Meet "Project Newgirl"

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Meet "Project Newgirl"

Postby Sophie » Fri Dec 14, 2018 1:11 am

Project Newgirl: is another Lab Experiment but the difference is that she is from another Lab and company than what G-11 and G-12 come from. "Newgirl" as she has been named, is from a Lab in Neudaiz and was made with Newman DNA, the company is a rival of the Lab from Parum which created their best and successful Experiments G-11 mostly Human with Tech Enhancements and G-12 who maybe a small android but a powerful fighter. Newgirl has been made as a salution to beat the 2 G experiments but secretley she has formed a friendship with both and keeps it out of the many communications she has with the lab over Comlink. if you ever encounter Newgirl, you will be glad you did as she will get you through missions you may need help with :)

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