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  4. Because why not. People start leveling their pa\techs from the start, but if they're new players there's no way for them to buy pa fragments. Midgame they save pa fraggies to buy advanced pa's, so they can level all they need to 50 and never taste the bonus on their first character, replacing useless koltovan suit that nobody wear and put it in shrine would fix this issue and let the new players experience the game less grindy and joyful way.
  5. It's so boring and empty here, nobody came to argue ._. And I was so hoping to create a three-page scandal. >_< Well candidates to this title: 2h swords, machineguns, rifles, (some pa's on melee weapons)
  6. thanks, Para, but what's wrong with Broccoli's guide? :D Or it's just a new fashion to make a steam deck guides? Surprisingly strange there's still no new windows systems guides. Or nobody use windows anymore? Well, thats understandable, greedy spyware company. If you think about it, we ourselves make titans out of corporations that we ultimately cannot defeat. But you are not interested in the philosophy of society, the problems of its fall, general apathy against the backdrop of social atomization and the mass imprisonment in virtual worlds with layers of fake ai generated personalities, I believe that burgers and fries are much closer to your interest, but it's ok. tldr ver: *burps*
  7. I forgot to mention a small mod that works well in this setup is the Xbox button prompts https://psu-clementine.net/community/index.php?/topic/19470-download-xbox-360-user-interface-icons/
  8. 2h sword ty. absolutly unfriendly aoe hitboxes, absolutely slow dps, absolutely not intuitive exact attacks, new pa didn't help, absolutely need to be addressed and get some balance update.
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  10. I'm not sure what is your goal on this forums, but I will keep an eye in case you start putting ads in your auto-generated posts.
  11. Deathbullet? I am not acquainted with such a term. Perchance thou didst mean killershot—a particular photon art known to be efficacious solely against automatons and notably against droids, such as Bal Soza. Asserting that it is the sole pursuit of individuals doth lack veracity, especially considering the existence of alternatives like zagenga which doth surpass KS in its effectiveness against numerous droids within the confines of the AMF. Many have even attained a level of mastery with KS, surpassing the threshold of 21 prior to the advent of kappa, thereby achieving a level of proficiency suitable for the highest level of enemy detection. To voice discontent regarding a non-existent predicament is futile; the presence of diverse strategies doth seem to prevail.
  12. Deathbullet? Not familiar with it. Perhaps you meant killershot—a specialized PA effective only on robots and notably on droids, like Bal Soza. Claiming it's the only thing people do doesn't hold, especially with alternatives like Zagenga outperforming KS on packed droids at AMF. Many even leveled KS to 21+ pre-kappa, sufficient for maxed SE. Complaining about a non-existent issue here; diversity in approaches seems prevalent.
  13. I wrote this guide to be as straightforward and simple as possible for folks like me who aren't experts with Linux or more advanced PC things. Alternative sources; Telegram - https://t.me/PixieDeck What you'll need: Steam Deck PSU Clementine main install + PSU Clementine patch https://psu-clementine.net/community/index.php?/client_download/ (Optional)PSU:AOTI Google for Ambitions of the Illuminus and myabandonware Step 1) Go into desktop mode and open up chrome (or whatever browser you prefer), head to the Clementine download page and download the main installer and the patch Step 2) Open up Lutris, click the + in the top-left corner and search from Lutris for "Phantasy Star Universe" and it should be in the list before you finish typing out everything https://onedrive.live.com/?authkey=!AOSbNQl1veKsTN4&cid=008C594B077E167B&id=8C594B077E167B!294&parId=8C594B077E167B!284&o=OneUp https://onedrive.live.com/?authkey=!AOSbNQl1veKsTN4&cid=008C594B077E167B&id=8C594B077E167B!292&parId=8C594B077E167B!284&o=OneUp Step 3) Select PSU from the list and select Clementine, follow the instructions and it will ask for paths to Clementine and patch, proceed through installation https://onedrive.live.com/?authkey=!AOSbNQl1veKsTN4&cid=008C594B077E167B&id=8C594B077E167B!290&parId=8C594B077E167B!284&o=OneUp Step 4) After everything is done, navigate to your games in Lutris and find PSU, right click and select duplicate (this is just another shortcut) and rename it to "PSU Config" https://onedrive.live.com/?authkey=!AOSbNQl1veKsTN4&cid=008C594B077E167B&id=8C594B077E167B!288&parId=8C594B077E167B!284&o=OneUp Step 5) Right click PSU again, click the game options tab, and configure, change your path to the "PSUC.exe" file and save https://onedrive.live.com/?authkey=!AOSbNQl1veKsTN4&cid=008C594B077E167B&id=8C594B077E167B!287&parId=8C594B077E167B!284&o=OneUp Step 6) Similar to step 5, configure PSU Config and change the path to "online.exe", click save https://onedrive.live.com/?authkey=!AOSbNQl1veKsTN4&cid=008C594B077E167B&id=8C594B077E167B!286&parId=8C594B077E167B!284&o=OneUp Step 7) In Lutris, run PSU Config and it'll being up the Clementine launcher, from here you can setup your account or tweak options, we're going to focus on the options. DO NOT USE THE CONFIG BUTTON ABOVE! They won't work for us. Instead click on "OPTIONS" in the bottom-right https://onedrive.live.com/?authkey=!AOSbNQl1veKsTN4&cid=008C594B077E167B&id=8C594B077E167B!285&parId=8C594B077E167B!284&o=OneUp Step 8) This will bring up the PSU confg, and you can set everything to high end and windowed without any issues, and the rest is up to you (I personally run 4k/60fps with no issues from an SD card, 720p and letting steam launcher upres still looks great) Note - Options might not save with the Clementine launcher still open, so close that before we get further https://onedrive.live.com/?authkey=!AOSbNQl1veKsTN4&cid=008C594B077E167B&id=8C594B077E167B!298&parId=8C594B077E167B!284&o=OneUp Click on "Game pad settings" Match the image like I have it; (At the bottom is look/move, don't mess with those) https://onedrive.live.com/?authkey=!AOSbNQl1veKsTN4&cid=008C594B077E167B&id=8C594B077E167B!297&parId=8C594B077E167B!284&o=OneUp Now this is going on an Xbox layout, where A is "ok", so on PlayStation it would be X, Nintendo Switch controllers with "Nintendo layout" DISABLED (in steam controller options). If you did something different that's fine but you'll need to arrange differently for your exact scenario later on with the steam layout editor After you complete everything, hit the little "Enter" button on the bottom to save the controller configuration, and again for the main window when you're done Optional) The easy mode for getting English audio would be installing PSU:AOTI. Through Lutris, click the + and install from exe, direct it to the "autorun.exe" file and fill in blanks along the way After it's completed, right click it in Lutris and browse files, right click Clementine in Lutris and browse files, copy everything from AOTI's data folder over to Clementine's data folder It's easy, and doesn't cover textures or text that would be different. It's just simple. https://onedrive.live.com/?authkey=!AOSbNQl1veKsTN4&cid=008C594B077E167B&id=8C594B077E167B!296&parId=8C594B077E167B!284&o=OneUp https://onedrive.live.com/?authkey=!AOSbNQl1veKsTN4&cid=008C594B077E167B&id=8C594B077E167B!295&parId=8C594B077E167B!284&o=OneUp Step 9) In Lutris, right click Clementine and add a steam shortcut, then we can return to gaming mode. Once back to gaming mode launch Clementine for the next part. Optional) If you have decky plugins, you can go ahead and setup art and music for your game Optional 2) If you're docked, before launching would be a good time to set resolution Step 10) Once in PSU go through login, it will ask to save information and then proceed to patching anything it needs... If you've made it this far take a small break, the hardest parts are done! Step 11) Now that we're in the game, hit the steam button (or home button on controllers) and configure the layout, if you search for community layouts you might find one by me, get it and you're done. (I used a Switch Pro controller to make it) If you didn't see it, no worries we're going over that now... Just make sure you're input style is set to controller, then edit layout. The pictures should make everything simple, the main focus for us is making the triggers into key bindings. https://onedrive.live.com/?authkey=!AOSbNQl1veKsTN4&cid=008C594B077E167B&id=8C594B077E167B!293&parId=8C594B077E167B!284&o=OneUp Left-Trigger/L2/ZL should be mapped as keyboard "Z" Right-Trigger/R2/ZR should be mapped as keyboard "F12" https://onedrive.live.com/?authkey=!AOSbNQl1veKsTN4&cid=008C594B077E167B&id=8C594B077E167B!291&parId=8C594B077E167B!284&o=OneUp You're OK button needs an additional command, mapped to keyboard "Enter" (click the cog next to the button and "add command") https://onedrive.live.com/?authkey=!AOSbNQl1veKsTN4&cid=008C594B077E167B&id=8C594B077E167B!289&parId=8C594B077E167B!284&o=OneUp Step 12) In PSU, bring up the menu with start/+ and check all your settings, the important one we need to check is the input, needs to stay on KEYBOARD or our triggers won't work (everything else will work, don't worry) Step 13) Enjoy. Do some running around, talk to npcs, browse shops, run a mission. Make sure everything works as it should and if you're layout doesn't match up or you prefer something different just go back into the steam layout tool and adjust to your liking. Hopefully this makes life simpler for anyone really interested in playing this on their deck. I'm completely new to the game and it was something I wanted to try out for myself. If you need to reach out or want to play together Steam - https://steamcommunity.com/id/PixiePi69/
  14. btw using texmod\umod apps you can refresh dds you edited right in game using 1 key without need to restart game each time to test it, then you can use this dds to add in your files, very usefull to save you time, also if you want edit some other textures than interface but don't know how to find the correct texture file, then use an app called Procmon, enter the area containing this textures and the app will show you all the files loaded in that area (filter it by psuc.exe only) so you can easily find correct files, that how I made my area skins last year, note that each block may have separate texture sets even if they have the same textures. Good luck. =)
  15. You should try contact the mods in discord as they rarely spawns on forums but only if you really didn't break the rules, especially: using cheats, exploiting systems, doing rmt, revealing someone's personal information, targeting someone or doing hate speach against someone. I tend to believe in your story, but people often can be tricky, so there should be logs for such cases, checking them will show the truth anyway and if you didn't break something restrictions will be removed.
  16. Account prohibited, why? If it's because I said a voice I hear tells me I'm going to get powers then take revenge on some people then sheesh I was only joking. You know... like evil villan joke thing. No need to prohibit my account about it. That's all I can think of that might have been reported to cause this.
  17. Hi, I will go ahead and make a keyboard version soon!
  18. Bumped. New version is up. Patch note: Character HUD and Party HUD has been adjusted EXP MAX has been adjusted correctly (hopefully) Menu Icon has been adjusted Changes on the Button icon Color Adjustment on the PP Number font Added Traps icon. (not all of it)
  19. egg!! love this ui mod, super cute and well done. my only question is is it possible that the controls displayed can be switched between keyboard and controller? other than that everything is perfect and im v excited for it <3
  20. Wow, that's really strong, your creativity level is impressive. After so many year you still keep the same passion to this game series.
  21. Hi I'm Egg. I ended up making a Sonic Themed UI, A lot of inspiration was taken from games like Sonic Adventure, Sonic Adventure 2, Sonic Heros, Sonic Riders, etc. I messed around and made some different font version that you will see below. How to INSTALL the USER INTERFACE DOWNLOAD LINK'S: https://www.mediafire.com/file/slx6yf33fqzuykm/Sonic_UI_%28Base_Font_%2B_Cyan_Text%29.zip/file ||| SONIC THEMED UI (BASE FONT + CYAN TEXT) ||| PLEASE NOTE THAT USING CYAN TEXT CHANGES A FEW OTHER NUMBERS THAT DISPLAY ( EXP IS GREEN AND DMG COMES OUT BLACK ) https://www.mediafire.com/file/16w7eb8lmgy5uvj/Sonic_UI_%28Base_Font_%2B_White_Text%29.zip/file ||| SONIC THEMED UI (BASE FONT + WHITE TEXT ) ||| https://www.mediafire.com/file/9220evguhtpuau5/Sonic_UI_%28BBUI_Font_%2B_Cyan_Text%29.zip/file ||| SONIC THEMED UI (BBUI FONT + CYAN TEXT) ||| PLEASE NOTE THAT USING CYAN TEXT CHANGES A FEW OTHER NUMBERS THAT DISPLAY ( EXP IS GREEN AND DMG COMES OUT BLACK ) https://www.mediafire.com/file/o5v1lvv7iv8olit/Sonic_UI_%28BBUI_Font_%2B_White_Text%29.zip/file ||| SONIC THEMED UI (BBUI FONT + WHITE TEXT ) ||| WARNING: PLEASE HAVE A BACK UP FOR A FILE CALLED "866846b780cb87bcd54430c245e1f5e2" IF YOU WANT TO RETURN USING THE ORIGINAL UI. 1. Drag the 866846b780cb87bcd54430c245e1f5e2 file to your PSU clementine DATA FOLDER 2. Click Replace the file in the destination CREDIT Killroy - All of his previous UI Assets, Teaching me how to modify UI, And overall great teacher. Agrajag/Shadowth117 - PSU Parser Tool PREVIEW (BASE FONT + CYAN TEXT BELOW) (BBUI FONT + CYAN TEXT BELOW)
  22. INTRO Hi I'm Egg. I ended up making a Cursed, Eye Bleeding, Bright, UI. The Chroma UI is a Custom UI using different colored assets to provide multiple UI's that are relatively the same but differently colored to adjust to people's taste :3. Some assets like fonts or icons are subject to change from Color to Color so do be Aware! How to INSTALL the USER INTERFACE Pastel Pink UI - https://www.mediafire.com/file/softr9tr2atdf0n/Cursed_Pink_UI_V2.1.zip/file Baby Blue UI - https://www.mediafire.com/file/vft4li96sqhjxru/Baby_Blue_UI_V1.0.zip/file WARNING: PLEASE HAVE A BACK UP FOR A FILE CALLED "866846b780cb87bcd54430c245e1f5e2" AND "1b77ca32487ddd3944ec6ec3a7f05775" IF YOU WANT TO RETURN USING THE ORIGINAL UI. How to use it. 1. Drag the 866846b780cb87bcd54430c245e1f5e2 AND 1b77ca32487ddd3944ec6ec3a7f05775 file to your PSU clementine DATA FOLDER 2. Click Replace the file in the destination PREVIEW THIS PREVIEW ONLY DISPLAY PASTEL PINK VERSION, IF YOU'D LIKE TO VIEW OTHERS VERSION PLEASE SCROLL DOWN FOR POST'S OF OTHER PREVIEWS WHEN THEY'RE RELEASED. CREDIT Killroy - All of his previous UI Assets, Teaching me how to modify UI, And overall great teacher. 2. Agrajag/Shadowth117 - PSU Parser Tool
  23. It's baffling to consider altering a game based on complaints from novice players. Introducing speed-boosted weapons to a top-tier class seems unjustified. These players lack endgame gear, wielding subpar weapons and low-level photon arts in large parties. How can they expect to swiftly defeat level 120 monsters at level 75? The integrity of the game should prioritize balancing for seasoned players, ensuring a fair experience for all.
  24. Hello. I recently returned to the game and played for maybe ten minutes before the constant disconnects started. I don't really know how to fix this, so I'm turning to the forum for help.
  25. When I try to log in server 1 I get error to validate my account, when I try to log in server 2, it says theres downtime maintenance.
  26. It's OK sorted shop has to be created in hardcore to visit.
  27. - INTRODUCTION- Welcome to another User interface project! I am your host.. the one and only HUmar! This is PSOBB version of the UI for PSU. It won't look exactly how it looks from PSO but due to limitation, this project became very complicated Im sorry I did my best I can! I hope you understand what I been through! For now enjoy the User interface! Please send me feedback in discord or any question related about the UI. Again thank you so much for supporting most of my project I had work on past couple years DOWNLOAD LINK: https://www.mediafire.com/file/l421oh5tdpglcof/PSOBB+UI+V1.02.zip/file How to INSTALL the USER INTERFACE WARNING: PLEASE HAVE A BACK UP FOR A FILE CALLED "866846b780cb87bcd54430c245e1f5e2" IF YOU WANT TO RETURN USING THE ORIGINAL UI. How to use it. 1. Drag the 866846b780cb87bcd54430c245e1f5e2 file to your PSU clementine DATA FOLDER 2. Click Replace the file in the destination CREDIT 1. ALERIAQUEEN - HD HUD asset 2. TESTER - LivingLit,LadyGoonic,Velyon,Lazuli 3. Agrajag/Shadowth117 - PSU Parser Tool PREVIEW
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