I have so many questions I hope everyone can help me understand this

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I have so many questions I hope everyone can help me understand this

Postby DAN DA MAN » Sat Jan 05, 2019 2:35 pm

Hi everyone my name is Diane Johnson and I just been playing this game for three months now and I decided to go ahead and put a donation for you guys but it seems like it’s not registering my donation I mean I try everything to get it to work and when I did register it said that I was eight was not able to donate or registered to the donation for page page also I’ve been wasting my time playing the game for a while now and I totally understand at this game been in a working progress For five years for five years if that’s correct I totally understand that working on a private server takes time and stuff like that but you know the lesser we hang around with the same crap every day and the content never actually changes it seems like it’s a never ending I mean yeah I was cool for me to level to want to 180 within a few hours understand that we don’t even get any of the content that shows on Twitter is like it is kind of a damn shame that we have to still have to wait and and only thing we see from Twitter is the update for me and I didn’t even get a chance to see none of that I mean I donated I don’t need to you guys and I didn’t get nothing absolutely nothing I feel like I’ve been ripped off or or or or or whatever I mean I understand that there’s a dessert there’s a point all donations but I mean I’m trying to understand but I am being on I’m getting to the point where I’m being very impatient now I don’t know what I did I did to deserve this but I tried to donate I wanted to add Alyssa hundred dollars to the donation but some reason that donation system does not work for me I don’t know what I’m doing wrong so I figure why not give us what you promised us and just stop fucking around and give us what we want I mean it’s long enough overdue you know I want to be a contributor to PSU Clementine but it seems like I’m having trouble they told me if I donated I’ll be able to get the new content that’s been released I’m not even sure is that true anymore I want to try to use the donation and try to edit it seems like it’s not working for me

Who’s on the question I want to be asking and I hope a real intelligent person can explain it to me please because I’m getting to the point where I feel like I’m being scammed

1. Where and how can I get my donation to work and you system

2.What do I need to do to donate without giving me any errors

3.If I donate will I get all the content of been showing on Twitter

4.Why are we still stuck on the offer version is ridiculous we should have a concert by now

5.Do we need to we get everything is been shown on Twitter including the update

6. Who do we need to contact someone to help me with my donation

My thoughts

I don’t mind giving you guys a donation but the problem is I’m having a lot of issues with it also you guys could like give us a little taste of what’s to come for the future for Clementine the alpha version is cool but it gets bored really easily Holly nobody’s around is like a dead lobby there’s a few players moping around I mean if you guys just delivered the new goods then would be able to be satisfied but just to get to the point where we have to Joni just to get the new content is really fucking stupid I mean I understand it takes time to build a surprise visit over I totally understand that but I’m getting to the point where I’m very fast for you because I’m trying to donate just to get to the content do you know how fucking stupid that is that we have to fucking pay Just to get them I apologize for being angry and frustrated you know because I want to experience PSU first hand but how can I if I can’t even fucking donate and if I did donate how should I know how in my going be secured how old should I know if I’m gonna get those counted that shows on Twitter

All I see on Twitter how great the game he loves but I feel like we’re being met populated by the bullshit now either someone help me explain to me how it’s done because I want that contact I do not mind paying the donation long as I get them latest update that’s been shown on Twitter if you guys can deliver that to me I’ll be a happy person

What’s again I apologize For my behavior but I do need help and I hope that someone is patient enough to show me how it’s done because I feel like I’ve been scam here

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