Mission. And the Holy Ground also got updated where Sageeta got added and Lutus Jigga no longer spawns here. And Lab Recovery addded Koltova and Distova to the Mission. Don’t know if this is possible but Clementine can you make Cost of Research Soloable just like the actual servers??
  9. HI ! I got the game working via ClementineLauncher / online.exe Google - Corssover Codeweavers, ( unfortunately is not a free software but there is a free trail) another free option is Bottles, you can find it as flatpak or in your software manager / ubuntu software center. The Clementine launcher Will not work on Steam / Proton , only PSUC.exe will but you're going to have a messed up resolution, it could be suitable for the SteamDeck because its small screen or a laptop, but it looks terrible on a desktop / bigger screens. Software links : Crossover | https://www.codeweavers.com/crossover Bottles | https://flathub.org/apps/details/com.usebottles.bottles I have an older version of Crossover ( 18.0 ) 20.0 did not work - After downloading and installing Crossover, go to edit / Preferences / check mark where it says " Include entries for untested and unknown software " , then go ahead and create a new bottle ( + Add) , select Windows 7 64 bits (it will take a minute or two), then click where it says "install windows software", now search and install one at the time : - .NET Framework 3.5 Service Pack 1 - .NET Framework 4.0 - Vulkan / DXVK (upstream) - DirectX for modern games ( that's what it says but if you see DirectX 9 grab it ) - Wine Gecko ( it should be already installed, but go ahead if not ) Now Download the Clementine Files & Patch | https://psu-clementine.net/community/index.php?/client_download/ , choose your /Downloads folder. -Unzip and run the Climentine installer via Crossover by clicking " install windows software" / Browse Applications / unlisted application, then click continue / Choose a folder or installer file ( where you downloaded the game !!! ) , usually at /Downloads folder, choose clementineinstaller folder ( created after unzipped ) / clementineinstaller.exe It will ask you where do you want to install the game , pick the same /Download directory, it will create its own folder named " Phantasy Star Universe Clementine" -Now you are going to do the same process with the Patch installer ( install it in a separate folder in /Downloads) -Go to " Phantasy Star Universe Clementine" folder from Downloads - you are going to back up - online.exe and PSUC.exe, Langj.bin , di.dll , unins000.exe , unins.dat in any folder you want ( the ones from the original installation directory, NOT the patch ones) this is just in case something goes wrong. - Open your patch folder, copy online.exe and PSUC.exe, Langj.bin , di.dll , unins000.exe , unins.dat then you are going to paste those into the original installation folder - Now run the clementine client on Crossover, ( it creates an executable after installing the game, you'll see the clementine icons in Crossover ) - Now you can fix the screen resolution from the game client, go to Options make sure it is set as 1280 X 720, check mark on fullscreen / or window mode etc , make any changes you want then save it , click on Enter , now go to the wrench by the upper right corner / Custom resolution / pick your screen resolution - 1920 X 1080 for instance , then click OK , if you get an error, close the launcher and tray again. - Create an account if you haven't, where it says Account - The fonts will be messed up after the server makes an update (already in game), not sure why , but try to make whatever changes you want in OPTIONS before clicking PLAY, after the update ( it takes about 20 minutes) you will see a massage saying - update files saved press enter to end the game. - Open your patch folder / DATA , you're going to see 4 files in there, copy those and paste them into the DATA folder from the Original installation, after that run the game and let it update once again, then it will ask you to press enter to end the game once more. - Now you should be able to run the launcher via crossover , click PLAY! and enjoy ! It will take some time after connecting to the server......., also Loading screens are super slow but the game runs fine, if you get (N 052) error , hit retry this is how it worked for me, I was getting an error (N 052) before that, I do still get it here and there but before I couldn't even play the game before, the real problem here is .NET Framework, is not very reliable, hopefully they move to an alternative in the future, I play PSO Blue burts from Ephinea and EDEN servers with no issues and no .NET . I wish I could include Screenshots but I don't see that option here : ( : ( . Also you can try to do the same with Bottles ( flatpak ) that one was a bit more complicated, so I got better results using Crossover.
  10. You’re probably right. It would be cool to see these PSP2I Enemies and Bosses in action on PSU plus Humans And Newmans got their own Level 20+ ability called Mirage Blasts if this was added then CASTS are gonna be back using SUV Weapons Exclusively. There’s also a new race called Deuman and has a different blast depending on the type. And Beasts also got 2 new Nanoblast forms (Zavn Val and Gavri Val) but the 2 new Nanoblast’s has the chance to become Beserk (Making it Black) as well as a new type called Vanguard. So it’s probably unknown if the New Bosses/Enemies Mirage Blasts the Deuman race new Nanoblast forms Vanguard Infinity Blast as well as the Dodge and Guard command will all be functional to be put in PSU Clementine Although I did see a video of Sinow Beat/Gold Astark Sand Rappy Flam Blume and Rappy Machima functioning in PSU.
  11. Even if it was technically feasible to import psp2i bosses/enemies into PSU, you'd run into the issue that psp2i enemies are designed around the player being able to guard and dodge roll. Most psp2i bosses would be miserable to fight in PSU.
  12. Earlier
  13. Why no? I think because it’s impossible to import the Enemy models and Bosses and the areas to Clementine.
  14. So yeah Phantasy Star Universe had added many Areas Weapons Clothes/Parts from Phantasy Star Portable Phantasy Star Portable 2 and Phantasy Star Portable 2 Infinity but for unknown reasons they never added new Mobs Here’s the new bosses that debuted: Bil De Golus -Azn’gom Gijn’gom -Dark Falz Dios -Dol Vaveer -Dragon -Duga Dunga -Dyla Bravas -Faz’ntar Seg’ntar -Giel Zohg -Olga Flow (Both Forms) -Orga Spritos -Orga Angelus -Orga Anatasis -Orga Dyran (It will be a Rare boss in Missions that doesn’t have a Boss like it does in Portable 2) -Reol Badia -Yaoroz -Volna Gravka And Enemies: -Astark -Bola Vreema -Evil Shark -Flan Blume -Guil Shark -Jaggo Rizona -Jeris -Pal Shark -Stingee -Walmus -Bag Degga -Barbarous Wolf -Dago Gujeri -Koko Melodda -Lu Duggo -Mog Boggo -Nano Dragon -Nar Lilly -Poison Lilly -Rappy Rizona -Sand Rappy -Vegga -Zauzza (Appears along with Golus) -Dakamazli -Danoamaz -Gol Lily -Gonan -Goran-Garan -Mil Lilly -Mulnuha -Rappy Go Lucky -Zelumon -Guardians Rosk -Guardians Rosta -III Gill -Little Wing Rosk -Little Wing Rosta -Mini Rappy -Special Ops-Sparda -Baranz -Bunari Kou-3 -Finjer B -Finjer G -Finjer R -Flavit B1 -Garanz -Gravit S7 -Rappy Machima -Sinow Beat -Sinow Gold -Chaos Bringer -Chaos Sorcerer -Dark Belra -Darvaguine -Delbiter -Indi Belra -Jedein -Vorgadillan -Zoldillan -Blade Mother -Brigantia -Force Mother -Ivaras -Nargevahl -Ob Lilly -Shot Mother -Tavalus -Valiaran -Vulgatus Other: -Heaven’s Mother -Kasch Tribesman -Nagisa -SEED-Helga -Shizuru -Vivienne So those are all the Enemies that debuted in Phantasy Star Portable 2 and Phantasy Star Portable 2 Infinity (Most of them first appeared on Phantasy Star Online Episode I and II and Blue Burst) And is it possible to add these Enemies and Bosses to Clementine?
  15. I feel like JP Missions should’ve been Translated. Rising Malice:Revolting Spite Mechanical Ghosts:Ghost Mechanics Fantasic Voyage:Remarkable Excursion Evacuation Route:Fleeing Route Beach Bum Beast:Resort of Mortal Sunken Shrine:Undersea Ruins Aquatic Mama:Electro Foundation Two Headed Ruins:Dicephalous Burning Ravage Robotanical Gardens:Machinery Woods Sinner’s Banquet:Forgotten Tower Castle of Monsters:Beasts in the Fortress Hooligan Hideout:Ruins of Thieves Lode Runners:Labyrinth Tunnel Snowcap Streamer:Snowy Viper Red Hot Jungle:Burning Jungle
  16. Bumped VERSION 1.04 update notes Character HP Font change to KH Style Character LV Font change to KH Style Blast gauge bar got changed Added New grinding bar Added new partner card UI New first person shooting UI (BBS Shotlock) Change player gem NEW FILE ADDED 1b77ca32487ddd3944ec6ec3a7f05775 (Contains ???) Mini map icon
  17. the game launches as PSUC.exe, but the screen resolution looks messed up, Clementine Launcher does not work at all, there is a script to fix that, but the page explaining how is long gone now...
  18. Hello! I'v made this forum account just to report you my experience and thoughs with your tool! First out of all, my tip for glasses issues: the problem may be at the launcher(s)! I'd downloaded the glasses far ago, and it never worked properly... Till the day that, eventually, the launcher closed itself on launching the game! At then, the glasses seemed quite "buggy": was almost impossible to hit nor move it's interfaces - the clicking points are too far from the GUIs, as like a non-native stretched window (like some VG emulators handles screens for CRT TV consoles): as far from the screen center, as far the click might be to hit the tool windows! Okay... At this occasion, I didn't noticed that the launcher did closed itself before launching the game. Plus: I'v already noticed that the launcher closure is "pre-requisite" to running the game at launcher's custom resolutions (but even then it is not guaranteed)! Last night, suddenly, the glasses runned again! And I noticed the launcher closing! Tried to replicate the situation and... tadah! It worked! This time, even the custom resolution had been loaded - eventually, as usual, but... And, when the game loads propperly with the custom resolution - on widescreen - even the interface rendering is, now, correct, with the clicking areas at it own places and whatsoever! About this problem on the launcher not closing to launch the game, i'v already read somewhere that is related to the connection to the server news page's. In fact - probably because internet connections here at Brazil are that so unstable - 99/100 the launcher cannot load the news screen it doesnt closes after choose the 'Play' option. It even doesn't unloads even when opening the original game option's screen (causing a "The launcher is already running" when saving'n closing this option windows"). Eventually it occurs EVEN if the news has been loaded, but this scenario is far barely rare... So far, my bet is: the solution may be improving the launcher! Maybe even on a rebuild from the scratch! I'll be glad if helped! ;)
  19. You can view updates on the wiki, it's quite helpful if you don't use Discord. https://psu-clementine.net/wiki/index.php/Updates
  20. As stated above PSU vanilla Xbox controls not applying when game launches, even when I edit them through the launcher
  21. I hope I am not alone when I say i often find myself changing my classes on PSU. I have major ADHD and after like 1-2 days of playing a class i feel the need to swap. Due to this, I never should have made a customize weapon as it shelled out 50mill of my 300mill budget. (40M for board + cost of materials). It would be awesome if we could have the vendor price on customize weapons match the price of the board, or even slightly less, so that if we have remorse later on, we can choose to vendor the item, take a loss, cycle out meseta which is still healthy for the game, due to the meseta loss from the board + mats to vendoring the item for board cost. I would love this and maybe others would too, because we all make mistakes or rush into decisions sometimes.
  22. Bumped. VERSION 1.03 update notes Character HP Font adjusted Highlighted bar adjusted Weapon palette RB Button icon adjusted Mini map icon change Online and offline status icon
  23. I wonder if the forum will let me post this now... I would recommend installing Lutris. You can find it by using Discovery. Attempt to install PSU using Lutris and search for "Phantasy Star Universe" through their configuration repositories. Someone set it up properly and shared the script so its very easy to follow the on screen prompts. Both Options and Launcher will work. There a few very minor issues going this route: - Title and login music will be erratic until you reach character select. - Very rarely, some SFX will not play (ie Voloyal roulette and announcer.) - Steam Overlay can get pissy with PSU. This can be a problem if you need to access the onscreen keyboard. You can usually resolve this by pressing the Steam button if the left overlay button (lack of a better term) doesn't show and your controls bug out. In a rare more extreme case, you may get stuck because the Steam UI won't pop up at all and won't hand full control back to PSU. This can be fixed by putting the deck into sleep mode and waking it up (quickly to prevent a disconnect.) The UI will appear a little scrambled; tap an interactive portion and the UI will come back. The latter has only happened to me once but the keyboard can be an annoyance when I'm looking at shops. - Triggers won't work, and xInput Plus doesn't appear to work with Wine DLL overrides. To "fix" this, I remapped first person mode in options so right and left stick click can be remapped to triggers in Steam. Then put Q (default keyboard config) on the right stick instead. In practice I use the click on right touchpad instead - there seems to be some overlap between the two and it doesn't work consistently from the stick. Works perfectly with touchpad click. - Finally, Steam sometimes fails to close PSU and you'll have to reboot if you wanna play another game. This is more of an issue with Steam and non-steam games instead of PSU in my experience. You can turn TDP to 10W and GPU fixed to 900 for longer battery life without losing performance. You can actually get away with 5W and 600MHz if you don't mind occasional dips to ~55fps.
  24. The forums are mostly dead for whatever reason. Most updates are announced in discord and added to the wiki shortly after.
  25. I've noticed something very disturbing regarding Clementine. There hasn't been any news for a whole year. Could you please keep the community updated so they know what's going on?
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