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  3. Man I was a few weeks short of being able to play at all.. I really hope something comes up that allows servers to come up earlier than planned. I just want to play the game again buggy or not.
  4. Hey guys, I recently figured out my cat's race and it turns out his Asian! I think he's from Japan and I'll name him Orenji. What a cutie UWU
  5. I cant remember if i posted in here before. I dont feel like scouring 3 pages of stuff lol. I was Cannibus Maximus (misspelled because i thought cannibis would be censored lol) Jane Mary Munchies Cannibus Minimus Got rid of munchies and made character named Supremacy. GT was hahajake
  6. It's exciting to see lost missions being revived and the progress you all are making! I look forward to seeing the end result of what you guys are able to do with this downtime and hope the final release is far less stressful than the test ended up being.
  7. I was on English servers when I was super young and my old name was Andybobandy and used to / still do play a Wartecher as a beastman. I was absolutely obsessed with the My Room aspect of PSU and cannot wait for that to be flushed out fully so I can go back to farming all the house items again
  8. Im going to assume they will be going from ver 1.0 which wasn't terrible but they added a lot of my favourite emergency quests in later patches especially the mech ones. Also I will absolutely play it but I have a feeling it wont be very popular compared to the JP server.
  9. I thought a few months after the test released when I stopped partaking in the *Test* that you could do far more work if you werent constantly hotfixing random things and I believe that for the first few months it was productive but it very quickly became people just playing for the love of the game instead of testing and myself included was apart of that problem. I have every faith and fully trust that you guys/gals can remake to the highest degree of accuracy the game that we all loved and miss. Hopefully when its done we can get JP/GER/FR/ servers along side English ones after a while to enable those communities to have a home they also lost. Much love to all the team and I cant wait to see how the game grows in the coming years.
  10. This is really awesome stuff! Crazy the amount of progress you guys have made. I was kind of curious what the plans were for the glitched room decorations and if there was any plan to put in the online campaign content? I'm a little out of the loop of the status of other features besides the ones laid out in the recent announcements.
  11. I imagine there's quite a bit more that's being left unsaid, but for a test house of cards, it was very impressive!
  12. I hope you guys enjoy your break and can get things running soon. I had recently dusted my 360 off after moving into a new house and played through the Story Mode. Hungry for more, I came here, but unfortunately just in time for you guys to be shutting down. Oh well. Hopefully you guys come back soon. I was planning on supporting you guys on patreon in lieu of the original monthly Hunter's License. Come back soooooon! I'm gonna grind the Extra mode out of boredom while I wait!
  13. This is amazing! Outstanding job clementine team. I am looking forward for more development post in the future. Thank you for this!
  14. Zeus the beast met so many ppl played 08 to shutdown
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  16. 42% Fire Brandline Server been killed for less than a week and already good progress made. We truly were the problem. Solution. Finish the project and let no one play it. Perfect.
  17. Silver play button when. :hmm:
  18. Amazing work. Thanks for the update. Keep em coming!
  19. "Next one should be a bit more fantastic…" Fantastic Voyage next? :thinking:
  20. Nice good work. Will be nice to see other missions come back.
  21. Good day! Welcome to the first of many Development Posts. In these forum posts, we’ll update you with what’s been worked on behind the scenes. Synthesis : "I don’t know, I did this" - Marmy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wepiNZ4dtc0 Drops and Boxes : Drops are coming along smoothly, boards and materials included. Boxes have been researched, documented, and planned out, and as of now C rank is complete. Enemy Drops have also been completed for C rank, along with Enemy Special Drops. Area Drops have not been refactored yet. Drops are being re-tiered along with mission ranks to accompany the mission rebalance we are working on. Missions : As mentioned in drops, the missions are going to be rebalanced, meaning Vanilla missions are no longer going to be useless compared to AOTI missions. There will always be at least one mission that unlocks every 5 levels so that the game remains rewarding all the way through, and retains a feeling of progression. We won’t be sharing too much on this right now as we’re still planning and testing. Here’s something we’ve been working on for the past week! : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ke7DxlBFZNA We've been researching how to make missions from scratch, and the first stop was Red Hot Jungle. It may look a bit empty right now and that’s because we haven’t worked on adding the fancy grass models just yet. They will be added after we're done with the core of the mission. Hopefully all of the JP exclusive missions will be brought back. Next one should be a bit more fantastic… Special and HUGE thanks to @Agrajag for making any of this possible! We hope to have a lot more to share very, very soon. Thanks for reading!
  22. For people that are new here, or just unaware, Clementine is currently offline and will remain down for another few months. If you haven't kept up with things, here is a brief overview of what's happening. Over the next few months, we'll be working to correct some issues and further polish the server so it's ready to be played properly. Right now, our main focus is finishing these mechanics: Synthesis Drops Trading NPC Partners Mission functionality & polish We'll be posting updates to keep everyone caught up just as soon as we have something ready to publish. Sorry for any inconvenience.
  23. Bullets LV40, Striking LV20 (all before GAS) Hey folks. The idea for this type is that bullets/shells are "crushed", and as a result: - Recoil time for 2-handed guns is reduced (like how Dulk Fakis can make an attack animation take longer, but reversed), with the time between shots being kept the same. This would give you a little time to strafe between shots. - Secondary bullet effects are weakened. 1. Grenade blowaway becomes knockdown 2. Rifle bullets at 31+ lose knockdown 3. Other guns just hit normally or don't even phaze the enemy at all (like damage from burn or infection) - Bullet status inflictions drop 1 level, and if they can't, they lose the effect all together. - Bullet PP consumption is halved/reduced. Also to balance the type, you can't equip line shields with an arm slot (too much?). I excluded laser cannons not just because they don't fire traditional "bullets", but because with grenades in this type doing knockdown instead of blowaway, machineguns having much less PP consumption, and shotgun accessibility, you might not need laser cannons anyway. Like the type? Hate it?
  24. Hello all! So I have done everything I read and could imagine to try and get this to work, I uninstalled, reinstalled as admin, launched everything as admin, disabled firewalls, updated drivers, literally everything. My launcher wont open the options menu, it flashes them menu but it goes away, and the PSUC.exe will open, flash, and then go black, then close. Any help is appreciated!
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