i feel like i'm defending this game for what i like to do in it

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i feel like i'm defending this game for what i like to do in it

Postby Sophie » Sat Dec 15, 2018 3:10 pm

Ok so, my chat's with everyone in Discord in the last 2 days where...eventful shall we say. i sadly ranted 2 day's ago about being trolled again because 2 people or i think it was one...trolled that they where in love with one of my G experiments and being how annoyed it gets me i gave them what they wanted. so i feel i am repeating myself like i did last year in 2017 but i'm not listened too. Phansty Star Universe even though you wont believe it IS an Action Role Playing Game, everywhere i look it up it says that, so that's what really surprised me when i joined last year. i'm the only freaking one that does it! every character well mostly every, i make them with backstories and then when i log in as them i play as them and use them how i intended. like the G experiments: G-11 and G-12 they act like how i made them, they came from a lab and where built as fighters. They talk as if they are doing their purpose. "Project Newgirl" is round about the same only she comes from a lab in Neudaiz and the company is a rival to the G experiments. anway my point is....i don't know how some of you can be confused about me...when i'm only doing what the game was made for...you guys don't play it like that...fine i cant force you..but for once ALL i ask is that...you let me do what i want despite me being the only one. it's what makes me happy and its fun. if you don't want me doing it around you simply just tell me to stop and i'll go do it elsewhere in the game that's not around you. but seeing as this is my passion, i won't stop defending it cause i feel this is a valid reason.

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Re: i feel like i'm defending this game for what i like to do in it

Postby kitemay » Sat Jan 12, 2019 8:27 pm

in my opinion roleplaying is a perfectly fine way of expressing and exploring yourself.

keep at it i say.

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