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Welcome to the PSU Clementine Wiki.

This Wiki is being designed to provide information on both the Unofficial PSU Clementine Server
and the game Phantasy Star Universe which is created and owned by Sega.

The Clementine project was started around February 2013 by Marmalade and Cyan. It had one year of development before it became public in 2014. The server has been open to test since march 20th 2015, currently is in open alpha. How to connect.

Although already playable, the Clementine staff is currently working on what they call “Rewrite”. It is a complete overhaul on how the current server works. It will make features like My Room possible. It aims to be a nearly complete server.

If one wishes to support they can do so on Patreon or showing kind words on Discord.

Patch notes

Future patch notes will be shown here. Old patch notes can be found on the forums or Discord.

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