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  3. I decided to delete my last post. I want to appologise, I was a little drunk and depressed. of course I know you do your best and spending your own time on this project. Thank you, and sorry for being bitch.
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  5. I'll be waiting for the day this server opens it's doors again.
  6. im ready for when it comes back online. i miss PSU, if you could bring back the campaign that would be cool too lol.
  7. I would just love to say that while I haven't been active on the server , I do periodically check in too see the progress. What you have announced here is epic and awesome. I am overjoyed to see the progress you have here. I remember when this thing was just a few working missions. It has come so far and I can't think you or your developers enough for keeping it going and reviving something that holds so many memories.
  8. Fantastic work, and thanks for an update! I'm sure I speak for many others when I say I appreciate the work, time, and love put into the server. We're lucky as a community to have a group of passionate individuals, take as much time as you need, and stay in good health.
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  10. Awesome work you guys. Thank you for sticking with this through thick and thin even though it has been tough over the past year or so. I wish everyone the best and safe rest of their 2020.
  11. It's been a while since we had an update indeed, but this year could be better. So it's okay ^^ While i reading the notes there's something i remember... This part remind me something I not sure if someone have tested/reported or fixed already. But before the shutdown happend, the "box-like" room decors such like "GRM Express" caused a major issue uppon interracting with them. If you tried to do so, it's simple made your game frozen on your end. I wish i can join early with you guys well as you guys are safe/healthy/happy
  12. thanks for the update marm
  13. Since simply trying to install PSO2 has been such a bust, I'm even more pumped for PSU Clementine. Never give up
  14. I thought you all died of the RONA!! no but seriously. Still want to play PSU good to see you're working. Again if it works ill do a monthly subscription to cover the old guardians license.
  15. love you guys, Thank you so much for the hard work. Stay safe y'all
  16. Excellent. Thank you for all the hard work
  17. Take your time take, your, time.
  18. From the moment I found PSUC I had every faith that Marmy and the amazing people helping would bring back my favourite game and I honestly cant wait to get my hands on this game out of a testing phase and grind out every single thing I missed getting the first time around whilst making new friends along the way!. Much love to Marmy and the other devs/mods/helpers
  19. A massive thank you to everyone who has been working very hard lately, voulenteering their time to help further the development of this project. Looking forward to seeing y'all in-game once we're back up and running! ♥
  20. Awesome news. Good job on finally figuring out drops. It's great to hear that player shop search is 100% working, and new room decorations are nice. It's also good to hear about the daily mission system. I was expecting it to be weekly, but daily could be fine too. Thank you to Marm and everyone else who has helped with dev work. Keep up the good work.
  21. Well then, it's certainly been a while... sorry about that. I'm hopeful that this post will bring some spark back, so I hope you will take the time to read through Firstly I want to apologise for the lack of, well, anything... We didn't exactly plan for things to go like this, but you know. The past 3 months have been difficult for both you and us, without a doubt, but things really slowed down and almost came to a stand still. Working on Clementine as a whole has been quite the energy drain, but the last testing phase had taken quite the significant chunk out of us all. I didn't realise it at first, and none of us did, but the burn out that hit us was rather strong and depressing, and we all hit an all time low for a while. None of us wanted to do anything, or even talk for a while, and it was something else. We took some time to ourselves in these past 3 months, while still maintaining some work input, albeit minimal. I won't bore you with this, so I hope you can find comfort in knowing that we are back and working hard on everything. So I'm here to report what's happened, what's happening, and all the good stuff you've been expecting since we closed the server. First thing's first! The work on drops lately has been fantastic! For a while now, boxes in particular have gone through many changes and experiments. Their behaviour is disgusting, to put bluntly, but it's always been something with boxes. I'm really happy to say that we have now figured out the last major function that was hindering boxes, as well as some other key functions that offline couldn't tell us. Boxes now correctly identify the area and map, which now allows for boxes to have their own, and correct, area drops. This is important, because it made up nearly 50% of the functionality for boxes. I'm confident that boxes as they are now will be workable, and are well on their way to being populated with correct and decently rated items. A handful of well-versed players have been helping tremendously to not only help and fill in box data, but to also ensure that rates are sensible and items are worth while. Currently, we have drops for C, B, and A rank finalized, which was our goal and I'm happy that we've reached. Although one key note to take from this is: while we are happy with how boxes work now, it's impossible for us to play test and validate all 60,000+ boxes in the game. We will do some testing before we finally open, but we can't do them all. The network protocol for Exchange Missions has been figured out and implemented, however problems with Item ID's need to be resolved. You aren't likely to see any running exchange missions when we open the server, but you may see them shortly after. Player Shop Search is now fully functional and can search and filter by all available options. Yay. We have found and recovered 50 missing Room Decorations, 11 of those are unused or unreleased. SUV's will be available for Humans and Newmans from Level 20. We've added variants for ranks B and A. We're currently looking into and working on a daily missions system. 3 more missions have been recreated, with 1 of them being a custom mission. Thanks to @Jakoo56 for doing this work. Click one of the links here to see them: Aquatic Mama Snowcap Screamer Frozen Sanctuary Our next course of action, without rushing, is to finish and polish up some final things with the server, test everything that we can as thoroughly as possible, and then start working on a release plan. However, I can already tell you a few things that have been decided upon, and why. NPC Partners will not be available on launch. Because of how NPC partners work with the party leader, and everyone around, there have been a lot of unexpected issues with them in regards to the client just generally being upset. Right now it isn't entirely clear how or when the client needs to receive certain packets. When to disable AI, when to unload it, when to force it, etc. This is something that will take me quite a large chunk of time to figure out, so I decided that my time is better spent somewhere else on the server for now. Level caps will be a thing. I know some of you don't like this idea, and some of you do, but they're going to be a thing. Regardless of what happens, drops are still going to take time, and there will be issues here and there without a doubt. Level caps will need to sit until we have completed, tested, and validated the content (mostly drops) that comes after it, without... y'know, rushing people. This means that, while we'll try incredibly hard to keep level cap raises consistent, it unfortunately can sit for an extended period of time if any issues arise. This at least means you could be online and play, while we continue to work. Additionally, it's a pretty good safety net for us. Think of them like checkpoints, only without the major roll backs. It means we can contain any major issues within a fixed level range without causing too many issues. It lets us polish and validate as much as we can in small, easier to manage chunks, rather than the full package. While we still don't have a solid date in mind, we all generally want to try and have things ready to go within the next 2 months from now, but could be less, could be more. In general there isn't much left to fix before it's OK. Once those things are done, the rest is just added bonus. We will keep you posted on this for sure, so don't worry. We're tired and just want to play now, too. We'll be swinging by again with more information once we get there. As always, we do tremendously appreciate your patience while we get through this mess. I hope all of you have been safe and well, and smiling at the very least. Here's to hoping 2020 will be good for us all we make it to 2021 in one piece. Oodles of love
  22. If you want to contact people from clem, use discord. Forums now not so popular as it was.
  23. I haven't checked in for a bit. I wanna pertipate on forum.
  24. Dawn, I finally find something interesting and now it's offline xD Thank you for resurrecting PSU! Hope to see it soon
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