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  2. Because that's not how it works...everyone knows how the story missions are. It's implementing them into the lobbies and what's involved with getting them to function. They cause hanging issues and crashes. It's just a lot of work (Agra has worked on them for his offline mod for like 5-6 years and they still hang).
  3. How aren't they easy to figure out? There's a wiki with everything on the internet, missions, drops, items and I'm sure they even got the conversation. As for almost no one caring, well, I'm sorry to hear about that.
  4. Story Missions probably not, they aren't easy to figure out and like 99% of the community probably doesn't really care about them. Probably something for the very end/if enough interest in them.
  5. I know, but the function of LBs should be doable regardless of GAS or not. They were accidentally done on the original alpha server and then fixed and need to be figured out again. I'd say like 90% chance we get LBs but probably not in the form of GAS but in the form of leveling techs = more hitboxes type of system.
  6. Noticed this morning that Machineguns now have PP Regen. Happy days. Unfortunately they also seem to be regenerating chunks of 100-500 PP seemingly at random to the extent that I managed an entire run using only two Greaseguns and didn't have to use a single photon charge. Don't have footage but happy to discuss further. I didn't find any specific actions that were able to trigger the regen but will have more of a play tonight (UK time) if any more info is required.
  7. This also happens on Beach Bum Beasts, on certain maps - the spawn of Bal Sozas/etc after the island don't take hits from Sturm Attacker.
  8. You mean something like that?
  9. Last week
  10. Why is the pricing so different? 15 and 20M for casts while 3M for the Newmans/Humans?
  11. Grants is like Diga or Foie, LBs make it great (the way it was meant to be, it had normal Ra tech range before this patch).
  12. The new hitbox size is better in my opinion. It was a bit too overpowered before. It's still the best tech to use for the knockdown effect or the TP debuff, and it still has more power than Ra techs. Plenty of situations where it's worth using. We almost never used Damgrants before since Grants beat it in nearly every situation. Now in addition to using Damgrants more on groups of dark enemies, we have Nagrants for dark enemies that are lined up. You want to talk about overpowered techs that are spammed most of the time? That would be Megido. It's the best tech right now for 90% of situations in S4. Totally broken.
  13. The most recent server maintenance made Grants more like it was on the official servers. Unfortunately, this makes it not really worth using the vast majority of the time. It's my opinion that it should either go back to how it was, or find a middle ground between the huge AoE it used to have, and the tiny AoE it has now. It already has a decent limiter in its small target number of 3 (at least before 41), and it didn't need to be nerfed this badly. I don't know...what is everyone else's opinion on this? Is this one of those things that should be fudged to be better than official...like MP rewards and the like, or are people happier with the new version?
  14. It's too bad about Grants. I never used Grants in PSU before a week ago or so, so I thought the way it was before this maintenance was correct. With the reduced range, it's basically only good as an opener versus heavies that use techs, as opposed to being a decent analogue to a Ra-tech for light elemental. With NaGrants being essentially just Twin Penetration...but for techers, this means that DamGrants is the only good light element damage dealer for the majority of situations that don't involve a hallway filled with 100 enemies. I'd never pay 2mil for Grants in its "fixed" form. I still often found myself using other non-light techs as damage dealers, even in 100% dark areas, with Grants and its double range from before. I don't know, but I think this might be one of those things where server accuracy isn't superior to the "incorrect" version with good AoE. Did anyone feel that the incorrect Grants was overpowered? Maybe I'll make a post in suggestions.
  15. when did photonchargecosmo appear in the npc shop?
  16. is hp steal on striking weapons still borked ? (neclaw chaninswad ect)
  17. nagrants took me aback, thanks for releasing the last technic ( and gold bar )
  18. Thank you team for your amazing updates! Keep PSU awesome!~
  19. Fixed an issue with Buffed enemies not having their correct EXP modifier. Fixed an issue with Nagrants where it could no longer be used after 30 casts. Fixed an issue with Grants having a bigger hit box than intended. Fixed an issue with HP Affect Pwr LV 1 not working correctly. Fixed an issue with SE Rate modifiers on weapons. Fixed an issue with SMG not correctly using PP on the server side. The formula is likely incorrect, so let me know of any weird issues. Fixed an issue where Boss AI was using base stat and calculated stat interchangably when testing for HP. This should fix the invincible boss bug, I hope? Fixed an issue where Boss AI could become stuck if a player joined, left, or died in the party. Fixed an issue where the player could not return to the boss fight after having died. Now, the battle should reset and allow the player to try again. Fixed an issue where the Casino wasn't correctly checking for the last coin received day. Fixed an issue with the Blacklist not working after having logged out or changed universe. Tweaked Enemy Resta behaviour to stop enemies healing more than 3 times. This is to help combat the AFK levelling issue thing. Tweaked Mother Brain to not use her shield so much. Instead, she apparently doesn't use it at all anymore, so enjoy that. Added Nagrants to the Technic Disc shop. Yay! The EXP table for Grenade Launcher PA's has been tweaked and reduced. The EXP table for Boma Maga has been reduced a little further than the others. The Gold W. Badge and Silver W. Badge items have been changed into Gold Bar. Users with Gold W. Badges have had them converted into 10x Gold Bars per 1x Badge. Users with Silver W. badges have had them converted into 1x Gold Bars per 1x Badge. You can buy the Gold Bar from the Variety Shop. Sorry that this maintenance is small. We did plan on player trading to be included in this update, but some things went wrong... maybe next time. I'm still doing research into GAS and other important features, so please bear with me. There will be another post shortly with details on GAS, its problems, and how we can move forward with it. Probably forgot something again.
  20. Lightning Beasts is pretty good too...decent EXP, everything is the same element (electric), good MP, and alright drops. It's at the Old Rozenom -> Paracabana node on Parum.
  21. Coast gives great EXP too
  22. Let me guess, its the same thing with the Mega / Power Arm Unit? Its label as C and I can't put it on my Busterline.
  23. Going through SEED Express there are areas where Sturm Attacker, and presumably other aoe type SUV's did no damage to enemies and didn't even break the boxes on the map. The only SUV I can say for certain doesn't have this problem is Gigas Espada. No idea why. Didn't have the patience to screencap all the spots but here's one in B1 at the end, and there's another 3-4 or more just between B1 and B2. https://imgur.com/VnXgj6M
  24. Jaguar

    shadow mapping

    ok heres a question someine will probably know the answer to pretty quikly haha (im a layman). in the graphics options we have shadow mapping for yourself, party or enemies. is there a way to force universal shadow mapping for all? its not like our modern systems will struggle pmsl maybe an ini tweak to force all 3 (or 2 for party/enemy) to enable?
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